10 Best In A Wilderness Survival Equipment List – 2020

wilderness survival equipment list

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

10 Best In A Wilderness Survival Equipment List – 2020

I was curious to find out what would be in a wilderness survival equipment list  – 2020. These kits get better all the time.

Whether you find yourself planning for an urban wilderness – we hope things will never come to that, right? – or whether you vacation in remote places, one of these kits will suit your group/family, or you.

This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

These are good for:

  • Your family home/apartment
  • Car
  • RV
  • Boat
  • Summer cottage
  • Hiking gear
  • Camping equipment

Don’t you want the security of having a preparedness kit ready to go when something happens? I sure do!

Even “small” incidents need preparation. Imagine if a stranger got cut in a fall or collision and they were bleeding, not even seriously.

Don’t you want a pair of latex gloves to put on before you start to touch the blood of a person you don’t know?

If you’re driving or hiking or boating and a fire breaks out, don’t you want masks ready to grab for yourself and your family or friends?

It just makes sense to have these things packed in your car, and in zip lock bags in a back pack.

When you have supplies in stock, you can make your own mini kits for different occasions.

If you’re a pro, well then, you know exactly what you must have ready to go.

These kits are presented in a variety of both tactical professional supplies, and the more ordinary household versions, be that urban, boat, RV, cottage and the like.

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Lightning X Jumbo Medic First Responder EMT Trauma Bag Stocked First Aid Advanced Fill Kit D


This short video gives you a quick look at the kit:


This bag gets 5 Stars from pros in the field. There are a couple of mentions that the tourniquet needs to be heavier, but all other stocked items are good.

Items worthy of mention are:

  • Oxygen cylinder packed separately from the main compartment – easy access
  • Pouches for pediatric/adult/larger adult equipment are color coded
  • Diamond treaded PVC reinforced rigid bottom and sides provide water resistance and durability

The vendor tells us:

Fill kit includes the following supplies: Tweezers, Kelly Hemostats, Trauma Sheers, Bandage Sheers, LED Penlight, Am Ampules, Band-Aids (100), 4″ x 4″ Gauze Pads (25 packs of 2), 2″ Roll Gauze (2), 3″ Roll Gauze (2), 4″ Roll Gauze (2), 2″ Self-Adherent Bandage (2), 2″ Elastic Ace Bandage (2), 5″ x 9″ ABD Pad (2), 8″ x 10″ ABD Pad (2), 1″ Roll Cloth Tape, 2″ Roll Cloth Tape, Iodine Wipes (10), Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (10), Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1/2 oz, Instant Cold Packs (2), Eye Pads (2), Triangle Bandage (2) , Eye Wash, Nitrile Exam Gloves (4), Universal SAM Finger Splint, Glucose, Sting Pads (10), Adult BP Cuff, Sprague Stethoscope, CPR Barrier Mask w/ Case, OPA Kit (6 sizes), 10″ x 30″ Trauma Dressing, NC Tubing (2), NRB Mask (2), MPR Bag, 4-1/4″ x 36″ Roll Splint, Occlusive Chest Seal, Adjustable C-Collar, 2oz Burn Spray, 2oz First Aid Spray, Emergency Blanket, Quick Stop Hemostatic Blood Stop Spray, R.A.T.S. Tourniquet, First Aid Guide Booklet, 4″ x 4″ Burn Dressing (2), O2 Reg 0-15 lpm, Alum “D” Ox Cyl (empty), Color Coded Pouches (4)“.

Squad Kit (Combat Casualty Response Kit) 80-0039 Coyote Each by North American Rescue 80-0039


This kit features:

  • 500D CORDURA Solution-Dyed Nylon with Near Infrared Signature Reduction
  • Ghillie-Tex IR signature reduction hardware
  • Sand and water resistant
  • Self-repairing zipper with silent 550 cord pulls
  • Multiple-load carriage configuration capabilities: fanny pack, over the shoulder
  • Attachments for 3-day assault packs and MOLLE style webbing
  • Enhanced Hip Stabilization System for greater security during transport

If you are curious about Near Infrared Signature Reduction, read about it Here.




This kit is for Tactical Health Care Professionals whose priorities are mobility, adaptation and efficiency.

It is designed for the rapid extraction of casualties and treatment of severe injuries. 

This bag provides  large central compartment and multiple attachment points in order to maximize the storage space within its compact profile.

This kit uses the Dragon Handle System – view it here:

Do you think you might need that in an “ordinary” household or neighborhood event? The trouble is, we never do know, do we? Until it happens.

Medique Products 738ANSI Filled Five Shelf First Aid Kit


This is a perfect wall mount or counter kit for all but the smallest industrial settings. Its features are:

  • The cabinet is powder coated heavy duty steel.
  • This is an ideal kit for medium to large urban industrial work settings
  • It is also perfectly equipped for remote locations
  • Useful for restaurants, sports teams, dance studios, gymnastic training centers, and work place situations
  • The convenient door pouches allow storage as well as easy access to the most frequently-used products
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI requirements
  • The sturdy steel cabinet and locking brackets keep contents secured in the box
  • You will feel confident that the wide array of products enables you to handle minor emergencies.
  • This kit has carry handle for easy transportation
  • Features face forward dispensing products
  • The Cabinet can be mounted on wall to save counter space.
  • Packed with over 900 first aid supplies to treat any unforeseen accident

My Medic MyFak First Aid Kit – Water Resistant Bag, Bandages, Burn Aids, CPR Shield, Survival First Aid Kit, Airway, Tourniquet, Stainless Steel Instruments – Advanced


This First Aid Kit is OSHA & ANSI Approved, and a FSA/HSA Approved Purchase

Immediate access pull-away Velcro Panel means you can get at the contents with no delay.

Both Basic and Premium versions are under 3.5 pounds.

This compact kit is easy to carry to any family outing – with grab handle or shoulder strap.

Covers the following conditions:

  • Bleeding
  • Airway treatment
  • Burns
  • Sprain and fracture
  • Tourniquet
  • Antiseptic ointments and creams
  • Analgesics
  • Rescue blanket/whistle/lightstick
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Small surgical tools
  • CPR shield

This small and well-equipped pack is ideal for daily hikes, picnics, camping trips, canoe trips and more. It will easily tuck into your back pack or tote bag.

4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe – Prepare For Earthquake, Evacuation, Emergency Disaster Preparedness 72-Hour Kits for Home, Work, or Auto


This 3 Day kit for four individuals contains the following items:

  • Deluxe duffel bag
  • 48 Pouches of Water
  • 4 2400 Calorie Food Bar
  • 40 Water Purification Tablets
  • 1 Hand Crank AM/FM/ Band Radio
  • 2 Hand Squeeze Rechargeable Flashlights
  • 5 in 1 Survival Whistle
  • I Magnesium Flint
  • 4 Mylar Sleeping Bags
  • 4 Ponchos
  • 2 Tube Tents with Rope
  • 16 Function Pocket Knife
  • Leather Palm Gloves
  • 50 Foot Rope
  • 4 Soaps
  • 4 Toothbrush
  • 4 Toothpaste
  • 9 Handy Wipes
  • 4 N95 Masks
  • 8 Tissue Packs
  • 1 Large First Aid Kit
  • 1 Gas Shut Off Wrench
  • 1 Can Opener
  • Bio Hazard Waste Bags
  • 2.5 Gallon Water Bag
  • 4 Body Warmers
  • 4 Light Sticks
  • Candles
  • 1 Deck of Cards

Your survival chances are greatly increased with this pack contents. It provides food, water, shelter and a first aid kit. The basics will keep you going until conditions calm down.

EVERLIT Earthquake Emergency Kits Survival Kit 72 Hrs 2 Person Bug Out Bag for Hurricanes, Floods, Tsunami, Other Disasters,Include Food Water, Gear, Hand-Crank Charger 


This kit contains a Five Year shelf life of food and water supplies.

It is designed for 2 people use, for 72 hours of adverse conditions

It includes purification tablets for 25 gallons of water.

Ever Lit is a veteran owned company which offers a 60 day return on any of the company products, as well as a full 1 Year Warranty on their items

The back pack is tactical military grade.

The company states:

“By sharing the best of our military experience and tactical practice, we strive to help all the people to better prepare for the avoidable disasters, emergencies and survival situations. Everlit Survival is here to prepare you for the unexpected and to safeguard your next adventures!”.

48 customer reviews give this kit 4.7 Stars. At 19 pounds, this pack is easily divided into two back packs, easily carried by two people sharing a 9.5 pound load. That thought occurred to me as I first read about this kit.

Sharing the load, you can walk faster and farther if necessary.

It includes food, water, tactical tools, a first aid kit, and key shelter items.

Mention goes to the all-in-one hand crank flashlight, radio and electric device charger

Mention also goes to the good organization of the items. Also noted is a possible need to augment the kit with size appropriate gloves (smaller most likely).

Worthy of note, that with all this pack includes, there is room left over to customize your supplies.

 Mayday Start II Trauma Kit Bag in Black


This kit is a trauma and medical supply pack. It can be slid under a truck seat easily.

It is recommended for road trips, home use, as a well equipped bag of quality treatment items including:

  • Wipes/towelettes/gauze pads/a variety of bandages
  • Blood stoppers
  • Sting relief
  • CPR mouthpieces (6)
  • Sun block
  • Eye wipes
  • A 27 page First Aid guide book

This is not a survival kit, but is more than adequate for bleeding, burning, stinging, air block, CPR and other “typical” (all that we hope won’t ever happen) events. 

It will certainly get you to ER safely in most cases.

Rapid Care First Aid 80095 4 Shelf ANSI/OSHA Compliant All Purpose First Aid Cabinet, Wall Mountable, 1,110 Pieces


This Amazon Choice and 4 Star rated cabinet measures  5.75 x 15.5 x 22.75 inches. The white steel case is moisture resistant .

The 1322 items in this kit exceed OSHA guidelines and ANSI standards.

Who uses this kit?

  • Campers/Cottages/Boats/Community Centers/Homes.
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Construction Sites
  • Manufacturing Facilities?Food Process Centers/Big Box Stores/Malls
  • Post Offices/Shipping Centers
  • Airports

Anywhere where there are people! Rapid Care started as a family business and has grown to become a favorite supplier of all purpose first aid kits.

It is portable, weighing 15.6 pounds. It has a handle.

Do you run a Scout troop, or tour a student orchestra or gym team? This is the perfect kit for you.

Survival Work/Home First Aid Kit (USA Model)


Know what caught my eye right away when I investigated the details on this kit?

Every component is labelled, telling you what the item is, what it should be used for, and how many you need to keep in your kit. “

Hey folks, unlike many of the peeps who designed, or just buy these kits, I am not a nurse, first responder or retired Marine.

I probably need several courses on first aid, or at least need to keep watching the latest youtube vid on CPR. Is that you too?

I think if so, there is your major reason to get this kit.

Because when you think about it, who does know all that we need to, to stop bleeding, open someone’s airway or treat a bad burn? 😯 

The outer kit is water resistant and can be cleaned with disinfectants.

The 8.2″ width opens up to 31″. The access to color coded items is fast and precise.

The Combat Tourniquet is this year’s addition to the kit. It is designed for one hand use, in case you need to save yourself. 

The zippers, D clips and reflective piping are heavy duty.

All products are wrapped and sterile.  There are extra spaces in the kit so you can add more of what you or your family may need. Customize!

And get peace of mind.

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The following informational article offers some vital ideas on the topic of getting out safely, or hunkering down with supplies in place. I recommend it! His book sounds good too.

Bugging In Versus Bugging Out by Alex D Newton

Over the past few months I have read multitudes of articles, forum posts and twitter tweets about Bugging In and Bugging Out. Depending upon who you ask, you can get a vast array of answers about which one you should or should not do.

I don’t get it.

Using logic, this should end the debate.

First, let’s define a few terms and get a few things straight;

Definitions –

Prepper: A person that prepares for emergency and disaster events ahead of time in order to increase their survivability.

Bugging Out: A controlled evacuation following a defined plan.

Areas of Contention –

Most articles and posts that I have read stating NOT to Bug Out make a few glaring mistakes and assumptions.

1) Bugging out is leaving behind your family, friends and pets

2) Bugging out is putting on a backpack and heading into the woods to live Rambo style

3) Bugging out is a mad dash into the unknown, rubbing elbows with the unprepared and leaving all of your preps behind

4) The safest and best thing to do is to Bug in, no matter what

So now that we have the definitions and the major areas of contention out in the open, let’s take a look at Bugging Out versus Bugging In.

First we need to understand that as Preppers we are not preparing for a specific event, we are prepping for anything that comes our way. To do otherwise is to do yourself and your family a disservice and place them in danger. That being said, you CANNOT prepare for “anything” if you do not include plans for Bugging Out. There are simply too many situations where Bugging Out is the only option, (house fire, evacuation order, gas leak, wildfire, etc.) the list goes on and on.

Second, Bugging Out is NOT running into the woods with a backpack and a knife and leaving everyone you know behind to fend for themselves. If your house catches on fire and you and your family leave and stay at a Hotel, that is Bugging Out! No woods involved, no eating bugs or making clothing from old car seats involved! At the same time, in case of a major event such as an economic collapse, terrorist attack or anything else of major significance, Bugging Out may still be your only option.

Is your house a safe place? Sure it is! Oh wait, maybe it is! Well, then again, maybe it isn’t! What if you live in a major metropolitan area? If I lived in the downtown area of even suburbs of a city like Chicago for instance and something major happened that I knew was going to displace thousands of people, should I bug out? I can board up my windows and go grab my guns and hunker down and hope that the people coming out of the city pass me by, or I can methodically grab my gear and my family and put my emergency plans into action and not worry about it.

So Bugging Out is the best idea, no matter what?!?!


The best idea is to prepare for BOTH possible outcomes, Bugging In and Bugging Out, and when emergencies and disasters occur you can use logic and common sense to determine your best course of action. Have a Bug Out Location (BOL) or Primary Shelter Site (PSS) ready in case you need to leave, have plans for how to get there and what you need to take with you. Have plans for your family members on where to meet and how to know it’s time to go.

Here is your line of thought for this matter:

1) What is the emergency/disaster?

2) Does it immediately impact the health and welfare of myself or my family?

3) Is my current location provisioned and safe (defensible)?

4) Is the current event likely to get worse or spread?

5) Is the current event likely to end or improve soon?

6) Do I have the proper equipment for surviving this event?

7) Am I likely to NEED to defend my home during this event?

8) If I need to Bug Out, do I have the proper plans in order?

9) (If you have a PSS) Would it be safer to be at my PSS?

There is no debate folks, you are NOT prepping if you have not considered bugging out and then prepared for it. Preppers PREPARE, it’s what we do.

Alex Newton

Plan and Prep – [http://planandprep.com/home]

Author – Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Article Source

10 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers With Battery And Charger 2020

leaf blower with battery and charger

10 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers With Battery And Charger 2020

Image by Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl from Pixabay

Safety, convenience and non-polluting are the three top reasons to buy one of the cordless leaf blowers with battery and charger included.

  • Safe – no cords dragging across the property
  • Convenient – just pull off the charger when you’re ready to get outside to blow the leaves
  • Non-polluting – no gas exhaust to smell up your yard (or the neighbor’s too)

You will see while perusing the ten products below that some also include other tools such as a hedge or weed trimmer, as part of the price. If you need those items, these are great deals.

This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

As beautiful as the autumn leaves are in their multi-colored splendor, they still need to be cleaned up! If you have a small yard, raking it by hand is good exercise and can be a pleasurable time spent outdoors.

Large yards and patios with garden areas are easily cleaned up with a leaf blower that leaves you free to walk around your patio furniture, garden beds, shrubs and trees.

If you are sensitive to smells or allergic to smog, the odor of a neighbor or yard crew blowing leaves with a gasoline driven blower is disconcerting. 

You know it is going to hang around, especially on those hotter fall days with not a leaf stirring. 

That smog can trigger an asthma attack, runny nose or coughing fit, right?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody used an electric leaf blower? No nasty smells, ever! 

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Oregon Cordless BL300 40V 151 MPH Leaf Blower with 6.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger


This leaf blower is 40V and has an airflow of 400 CFM, Air Speed (High): 102 MPH Air Speed (Turbo): 131.5 MPH.

A Three Year and a Two Year Protection Plan is available.

Reviewers mention that the trigger mechanism is not up to par with the rest of the unit. Those with Protection Plans simply got a new replacement.

The Turbo level can “blow the gravel off my driveway” one user says. Wet leaves in the gutters are no problem either.

Here is a video showing you the features of this popular leaf blower.


Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) Blower Kit with 4 Batteries


Features of this product:

  • This Makita can deliver up to 28 minutes of run time at mid speed (15, 800 RPM) using two 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteries
  • BL Brushless motor delivers up to 120 mph air velocity and 473 CFM of air volume
  • The sound pressure rating of 61 dba); measured per ANSI B 175.2 standard is lower than most communities demand
  • No fossil fuel emissions but instead, reduced maintenance
  • No need for gas or oil expenses or need for storage space of flammable fuels in your property!
  • No load speed (variable speed) : 11,400 21,500 RPM
  • 6 stage air velocity/volume selection dial with variable speed control trigger
  • Built in fan circulates air through the battery during the charging process to cool the battery for faster charge time

Westinghouse Cordless 20V+ Complete Tool Set


Five Star reviews are given for this kit. Buyers who used to use the gas powered tools find these just as powerful, and much lighter.

The leaf blower can remove wet grass off the driveway,and  that shows its power!

The string trimmer adjusts easily between a 10 and 12” cutting path. It pivots 90° using five positions that transition between trimming and wheeled edging functions. That’s convenient, isn’t it?

The 24” blade hedge trimmer will cut through up to 3/4″ thickness, and the round handle enables a steady grip without over exertion.

The leaf blower is light weight at 2.7 pounds and is not noisy. 

A three-piece aluminum shaft and a premium 8” Oregon Double Guard Low Kickback Bar and Chain that self-lubricates during operation provides a good performance and maintains the materials in this chainsaw.

The high-performance Westinghouse 20V+ Lithium-Ion 2 Ah battery with LED-indicator battery life indicator provides;

  • 30 minute string trimmer run time
  • 35 minute hedge trimmer run time
  • 20 pole saw cuts (3. 5″ branch
  • 15 minute leaf blower run time with 20V+ 2 Ah battery
  • 60 minute recharge time)

The battery easily slides and snaps into place on every tool and charger. The battery has a two year warranty. 

The tools in this kit  are warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for a period of four years from that date of original purchase.

Westinghouse 40V Cordless Chainsaw and Leaf Blower, 2.0 Ah Battery and Charger Included


The Westinghouse 40VMAX+ Cordless Chainsaw and Leaf Blower Combo Kit gives you the power to keep your property trimmed and uncluttered. For homeowners with small to medium sized yards, these tools offer cutting edge features in one versatile package to cut back overgrowth. Sustainable alternatives to gas powered tools without the hassle of engine maintenance or money wasted on fuel, the 40VMAX+ Combo Kit has zero emissions and low tone to groom your garden.

The automatic oiler on the chainsaw allows for tool-free and hands-off oil maintenance along with easy chain tensioning to further provide smooth and simple operation. Keep your wood pile high and ready to go for your BBQ pits and outdoor fire places! 

The blowing force of up to 90 MPH and 400 CFM, and the heavy duty jet fan motor creates enough power to keep your property clean of leaves and dirt, with no gas smell!

Snapper XD 82V MAX 550 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower Kit with 2.0 Battery & Rapid Charger, 1687879, SXDBL82K


Do you think it takes about 40 minutes to clean your yard with a leaf blower? If  so you are in luck with this Briggs & Stratton 82V lithium ion 2.0Ah battery with its run time.

It has a powerful 550 CFM / 130mph blowing speed to blow through your leaves and other yard debris.

You’ll love the speed control which allows you to  maintain  the airflow along with a stable, anti-tip base design

These batteries can be used for other Snapper tools

Comes with two choices for Protection Plans.

Rated highly for its power one user says he  tried to ” use it to blow off some floor mats in his garage but he ended up blowing them out the door instead. :)” And that is an 86 year old who is glad his heavier gas blower stopped working. 

Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Brushless Axial Blower, Battery and Rapid Charger Included


Do you have a larger yard? Or small business space you take care of?

You will get 70 minutes run-time on speed 1 (low) / 28 minutes run-time on speed 2 (medium) / 12 minutes run-time on speed 3 (high) with fully charged 2Ah battery with this Greenworks Pro 80V brushless axial blower.

The brushless motor provides more torque, quiet operation, and longer life. It offers performance equivalent to a gas fulled blower. It also offers:

  • 125 mph / 500 cfm performance
  •  3 speed options, and a variable speed trigger control
  • Cushioned overmold grip
  • A noise level of only 60 decibels, conforming to many neighborhoods and corporate parks noise ordinance requirements
  • A 30 minute charge time for your ongoing convenience

WORX WG584.1 40V 4.0Ah Lithium WORXAIR Turbine Blower Battery and Charger Included


This unit is 11 pounds and designed for one hand use. It is engineered with TURBINE technology that delivers up to 430 CFM of air velocity.

I could not find an exact definition of Turbine Technology, which has a trademark. It went here and got some information. I conclude that this leaf blower has a tiny turbine in it. 

(I am just not tecchie about yard tools, but go off the results and customer reviews for ones I haven’t used.) 😀 

This turbine motored blower has a 3-speed control with a TURBO boost to blast leaves off any surface.

The highly efficient brushless motor contributes to a longer lasting power.

The on-board battery charge level indicator keeps you apprised of remaining run time.

Please note: The uint comes with 2 20V batteries. The prior generations’ 40V batteries will not operate this tool as it is not compatible. 

LiTHELi 40V 480CFM 92MPH Leaf Blower with Brushless Motor, 2.5AH Battery and Charger


This company offers:

  1.  A 90 days money back guaranty
  2. 3 years warranty for battery
  3. 5 years warranty for machine

It is very light weight at 5.7 pounds.

This product comes with a 550W brushless (delivering more longevity and quiet performance) motor powered by a LiTHELi 40V 2.5 Ah battery.

It is a smaller and lighter leaf blower which may be perfect for your smaller yard, patio or front yard/driveway space. 

The weight will not challenge a smaller person or child. How handy is that?

At the soft grip handle, a variable speed dial and a turbo function gives you both comfort and control to make your yard maintenance a little easier.

It will run for 60 minutes!

The charger is quick and has a battery charge indicator.

Customers give this one a 4.6 Star Rate for it’s weight, power over other brands of electric blowers, and ease of use.

WORX WG547.3 20V 4.0Ah Cordless Turbine Leaf Blower with Gutter Pro Kit Battery and Charger Included


This powerful Turbine blower provides you with 360 CFM at 75 mph

At only 5.7 lbs., you can control this blower with one hand without strain

Safely clean your rain gutters from leaves and other debris (mine had some bird nests in them that had to go!) while standing on the ground. Easily join the 8 feet of tubes of the Gutter Pro Kit together and you will have an overall reach of 11 feet.

Enjoy the two speed control while getting all your various jobs done.  No tripping on cords as you clear dirt, dust, bird feathers and all the other detritus that somehow appears in your yard.

And there is more!

The Gutter Pro kit has universal fit to work with most handheld leaf blowers!


Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LB20062S 62-Volt 140MPH 500CFM Cordless Leaf Blower, 2.5AH Battery & Fast Charger Included


This battery is compatible with all Scotts 62-Volt Lithium-Ion products; Warranty details: 5-year tool warranty; 3-year battery warranty. 

The rubber grip is comfortable and you can reach the speed alternator button without putting the unit down.

This is super light at 5.2 pounds.

All things being relative, this unit is highly praised for smaller yards and lighter chores. It will quickly clean up grass trimmings and the weekly leaf fall, but may need a re-charge or two for the autumn leaf collection.

That’s probably a great trade-ff for it’s lightness and slightly less power. 

It all depends on how much lawn you have, and what kind of trees.  Maybe it is the perfect machine for your yard spaces, including flower beds.

It is customer praised for quiet, comfort of use and effectiveness, even from those who previously used gas blowers.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What I like about these battery charged cordless leaf blowers is that you can refrain from spewing fossil fuels into the air around your home.

Fossil fuels contribute to your carbon footprint, or, the ways in which  you personally contribute to the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

Cleaning and trimming your yard with electric tools is just one way to lower your personal dumping of pollution. We can only control so much, right?

Here are a few more ways to do a little more, if and when you can:

  • Car pool to work/take public transport/ride a bike
  • Install solar panels (even a small array to recharge your batteries) if you can
  • Add a wind turbine to your property if that is useful in your region
  • Maximize daylight in your home – open your curtains
  • Use cold water for laundry as much as possible (you can get an enzyme additive that kills dust mites, see at the bottom here)
  • Don’t your use clothes dryer but hang up laundry outside when weather allows
  • Switch off appliances when not in daily use. Unplug if they have a lot of LEDS 
  • Get solar powered motion detected outside lights for your home (see below)

I hope you don’t think I’ve gone off topic! Because this is all related.  Here are three of the handy items I mentioned just above.

LITOM Premium Solar Lights Outdoor with 270°Wide Angle Illumination(4 Pack), IP67 Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights,Easy-to-Install Security Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck


Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Dryer Clothes Line – 196 feet, 311048


Your clothes dryer eats up a huge amount of electricity or gas. It is the first recommended “get rid of” appliance for lowering your carbon footprint. The one above may be suitable for your back yard.

Or, you may be more able to use a retractable line like this one:

Ki Knight Retractable Clothesline Adjustable 13.8 Feets Stainless Steel Rope, Drill-Free & Wall Mounted Method Heavy Duty Clothes Dryer with Glue and Screws Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor(Silver)


Kleen-Free Naturally Preformed Enzyme Cleaner (Fresh and Clean Scent, 64-Ounce Ready to Use)


Kill those dust mites when you wash (laundry, or anything!) with cold water. Hot water will kill them, but warm/cold water will just give them a bath! 

The following contributed article discusses the advantages of the cordless leaf blower with battery and charger, and some other handy tools without cords too. 

Best Reasons to Buy Cordless Leaf Blowers by Al Smitty

Cordless leaf blowers can be safer and much more convenient than traditional models. These can do the same work without the need for plug-ins and extension cords. This is great especially if you have a large area that needs attention. There are many newer models of lawn and garden tools available that can make your life much easier.

Yard work has never been easier than with the products we have today. The leaf blower can be used in your lawn or garden with one easy step. You simply charge them when not in use and then when you need it then it is ready to use. All you do is unplug it from the charger and you are ready to go.

This is only one of the many cordless tools you can buy for use around the home. Cordless drills and saws can make home repairs a snap. They also have cordless screw drives and a host of other items to choose from. These are all rechargeable and easy to use. The batteries rarely, if ever, need to be replaced.

Please remember that these are still motorized tools and may cause injury if not operated properly. Always keep out of reach of children and read warning labels carefully. These can be just as dangerous as tools with a cord, maybe more so because a child could take them to another area out of your sight.

If you are worried about potential damage to flowers or plants from cordless leaf blowers then you might consider investing in raised flower beds. This can also be great so that you don’t have to stop or bend as much when working in your flower beds. This can also help prevent weed growth from occurring.

If you hate having cords stretched across your yard then there are a few other items you may want to consider as well. They have solar lights that can be put in your yard to light your driveway, lawn, or garden. These run off of solar energy and do not need cords or batteries. They also make lights like this for security purposes and even as porch or deck lights.

There is a new zero radius turn mower to help keep your lawn looking like it was cut by a professional with very little work on your part. These can go around trees and flower beds with ease. If you still need it then they also have cordless weed eaters available as well. Everything you need for you home and garden has been made simple for you.

You can find cordless leaf blowers at a store near you or online and a number of retail outlets. These are a great buy and can usually be found for a terrific price. To be sure and get the best product you should always read before you buy. It is also usually a good idea to buy tools like this new as a used tool may not hold a charge like a new one would.

Al Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from electric leaf blowers [http://www.petrolleafblowers.org/electric-leaf-blowers/] to American football. Thanks for reading!

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10 Best Snow Blowers For Gravel Driveways 2020

snow blowers for gravel driveways

10 Best Snow Blowers For Gravel Driveways 2020

Image by Nadine Zarya from Pixabay

“Gravel driveways call for a two stage snow blower since the blades of this blower sit off the ground and will not toss rocks. Safety always comes first and you don’t desire to hurt someone.”

That is an excerpt from the contributed article at the bottom of this page, which describes the ranges of snow blowers you can choose from.

This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

View these 10 best snow blowers for gravel driveways 2020 and see which one is best for your property.

Note that if you want to view more like them on Amazon, simply click on the image or “buy” button. You won’t end up in your shopping cart, but you will see the one item and also below, many like it on that Amazon page. 

The dual stage snow blowers are good for larger driveways and other areas where snow collects.

The single stage machines are smaller, lighter, and do a great job on even/paved driveways, decks, and patio spaces around your home.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Snow Joe iON 24 in. Cordless Electric Self-Propelled Dual-Stage Snow Blower with (2) 6.0 Ah Batteries


 The Snow Joe iON24SB-XRP is the cutting edge newcomer to the Snow Joe iON line of products. It is the world’s first dual-stage snow blower to provide easy and convenient CORD-FREE operation.

Here is a video going through its features:

Ideal for clearing snow from sidewalks, large driveways and walkways, this unit is powered by EcoSharp technology, Snow Joe’s innovative, interchangeable rechargeable lithium-ion battery system.

The iON24SB-XRP comes with two 40 V 6.0 Ah batteries to deliver up to 50 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air.

This state-of-the-art cordless dynamo is also engineered with a powerful 2500 W brushless motor.

The iON24SB-XRP starts instantly with a simple push of a button, and an integrated push-button display puts the power of the iON at your fingertips.

Equipped with a heavy-duty serrated steel auger and powerful impeller the iON plows through up to 1000 lbs. of snow per minute, clearing a path 24 in. wide by 13 in. deep with each pass.

The scraper bar at the base of the unit lets you clear right to the ground without damaging your deck or pavement.

A 180° adjustable chute directs the snow stream up to 32 ft. away.

For nighttime snow removal, (you know how those storms start piling up snow and sometimes you need to get out there and clear it because the next morning you may not be able to even open your door!, right?) the iON comes equipped with two integrated 0.3 W LED headlights that switch on to increase nighttime visibility.

If you live in a region that gets this kind of snow, this unit is a great investment for your property.

You will save time and remain (for the most part) mobile during the worst winter months.

Briggs and Stratton 1696563 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with 306cc Engine and Electric Start


This company’s international good repute assures you a good buy. 

The Briggs & Stratton 1696563 Medium Steerable Dual-Stage Snow Thrower features a 29-inch wide clearing path with a 19.5 inch intake height for clearing snow from sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces.

This model has the 1450 Snow Series 250 cc Engine with 14.50 foot-pounds of torque to power through heavier snowfalls.

This model comes equipped with electric start so when it’s time to start your thrower it’s as easy as pushing a button.

To help you overcome any snowstorm challenge, this unit features a gear drive with a dual trigger steering and 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds and a steel notched auger.

Other features include synthetic oil for easy starting, an electric chute rotation control and dual in-panel halogen headlights.

The Briggs & Stratton 1696563 Medium Steerable Dual-Stage Snow Thrower comes with a 3-year equipment and engine warranty to protect against defects in materials and workmanship.

Famous for hard-working, dependable, efficient products, Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest producer of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment. Briggs & Stratton products are designed, manufactured, marketed and serviced in over 100 countries on all seven continents.

Troy-Bilt Storm 2890 243cc Electric Start 28-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thower


Are you hoping to get a high-powered snow removal solution to ease your winter-time sore back from shoveling during storms and blizzards?

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2890 243cc Electric Start Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower is definitely a contender!

This snow thrower is powered by a dependable 243cc OHV gas engine equipped with All-Wheel Drive for easy operation with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

This Snow Thrower is created with quiet engine technology for snow removal, that must be attended to during the early morning hours. Your sleeping family and neighbors will love that!

The Snow Thrower comes with Touch ‘N Turn Power Steering and Just One Hand Operation for easy control so the machine does all the work, not you. 🙂 

The chute is able to rotate quickly so that you can adjust your direction “on a dime” without getting plastered with an avalanche of blow-back while you are clearing your driveway and walks.

The Storm 2890’s 15” x 5” tires provide traction and gripping even in icy conditions.

The reflective strips and in-dash headlight are incorporated for safer operation in low-light and white-out conditions.

The Troy-Bilt 2890 can clear snowy pathways up to 28” wide and is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Dirty Hand Tools 103879 Self-Propelled – Electric Start 302cc Dual Stage Gas – 30″ Snow Blower


Wrangle the Toughest Snowstorms

Tame the toughest conditions with the 30 inch 2-stage self-propelled gas snow blower from Dirty Hand Tools.

This snow blower features a reliable 302cc Dirty Hand Tools engine.

The wide 30 inch clearing span will get that job done fast.

The 20 inch intake height, all-steel augers and a 3-blade impeller is a huge amount of  power giving you efficient snow removal.

This unit makes the enormous job of getting the snow, ice, and crust, off and away from your sidewalk, driveway, or road,  with ease instead of struggle.

Rugged construction, dependable, and easy to use…Dirty Hand Tools makes snow removal an easy chore!

More features:

  • Heated hand grips – avoid frostbite
  • LED light – safe to use after dusk
  • Six forward and two reverse speeds
  • 190-degree radius quick-turn chute is operated with ease from the control panel and offers a wide range of options in angle and direction
  • Allows you to throw snow up to 40 feet precisely where you aim it
  • Starts with the convenient push-button 110V electric start or the manual recoil start
  • The rust-resistant exterior helps ensure durability
  • The hard wearing composite skid shoes incorporate a beveled edge to prevent damage to walkways and reduce hang-ups on uneven surfaces and are replaceable
  • Skid shoes are also reversible to maximize their usable life and save you money
  • Comes with an easy mount cleaning tool attached to the machine so it’s easy to reach when you need to clear the chute of any accumulation,

Additional Specifications: 1.06 gallon (4 liters) fuel capacity, 1.27 pint (0.6 liter) oil capacity.

EGO Power+ 21″ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Dual Port Snow Blower with (2) 7.5Ah Batteries and Charger


This new EGO POWER+ Snow Blower is the only cordless snow blower that delivers the powerful results associated with gas fueled machines, without the noise, fuss and fumes.

Wet and heavyweight snow doesn’t challenge its Peak Power technology, a combination of any two EGO 56-Volt Arc Lithium batteries for maximum clearing power.

Built with a high-efficiency brushless motor and a 21 in. wide intake, the EGO POWER+ Snow Blower can handle that wall of chunky ice and snow across the bottom of your driveway that the city snow plow left behind.

How far you throw your snow is under your control with  the variable-speed auger, up to 35 ft.

This machine offers an up to up to 180˚ range of directing the snow. It is controlled with a robust adjustment lever.

2 bright LED lights make it available for use in the dim white-out snow falls, or at night.

The  chassis is manufactured from robust steel for aggressive use in the worst winter conditions.

The EGO POWER+ Snow Blower Kit includes:

  • Two (2) 7.5 Ah batteries (shipped separately)
  • The Rapid Charger, the industry’s fastest, to recharge a 7.5 Ah battery in just 60 minutes

All EGO tools, batteries and chargers are 100% compatible so owners can get the maximum value out of their tool collections.

This unit has a 5-year limited warranty.

Snow Joe ION8024-XR Cordless Two Stage Snow Blower | 24-Inch | 80 Volt | 2 x 5 Ah Batteries | 4-Speed | Headlights


The key features of this product:

  • Equipped with a 2-stage heavy-duty serrated steel auger and powerful impeller, the iON8024 plows through up to 1000 pounds of snow per minute, creating a clear 24 inch wide path and reaching 13-inches deep in only one pass.
  • An integrated push-button digital display puts the full power of iON at your fingertips. Features a 4-speed digital drive system
  • Two 40 V batteries deliver up to 30 minutes (5.0 Ah) | 40 minutes (6.0 Ah) run time with the whisper-quiet/zero carbon emissions that makes electric machines our first choice
  • A 180° thumb-switch auto-rotate chute to direct the snow stream up to 32 feet away
  • Dual integrated 3 W LED headlamps to light the way for safe nighttime clearing
  • Wide, nubby rubber TracAssist tires for maximum traction in the most challenging winter weather condition.

Husqvarna ST224P, 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Electric Start


Climate change has given us unpredictable warm/cold moist/dry seasonal conditions. The results can sometimes be a real mess!

It is an extra tough job when you didn’t get out to remove the three feet (or more!) of snow – then it warmed up and rained! Ever have that happen?

Now you have ice and packed snow layers to break through and make your driveway and walk ways safe.

This is when you need the Husqvarna’s gas powered two-stage system snow thrower.

Its power can grind the snow/ice mix down before it is collected into the housing and discharged through the impeller.

This snow blower is supported by a cast iron gear box and impeller for years of trouble-free snow removal.

This bully-boy snow blower is made with a cleated track-drive system that delivers  maximum traction on slippery surfaces, hills, and in deeper snow.

Convenient trigger control power steering allows you to operate each wheel/track separately for superior maneuverability and tight 180-degree turning.

All levers and controls are placed within easy reach for added comfort and control.

For a quick start up, all you have to do is connect your Husqvarna snow blower to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button.

The hydrostatic transmission and power steering will provide smooth performance and heated handles will make your machine more comfortable to operate.

If you’re unable to wait for decent light, bright LED headlights will light the way. You can get a clear drive out in the morning if you have to, at the crack  of dawn, or the evening before.

It comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty and 5 Year Engine and Auger Gear Box Warranty.

Briggs & Stratton 24″ Dual-Stage Snow Blower w/Electric Start and 208 Snow Series Engine, 1024 (1696610)


The Briggs & Stratton 1024 Standard Series Dual-Stage Snow Blower features a 24-inch wide clearing path with a 20-inch intake height and steel reversible skid shoes for clearing out your walkways and other outdoor surfaces with extreme efficiency.

Want to avoid the frustration of a string pull starter? You will have no problem powering up with the push button electric start for effortless starting in the coldest weather with the durability to work through heavy snowfalls.

The friction disc transmission is ideal for heavy storm conditions and helps to clean down to the pavement.

The steel frame, chute and notched auger that can challenge your packed snow and ice with ease. The gearbox is also made of durable aluminum to ensure durability.

The chute rotation is mounted on the dash within your reach, and an on panel chute deflector makes is part of this well-muscled machine (saving yours!) resulting in easier removal of drifted snow from your yard along with 14-inch by 4-inch tires and single LED headlights.


If you’re tired of smelling like gas fumes for hours after clearing your snow drifts, you will truly appreciate this lighter weight electric snow blower.

Equipped with a variable-speed heavy-duty 2-blade paddle auger featuring auger-assisted drive, iON’s powerful 2800 W brushless motor shreds up to 16 tons of snow on a single 5.0 Ah battery charge. (minimum auger speed moves up to 12.5 tons per charge.)

Path clearance is 21-inches wide and 12-inches deep with each pass. In addition, the integrated scraper bar at the base of the unit lets you clear to the ground without damaging your deck, driveway or pavement!

The 2800 W brushless motor increases battery efficiency, boosts motor performance, reduces noise vibration, and extends motor life.

Dual 2.5 W LED headlights illuminate your way for nighttime snow removal.

Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB Hybrid Single Stage Snow Blower | 18-Inch | 40 Volt | 13.5 Amp | Brushless


This smaller, lighter machine may be perfect for clearing your property. Especially if you have raised areas, this is easy to carry to wherever you need to clear the accumulated piles of snow.

This is a perfect choice for those who don’t need the weight and power of the heavier machines, but also who don’t want to get out there and muscle away the snow with a shovel.

Whether you don’t have the time, or endurance for the bitter cold, you don’t need an excuse. You need this handy cord or cordless hybrid machine. 

  • Lightweight design (only 32 lbs) to easily clear sidewalks, driveways and decks.
  • 40 V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 50 minutes of whisper-quiet run time.
  • Steel auger with 2 rubber blades moves up to 495 lbs of snow per minute
  • Path clearance is 18 in. wide by 8 in. deep without damaging surfaces
  • 180° auto-rotate directional chute throws snow up to 20 ft.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Are you new to shopping for a snow blower? The following article will give you some useful tips. 

Use These Tips When Your Researching the Right Snow Blower by Bill U Cobern

If you possess acres of land, a troublesome back, or a bunch of idle offspring, a snow blower might be a prudent deal this winter period. Sorry to say, buying one of these gizmos isn’t as straightforward as running into and out of Home Depot: you possess to make your mind up how large a unit you require, what type of features it must possess, and whether it must run on gasoline or electricity. Here is a quick guide for the snow hampered.

Step 1 – Take a minute and look at the work ahead. Clearing a pathway on the sidewalk to your front entrance would best fit an electric model. There is always the difficulty of a short electric chord in some situations. A single stage snow blower is the top option. Areas where large amounts of snow fall often and having a large driveway require a two stage snow blower. This more vigorous type of blower breaks up the snow and ice with a steel auger before propelling it out the chute.

Step 2 – Are you tough?. As you may have guessed, two-stage snow blowers are extensively heavier than their one-stage cousins are up to 100 pounds for a gasoline-powered model, compared to as little as 10 pounds for a single-stage electric. If your disabled, hiring someone to shovel the snow is your best bet.

Step 3 – What is your tolerance for noise levels?. Gas-powered, two-stage snow blowers can be as loud as commercial construction tools, so if you possess inchy neighbors, try to find a moderately quiet model (you can frequently find the decibel level on the package; if not, ask a merchant). A quiet blower is the electric snow blower, but you will lose effectiveness.

Step 4 – Type of clearing surface is important. Gravel sidewalks and driveways are not made for the single stage snow blower. This blower will kick up rubble since the blades spin fast. Gravel driveways call for a two stage snow blower since the blades of this blower sit off the ground and will not toss rocks. Safety always comes first and you don’t desire to hurt someone.

Step 5 – Decide how multipurpose you are. If you’re the sort who feels awkward pouring gas into anything but a vehicle, a gasoline-powered blower possibly will not be the finest alternative, because it requires typical refueling. Plowing your driveway by means of an electric blower plugged into a wall with plenty of electricity sitting in wet conditions possibly will not be your choice.. This decision is all yours.

Bill has been writing articles online for nearly 4 years now. Not only does this author specialize in home improvement, you can also check out his latest website on Snow Blower Ratings [http://snowblowerratings.net/] for a comparison of the best Snow Blower Ratings [http://snowblowerratings.net/category/two-stage/] two stage snow blowers.

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10 Best Freestanding Wine Refrigerators 2020

freestanding wine refridgerators

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

10 Best Freestanding Wine Refrigerators 2020

I have noted while reviewing these units that most are flexible as to where and how you install them. I was happy to find high ratings in these 10 best freestanding wine refrigerators, from happy buyers.

This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

Wine storage – what a topic! You want to buy the right cooler for your home. There are enough shapes, sizes, colors and good looks for you to find the best one for your home.

The coolers are meant to both store and age your wines, in the best environment. I have included an informational contributed article, below, on this page which gives you a lot of details about wine aging and storage.

You already know what you want in quality and flavor of wines. Now you can get the ideal wine refrigerator so you and your guests can enjoy the best of wine drinking. Your business, and leisure entertainment can be enhanced to the max.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Allavino 2X-VSWR172-2SST Wine Refrigerator


This unit is the Four Zone (four temperatures) and also comes in Three Zone and Two Zone models.

It holds a variety of bottle sizes, accommodating champagnes and other odd sizes. You can control the coolness to store red, white and sparkling varieties – up to 344 bottles total.  Now that the “standard” 750 ml bottle has many marketing designs and shapes, this type of shelving is a must.

Wooden slat shelves, thin for space maximization, and sturdy for the bottle weights, glide in and out smoothly to minimize vibration, the wine storage enemy.

The front venting design gives the option to place this dual and separately controlled unit in a built in location. 

For security you will sign for this delivery. Free Amazon tech support for installation is provided, if needed.

Pros on this unit are mentioned for:

  • Temperature control
  • Quiet
  • Easy controls to use
  • Attractive


Good for storage, not so good for collections. The drawer movement does compromise the labels on larger bottles. You can place larger bottles more widely separated, but that will decrease your bottle count potential. 

Protection plans are Five Year/$594.75, and Four Year/$479.86.

Prime included, but click through to Amazon to view the next delivery date. 

HYD-Parts 192 Bottles Free Standing Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator,Super Large Wine Bottles rack Cooler with Stainless Door for Kitchen Bar



  • Black cabinet with black interior
  • Glass door with stainless steel frames – double UV treated to preserve wines
  • Fan-forced cooling results in minimal cool down time and prevent temperature fluctuations
  • 25% more efficiency in energy consumption with this advanced cooling system decreases noise and vibration
  • 8 Slim hard, stable, beech wood shelves provide maximum space (about 22 bottles per) and protection from vibration
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius number options
  • Five Year and Four Year protection plans offered

Expert installation includes:

  1. Removal of old unit
  2. Installation of one new unit (pay for each new unit when more than one)
  3. Parts for installation
  4. Allow about 3 hours

Avallon AWBC241GGFD 24 Inch Wide 21 Bottle and 60 Can Capacity Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler with French Doors


This dual wine and canned or bottled drinks can be free standing or built in. Temperature controls can be set for each side.

Larger bottles will require removing one shelf, otherwise 8 shelves hold three bottles each. 

Curb side delivery only.

It has a high quality compressor and internal fan cooling.

The wine side of the refrigerator has sliding shelves, and the drink side has roller bearing shelves.

Raters give this unit 4.9 Stars for:

  • Quiet
  • Elegance
  • Double doors
  • High quality compressor
  • Dual purpose

One customer mentions that the top shelf is shorter because of the electronic control panel, and it will not hold a standard size bottle. This suggests that the top shelf would be the one to remove, in order to hold larger Champagne style bottles.

All in all, this is rated as a luxury item. 

Ainfox 72″ Built-in or Freestanding Wine Cooler, 192 Bottles Wine Refrigeration Electronic Storage with Stainless Steel


This lovely unit gets Five Stars for:

  • Quiet and attractive enough to be in a dining room
  • Protective packaging

Described as typical for all wine coolers, from a person who says he did a lot of research before buying, his collection results in the unit holding 49 bottles, less than advertised.

Yet he is so happy with his choice, he intends to buy another one for his white wines.

The tempered 2 layer brown glass door protects your wine from UV rays.

Fahrenheit only temperature setting is provided.

Five Year and Four Year protection plans are offered.

Tall and narrow design requires little floor space.

Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator: Stainless Steel, triple-layered Tempered Glass Door, Electronic One-Touch Control with LED Display


This optional freestanding/build-in unit comes with the popular:

  • Fifteen Hard beech wood shelves that slide out easily, removable for larger bottle storage
  • Triple layered glass door for UV protection
  • Quality compressor for decreased noise and vibration, to prevent sediment shift in wine bottles and provide optimum flavor preservation
  • Dual temperature zones for red/white separation
  • Reversible door configuration
  • Tall and narrow, maximizes your available space for a build-in installation
  • Safety lock prevents frequent opening and temperature fluctuation,and is child-proof
  • Generally found to be super quiet!

Lanbo Wine and Beverage Cooler, Compressor Under Counter Wine Cellar and Beverage Fridge, 33 Bottle and 70 Can


This one is also a side by side wine and beverage cooler with two appropriate temperature zones.

Optional build-in and freestanding installation gives you a few choices of where to put your new wine fridge.

Reviewers love the dual purpose and good looks.

It comes with:

  • Adjustable feet
  • Stable and distinct temperature zones
  • Security lock
  • Long and deep stainless steel handles
  • Free Amazon support for installation
  • Automated LED interior lights will turn off after ten minutes from door opening

It looks about the size of a dishwasher when placed under a kitchen counter. It could easily fit under the counter of a wet bar space, in your family room, den or finished basement cave.

EdgeStar CWR532SZ 24 Inch Wide 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler


Smaller, lighter and less expensive, this unit is single use (for wine only) with both freestanding or build-in installation possibilities.

At 100 pounds and measuring 22.5 x 23.5 x 33.5 inches , you will get curb side delivery – please be sure to provide a current phone number for ETA verification.

Claims of storage space is relative to the number of standard 750 ml bottles and thicker or longer ones. Removing a shelf may be needed periodically.

This is true of all wine refrigerators.

It comes with UV block glass in the door, and an interior light so you can hem and haw over your selection without the door standing open.

The door has an airtight seal.

It comes with a lock and key.

Btw, the door can be hinged on your right or left.

It is rubber brushed to further combat vibrations that spoil your perfect flavor preservation.

The Warranty is 1 Year parts, 1Year labor.

It is rated at Five Stars for attractive design, and excellent function/lower price.

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler Refrigerator Fridge 46 Bottles Dual Zone Wine Cellar Built-in Freestanding Wine Chiller with Stainless Steel &Digital Memory Temperature Control/Wood Shelves/Silver


This vendor is proud of its customer service and states:

We provide one month replacement and refund, one year warranty.”

That’s a reassuring go-ahead to buy, right?

This unit is single purpose but duo temperature-zoned for your red and white wines.

It’s temperature range: 5-12℃(41-54℉) for upper zone,12-20℃(54-68℉) for lower zone.

Unit Dimensions are 23.42″ x 22.75″ x 34.25″ (W595 x D578 x H870 mm).

The wood-fronted sliding shelves give it a versatile decor match, for whichever room you decide to place it in.

There are two smaller versions – 28 Bottle and 19 Bottle.

At the time of this writing, it comes with a $35.00 coupon, and I know some of these are applied differently. Check it out!

Kalamera 50 Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator Single Zone with Touch Control


This 19.3”Wx22.8”Dx33” unit should cost about $28.00 per year in energy, according to the manufacturer.

The out of the box weight is 82.7 pounds. It is a free standing unit and can be plugged into any household outlet.

All reviewers remark that there is a 34 to 50 bottle capacity, because of the more individual bottle shapes vineyards choose. And yes, we have come to accept that, right?

This unit has an attractive design (wood, stainless steel) to blend in with your furniture or kitchen appliances.

It has both a Five Year and Four Year protection plan.

Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler


This small and inexpensive free standing unit still has the necessary elements:

  • UV block glass door
  • Wired shelving for good cooling circulation (no wood trim)
  • LED bulb for viewing your selection, keeps temperature stable

There is a 17 bottle option for really small spaces. (Just click on the option on Amazon for the specs and price).

I included the following contributed article here. It is full of interesting information about wine cooling, some history too! (Emphases are mine).

Why a Wine Refrigerator Is a Great Idea by Eric N M

“Wine expert or not, many of us know all about the various ways people would store wine before the invention of electricity. If you graduated high school from anywhere (yes, even my hometown), you will likely know that the wealthy stored their wine in caves and underground cellars hundreds of years before the inventions of Edison, Bell, Tesla, and others gave way to the electrical revolution.

There is a reason underground cellars and caves were seen as ideal for storage: it’s because they had all of the ingredients for proper storage of wine bottles: the spaces were cool, dark, and still. The bottles were also able to sit sideways, allowing the flavor of every bottle to remain.

And this way the way wine was stored for century upon century, and it wasn’t until someone had the bright idea of creating an “electric refrigerator” to store food that someone eventually thought up the idea of using this technology to store wine in a setting that was ideal. Thus, we have wine refrigerators and wine coolers.

Both run on electricity, both give you the ideal setting and both can be sit virtually anywhere that is dark in your home. A corner of a bedroom, a den that has no windows, or a basement that has never seen the light of day is all ideal places. It seems like the miracle of Science, right? Thanks to electricity, anyone can store wine in a safe and protected environment (and temperature). However, while both are incredible “flavor-saving” devices, equal they are not.

I won’t lie, a wine refrigerator and a wine cooler are both incredibly awesome. Once you go from storing wine in a refrigerator (a terrible idea) to storing it in a wine cool and/or wine refrigerator, you will be blown away by the difference in taste: the flavor is stronger, there is no flat taste to be found, and honestly, it keeps wine delicious!

Whether you decide to choose the wine refrigerator or the wine cooler, you need to first step back and take a look at how you drink wine and what type of wine you purchase. If you purchase mostly white wine, then you will want to purchase the wine refrigerator for this fact alone: white wine cannot be stored as long as traditional wine.

Why does this matter? It’s simple really: the humidity in a wine refrigerator is uncontrollable. It stays around a constant 30% at all times, whereas the humidity for preserving wine is meant to stay at around the 60 – 70% mark. Over time, the humidity in a space can start to harm wine, making wine refrigerators unsuitable for storing in the long-term. Thus, since one should finish a bottle of white wine in weeks and/or months rather than years, it makes perfect sense to use a wine cooler for storing your white wine only.

As you have undoubtedly figured out by now (and I hope you have or you haven’t been paying attention to my article), wine meant for storage in the long-term should always be stored in a wine cabinet. The reasoning is simple (and again, if you have to ask yourself “why,” you haven’t been paying attention): because a wine cabinet has controllable humidity. A cabinet’s humidity will assuredly stay in the 60 – 70% mark at all times, allowing you to store your wine bottles for as long as you want. Care to store that expensive bottle of wine for 10+ years? You are able to do so, and longer if you wish. Essentially, you could store a bottle of wine for 50+ years and a wine cabinet would be able to keep it tasting incredible (not counting the shelf life of the wine- after all, if you are storing white wine for 50 years, be prepared for a grave disappointment when you open the bottle).

While stated previously, it must be stated once more: the beauty of a wine cooler and wine refrigerator is they allow the individuals that are serious about storing their wine to do so. You do not have to have your own cave, your own underground cellar, or anything else that only the wealthy can afford (not sure if people actually own their own caves anymore though). Now, you can store it anywhere in your home, and you will get the same flavor from your favorite bottles as you would if you had stored them in a wine refrigerator.

Whether you want to purchase a cooler so you can store your spirits for the short-term or you want a wine cooler to store it long-term, it has never been easier to ensure your wine keeps its original flavor. Yes, the age of invention definitely has its perks, and if anyone ever disagrees with you, remind them this: you can preserve your wine anywhere in your home: 100 years ago, the very idea would be scoffed at. Thank you Science for allowing me to preserve wine anywhere in my home!

If want to learn which 12 to 32 bottle wine coolers on the market are best suited for long-term wine storage, please check out wine cooler reviews [http://www.bestwinecoolersreview.com]. I have performed extensive research on all the listed wine coolers while taking into account genuine customer feedback to hopefully bring you guys the best reviews for wine refrigerators.”

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10 Best Air Purifiers And Allergies 2021 – What Is The One For Your Home

air purifiers and allergies

10 Best Air Purifiers And Allergies 2021 – What Is The One For Your Home

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


I learned something really important recently about air purifiers and allergies – that a purifier – a machine that cleans the air – isn’t enough to eliminate smoke particles. What are the best air purifiers and allergies removal machines?


In light of the catastrophic wild fires we have all over the world now, everyone needs a particle filter and an air purifier.



This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


Although you already have one, no, two. Every human being is born with built in air filters. Your lungs


Yet, you can’t rinse out the dust from them. You can’t remove the toxic gases from VOC’s, fire retardants, pesticides, fabric conditioners and color fasteners, bleaches and household cleaners.


In fact, it is like your lungs have a big Welcome! sign while they take in all those harmful things.


Nor can you order a new pair. At least, that is rare.


Your  lungs can get clogged up beyond what coughing will eject. Then they can become inflamed and permanently congested. 


And you can prevent that to a large degree.


And here is another factor I just read about – toxic air can make you fat!


Studies have been done on both children and rats. In the children, no artificial was created, but kids who lived in more polluted areas tended to be at least two pounds heavier on the same diet.


Rats exposed to heavy smog type air were 18% heavier than rats given clean air. Why?


Because toxins wreck havoc on your hormones, resulting in weight gain, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome – inability to lose weight.  


A good air purifier/filter machine is like an external pair of lungs – or several more pairs, depending on the size.


Update: A friend recommended this to me today while we were chatting. Since the concerns about sanitation during the Covid-19 pandemic affect us all, I wanted to add this to the page here.



Customers like this item because:

  • It kills mold/mildew in the air handler coils
  • Greatly reduces sneezing and other allergy symptoms
  • Clean air makes the whole house smell fresh
  • Common colds don’t circulate through the air system
  • Helps with peace of mind in this time of Covid-19


I say go for it! Get better sleep, better oxygenation, better moods! Recently I decided to add this item on this page, because so many need a ready to grab and go nebulizer.




Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


So here is the 10 best air purifiers and allergies relief list 2020. It will help you choose one for your home.


Last summer there were no wildfires in my immediate region. However, the smoke traveled into our area and it was necessary to wear a mask. 


I had an air purifier then, but no particulate filter. 


If you have respiratory allergies, you need both (and you can get them in one machine). I will outline why, in discussing the machines in this article.


When considering price, work out the cost of replacing filters, and how often, when looking at a cheaper machine. The more expensive ones may weigh in as a better buy when you do the math.

IQAir [HealthPro Plus Air Purifier] Medical-Grade Air [HyperHEPA Filter] – Allergies, Pets, Asthma, Odors, Smoke, Pollen, Dust; Swiss Made


Special features:


  • This machine comes with a Medical-Grade Air Filter and is 100 times more efficient than HEPA air filters
  • IQAir’s exclusive HyperHEPA filters stop ultrafine particles (down to 0.003 microns)
  • Filters out the most minute particles that have been detected: 10x smaller than a virus
  • Powerful spatial reach: covers a room size up to 1,125 sq ft (104.5 sq m)

What Are Ultrafines?


The vendor explains:

  • “Ultrafines are the smallest, most numerous, and most harmful particles in the air. They comprise ~90% of all airborne particles.
  • Ultrafines (including viruses) easily penetrate the lung tissue and travel to all vital organs, including the brain.
  • Ultrafines have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, asthma and even cancer.”


There is more to learn everyday, isn’t there? 


Was there ever pure clean air here on earth? Was that before man discovered fire? Maybe.


Now we here on this beautiful planet have reached a tipping point. Uncontrolled fossil fuel burn has advanced our civilization beyond the wildest dreams of 200 years ago. 


Now we pay the price. We must clean up. 


And we can only start at home, right?


I believe this machine is the one to do it. It is expensive. But it is a lot cheaper than the related diseases mentioned above, and not just financially.


The filters can be cleaned as they accumulate dust. This prolongs their life considerably. (see the Q&A on amazon).


Five Star raters state they last 2-4 years anyway. That’s good to know! 


This unit is considered the best. 


Buy on Amazon from an Authorized Dealer, to get the best warranty. Or, a warranty at all. You can contact the manufacturer to make sure.

IQAir [Atem Desk Personal Air Purifier [HyperHEPA Filter] Allergies, Pets, Asthma, Pollen, Dust; Swiss Made (White)



This wonderful machine is the  Number 1 Rated personal air purifier and it is the 2019 Global Innovations Award Winner!


It boasts the same technology and capabilities for your own private office space or den. 


It will fit in your carry-on! Put near your head in your hotel room and your immediate air field will be clean.


It comes with comes with an AC/DC power adapter that covers 100 – 240V and there are four plugs (GB, US/CN, EU and AU style) included for US, Europe and Asia. 


Doesn’t that just get your travel bug going?


The coarse dust filter is washable (but may not be right for your environment).


This personal unit does not filter gases (VOC’s, odors).


Great for your kids’ rooms especially when they have a sleep over, to prevent catching colds et al.


Easy to move to the playroom (8.55 pounds) and kitchen, nursery or home office.


It is not cheap for a small unit but think about the savings in time, taking kids (or self) to Urgent Care for sniffles and coughs, trips to the drugstore for antihistamines, and saving a good chink of that money too. 

Alen BreatheSmart 75i Large Room Air Purifier, 1300 Sqft. Coverage Area, Antimicrobial True HEPA Filter, for Pet Odor, Dander, Fur, Allergies, Dust, Pollen, Mold, and Bacteria, in Rosewood




  • Self- adjusting filtering modes to accommodate what is in your air in real time, with a laser smart sensor
  • Twice as quiet as key competitors
  • Filters up to 1300 square feet in your largest room
  • Comes in 10 decor colors to blend into your environment style
  • Eliminates odor and particles from pet pads, kitty litter boxes and your neighbors cooking smells
  • No more worries about dust, mold and bacteria
  • Has an ionizer, but no ozone, for those with ozone issues


Lifetime Warranty!

Air Oasis iAdaptAir-M for reducing Viruses, Smoke, Allergens, Mold Air Purifiers, M 550 sq ft, White




The video walks you through the five separate filter and cleaning systems on this tower.


The long and lean shape takes up a scant piece of your floor space. It is easy to tuck in a corner or against a wall.


Two five star raters stared that the before/after mold status of the tested air in their homes. Excellent results!


One customer was told to leave the home, but has completely reversed the toxic mold condition. 


And two (still five star rated) reviews mentioned that they could not get the wifi app working with this machine. However, they don’t care because it filters so well and has completely changed their experience if their homes’ air.


As we descend in price, weight and size, these first three units don’t descend in quality, according to the reviewers. 


Yet at this third recommendation, the warranty is 5 years. 


One special feature the vendor describes is:


“CLEAN AIR & SURFACES: AHPCO, Bi-Polar ionization and germicidal ultraviolet technologies work together to deactivate mold, yeast, bacteria and viruses — not just in the air, but also on surfaces. Up to 99.99% reduction in germs and viruses!”

Medify MA-112 Medical Grade True HEPA H13 Air Purifier | 950 CADR | Easily Covers 2,400 sq ft – Allergies, Odors, Smoke, Asthma, Pets, Pollen, Dust |



This unit offers the highest square foot coverage for the price. At 950 CADR (CleanAirDispersalRate) it cleans a 1,400 sq.ft. home for one buyer.


Another is ecstatic to have the mold problem solved in her apartment.


This unit will clean your biggest open space, and smaller units are available for bedrooms. CLICK here to see a smaller unit.


It “Easily cleans up to 3,700 sq ft in one hour”, allowing you to set the unit on low if desired.


It comes with four fan speeds, a sleep mode, and a child lock.


(Some folks want this on the quietest mode for sleep, and others like to turn their unit UP for a noise block.)


It has four filter levels:

  • One Medical Grade H13 True HEPA filter which can be replaced when needed (original brand)
  • One pre-filter removes hair, fibers and large particles like dander.
  • Removes 99.97% of particles down to .03 microns including pollen, dust mites and other tiny invisible airborne offenders
  • Carbon filters remove toxic odors, smoke and formaldehyde
  • Dual filters double the air intake, one on each side
  • Output fan spreads the clean air 360 degrees, for maximum benefit
  • Wheels are hidden, giving this machine an elegant design


With the variety of sizes, this may be the perfect unit for your home.

Do any of you remember this? The Porter Ranch Gas Leak? 😯


The next of the air purifiers and allergies relievers was used by a customer who lived there, and lived through it, in health.

RabbitAir MinusA2 SPA-780N Black Starry Night (Pet Allergy) Air Purifier



These units come in a variety of art designs and mount on the wall. How cool is that?


They can also stand alone.


There are six stages of filtration – purifying and deodorizing.


It is good for rooms up to 815 square feet.


The manufacturer offers a Five Year parts and labor warranty.


Select from customized filters – Pet Allergy, Germ Defense, Toxin Absorber, and Odor Remover.


Remote management is available with an iOS device, or the Rabbit Air app for Android.


Very quiet, perfect for your nursery!


Smokers love it (and so do their room mates!) because they can smoke inside. That’s a huge plus, although no one will object if you quit smoking…

Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier with HEPASilent Technology and DualProtection Filters for relief from Allergies, Pets, Dust, Asthma, Odors, Smoke – Medium to Large Rooms



This unit works with Alexa for remote and voice controlled commands.


Activated coconut carbon naturally removes gaseous pollutants without the need for chemical additives, through two separate filters.


This unit will capture 99.97% of airborne pollutants including:

  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen

for relief from allergies and asthma. 


This is an Energy Star machine with recyclable filters. Filters need to be changed every six months, give or take amount of use and degree of pollution in the environment. air purifiers and allergies


This machine is perfect for small rooms (300 to 400 square feet), offices and kitchens.


For any of these air purifier/filters, click through to Amazon to see today’s price or deal. 


Also note that slightly different models of the same brands may vary a little in price.

Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier for Home with HEPASilent Filtration for Allergies, Pets, Viruses, Dust, Asthma, Odors and Smoke, Wi-Fi Enabled, Alexa Compatible- Small to Medium Rooms




This is a smaller version of the Blueair Classic with its inherent high quality technology. It is also WIFI connectable and works with Alexa.


Smaller, lighter but just as good! 


There are three other sizes to choose from, to fit your home needs exactly!

Oransi Max HEPA Large Room Air Purifier for Asthma Mold, Dust and Allergies



This unit comes with a:

  • Pre-filter to grab the bigger dust particles (lasts 12 months)
  • A HEPA filter with a strong seal to ensure that none of the particles get by it
  • A carbon filter for trapping gases, odors and smoke
  • Air quality monitor and will adjust the fan speed when set on Auto
  • Color coded guide to alert you when filters need to be replaced
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 600 square foot coverage
  • 1-12 hour timer settings
  • A handle for easy moving (it is 19 pounds)
  • Negative ion generator (no ozone)


Like all air cleaners, it is quieter when turned low. Adjust as needed.

AZEUS True HEPA Air Purifier for Home, up to 1080 sq ft Large Room, UV light | Ionic Generator

This unit is recommended for larger rooms, up to 1080 square feet. 


The vendor states:


“Maximum Coverage: the centrifugal wheel design creates a stronger airflow that cleans room up to 1080sq.ft in just 45minutes. Combined with UV light and Ionic generator, you feel the fresh air in minutes.”


It has a timer feature for 2-4-8 hour run times.


It is 100% Ozone Free. I don’t have a problem with ozone, but there has been relentless propaganda against its use. 


Of course, if you can smell ozone from an air cleaner, you turn down the level until you don’t smell it! Simple.


Yet since the earlier days of air cleaners which all used ozone, there is such an impressive improvement in air filter/purifier designs, that the ozone argument doesn’t really matter any more.


My personal choice is the first one on this page, albeit expensive.


Always click through to Amazon to see if there is a financing plan for the one you want. It may be better than putting it on your credit card. Sometimes getting a new reward card will take $100 of the price. 


And always check for Coupons! You never know what you’re going to see when you go to the product page. Sometimes a nice surprise!


The following article expounds on the need for an air purifier.

Air Purifiers for the Home: Why You Need One by Kelley Kennedy


“Air quality and breathability within your home is a serious concern. For some people with certain respiratory conditions, such as allergies or asthma, clean air in their homes is a non-negotiable. Otherwise they simply cannot breathe comfortably. It may be scary to note that government agencies such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) frequently report that indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside. Whether you have a health condition or not, you could definitely benefit from breathing cleaner air with the help of air purifiers for your home.

Benefits of an Air Purifier 
One of the main benefits of air purifiers is simple – you can actually breathe more easily. How do these devices work? Air cleaners use filters (also called collector grids) to purify the air inside your home. You might be surprised but microscopic allergens like dust, mold, mildew, pet dander, pollen, and chemical pollutants frequently “live” in the same indoor area as you do. And air pollutants can come from practically any source – furniture, rugs, carpets, toys, pets, even common household cleaning products.

If you suffer from allergies, you already know that microscopic, invisible-to-the eye particles can make it miserable to breathe. Symptoms you may experience include sneezing, watery eyes, difficulty in breathing, and a runny nose. While it is one thing to experience allergies outside, it is something entirely different to have to suffer in your own home. As far as other health concerns, children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to illness when they breathe unclean air.

Maybe you’re not dealing with uncomfortable health conditions exactly. Maybe you are just sensitive to strong, hard smells or offensive odors. Simple things like leftover food odors, cigarette smoke, and dog or cat smell can be enough to drive your olfactory senses insane. The great thing about air purifiers is the ability to remove the offensive smells and leave your air feeling cleaner and fresher.

Types of Air Purifiers for the Home

  • UV: UV stands for ultraviolet light – and you guessed it – this kind of air cleaner uses UV lights to destroy microorganisms like bacteria, mold, and viruses. While you might deduce that this kind of high-tech purifier is the best choice for your home, also consider that these devices have limited functionality, specifically there are many different kinds of pollutants it cannot remove from the air. Because of this little fact, some people choose to use this kind of purifier in conjunction with another. Some well-known brand names for UV air purifiers include Ionic Breeze and AllerAir.
  • Ionizing: This type of air cleaner uses a different process to cleanse the air – an ion generator. Electric charge from the ion generate causes pollutants to bind together. Once bound together, the micro-particles form large particles. These purifiers typically come with a collector plate because otherwise the particles will stick to every surface of your home and cause another problem – dirt. Some examples of ionizing air purifiers are the Surround Air and the Ionic Pro.
  • HEPA: This kind of air cleansing device earns a reputation as one of the best for its efficiency. Scientific studies have revealed that HEPA cleaners are responsible for removing 99.97% of air pollutants. Many sufferers from asthma or allergies use these as devices of choice. Some popular choices are Blueair, Hunter QuietFlo, and Honeywell.

Did you know that air purifiers are effective at removing up to 99% of allergens and microorganisms that make you sick from the air – like pollen, mold spores, and dust mites? Visit our website for FREE reviews and ratings to help you buy the best air purifier for your home [http://www.bestpersonalairpurifiers.com/air-purifiers-for-the-home-why-you-need-one/]. CLICK HERE: [http://www.bestpersonalairpurifiers.com]”

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Best Electric Pressure Washer For The Money 2020

2 guys cleaning race car

Best Electric Pressure Washer For The Money 2020

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Enjoy the benefits of having the best electric pressure washer to give your property a fresh clean look, ongoing. Clean your driveway, deck, patio, car, and other surroundings faster, with less physical strain, and save up to five times the water usage.

The vendors of the 10 best units all state that the engines, nozzles and other parts have been designed for longevity and ease of use, not to mention the 5X energy and water savings.

Reviewers support these claims.

This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

What is a good PSI for a pressure washer?

It depends what your needs are. The following factors determine which pressure washer you will need:

  • A best electric pressure washer for house cleaning – a large, two or three story home made of brick
  • A best electric pressure washer for vinyl siding cleaning
  • A best electric pressure washer for auto detailing
  • A best electric pressure washer for concrete – do you have large concrete driveway/patio/walkways
  • A best electric pressure washer for decks

How many PSI Do I need to clean concrete?

Most pressure washer testers report that to wash concrete with caked dust and dirt, oils or other sticky debris, a gas powered machine is required.

The gas powered washers are good for commercial use and for cleaning some large homes, driveways and other concrete spaces.

This is because you need a machine that can adjust up to 3000 psi. (pounds per square inch of pressure).

To power wash your deck or the exterior of most homes, you only require 1500 psi.This is where the electric pressure washer will suffice.

How Do I Choose The Best Electric Pressure Washer For Car Detailing?

You need about up to 2000 psi for good efficient vehicle washing. This pressure will not damage your car paint.


What is the best electric pressure washer soap?

Can you use dish detergent in a pressure washer?
The main Con in using detergent is that you can’t wash it down the drain. It is obviously a big problem to dispose of the water properly.
The combination of water, pressure, and soap can clean most grime and stains. If you use a natural soap, you can simply wash it down the drain, because it is not a chemical poison. 
Hot water may help in certain cases, but most of the time cold water will suffice.



Soaps are viewed as natural products made from natural oils. fats and combined with salts. The formulas will dissolve grime and oily stains.

Pressure washer brands produce soaps for you to buy and use with their products. You might assume you can simply wash these soaps down the storm drains, yet it is imperative that you check the ingredients before doing so.

Electric pressure washers, unlike the gas powered machines, may develop clogs from using soap. Detergents will not cause clogs like soap, but then you still have the problem of disposing the run off.

Detergents are synthetic products and are a threaten environmental health.


When To Use a Soap


Cleaning tougher grime on cars, boats, driveways and patios, can be aided by a soap. Yet, a strong brush on an extension pole can do the job along with water.

If your property has developed strong stains, you may never get them out completely.

A natural soap is always better to use on your auto, to avoid damage on the paint job.

Again, you can use detergents, but you must have a means of avoiding polluting the environment.


What about using vinegar with my pressure washer?

A solution of 3 percent white vinegar and 7 percents water is a mild and harmless formula and is beneficial to wash away mildew that has accumulated in areas around your home.

Vinegar can also be effective against light dirt and grime.

I prefer to make my own pressure washer detergent – any ideas?

“Mix 1/3 cup of phosphate-free laundry soap, 2/3 cup of powdered household cleanser, and a gallon of water in a large bucket. Stir the mixture slowly to avoiding making it sudsy, and mix it well. Pour the solution into the tank of your pressure washer and clean all your appropriate surfaces regularly.”
That tip is from DoItYourself.com
The pressure washer you ultimately purchase will suit your budget, your property needs, and whether you want one you don’t need to carry, one that has the correct length of hose you need, and perhaps is even portable and cordless.
The following products will give you an idea of what is available. Click over to Amazon to see the coupons and deals of the day. Please note:

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer


I am putting this machine first because it is THE best seller on Amazon, currently. Here is a brief description of its popular specs:

This pressure washer is backed by the Snow Joe + Sun Joe customer promise. New products are under warranty for two years from the date of purchase. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Its 14.5-Amp/1800-watt motor generates up to 2030 PSI/1. 76 GPM for high efficiency cleaning power and water temperature (max) for up to 104 degrees F.

The easily switched tanks carry (or can store, for convenience) different types of cleansers to simultaneously tackle different cleaning projects:

  • Houses
  • Out buildings
  • RV’s
  • Your vehicles
  • Boats, decks, driveways, patios, and lawn equipment
  • Automatic –  shuts off pump when trigger is disengaged to save energy and pump longevity
  • PRESSURE: Max rating per CSA test standards. Maximum internal pressure is 2030 PSI. (Under typical load, working pressure is 1450 PSI)

Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX6000C-XR iON 40V 5.0 Ah 1160 Max Psi Cordless Pressure Washer


Your entire list of outdoor chores or your home improvement jobs can be made easier and faster with the SUN JOE iON SPX6000C-XR Cordless Pressure Washer.

Only iON gives you the freedom to clean in your farthest corners, and the nooks and crannies of your yard space, thanks to the powerful onboard, rechargeable 40-Volt 5.0-Ah EcoSharp lithium ion battery.

This unit is perfect for lighter duty chores like:

  • Cleaning your summer cabin for a season of R&R while out of the city
  • Your deck and deck furniture
  • Your boat
  • The RV

The convenience of the top-loading detachable bucket design which fills quickly with fresh water,( or can can be connected for continuous use with a garden hose) aids in your ability to work all around your yard.

The SPX6000C-XR pressure washer’s self-priming pump maximizes performance and facilitates its operation.

The iON’s exclusive Pressure Select Technology offers you options for the perfect pressure adaption as you clean. You can take on everything from siding to sidewalks, to porch and patio furniture, and much more.

Simply select from among the four Quick-Connect tips or Soap Sprayer attachment to enhance your cleaning results.

AR Annovi Reverberi AR383SS Pressure Washer, Blue


This machine is appreciated (with a 4.4 Star Rating from reviewers) for constant upgrading over its years of use. Ease of switching out nozzles, storing the cord in a side container, the plug-and-play quick start, and its quiet performance, makes it a favorite.

It comes with the following attachments:

  • Pro-style pressure washer gun
  • Pressure washer wand
  • 30 foot high pressure hose
  • 28 oz. detergent tank
  • 4 different easy to switch pressure washer nozzles

The vendor states:

“Once you purchase one of our pressure washers feel free to contact us at anytime using the information found in the owner’s manual.”

Karcher K5 120V Electric Power Pressure Washer X-Series


Karcher is known for its industrial strength pressure washers, and here is its home use model. here are its popular conveniences:

  • The 25 foot high pressure hose
  • Vario Power Spray wand – conveniently adjust spray directly from the wand
  • Dirtblaster spray wand – a rotary nozzle which will spray a larger area – handles the difficult tasks in half the time
  • N-COR pump – durable, non-corrosive and maintenance-free
  • Water cooled induction motor – increases life by up to 5X
  • Onboard detergent tank

From the vendor:

“The Rapid Exchange Program bypasses the hassles of a traditional repair program by providing a quick and free replacement for a pressure washer that requires in-warranty repairs. This model is covered by a 2 year warranty.”

Ryobi 1,600 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer – (Bulk Packaged)


At 16 pounds and with a convenient carry handle, this unit is portable and easy to use. It is compact and can fit in your vehicle, or in a storage area at home.

The Turbo nozzles is stated to bring you 50% faster cleaning times. The vendor says: ” It is great for use on bikes, campers, grills, patio furniture and many other recreational applications” indicating it is a non-industrial unit and perhaps not for cleaning larger concrete areas. 

PAXCESS Electric Pressure Washer 2150 PSI 1.85 GPM High Pressure Power Washer Machine with All-in-One Nozzle, Hose Reel, Detergent Tank


This unit’s features:

  • Up to 2150 PSI
  • Adjustable nozzle options – twist it to select the appropriate setting
  • Power off the dust and mud from your recreational trucks, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and bicycles in minutes
  • On board soap tank – fill with your selection of soap for different tasks
  • 33 ft power cord with inline GFCI for safe use on your property’s exterior outlets

The vendor boasts: “This Paxcess pressure washer has upgraded to metal wand and metal connector to optimize the problem of leaking water and bring the best experience to you.”


KranzleUSA K1122TST Cold Water Electric Commercial Pressure Washer with Auto On-Off, GFI and 50′ Wire Braided Hose on Hose Reel, 1400 PSI, 2.0 GPM, 110V, 15A


Five Star Reviews wax enthusiastic about the quality of the engineering and the performance of this unit. Definitely votes are there for it being an excellent machine, and very much worth the money. It is heavier, yet the 50 foot hose and the unit on wheels gives ease of use.

Click through to Amazon to read the technical reviews by happy-to-be-OCD car guys.

Shark HE-201406D 1,400 PSI 1.8 GPM 120 Volt Electric Light Industrial Series Pressure Washer


Prominent features:

  • 5 Year pump and 1 year parts warranty
  • 1.8 GPM electric pump performs up to 1400 PSI
  • Included is a rugged steel frame high pressure hose
  • Tougher than most home units


AR Blue Clean AR610 Industrial Grade 1350 PSI 1.9 GPM Electric Hand Carry Pressure Washer


Annovi Reverberi S.p.A., Italy, is the largest privately owned company of Triplex Plunger Pumps in the world.

The AR Blue Clean AR610 Light Industrial electric cold water pressure cleaner is fitted with the AR famous Triplex Pump with ceramic plungers and double packing industrial seals.

Features include:

  • A heavy duty induction motor
  • A gun-wand assembly
  • Thermal protector
  • Pressure selector
  • Pressure gauge and built in detergent suction
  • Forged aluminum pump head


Tokharoi Cordless Portable Electric High Pressure Cleaner, 20V MAX 4.0Ah up to 400 PSI Power Washer with Accessories 1 Batteries and Charger Included


This is a top rated portable unit, just under 4 pounds. Features:

 – Latest generation of cordless portable electric high pressure cleaners with better water pressure, increased water volume
 – Higher -powered the 4A-20V battery, with twice the cleaning duration of the 2A battery and more powerful pressure 
 – Suitable for all household needs, such as auto detailing, exterior home surfaces, patio/deck furniture, bicycles,  stubborn dirt around the property
 – Select nozzle function for water flow as you clean

The following is a contributed article you may find useful if you are about to buy your electric pressure washer for the first time.

Adopt Electric Pressure Washers for Better Cleaning by Steve Benet

Electric pressure washers have made their way into our modern lifestyles. They help remove the layers of dust that settles down when overlooked in your daily routine. They can help make your living place hygienic and beautiful, removing the settled dust and filth. They can also help remove age-old stains, infusing freshness in homes. With busy schedules, it becomes impossible to remove the caked dust manually.

An electric washer helps remove dirt in minutes, saving the entire weekend that was previously reserved for cleaning. Moreover, these have an edge over the traditional gas pressure washers. Gas washers are not only more expensive, but also require more maintenance than the electric ones. Electric washers stop automatically, whereas the user has to stop the gas ones manually. Electric washers offer many further benefits and turn out to be perfect for contemporary busy lifestyles.

The very thought of gas power washers brings memories of high decibel noise. Even the neighbors come to know about the cleaning schedule at home. Here electric washers come to the rescue of both you and your neighbors. They do not make ultra high-decibel noise while cleaning the furniture and accessories. In fact, they make virtually no noise at all. Even sleeping kids do not come to know when the electric pressure washer is working. But note that the absence of noise does not make electric washers less effective than the gasoline ones.

They are as well-equipped and effectual as the gas washers when it comes to cleaning for most jobs. Electric ones work on lower output pressure and are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor cleaning, unlike gas ones which cannot be used indoors due to noisy operation and dangerous fumes. An electric pressure washer makes a home and its exteriors look good. They can be the best equipment for people suffering with dust allergies. It is not possible to hire expensive cleaning services every weekend, hence these machines also prove beneficial in this respect.

An electric power washer does not require any sort of fuel. Hence, there is literally no exhaust, making them environmentally friendly. The gas ones do not only emit fumes, but also the noxious smells that makes them unbearable. Furthermore, gas machines require more maintenance than the electric ones. Gas machines are equipped with a combustion engine that requires regular upkeep. Users have to overlook the fuel mixing, oil requirement, etc. Gas machines also require pull starting. Therefore, when the user takes a rest between cleaning, it does not stop automatically and consumes oil in the duration. If users take the trouble to stop the machine, as they do not want to hear the noise, the machine requires a pull-start again.

An electric pressure washer is easy to handle for petite people because they are lightweight compared to the gas machines. For people, who regularly go to the gym, the gas ones are easier to handle. Otherwise, the gas machine itself becomes gym equipment. Women, who do not want to strain their beautiful hands, prefer to make use of electric pressure washers to avoid frequent manicures. An electric power washer is worthy of investment as they last long and work well. There are many types of electric washers available in the market that can suit every need. They are compact, lightweight, and look great. They fit almost anywhere and are easy to use.

Please visit Pressure Washing Adviser [http://pressurewashingadviser.com/electric-pressure-washers] for more about electric pressure washers, including tips and tricks on how to use them. To learn more about pressure washers in general, including reviews of popular models click here [http://pressurewashingadviser.com/popular-pressure-washer-reviews] to visit the site.

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10 Best Brain Training Machines – 2020

brain training machines

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

10 Best Brain Training Machines – 2020

Brain training machines! What a fascinating field of development!

Train the brain to do what? What would you like to train your brain to do?

  • Focus
  • Sleep better
  • Meditate more deeply
  • Let go of pain patterns
  • Absorb more information faster/better/more meticulously
  • Change negative habits/behaviors

Click on any of these products to read more, and find out today’s prices and “bought together” deals.

This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

Please note that some of these devices are not recommended for anyone with epilepsy, brain injury, or related medical conditions. Check with your doctor if you are not sure.

Yet, for other conditions, they are aawwwesome! In fact, I hope I haven’t used that word too much in this article! 😳 

Naturally, there is a learning curve involved with these machines. But, isn’t it cool to have a way to explore your mind’s capacities and evolve them? 

I think it’s really exciting! Up the potential of the human race! 

There are two articles included on this page, included for your enjoyment, about these incredible facets of well being.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Wild Divine 4 program bundle: Healing Rhythms, Passage, Wisdom Quest, Grapher Expansion



  •  Wild Divine Bundle of the original journey adventure game, The Passage
  • The 2nd game, Wisdom Quest
  • Latest program Healing Rhythms.
  • New, medical grade IOM finger sensor unit.
  • Biofeedback – Grapher Expansion program which displays your Heart Rate Variability and Skin Conductance to give you the ultimate in biofeedback experience
  • Provides learning control
  • Positive feedback to increase your health
  • Fun!

One five star rater exclaims “this set of computer games are fun, challenging and actually leaves you more alert and calm as it takes you through this wonderful world of mystery and beauty where mind games await at every turn

Another reviewer says she uses it at her college and will purchase her own.

A professional says it has  “unbelievable ability to reduce your stress and to teach you to focus. Has a wonderful affect on my clients that I am teaching biofeedback concepts to.”

Well that’s a pretty good thumbs up, isn’t it?

If you love gaming, you’ll love this package!

If you already have part of this unit, you can buy the other components separately. Just scroll down on Amazon and you will see the list, and the prices.

DAVID Delight Pro with Multi-Color Eyeset | Best device for Brain Training, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Mood


This unit and all of these brain training machines are definitely in the Use As Directed category.

If you have any medical condition, epilepsy, brain injury or mental health issues use only after the consultation with a qualified health practitioner.

But, holy moley – the reviewers who talk about gaining control over PTSD, years of nightmares and night terrors, depression, ADHD – I was practically in tears reading about the benefits they are getting.

Laxman Light and Sound Mind Machine Innertainment System – Light Therapy – Promotes Relaxation, Meditation


Laxman Ganzfeld Goggles
Ground breaking LAXMAN glasses can create every color of the light spectrum.

The light is transmitted indirectly onto the closed or open eye.

Interference patterns generate kaleidoscopic structures in all colors.

These structures are programmed in accordance with Neuro-Physiological research findings.

Additionally, a Ganzfeld effect is generated to enhance the experience. The device can also be used in color and light therapy to counteract the lack of light in winter.

“The Ganzfeld effect (from German for “complete field”), or perceptual deprivation, is a
phenomenon of perception caused by exposure to an unstructured, uniform stimulation field.
The effect is the result of the brain amplifying neural noise in order to look for the missing
visual signals.”


One reviewer describes The Laxman device as “Your Paradise In The Pocket“.

Another states “it does what it’s advertised to do, beautifully”. 

It is described as “stylishly crafted” and easy to use without a tangle of wires. The light makes a soft field and not a jarring intrusion, as some other L/S machines are known to do.

It generates a huge choice of  color varieties, pulses, sound frequencies, and binaural beats.

It comes with:

  • MP3 Player
  • Laxman Ganzfeld Goggles
  • A case
  • Earphones
  • USB Cable
  • Cleaning cloth
  • A Guidebook

Mind Machine, Kasina Mind Media System for Light & Sound Meditation, Best System for Mind Training, Focus


The vendor shares ” Kasina – This Pali term refers to an ancient system of meditation that uses visual objects to focus the mind”.

Have you ever known talented and intelligent people who just couldn’t stay on track? Whose lives would have been so very different if they could?

I knew individuals like that in school, and in my early career.

I’ve seen people join cults, go into years of therapy, marry the wrong people, all because they just couldn’t reach the angle on their life that was always just beyond their grasp.

Is that you? Well, better late than never – get the benefits of focus, now. 

This product can help you:

  • Meditation aid – achieve deeply calm consciousness
  • Break away from distracting thoughts – silences the memes and daily bad news
  • Take advantage of the fact you can change your brain
  • Reverse undesirable patterns – like anger, resentment and grief
  • Trigger accelerated learning
  • Mood shift – improve your attitudes
  • Access altered states of consciousness
  • Stunning aesthetic visual experience – wow factor!

Caputron 3×3 Activadose tDCS Device Starter Kit


Features of this device:

  • Most used and trusted tDCS device by physicians and universities
  • Features a high build quality
  • Precise current delivery
  • Automatic current ramp up and ramp down
  • Built-in timer and low battery indicator
  • Activadose is the only FDA cleared device available for tDCS
  • Recommended by physicians and approved by Institutional Review Boards for tDCS trials
  • Research grade device that has all the necessary features you look for in a tDCS Device

“People susceptible to seizures, such as people with epilepsy should not receive tDCS” – wikipedia

If you are new to the topic of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, you may enjoy the following article.

A Guide to Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) by Nick Madge

“Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, more commonly known as tDCS is the process of applying a small electrical current across a particular region of the brain. This is usually done non-invasively via two small electrodes placed on the scalp.

Originally designed as a treatment for patients who had suffered a stroke or similar brain injury tDCS has recently gained increased public attention due its reported capability to increase human cognitive abilities in healthy people.

So whats the truth behind these claims?

For a while research has shown evidence that stimulating specific regions associated with certain mental functions can deliver a temporary improvement in using those functions. For example research carried out by Richard Chi at the University of Sydney showed that participants could double their scores on tests designed to measure visual memory and perception when the Anterior Temporal Lobes were correctly stimulated.

Similar studies have shown temporary improvements in verbal and linguistic skills, mathematical ability and motor skills.

A key development in the potential for this technology to be used to improve human performance is the delivery of lasting benefits. This is what some research is now starting to show.

Due to Neuroplasticity, the capability of the human brain to adapt to the demands placed upon it, using tDCS for a sufficient duration and sufficient magnitude of current can cause lasting changes to occur in the brain.

Studies have shown that structural changes are visible within the brain as little as five days after tDCS.

How does it work?

A common misconception with tDCS is that you can simply sit back and let the current do all the work. This just isn’t true, in order to get the benefits, you have to be using the associated area of the brain at the same time as the performance enhancing stimulation is applied.

For example, research carried out by USAF at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, showed that the time needed to train pilots to pick out targets in complex radar images could be cut in half when tDCS was used. However the pilots still needed to actively interpret those radar images and pick the targets for themselves, the tDCS just made the learning process faster.

Can anyone use it?

Safety protocols have been developed that show tDCS is safe for human use, however there are a number of caveats that it is worth bearing in mind. Firstly as always if you have any kind of medical condition you should consult with your doctor before considering using tDCS. Secondly although there are companies that are now offering tDCS you can ‘do at home’, this is a far more risky process.

The research in which real cognitive benefits have been demonstrated has all been carried out in laboratory conditions, with qualified researchers able to pinpoint the correct regions of the brain and calibrate the currents carefully. This is unlikely to be the case with a ‘do it yourself’ kit.

So at least for now tDCS remains an exciting development to look forward to, and an option of improving cognitive performance that we will all likely see becoming commercially available in our lifetime, but not yet a technique that can be safely, reliably and effectively used at home.

For an alternative safer method for increasing cognitive performance, neuroscientific research has shown a number of cognitive training exercises are effective at improving intelligence. A guide to these exercises and the research that supports them is available from http://www.HowtoIncreaseIQ.net”

Article Source

Mind Gear’s mindLightz Wireless Mind Machine & AVS System for iOS Mobile Devices


“Today” this item is out of stock. The reviews are so good, that I am going to leave this up on my page here, since by the time you are reading, it may be back. It is an excellent product to keep an eye on, and I already have it in mind for a gift.

The maker says it will be available for Android devices too. Maybe that’s why he’s so busy right now!

A one man shop, customer service is highly praised. Fast and personal responses by email and phone, are noted.

This is an App with lightframes.

What is focus, anyway? Maybe it’s keeping your eye on the prize? Ignoring social pressure, peer pressure, whatever the flavor of the month is?

Going steadily toward your goal?

Maybe you’re still defining your goals?

Want a lifestyle change? Better health? Once committed, you can achieve any number of goals. You know this, right? Or you wouldn’t be looking at these devices to help you fast forward to success, health and happiness.

As soon as this device is available, I will be revisiting this section to write more. I am sure there will be updates and improvements.

Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Therapy System


This unit gets a five star review from a vibroacoustic therapist. That is a great vote!

One user has Parkinson’s Disease and gets relief from insomnia with it.

Used for:

  • Migraine
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia 
  • Joint and muscle tension,immobility and soreness

Mindplace Procyon AVS System Light and Sound Meditation Mind Machine


This unit offers 50 pre-programmed options for sound and light sessions. Exploring them will bring you to the ideal ones for:

  • Concentration
  • Study/assimilating new ideas
  • Meditation
  • Better sleep

We can’t all retire to a monastery and practice meditation for a few years, right? We have to hack the traditional system with one of these modern devices and get traction on our potential!

This device helped one user with management of panic attacks initiated while sleeping, real night terrors. Relief resulted after years of torture from this condition, where therapy and medication had failed. 

That’s pretty awesome isn’t it?

Muse 2: The Brain Sensing Headband


This machine is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. 

As you learn to meditate and improve your focus, get reinforcing feedback. Improve to the max!

The vendor states you can “track your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to guide your total meditation experience.”

I think that is especially helpful if you’re new at brain training, don’t you?

What you get:

  • Brain Sensing Headband
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB Recharge Cable

Earbuds or headphones options are up to you.

From a Muse I customer:” The original brain bio-rhythm biofeedback program has been improved and the response is at least as good, or better, than Muse 1. The percentages of time at “calm” correspond to what is found with Muse 1. The issues with connectivity, battery charge appears to have been totally corrected. The Muse 2 is more nimble and lighter than Muse 2. I am looking forward to the upgrades; this is a very interesting and promising technology!”

That’s a pretty good endorsement, isn’t it?

AtEase Therapeutic Glasses for Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia & PTSD


What is super cool about these? NO medical risk and NO learning curve! These are simple glasses, you put them on, and voila! A filter out of extraneous views to distract and boggle you’re already too-busy brain.

There are things that you don’t want, and don’t need to see, right? 

Aren’t we in visual and sensory overload these days, most of the time?

Isn’t anxiety the new normal? Ugh! 

Five stars for helping with panic attacks – and look just like a pair of sunglasses while wearing them. 

Used by a teacher in her special education classroom – finally something that helps learning disabilities! And so simple!

Shouldn’t these be provided in schools everywhere now? 

These are helpful for post concussion sufferers. They are useful to decrease headaches and eye strain.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

For those on the computer all day, the amber filter is soothing to eye strain. Here is the second of the two articles I mentioned previously.  

How Brainwave Entrainment Increases Your Brain’s Plasticity by George R. Swisher

“Neuroplasticity or Brain Plasticity is the innate ability that the human brain possesses to adapt to change and transform in the process. When we are young, our brain is incessantly collecting information and adapting fast to it. Even though brain plasticity remains very much the same, once we become adults, we are so entrenched in our beliefs and attitudes that we fail to take advantage of it.

It is those entrenched habits that prevent us from using our brain’s plasticity to its fullest potential, which is why it is of utmost importance to optimize our adult brain plasticity. One of the most effective alternatives for adults to regain their brain plasticity, is to resort to brain entrainment techniques, as suggested by top neuroscientist who study brain development.

Recent technological advances and in our understanding of our brain, have made it possible for neuroscientists to comprehend how brain plasticity works. In fact, neuroscientists have managed to see how our brain creates new DSPs (Dendrite Spiney Protuberances), every time we are exposed to something new. This is how our brain copes with all the new information it constantly receives, laying out new neural pathways and connections.

Since an adult brain has certain patterns already imprinted as to how it thinks and acts, it needs to overlay new patterns upon the existing ones. That is exactly how our brain evolves and adapts, pushing us forward as human beings. When your brain works better, you enjoy the benefits and are able to lead a better life. When your brain operates at its best, you can be more proactive, energetic and creative, and you will definitely achieve better results in life.

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment refers to any practice that aims to improve adult brain plasticity. It is a process that lets the brain to achieve higher levels of operation, by assimilating new patterns of thought and action into the ones already in place. It resembles the process in which a person learns a language by listening to an audio tape, where a native speaker says something, for the student to repeat those very same words as accurately as possible. With lots of practice and repetition, anyone doing the exercise will sound very much like the instructor in the tape itself.

Sounds, lights, electrical pulses and vibrations all help in brainwave entrainment, helping the brain learn how to perform at its peak.

It should come as no surprise then, that the human brain actually gets the most from the entrainment sessions. Brain plasticity can be increased thanks to brain entrainment systems, since these teach and train the brain to efficiently collect, store and retrieve information and knowledge.

Brain entrainment devices can be pricey and complicated to run if you lack technical expertise. There’s always brain entrainment audio CDs as a low-cost and easy alternative to brain entrainment devices. These really take the complexities out of brain entrainment. With them, you can train your brain to loosen up and let go stress, and to generate and maintain high energy and focus.

You can take advantage of these brainwave entrainment CDs, reprogramming your brain to operate at its peak, boosting your energy level and your creativity. Neuroscientists now understand how the brains of geniuses operate. Just imagine if you could imprint their brainwave patterns onto your brain, so that it worked in much the same way. You could save decades of brain training with Brain Evolution System and teach your brain to operate at its peak, just like zen monks and yogi masters do. Amazing!

We’ve just mentioned a few of the things that you can achieve with brain entrainment programs like BrainEv who empower you to tap into your brain’s unlimited potential. Now it’s up to you whether to do something about it (you can try BrainEv for free for 21 days) or just let your brain as it is now.

You have just learnt how brainwave entrainment [http://www.brainev.net/brainwave-increase-brain-plasticity] can help you to tap into your brain’s unlimited potential. Find out more on boosting your IQ, doubling your ability to learn and achieving any goal at BrainEV [http://www.brainev.net]”

Article Source

Note: author’s link was un-linked at Source.

10 Best Home Carpet Cleaning Machines 2020

best home carpet cleaning machines

Image by Bernhard Ugrinovich from Pixabay

10 Best Home Carpet Cleaning Machines 2020

There is a variety of home carpet cleaning machines to make your life easier. 

Depending on the size of your home, and your storage area, there is a machine that will be a fit for you.

Have kids – and pets? A high-traffic household means high maintenance!

This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

Choose your carpet cleaner from these below, and save on your time and exertion. Also, be assured that your kids can relax on your carpeting, and you can relax knowing that it is clean.

UPDATE: I’m adding a couple in here today that are really affordable. In these anxious times of the Covid 19 pandemic, we’re all trying to be cleaner, right? Steam is a good way to go.

The first one below has a hand held attachment which is really ‘handy’ 🙂 for cleaning around faucets et al. Right now it may be almost a month before you get it.It is at a spectacularly good price and has great reviews.

Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro Elite 12 in 1 for Hardwood/Tiles/Vinyl/Carpet – Easy-Detachable Handheld Steam Cleaner for Kitchen – Garment – Furniture and Clothes, Multifunctional Whole House Steamer


LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop, Powerful Floor Steamer Cleaner Mopper with Automatic Steam Control for Hardfloor, Laminate, Tile, Grout and Carpet, S7338 (White Violet)


This one can be delivered sooner (at the time of this writing). It has good reviews too, but no hand held option. 



Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Karcher Puzzi 100 Carpet Cleaner with Floor and Upholstery tool


A few years ago my boss bought this unit, an alternative to paying for a carpet service for his office that never quite got the flooring clean.

He was very happy with the results. The unit did not take up much storage space at home. Plus, he has a dog and a white carpet in his living room, so this machine has more than paid for itself, for him.

This powered-up spray extraction unit is manufactured for easy, efficient deep cleaning.

It can be used for carpets, upholstery and textile flooring.

Exceptional at many applications, the Puzzi has added features resulting in the machine’s use being even quicker and easier.

With its powerful 14.5 psi spray rate, the water and detergent solution is applied to the area being shampooed and then picked up immediately by the vacuum nozzle.

Cleaned surfaces can be walked on almost immediately. Little residual moisture remains in the carpet fibers.

Drying up to 63% faster than those cleaned with other comparable products, this reduces your down time at home or your office.

With this spray and instant extraction method, the mix of the cleaning solution reaches deep into the carpet fabric and is simultaneously vacuumed back again.

Dirt is removed in one high-powered pass which helps carpets dry very quickly.

The rubber cushioned pump / turbine module used solution  receptacle is easily removed.

The handle on the floor nozzle is adjustable.

Bissell BG10 BigGreen Shampooer with Upholstery Tool and Hose, GoodVac Microfiber Cloth, 32 Ounce Shampoo


One user reports saving a $450.00 carpet that was scheduled for the trash. After pet stains and an accumulated smell disappeared at its first cleaning,  the customer was delighted with the results.

Mention of the Big Green Carpet Cleaner, 128 oz, Bottle, 9 to 9.8 pH as a superior and residue free result gets Five Stars. 

One user with low back problems reports “I get no back pain using this machine. It fits tall people up to 6’2”. 

That is important with a heavy machine like this one. Heavy equals power however, and the suction is excellent. Your carpet will dry within hours, instead of a whole day. 


Rug Doctor 95735 Wide Track Carpet Cleaner with Upholstery Cleaner


No Assembly Required!

This unit has a folding handle making it easier to store.

It also has a universal hand tool for shampooing upholstery.

6 inch Wheels and a wide track make this sturdy machine easy to move around.

Time to stop renting! Clean your carpets and furniture with your choice of solution and enjoy your clean and fresh home.

SEBO Duo – 9401AM Carpet Cleaner by Sebo


The immediate appeal of this unit is the smaller size and easy to use 13 pound weight.  The convenience of the dry cleaning method is a big plus too.

Using a powder to clean, and to use as a spot checker or doing the whole carpet, makes this less complicated for your busy schedules.

One user cleans her carpets every 4-6 weeks. With kids in the house, and a large dog, she still gets a clean carpet in under an hour’s time.

Two rolling brushes get deep down into the carpet pile and remove the dirt. The brushes are replaceable at the time that they start to wear.

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine, Lightweight and Quiet Carpet Spotter and Extractor ideal for Auto Detailing, Hotels, Offices and Residential Homes 


A light weight and tanks on sturdy wheels makes this portable machine easy to use in the house and also in your car.

One spray/extractor head is clear, and the floor spray/extractor head is steel. 

Use any low foaming solution with hot water for cleaning your carpets, upholstered chairs, carpeted stairs and other small space areas that a large machine can’t get into.

Great for car seats too. 

The hose is 9 feet long, great for stairs and small spaces.

For spots and small carpeted areas, this handy machine can be pulled out to get  at stains before they become entrenched.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Family Pack; Includes Mighty Pro-Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine, Upholstery Tool


Recommended for use on

  • Carpeted floors
  • Cushions
  • Curtains
  • Area rugs
  • Stairs
  • Car interiors
  • RVs
  • Corners
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Pet beds

Comes with Oxy-Steam Solution and Platinum Professional Spot and Stain Remover 

Perfect for home use and rental property use. One experienced landlord says that the side-to-side brushes are preferable to a rotating brush, to preserve carpet fiber integrity. On a pretreated carpet, this unit will clean with hot water and a little white vinegar, leaving zero residue.

Rug Doctor Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner; Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning Machine


Made in the USA, this unit gets 4.2 Stars as a rating.

It gets raves from a pet owner who got rid of a long time smell with this unit, and saved his carpet.

A housewife loves that it is light (for its type) and easy to store. Way better than the rental inconvenience of picking one up, using it, cleaning it, and returning it.

I couldn’t even get a rental into my small car, and that for many folks, is a factor for buying one.

One Con – it doesn’t reach the edges of a room – a two inch uncleaned stripe is visible.

You can purchase upholstery attachments separately, which will do the edges, stairs, corners and your car quite nicely.

Maybe the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro (one above) for a hundred dollars more and the attachments, is a better buy. It is a slightly heavier machine and takes up a little more storage space.

Yet if you have multiple carpeted rooms, carpeted stairs, and a couple of cars to clean, Mighty Pro may be the better buy.

There was one unhappy buyer because the machine leaked after a few uses, but the return date was past.

I recommend that with all amazon purchases, use them a few times before the return date goes by.

Or, for $30 or $40, buy a protection plan on this kind of machine. 

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550)


No more bending and scrubbing to clean your floors! Don’t do that, it’s bad for your back!

This machine excels in cleaning hard floors. The solution and scrubbing motion does all the work. Rinse the pads right after you use them, then they can go in the washer.

The pads are good for twenty cleanings, then may need to be replaced.

The features of this handy dual purpose machine are:

  • 2 scrub uses – for Hard floors and Carpets
  • 1000 scrubs per minute
  • 7 to 1 Concentrated Non-Toxic Gentle Cleaning Solutions – safe for family & pets
  • Hard Floor Solution, Carpet Solution, Spot Remover and Polish Solution are included
  • Microfiber Washable Pads specialized for Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaning
  • AirGlide Maneuverability, Swivel Steering and Head Lights for easy cleaning

Get the odors and allergens off all your floors!

This light weight easy to maneuver machine is only 18 pounds.

2 and 3 year protection plans are available for $33.99 and $44.99.

At the time of this writing, a refurbished machine offer showed for $139.00.

Hoover Power Scrub + Spot Cleaner Bundle


The vendor states “The only spot cleaner with Self-Clean Technology flushes the hose clean after each use to help prevent odors and bacteria growth, providing a spotless clean inside and out. “

That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

The portable part of this machine duo is useful for spot cleaning, stairs, upholstery and car seats.

The light weight (under nineteen pounds) upright machine has a deep cleaning penetration to get all sides of your carpet fibers.

Note is made of the design, which allows every collection part to be removed and cleaned out easily.

Use your own solution if you prefer, or just hot water. Your carpets will be beautifully cleaned.

With a 4.8 Star rating, this gets a thumbs up for customer service as well.

BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine and Carpet Shampooer, 2085


This small,  light weight (12 pounds) and popular carpet cleaner with the Powerful Bissell oxy-based Formula is purported to remove stains like coffee, wine, grape juice, and pet stains.


What Are The Best Cleaning Solutions For Carpet Cleaners?

Everyone has their own sense of smell, ideas about what is cleanest, and wants the best for their home.

I remember when before my boss bought the Karcher Puzzi, the first cleaner on this page, he hired a company who prepped the carpet with a smelly solution that was so bad my eyes watered and stung, and I had to prop open the front door. That didn’t even work and I locked up and went home. 

Later when my boss did the carpet cleaning himself, he used hot water and vinegar to prevent the residue that collects dirt onto a clean carpet.

So really what is the best? There are many to choose from. There are stain removers and odor removers.

Most brands offer at least a sample of their own solution with a purchase. 

Here are a few for you to view. 

NaturOli Extreme 18X Soap Nuts/Soap Berry Liquid Organic Laundry Soap, (3 Pack) Natural HE Detergent & All-Purpose Cleaner. Super-Concentrated, Sulfate-Free. Unscented.


If you choose to go this natural, you can add your favorite scents each time you clean, with essential oils. 

Cliganic USDA Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set (8 Pack), 100% Pure Natural


Labeling of essential oils is not standardized, so you may want to opt for the USDA Organic, to get the best quality.

Harvard Chemical 510 Pet Stainoff Enzymatic Pet Stain and Odor Remover, Bubblegum Odor, 1 Gallon Bottle, Milky White (Case of 4)


Whoa! Bubble Gum odor! Just so you know…

1 Each- 128 oz. Bottle- Soap Free PROCYON Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Concentrate. Will clean approximately 10,000 sq. ft. per each unit.


Hoover Oxy Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo, Concentrated Machine Cleaner Solution, 50oz Formula, AH30950, White


Chemical Guys CWS_103 Fabric Clean Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo and Odor Eliminator (1 Gal)


Aunt Fannies Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner Lime Mint, 32 Ounce


If you are going to buy the dual carpet and hard floor cleaner, or if the fresh scent in this product will appeal to you, here is an almost natural floor cleaning solution. 

If you are a new customer for the best home carpet cleaning machines, here is some information:

Comparing Carpet Cleaning Machines by Felix Goh

Keeping your home carpet clean and hygienic is one of your responsibilities especially if you have young children at home. It is something you must not neglect regardless of how tough it is to care for your carpets. Nevertheless, there are options that can help you lighten the difficulty of this task. Getting a carpet cleaning machine for your home will guarantee you an easier time cleaning those carpets. With such a broad variety of cleaning machines and equipments available out there, you will have to decide what kind of cleaning you are doing most of the time, as well as the budget you set for purchasing the machine. If you are doing more of everyday cleaning, a vacuum will be ideal as it is one of the more reasonably priced tools. When it comes to heavier and deeper cleaning, you can either hire professional services or rent cleaning machines depending on your budget. For those that have higher budget and larger storage space at home, you may even consider buying the professional cleaning machine to save the trouble of renting.

There are many models of carpet cleaning machines. Before you decide which one to get, you should take a look at the various types to have a better idea of what you really need for your home carpet. Vacuum cleaners will be the most common and easiest way when it comes to carpet cleaning. Because it is so common, the prices of such equipments are inexpensive. The two main designs of a vacuum cleaner are the standard upright and the portable canister. Upright vacuums move over the carpet smoothly to remove dust and dirt while the canister vacuums allow you to vacuum other furniture such as your couch or mattresses. If you go for basic maintenance, vacuum cleaners would be the preferred choice.

Another machine for carpet cleaning is known as the carpet shampooers. They are quite similar to vacuum cleaners apart from the tank that is attached to it. This tank contains the shampoo solution which is meant for deep cleaning such as removing stains or soiling. Carpet shampooer machines are often used by professionals or rental agencies and are unlikely to be bought for home use as shampooing of carpets are not always necessary. If your carpets are prone to spills and soiling, there are other models for home use available. One of them will be the steam carpet cleaning machine. This machine is comparable with the carpet shampooers except that they are much cheaper in price. Steam cleaners use a liquid cleaning solution combined with hot water and it is turned into steam while on the carpet. Rotating brushes and an extractor can be found in the machine. The brushes remove the dirty particles while the extractor is used for sucking up the filthy residue. In addition, a steam cleaner comes with a heater element that is required to dry the carpet after the stains have been cleared.

Besides the above cleaning machines, there is also the dry carpet cleaning machine. It is one of the most time consuming way to use it for carpet cleaning. This is because such machines require a lot of work and are therefore not recommended by many. The carpet needs to be vacuumed first, followed by pre-cleaning with a stain remover and then with the dry carpet cleaner. After brushing the area with the dry carpet cleaner, you will have to vacuum the area again to remove the remaining dirt. As compared to the other machines, it is also considered relatively expensive and not the ideal choice for cleaning carpets.

Regardless of the size of your carpet area, it is a matter of time that you have to invest in one of those carpet cleaning machines. While deciding which one to get, you have to consider the features of your home carpet as well as the functions of the various cleaning machines.

Visit my site for more information on home carpet cleaning machines [http://www.homecarpetcleaningmachines.com/best-carpet-cleaning-machines/information-on-home-carpet-cleaning-machines/]. You will be able to compare the various brands of carpet cleaning machines [http://www.homecarpetcleaningmachines.com/] and find the one that suits you the best.

Article Source

Note: author’s links were removed at Source.

Natural Remedies For Pet Urine Stains by L. D. Harris

“If you are a pet owner, chances are that your cat or dog has had at least one accident. Urine, feces and vomit stains are par for the course if you are the owner of an untrained puppy or kitten. There are many ways to prevent pet stains and odor and the wise pet owner will search out information on good house-breaking and litter-training techniques. The diet and health of your cat or dog are also a strong part of the equation. Responsible pet owners are those who are willing to visit and consult with a veterinarian on a regular basis to ensure they are taking the necessary steps to maintain the health of their pets.

When accidents happen, it is important to remove as much of the solid matter as possible. A large metal spatula without holes set aside for only this purpose is an invaluable and inexpensive removal tool. Make sure to label the spatula for pet use only so that it doesn’t find itself in the general population of your kitchen utensils! For vomit and feces, the spatula is effective in scraping the solid matter off in an efficient way. Make sure to have a plastic garbage bag handy to dump the mess into. This method works well even for watery messes and can prevent a lot of matter from soaking into carpeting or rugs.

The next step in pet stain removal is to try to absorb or suction up the liquid matter left over from messier feces or vomit and from urination accidents. To effectively absorb liquid from carpeting or rugs, the best method is to use an old towel or several thicknesses of paper toweling or toilet paper. Layering a plastic bag over the towels or toilet paper protects your hand or foot from becoming soiled when pressing the area to wick up the liquid. It is recommended that fresh towels or toilet paper be applied again and pressed into the spot until the majority of the liquid has been absorbed. The other method of liquid removal is to literally suck it up with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner or a carpet extractor/carpet cleaner.

When as much solid and liquid matter as possible has been removed, the process of cleaning and deodorizing the pet stain can begin. There are many home remedies touted by people and some work better than others. Baking soda is useful to some extent, but is easily overpowered by most pet stains and odors. The white residue left behind can be permanent and harder itself to remove, especially on colored carpeting and rugs. Vinegar is a known deodorizer as well, but the acidic nature of it can intensify when it mixes with urine stains, making the original smell even worse. Other home concoctions can include things like hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and bleach which wreak havoc on carpeting and can leave many surfaces discolored and faded. Some of these combination’s are also toxic and can be dangerous to both people and pets if used indiscriminately.

The best natural remedy for pet stains and spots are enzymes that are applied to the stain and allowed to digest the organic material that is the result of cat or dog accidents. These can take up to 24 hours to work and may need to be reapplied, but the results are worth it. The enzyme based products work by actually removing the root of the problem rather than just masking over it. Enzyme products are also very safe for humans and pets and are recommended in homes with children. The scent of enzyme products are also more desirable than other natural remedies and don’t have the chemical smell that commercial solutions posses.

Pet stains [http://www.petstainoff.com] can be difficult to remove. Some natural remedies work well, others don’t. For more information about pet urine stains [http://www.petstainoff.com] please visit the Petstainoff Website.”

Article Source

Note: author’s links were removed at Source.

10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit And Table Combos For Warmth All Year 2020

outdoor fire pits and tables

10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit And Table Combos For Warmth All Year 2020

Outdoor fire pit and table combos are deliciously comfy and provide you with this warm and cozy setting almost all year round. The following shows some wonderful selections with different sizes, to suit your deck or patio.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.
Photo by Jessica from Pexels
The fire pits come in square, rectangular and round shapes, to fit the patio furniture you already have, or ones you’d like to buy for your relaxation and entertainment area.
Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Outdoor Great Room Uptown Crystal Fire Pit Table with Tile Top and Rectangular Burner, Brown


There are some great pros for choosing this beautiful and stylish fire pit table.


    • The size of the fire pit –  12 x 42 inch Crystal Fire Burner
    • The materials – Brown Stucco Base with Brown Supercast Concrete Top
    • Fuel options – Propane (LP) Ready; Natural Gas conversion kit included; 88,000 BTU
    • Pit contents – Includes 16 pounds of Diamond colored fire glass; Push Button Igniter
    • Designed with Propane Tank Storage neatly placed underneath, accessible
    • Rectangular shape and gorgeous size – 24 x 48 x 65 inches

What a wonderful way to get the most benefits from your property. Spend many evenings in all but the coldest of weather enjoying food, conversation and relaxation.

Even in hot areas like the desert regions, it can be quite chilly after sundown. Your family and guests will be cozy and relaxed in the warmth and glow of your generous and welcoming space that you can create with this fire pit and table combination.

It can be placed on a wooden deck.

The flame length is adjustable.

You should plan on two people to get this unit assembled.

The glass guard accessory:


The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Kenwood Linear Dining Height GAS Fire Pit Table (KW-1242-K) with Glass Wind Guard (1242)


The excellent pros with this product:

  • This contemporary design fire table with well-crafted materials – a brown composite chat height decking top and base with grey powder coated aluminum construction to provide longevity.
  • The elevated design of the UL listed, 100,500 BTU rated 12 x 42-inch stainless steel gas burner results in less heat transfer – the temperature of your drinks and food are less affected
  • This large comfortable dining size fire table includes a grey glass burner cover
  • Provides an easy access door for the 20 pound propane tank storage.
  • Built with a handy push button spark ignition system along with simple and convenient controls while lighting the unit
  • The manual control valve allows variable flame height
  • Diamond fire beads are included
  • Standard 20 pound propane tank connections and fittings are included
  • Natural gas conversion included, also allows use for natural gas applications

Matching pieces for this table:



You have a beautiful wood-crafted look of a dining set with all these pieces. Two benches, one on either side, could be completed with high backed and cushioned chairs at the short sides of the table.

You could also cushion the benches for comfort. There are many options for style and color designs to stir your imagination. Patio cushions come in many shades and patterns, and also in weather resistant materials.

See “Patio Furniture Cover Fabric Information” by Justin Forman here.

Elementi Granville Fire Table Cast Concrete Natural Gas Fire Table, Outdoor Fire Pit Fire Table/Patio Furniture, 45,000 BTU Auto-Ignition, Stainless Steel Burner, Lava Rock Included


This neutral colored table will go with any color of patio furniture be it brown or grey rattan, aluminum, or wooden chairs and benches. Patio cushions will enhance your color preferences and liven up your relaxing space.


  • Designed for Natural Gas only
  • Material: High Performance Cast Concrete.
  • Size: 60″ x 27″ x 17″. Propane tank should be placed outside of the Table with a pre-attached 10 ft Hose with Regulator.
  • Max. Heat Output: 45,000 BTU Auto-ignition. 13.2 lbs Lava Rock and Canvas Cover is included
  • Certification: CSA & CE Certified

Customers rate this product for being great looking and functioning well. They love the modern look of the concrete.

You have five feet of table length to surround with comfortable chairs or benches. What a great space to offer your family and guests, for deep relaxation and good times!


Oriflamme Gas Fire Table Propane 75,000 BTU Heat Output, Round Square Octagon (Blue Pearl Granite, 48″ Round)


This beautiful and classy looking polished granite top fire pit table has the following features:

  • It contains 2 propane tanks inside the table for twice the burn time of any gas fire table.
  • If you prefer natural gas you can convert it with Oriflamme natural gas kit.
  • Unique Oriflamme Burner System – burns throughout vs small ring
  • High 75,000 BTU heat output – with high to low controls on side of table
  • Includes, hidden bottle opener, premium reflective fire glass
  • The heavy metal lid is included

The granite is typically heavy, so have two people ready to install this kit.

Outdoor Great Room GS-1224-BRN-K Grandstone Fire Pit Napa Valley, Brown


Made In The USA, this beautiful table has a granite top.

The propane tank is easily accessible. 

A burner cover or glass wind barrier can be ordered separately.

The top can be removed for storage in winter months, but a good cover will protect is just fine.

Can you picture this gorgeous table on your deck or lanai?

POLYWOOD Round 48″ Fire Pit Table (Mahogany)


This round table comes in six colors.

Included in the kit:

  • Glass wind barrier
  • Table cover
  • Access door for propane tank

Since this table is polywood (not real wood) the glass wind barrier must be used to protect the material. It is also a good item to have anyway, especially if you have small children.

With the color options, this table will match any patio furniture set. It comes in white, mahogany, dark forest green, sand, slate grey, teak, and black. 


All Backyard Fun Oriflamme Fire Pit Table Gas Fire Pit 38″ Tuscan


The dark base and oatmeal colored top give this its Tuscan quality, like the stucco and pale stone houses in Tuscany, with their dark stone accents.

This design can offset a dark or lighter colored patio furniture grouping, with your choice of patio cushions for your personal flare and enjoyment. 

It’s beautiful features are:

  • A coffee table height at 20″
  • 75,000 BTUs of cozy heat!
  • Includes a beautiful metal lid.
  • The 20 lb EXCHANGEABLE propane tank is concealed within the base (purchased separately)
  • The powder-coated base, metal lid and burner ring is weather and especially moisture resistant – will look good for years
  • The quartz-contrete overlay composition is designed for all weather durability

AKOYA Outdoor Essentials 60″ Rectangular Modern Concrete Fire Pit Table w/Glass Guard and Crystals in Gray (Emerald Green)


This pale concrete colored table will match any shade of patio furniture and your colorful accessories.

Choose your color of glass fire pit gems!

This 60″ sleek rectangular fiber concrete unit comes with:

  • Glass Guard
  • Fire Reflective Crystals – 30 pounds
  • A protective cover
  • Burner lid
  • Burn time of 10 hours (high setting) or 28 hours (low setting)
  • Electronic ignition
  • Lightweight fiber concrete and steel that is tinted to the weather resistant finish color for increased outdoor longevity

Have some help handy to install this unit in your outdoor relaxation space. 


This tank holder can be used as an end table, placed for your design and convenience.

Elizabeth Cast Aluminum Powder Coated Double burner Bar table – Antique Bronze


This bronze patina looks like it would weigh a ton! 40″ high, and seating up to eight, it is a 5 stage powdered finish aluminum. It weighs 200 pounds, with both burners.

It has a 15 year limited warranty on the frame!

The 100% rust proof guarantee makes this one a winner. Look at this beautiful design work!

Elizabeth powdered aluminum cast

If your house and garden has a traditional look, or you want to accent a non-ornamental setting with some class, this is perfect!

Drinks and snacks are an ideal way to lounge around this bar for hours. With warmth from the two burners, you can enjoy conversation well into the night.

In warmer weather, you can spend days and evenings at your beautiful table – no need for the burners!


This set of 6 matching swivel bar stools is sold separately.

Add an end table or two to hold your carafes, candles or solar lanterns:


CLICK HERE to see this beautiful design in dining table height.

Another choice in this beautiful design is a square table with 4 dining chairs and 4 swivel rocking chairs.


You may be thinking this is a favorite of mine, and you’re right! For an outdoor dining room, with the bar top table and a dining set – this is a real extension of your home and creates an elegant entertaining space.

Can you picture that with perhaps a pond or fountain near by? Check out my recommendations for 10 Best Landscaping Ideas For The Backyard – Ponds And Fountains 2019

iPatio Sparta 52 Inch Chat Height Gas Firepit Table with Doors for Outdoor Use


  • The Sparta chat height Gas Fire Pit Table Collection is an attractive new presentation of a classic style. The unique top sits upon the durable powder-coated finish.
  • Chat height table naturally draws your family and  guests to gather around the fire and relax with food and drinks.
  • The frame is heavy cast aluminum with a weather-resistant powder-coated finish which is chip and fade-resistant.
  • Versatility and portability meet beauty and classic styling with the Sparta Collection. Its rich finish, unique style and lattice-patterned design top and standard features are sure to be the perfect fit for any outdoor space.
  • Made from rust-resistant cast aluminum for lightweight mobility and built to withstand the outdoor elements for years to come, has a rich powder coated finish and heats up to 40,000 BTUs.
  • This fire table comes into a functional dining table top (covering the fire) for entertaining.
  • Includes 22 pounds of glass beads
  • Adjustable low/medium/high flame size

Surround this table with candle or solar lanterns, decorated to match the traditional look, and you have an enchanted garden area to increase your use of your yard.

In The Early Planning Stages?

Are you in the early planning stage for an outdoor entertainment area? The following article may give you some help in designing your space, and purchasing the ideal products for your and your family’s use. (Emphases mine).

Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Area for Your House by Shaz Mikenzy

“Nowadays, an outdoor entertainment area such as a deck, gazebo, terrace or patio has become one of the things that many homeowners make sure that they have because of the countless benefits that it offers. An outdoor entertainment area is generally described as an outdoor space or an outdoor extension of the floor area of a house which is intended to be used as an additional living space. Here are some of the benefits that outdoor entertainment spaces offer.

1. They provide an area where you can hang out with your family and friends on both sunny days and not-so-sunny days, as they allow you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors without being subjected to any of the harsh weather elements such as extreme heat and rain.

2. Outdoor entertainment areas can also be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be used as a place where you can: relax after a stressful day at work; entertain friends and family; and have formal and informal dinners. You can also use them for parties and other special events as they outdoor entertainment spaces can usually easily be decorated.

3. If you have young children, you can also set up their swing or slide sets in your patio or gazebo. Your kids would surely enjoy playing with their toys outdoors without you having to worry about them getting burnt by the harmful rays of the sun or being drenched in the rain.

4. You can also use your outdoor entertainment area as a place where you can do your yoga and meditation. You can have it decorated with candles, mats and other yoga equipment and you would have a yoga studio right in your own backyard.

5. They also serve as a wonderful accent to your outdoor area. For instance, if you have a large garden or backyard, having a gazebo or deck could automatically enhance its appearance and ambiance, especially if you would be choosing furniture that would complement or accentuate the existing style of your home.

These are just some of the advantages of having an outdoor entertainment space can offer. It is important, however, that if you are planning to set up one in your home, you would be making sure that you have done your research and shopping around. The reason for this is because of the wide array of choices you have for building an outdoor entertainment space, you might be choosing some which might not be the best for you and your needs. Here are a couple of tips that may be able to help you out.

1. Make sure to conduct your research on which materials would be best for your outdoor living space. There are a lot of material options which are available in the market today and you need to be careful in choosing which ones you would be using. Some of the most advisable pieces to use would be rust-resistant tables and chairs, mildew-resistant cushions and other durable furniture pieces that are not only stylish but are also able to withstand sun, rain and other harsh outdoor elements. Although such pieces would be on the more expensive side, they are good investments that would allow you to enjoy your outdoor entertainment space for many years.

2. You could also consider having your patio or deck screened-in, especially if you have a bug problem to make sure that hanging out in your outdoor living space would be comfortable.

3. If you intend to use your outdoor entertainment area for entertaining people during parties and other gatherings, it would be advisable to set it up near the part of your house where you keep food and beverages. You could also set up a small kitchen or pantry on your deck or patio to make it even easier and more convenient to serve food and drinks during special events when you have guests over. Aside from this, you can also have a restroom built so that your guests would not have to go inside your house anymore to go to the restroom if they need to.

4. Aside from decorating the outdoor entertainment space you have with furnishings that complement your style, you can also consider making your garden or yard more aesthetically pleasing. By planting some fruit trees and flowering plants, you would be able to create shade and a beautiful view for you, your family and your guests to enjoy.

Shaz has written hundreds of articles online for almost 3 years. Not only does this author specialize in Home Improvement, you can also check out his latest website on Storage Cubes Furniture [http://ministoragebuildings.net/] which reviews and lists Stackable Storage Cubes [http://ministoragebuildings.net/Mini-Storage-Unit.html] for great way to make some money without having to do so much, and you are basically being a landlord without having to deal with any pesky complaints about noisy parties and the like.”

Article Source

Please note that the author’s links were un-linked at the publication source.

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10 Best Outdoor Cooling Fans Decks Need 2020

10 Best Ideas – What Is A Carport Or Cover Design For My Vehicles 2020?

what is a carport

10 Best Ideas – What Is A Carport Or Cover Design For My Vehicles 2020?

Tired of digging out your vehicle in the snow?

Do you have a driveway or garage that doesn’t accommodate all your vehicles ? Do you have ATV’s or a motorcycle that needs protection from the elements?

Take a look at the following 10 best ideas for what is a carport that you can easily install for your vehicles.

This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

You may want a strong steel framed structure that you can  install for a permanent solution for your extra cars.

You might want a portable car cover that you can take on your commute or trips.

Depending on whether you need a permanent or portable shelter, and what your budget is, there are many choices for a car port. I hope this 10 best review helps you find the perfect one for your needs.

ATV-sized shelters are also available. Handy to put up in your driveway or yard, you don’t need to worry about the weather eroding your paint or the mechanics in your vehicles.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Canopies and Tarps Super Heavy-Duty Enclosed Canopy Tent with Frame Legs, 18′ x 20′ x 10’10” Tall – Full UV Protection


If you are like so many home owners who end up using the garage for storage or a workshop, or even convert it to extra house space, you will love this tough car shelter you can put up in your driveway space to completely enclose your vehicles.

If you don’t have a garage, then you really need this super thick carport, to save your cars, motorcycles and bicycles from weather erosion.

Here are the pros for this structure that will protect two cars:

The steel legs form a sturdy support of 18 gauge strength 

  • The waterproof heavy duty car canopy is made from 12-mil. thick polyethylene and provides full UV protection for whatever vehicles are stored underneath it
  • With dimensions of 18′ x 20′, a maximum height of 10’10” at the peak of the roof and a side height of 6’8″, the enclosed area is large enough to accommodate two vehicles
  • Five-Piece Canopy Tarp – 4 walls and a roof
  • The front section can be zippered shut, or tied back.
  • Bungee ties are provided in the kit, allowing you to securely enclose the tent tarp to the frame

Before you build any carport, is your land level? Check out this short video on understanding the grade of your space where you might build your carport.

ikuby Super Sturdy Carport – Car Shelter – Heavy Duty Portable lockable Carport Protecting Auto from All Weathers (Large-Car-Shelter-Size)


Portable and lockable! This steel tubing and thick efficient fabric can be used, and folded easily. You can take it anywhere.

This car shelter has exceeded the expectations of buyers.

Huge Pros:

  • Your car stays clean! it is ready to go whenever you are.
  • A must have for older and collectible cars
  • Easy to put together
  • Perfect for the extra car, the car you leave behind when you travel.
  • Take camping or to any all-day events when you leave your car parked outside over the event hours.
  • Great for permanent use too – easier than building out your garage.
  • RV-ing and towing a car? You may need this for rainy/windy/sun-exposed places when you park.

One buyer bought three, as he could not extend his double garage. 

Ikuby All Weather Proof Medium Carport, Car Shelter, Car Canopy, Car Garage, Car shed, Car House, Car Park, Foldable, Retractable, Lockable, Durable Shelter (Large, Grey)


This video gives you a quick look at how this shelter easily folds back in order for your car to exit. It also shows the complete rainproof result.

It comes in a smaller size.The large size holds a bigger sedan model of car.

Five star raters love this shelter for the ease of assembly, and snow and rain proof ability. This car port stands up well in up to 50 mph winds.

Assembly takes two people from 45 minutes to one hour. If you decide to spike it into concrete, that will add to the assembly time.

The smaller size will cover a Corvette, to give you an idea.

The coated frame pieces touching the ground may scratch but can be protected with padding, like a towel. 

It fits snug to the ground, keeping out snow and dust. 

Those who contacted customer service were pleased with fast responses.

Outsunny 20′ x 12′ Heavy Duty Temporary Outdoor Carport Canopy Tent – Grey


A tough tent for tough vehicles! Designed for SUV’s and pick up trucks, this canopy has the following features to accommodate tough weather conditions.

The anchor kit has:

  • 4 rope winding devices
  • 16 stakes
  • 8 ground nails
  • 3 drainage holes for every side panel increases stability

Accessibility – both the front and back panels zip/unzip for convenience and protection.

This shelter is a simple set up. One happy buyer put it up himself but recommends having the three persons recommended for installing. 

Materials are of good quality, although one customer decided to get stronger bolts from his local hardware store.

The material cover is made from 200gsm polyethylene and is weather resistant. One user got tent seal to to put on the top seams and said that blocked out any rain drip.

This tent will not hold a heavy snow load, so do bear in mind that you should plan to remove snow during winter months.

kdgarden 10 x 20 ft. Heavy Duty Domain Carport Portable Enclosed Car Canopy Outdoor Instant Garage Tent with Sidewalls for Auto and Boat Storage, Gray Peak Top Style


  • The triple layer, UV treated, woven polyethylene material gives a drum-tight shelter which is also water resistant
  • It stands up well to the outdoor elements to protect your vehicle or backyard event
  • A white interior adds light to the inside area 
  • The frames are constructed of heavy duty powder coated steel and is resistant to chipping, peeling and oxidation.
  • 10 steel legs along and 10 U-type ground stakes to ground this car port results in a rock solid stability, delivers a stable and more durable shelter
  • Easy access is attained by roll-up front and back exits with an 8 foot height. The peaked roof can accommodate larger trucks with 37″ wheels and lifts.
  • The enclosed car canopy is not only strong but and buyers are pleased with the easy set up
  • Easy transport and storage – collapse and travel!
  • Used for boats, storage and patio covers, this shelter can withstand strong winds (not hurricane style!). Depending on your region, you may want to add more anchors
  • Create a shady and sheltered are for your outdoor gatherings, or leave it up on your deck or patio

TopCamp 10×20 ft Pop up Canopy, Heavy Duty Commercial Tent Waterproof Outdoor Party Tents with Removable Walls and Wheeled Carry Bag (Tan 10 x 20 EZ)


This shelter can be used as a carport, or put up as a shade canopy, without the sidewalls.

Versatile and easily transported with the rolling bag, you can get private and business use (for example at an outdoor swap meet) from this canopy. It weighs only 50 pounds.

The seams are heat sealed.

Got a weather warning? This tent is easy to take down and store in the bag.

It can be drilled into a deck if you want a permanent cover/sun shade for your patio furniture and leisure area.

Install at your poolside, on the beach, camping, or on your picnics

Great for outside your RV – for you and your car!

The sidewall windows are plastic, letting in light, but no wind or rain.

ADVANCE OUTDOOR 10 x 20 ft Heavy Duty Carport Canopy Car Garage Shelter Tent with Removable Sidewalls and Doors, Beige


The vendor notes: “1 years warranty – We provide 1 year warranty for Poles and Canopy Cover. We provide life time warranty for other accessories, such as connectors, food pads, pegs, ropes or elastic ball bungees. If you need any replacement parts, please just contact us without any hesitation. We will provide you good after-sale support all the time. Please rest assured to buy! “

This canopy on steel frames can be used with or without the sidewalls.

The side walls are solid, there are no windows. 

It comes with pegs, anchors and ropes.

The side height is 6.5 feet and the peak height is 9.5 feet.

The cover is triple layer, heat sealed, UV resistant, and water proof.

Use as:

  • Deck cover
  • Yard shade
  • Horse and pet shade
  • Party cover
  • Garden equipment cover
  • Car port
  • Boat port
  • The zippered doors are easy to roll up

Also comes in white.

 Gino Development, Inc. ATV Shelter, Mini Portable Garage,Grey, 6 Leg Steel Frame 10 x10 x8-Feet


This product is an ideal cover for:

  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Atv’s
  • Motorcycles
  • Jet skis
  • Snowmobiles
  • Tractors
  • Woodpiles
  • Decks and patios
  • Bicycles, toys and sports equipment

This is a handy yet low cost shelter for a variety of needs.

At 85 pounds, it can be assembled, taken down and transported easily.

Gino Development, Inc. Camoflange ATV Shelter, Mini Portable Garage, 6 Leg Steel Frame 10 x10 x8-Feet


Similar to the Gino Development cover immediately above, this Survivalist/Prepper style camouflage design will appeal to some.

These same features are included for your out in the woods installation:

  • Two sides laminated, waterproof, rot-resistant and UV treated sturdy tarpaulin canopy
  • Double zipper door panel makes access easy.
  • Frame is steel, with powder coating
  • Fitted rear door panel
  • 8 ratchet tie downs
  • Hardware kit

Cover your equipment with confidence and concealment!

Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storage with Lock Bag


This motorcycle shelter comes in two sizes. The one shown is Large.

It comes in black or silver.

It can be locked down onto concrete as a permanent shelter. 

The security lock and carry bag are included.

The cover is UV resistant and water proof.

The shelter has a crossbar to stabilize the vehicle in wind.

If you have a windshield, please check the height.

Top is vented to prevent condensation, yet remains water proof.

The cover will not melt from hot pipes. 

Some trouble with assembly has been noted. It is most easily done with two or three people, to make the assembly faster.

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Vehicle Protection With a Canopy Tent! by Christian C. Petcu

As the winter sets in you may notice your vehicles are taking plenty of abuse from the stronger elements like the rain and snow. You may even own vehicles that are only used in particular seasons such as camper vans, boats or motor bikes. In the off seasons it is generally a good idea to keep such vehicles sheltered and protected and this can be a small problem for those who do not own a garage or a sheltered parking area. Damage can be caused to these vehicles when left outside, especially for extended periods of time. Water damage, leaking, rust, paint damage and general deterioration inside and outside of the vehicles can easily occur in situations like this. Where the use of a garage is not available a good quality canopy tent can be very effective and really increase the life span of ones vehicle.

One of the many uses for canopy tents is that of portable or temporary garages and car ports. They are very useful for shelter in many situations but particularly vehicles as they are an affordable and convenient option in these cases. They come in a variety of different sizes, colors and styles to suit your vehicle size and the layout and design of your house. A good quality canopy tent will be made with a durable frame sometimes aluminum for lighter and easier portability and heavy duty polyethylene canopies. These frames are treated for rust and the canopies are generally fire retardant and waterproof. The canopies can also come with attachable side walls for extra shelter. One can leave just the canopy top for shelter or for more shelter and protection side walls can be added for a complete enclosure. With vehicles dimensions and personal preferences widely differing, a canopy tent can be very flexible, versatile and multifunctional and suit a wide range of requirements.

One weakness of a canopy tent is that it can be affected by high winds. Depending on the strength of the wind proper anchoring should be provided. There are generally footplates attached to these canopies so they can be securely anchored to the ground. Many users utilize extra anchoring like weighted bags. In extremely high winds canopies should be taken down as they can be severely damaged. Generally users like to choose a location that is not overly exposed to the wind when constructing there canopies in order to avoid this problem.

A recreational vehicle is generally purchased to be enjoyed and with the expectation that it lasts long into the future. This can sometimes be a problem when it is neglected during its off peak months. So when thinking of maintaining your investment, think of sheltering and protecting it with a canopy tent!

Need help in choosing the right portable canopy, gazebo or shade? Contact Cristian Petcu the author of this article at The Canopy Gazebo Store [http://www.canopygazebostore.com] where help is at hand. Here you will also find a link to a blog featuring many useful topics relating to these products.

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