10 Best Freestanding Wine Refrigerators 2020

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10 Best Freestanding Wine Refrigerators 2020

I have noted while reviewing these units that most are flexible as to where and how you install them. I was happy to find high ratings in these 10 best freestanding wine refrigerators, from happy buyers.

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Wine storage – what a topic! You want to buy the right cooler for your home. There are enough shapes, sizes, colors and good looks for you to find the best one for your home.

The coolers are meant to both store and age your wines, in the best environment. I have included an informational contributed article, below, on this page which gives you a lot of details about wine aging and storage.

You already know what you want in quality and flavor of wines. Now you can get the ideal wine refrigerator so you and your guests can enjoy the best of wine drinking. Your business, and leisure entertainment can be enhanced to the max.

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Allavino 2X-VSWR172-2SST Wine Refrigerator


This unit is the Four Zone (four temperatures) and also comes in Three Zone and Two Zone models.

It holds a variety of bottle sizes, accommodating champagnes and other odd sizes. You can control the coolness to store red, white and sparkling varieties – up to 344 bottles total.  Now that the “standard” 750 ml bottle has many marketing designs and shapes, this type of shelving is a must.

Wooden slat shelves, thin for space maximization, and sturdy for the bottle weights, glide in and out smoothly to minimize vibration, the wine storage enemy.

The front venting design gives the option to place this dual and separately controlled unit in a built in location. 

For security you will sign for this delivery. Free Amazon tech support for installation is provided, if needed.

Pros on this unit are mentioned for:

  • Temperature control
  • Quiet
  • Easy controls to use
  • Attractive


Good for storage, not so good for collections. The drawer movement does compromise the labels on larger bottles. You can place larger bottles more widely separated, but that will decrease your bottle count potential. 

Protection plans are Five Year/$594.75, and Four Year/$479.86.

Prime included, but click through to Amazon to view the next delivery date. 

HYD-Parts 192 Bottles Free Standing Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator,Super Large Wine Bottles rack Cooler with Stainless Door for Kitchen Bar



  • Black cabinet with black interior
  • Glass door with stainless steel frames – double UV treated to preserve wines
  • Fan-forced cooling results in minimal cool down time and prevent temperature fluctuations
  • 25% more efficiency in energy consumption with this advanced cooling system decreases noise and vibration
  • 8 Slim hard, stable, beech wood shelves provide maximum space (about 22 bottles per) and protection from vibration
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius number options
  • Five Year and Four Year protection plans offered

Expert installation includes:

  1. Removal of old unit
  2. Installation of one new unit (pay for each new unit when more than one)
  3. Parts for installation
  4. Allow about 3 hours

Avallon AWBC241GGFD 24 Inch Wide 21 Bottle and 60 Can Capacity Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler with French Doors


This dual wine and canned or bottled drinks can be free standing or built in. Temperature controls can be set for each side.

Larger bottles will require removing one shelf, otherwise 8 shelves hold three bottles each. 

Curb side delivery only.

It has a high quality compressor and internal fan cooling.

The wine side of the refrigerator has sliding shelves, and the drink side has roller bearing shelves.

Raters give this unit 4.9 Stars for:

  • Quiet
  • Elegance
  • Double doors
  • High quality compressor
  • Dual purpose

One customer mentions that the top shelf is shorter because of the electronic control panel, and it will not hold a standard size bottle. This suggests that the top shelf would be the one to remove, in order to hold larger Champagne style bottles.

All in all, this is rated as a luxury item. 

Ainfox 72″ Built-in or Freestanding Wine Cooler, 192 Bottles Wine Refrigeration Electronic Storage with Stainless Steel


This lovely unit gets Five Stars for:

  • Quiet and attractive enough to be in a dining room
  • Protective packaging

Described as typical for all wine coolers, from a person who says he did a lot of research before buying, his collection results in the unit holding 49 bottles, less than advertised.

Yet he is so happy with his choice, he intends to buy another one for his white wines.

The tempered 2 layer brown glass door protects your wine from UV rays.

Fahrenheit only temperature setting is provided.

Five Year and Four Year protection plans are offered.

Tall and narrow design requires little floor space.

Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator: Stainless Steel, triple-layered Tempered Glass Door, Electronic One-Touch Control with LED Display


This optional freestanding/build-in unit comes with the popular:

  • Fifteen Hard beech wood shelves that slide out easily, removable for larger bottle storage
  • Triple layered glass door for UV protection
  • Quality compressor for decreased noise and vibration, to prevent sediment shift in wine bottles and provide optimum flavor preservation
  • Dual temperature zones for red/white separation
  • Reversible door configuration
  • Tall and narrow, maximizes your available space for a build-in installation
  • Safety lock prevents frequent opening and temperature fluctuation,and is child-proof
  • Generally found to be super quiet!

Lanbo Wine and Beverage Cooler, Compressor Under Counter Wine Cellar and Beverage Fridge, 33 Bottle and 70 Can


This one is also a side by side wine and beverage cooler with two appropriate temperature zones.

Optional build-in and freestanding installation gives you a few choices of where to put your new wine fridge.

Reviewers love the dual purpose and good looks.

It comes with:

  • Adjustable feet
  • Stable and distinct temperature zones
  • Security lock
  • Long and deep stainless steel handles
  • Free Amazon support for installation
  • Automated LED interior lights will turn off after ten minutes from door opening

It looks about the size of a dishwasher when placed under a kitchen counter. It could easily fit under the counter of a wet bar space, in your family room, den or finished basement cave.

EdgeStar CWR532SZ 24 Inch Wide 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler


Smaller, lighter and less expensive, this unit is single use (for wine only) with both freestanding or build-in installation possibilities.

At 100 pounds and measuring 22.5 x 23.5 x 33.5 inches , you will get curb side delivery – please be sure to provide a current phone number for ETA verification.

Claims of storage space is relative to the number of standard 750 ml bottles and thicker or longer ones. Removing a shelf may be needed periodically.

This is true of all wine refrigerators.

It comes with UV block glass in the door, and an interior light so you can hem and haw over your selection without the door standing open.

The door has an airtight seal.

It comes with a lock and key.

Btw, the door can be hinged on your right or left.

It is rubber brushed to further combat vibrations that spoil your perfect flavor preservation.

The Warranty is 1 Year parts, 1Year labor.

It is rated at Five Stars for attractive design, and excellent function/lower price.

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler Refrigerator Fridge 46 Bottles Dual Zone Wine Cellar Built-in Freestanding Wine Chiller with Stainless Steel &Digital Memory Temperature Control/Wood Shelves/Silver


This vendor is proud of its customer service and states:

We provide one month replacement and refund, one year warranty.”

That’s a reassuring go-ahead to buy, right?

This unit is single purpose but duo temperature-zoned for your red and white wines.

It’s temperature range: 5-12℃(41-54℉) for upper zone,12-20℃(54-68℉) for lower zone.

Unit Dimensions are 23.42″ x 22.75″ x 34.25″ (W595 x D578 x H870 mm).

The wood-fronted sliding shelves give it a versatile decor match, for whichever room you decide to place it in.

There are two smaller versions – 28 Bottle and 19 Bottle.

At the time of this writing, it comes with a $35.00 coupon, and I know some of these are applied differently. Check it out!

Kalamera 50 Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator Single Zone with Touch Control


This 19.3”Wx22.8”Dx33” unit should cost about $28.00 per year in energy, according to the manufacturer.

The out of the box weight is 82.7 pounds. It is a free standing unit and can be plugged into any household outlet.

All reviewers remark that there is a 34 to 50 bottle capacity, because of the more individual bottle shapes vineyards choose. And yes, we have come to accept that, right?

This unit has an attractive design (wood, stainless steel) to blend in with your furniture or kitchen appliances.

It has both a Five Year and Four Year protection plan.

Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler


This small and inexpensive free standing unit still has the necessary elements:

  • UV block glass door
  • Wired shelving for good cooling circulation (no wood trim)
  • LED bulb for viewing your selection, keeps temperature stable

There is a 17 bottle option for really small spaces. (Just click on the option on Amazon for the specs and price).

I included the following contributed article here. It is full of interesting information about wine cooling, some history too! (Emphases are mine).

Why a Wine Refrigerator Is a Great Idea by Eric N M

“Wine expert or not, many of us know all about the various ways people would store wine before the invention of electricity. If you graduated high school from anywhere (yes, even my hometown), you will likely know that the wealthy stored their wine in caves and underground cellars hundreds of years before the inventions of Edison, Bell, Tesla, and others gave way to the electrical revolution.

There is a reason underground cellars and caves were seen as ideal for storage: it’s because they had all of the ingredients for proper storage of wine bottles: the spaces were cool, dark, and still. The bottles were also able to sit sideways, allowing the flavor of every bottle to remain.

And this way the way wine was stored for century upon century, and it wasn’t until someone had the bright idea of creating an “electric refrigerator” to store food that someone eventually thought up the idea of using this technology to store wine in a setting that was ideal. Thus, we have wine refrigerators and wine coolers.

Both run on electricity, both give you the ideal setting and both can be sit virtually anywhere that is dark in your home. A corner of a bedroom, a den that has no windows, or a basement that has never seen the light of day is all ideal places. It seems like the miracle of Science, right? Thanks to electricity, anyone can store wine in a safe and protected environment (and temperature). However, while both are incredible “flavor-saving” devices, equal they are not.

I won’t lie, a wine refrigerator and a wine cooler are both incredibly awesome. Once you go from storing wine in a refrigerator (a terrible idea) to storing it in a wine cool and/or wine refrigerator, you will be blown away by the difference in taste: the flavor is stronger, there is no flat taste to be found, and honestly, it keeps wine delicious!

Whether you decide to choose the wine refrigerator or the wine cooler, you need to first step back and take a look at how you drink wine and what type of wine you purchase. If you purchase mostly white wine, then you will want to purchase the wine refrigerator for this fact alone: white wine cannot be stored as long as traditional wine.

Why does this matter? It’s simple really: the humidity in a wine refrigerator is uncontrollable. It stays around a constant 30% at all times, whereas the humidity for preserving wine is meant to stay at around the 60 – 70% mark. Over time, the humidity in a space can start to harm wine, making wine refrigerators unsuitable for storing in the long-term. Thus, since one should finish a bottle of white wine in weeks and/or months rather than years, it makes perfect sense to use a wine cooler for storing your white wine only.

As you have undoubtedly figured out by now (and I hope you have or you haven’t been paying attention to my article), wine meant for storage in the long-term should always be stored in a wine cabinet. The reasoning is simple (and again, if you have to ask yourself “why,” you haven’t been paying attention): because a wine cabinet has controllable humidity. A cabinet’s humidity will assuredly stay in the 60 – 70% mark at all times, allowing you to store your wine bottles for as long as you want. Care to store that expensive bottle of wine for 10+ years? You are able to do so, and longer if you wish. Essentially, you could store a bottle of wine for 50+ years and a wine cabinet would be able to keep it tasting incredible (not counting the shelf life of the wine- after all, if you are storing white wine for 50 years, be prepared for a grave disappointment when you open the bottle).

While stated previously, it must be stated once more: the beauty of a wine cooler and wine refrigerator is they allow the individuals that are serious about storing their wine to do so. You do not have to have your own cave, your own underground cellar, or anything else that only the wealthy can afford (not sure if people actually own their own caves anymore though). Now, you can store it anywhere in your home, and you will get the same flavor from your favorite bottles as you would if you had stored them in a wine refrigerator.

Whether you want to purchase a cooler so you can store your spirits for the short-term or you want a wine cooler to store it long-term, it has never been easier to ensure your wine keeps its original flavor. Yes, the age of invention definitely has its perks, and if anyone ever disagrees with you, remind them this: you can preserve your wine anywhere in your home: 100 years ago, the very idea would be scoffed at. Thank you Science for allowing me to preserve wine anywhere in my home!

If want to learn which 12 to 32 bottle wine coolers on the market are best suited for long-term wine storage, please check out wine cooler reviews [http://www.bestwinecoolersreview.com]. I have performed extensive research on all the listed wine coolers while taking into account genuine customer feedback to hopefully bring you guys the best reviews for wine refrigerators.”

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