What Is The Awakened Millionaire Academy About


What Is The Awakened Millionaire Academy About? Joe Vitale is a millionaire marketer and has appeared in infomercials and many online products. He is associated with the power of positive thinking, and the movie The Secret.


Is this video course a Joe Vitale awaskened millionaire scam or a viable way to develop a mindset that will help you make a million dollars?


I don’t think it is a scam, yet it may take a certain mindset to begin with, to get anything out of this course.


If you’re attracted to this kind of study, deepening your belief and faith that life can be good, and if you enjoy spending time on this kind of practice, it may be a perfect path of study for you to improve your life with.


Here is a little background on this author:


“Vitale’s first book, Zen and the Art of Writing was published in 1984. Some of his other publications include: The Attractor Factor, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, The Key, and Faith. Vitale also recorded many audio programs for Nightingale-Conant. Vitale has also written a book on P.T. Barnum’s business secrets, There’s a Customer Born Every Minute.


In 2005, he became a bestselling author when he wrote The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) From the Inside Out.


Vitale has written books on marketing and business including Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words and Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing. Vitale also wrote The Secret Prayer which was released on May 18, 2015.


In 2016, 2017, and 2018, Vitale wrote multiple books including: The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment (2016), Law of Attraction Quotes (2017), and the most recent book that Vitale has published, Anything Is Possible. (2018)” – Wikipedia


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.

What Does The Awakened Millionaire Academy purport to give?


Video Training – access to the proven steps to unlock the Awakened Millionaire Mindset: giving you a path to MORE money, MORE spiritual growth, and MORE meaning… at the same time.


I think that is appealing – we’re all so short on time these days. Unless we’re staying home from a lay-off because of the Covid-19 epidemic, or other collateral damage factors, and need something to tackle and keep our mind alive, right?


8 Laws Of Awakened Money (I am not sure what “awakened money” actually means) –  Dr. Joe Vitale shares specific strategies he has used to make millions while following his spiritual path.

  • Master the Awakened Millionaire Formula – When you combine money and spirituality… you make MORE money and experience MORE spiritual growth at the same time
  • Trigger the 4 steps of Spiritual Awakening – Follow these proven steps to awaken you passion, spiritual power, and the ultimate soulful meaning
  • Private Facebook Mastermind – Get ideas, advice, and support from Joe and the community of like-minded individuals
  • Groundbreaking Training Methodology – Experience a transformational educational experience super-charged to make your transformation as fun, engaging, and POWERFUL as possible
  • High-Tech Accountability System – Joe doesn’t let you get behind! If you’ve ever struggled to complete a course you KNOW can change your life, you’re about to experience a new paradigm where we make sure you get through from beginning to end
  • Rewards, Rewards, Rewards – You’ll earn points, badges, bonuses, and awards as you go through each module of the program. Every step of your awakening is cause for celebration and rewards! Research has proven this element alone amplifies your success.
  • Mental Programming Audios With Each Module – You get a short mental programming audio in each module that implants the core elements of the mindset deep inside your subconscious mind. This maximizes your progress by combining the power of subconscious learning with conscious learning.
  • “The Intentional Transformation” – In combination, all of these elements we’ve integrated into this powerful new training program will result in you being immersed into an amazing, total-brain-entraining experience that triggers what Joe’s call “the Intentional Transformation.”
  • BOLD-ACTION BONUS: 2 LIVE Mastermind Calls with Awakened Millionaire Experts – Your first step towards becoming a fully Awakened Millionaire is to master the new mindset. Next, you need the tools and strategies that will help expand and amplify your own spiritual wealth and impact. That’s why I’m including 2 live mastermind calls with the experienced Awakened Millionaires who inspire me… absolutely FREE!
  • BOLD-ACTION BONUS: INSTANT ACCESS to bonus video training modules featuring celebrated experts in wealth, spirituality, passion, bsiness, and peak performance – Experts like Mary Morrissey, Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley, Joe Sugarman, Brad Yates, Vicki Howie, Randy Gage, Dee Wallace, and others…
  • Wake up with the incredible Awakened Millionaire Mindset each day that fills you with joy, enthusiasm, and serenity… and each day will be a new journey of transformation…
  • Immediately experience the fusion of your money and your soulful purpose… and make MORE MONEY and experience MORE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING… at the same time
  • Start effortlessly attracting more meaningful money that gives your life significance month after month after month…
  • Unlock new aspects of your spiritual power you were never able to see until now…
  • Find infinite ways to expand your influence and make your impact in the world… so you can serve others well and live a legend that fills you with joy…
  • Surround yourself with an intimate community of like-minded individuals who are on this same path of uniting money and soul…
  • Experience immense pleasure from knowing that you are able to make a profound difference in other people’s lives… instead of just stockpiling your riches and living like a hermit…
  • Wake up excited each day to serve others and do something you are truly passionate about… while simultaneously getting excited about the new money coming in through your passion…
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of a courageous, convicted group of people walking with you side by side through this Awakened Millionaire lifestyle and movement…
  • Live the ultimate lifestyle where you can experience true financial freedom in combination with deep, soul satisfaction… because of the fulfillment spiritualized money will give you at last…
  • Walk with a radiant glow that beams out from inside of you and is obvious to all those you meet… instead of constantly feeling guilty and unsure of your purpose or place in life…
  • And that’s just the beginning…



Is ReVision One of the Best Supplements Eyesight Can Improve With

best supplements eyesight

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

I’ll discuss below why I think ReVision is one of the best supplements eyesight can be improved with.


Don’t you want to get the best for your eyes?


On eyesight:

“The resulting perception is also known as eyesight, sight, or vision (adjectival form: visual, optical, or ocular). The various physiological components involved in vision are referred to collectively as the visual system, and are the focus of much research in linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and molecular biology, collectively referred to as vision science.”- read more here


I like this topic because my understanding is, ReVision addresses the visual system (eyes and related brain areas), not just the eye balls. ReVision addresses:

  • Inflammation in the brain area related to vision
  • The causes of this specific inflammatory build up, and reducing it over time

That “over time” concept is important. All the nutritionists I’ve consulted with have said it’s imperative to give your body at least 90 days to improve, whether it’s something as simple as Vitamin C you’re taking, or herbs, or enzymes.


That’s why I chose ReVision, because the 90 day supply discount really works for most people.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.



best supplements eyesight

ReVision is a GMP certified product. What does that mean?


“When a product has the CGMP or GMP seal/certification, it means that a product was made in an FDA approved facility. ” – from Bio Thrive Sciences



how to fix eyesight naturally


Testimonials, case studies, and examples found in the ReVision materials are results that have been forwarded to us by users of ReVision products and related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


The following contributed article has some good general ideas about supporting your eye health.

Failing Vision? How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally by Rene Michel

Can you really improve your vision naturally? Most people automatically believe that they must use glasses or try laser treatment. But there is another possibility, you can improve your eyesight naturally. Nowadays, programs have been developed and tested which can preserve and improve your vision naturally.

A lot of people believe that eyesight inevitably deteriorate with age. But research has shown that eyesight does not automatically get worse as we age. The main reason for deteriorating eyesight is the accumulated stress placed on the visual system. This is good news because it means that you may be able to preserve or even improve your vision by reducing the stress placed on your visual system.

By doing some simple eye exercises on a daily basis, you can prevent your eyesight from getting worse and in some cases even reverse the deterioration. Your eyes and your visual system respond to exercise and relaxation in the same way as the rest of your body. Without proper exercise and relaxation it will get worse. On the other hand, regular exercise and relaxation will help you to preserve your eyesight.

Like the rest of your body, your visual system needs a balanced diet to function at its best. The easy solution is to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. This can be simplified even further, the more colours you include in your diet the better. By eating a lot of different fruits and vegetables you will get the vitamins and minerals your eyesight needs. Needless to say, try to cut down on junk food. Healthier diet will not only benefit your visual system, your whole body will get better.

Motivation is very important for success. Like so much else, improving your eyesight requires the right attitude. Far too many people are very excited in the beginning but after a few days, without any groundbreaking success, they give quit. You need to be more persistent than that. It will take a couple of weeks before any real progress will happen.

For more information about how you can improve your eyesight naturally, go to [http://www.eyesightimprove.com]

Article Source

(This author’s link is no longer active).


what vitamins for eyesight



How To Fix Your Eyesight – What Seniors Need To Know

How To Fix Eyesight Naturally

how to fix eyesight naturally

Image by Nathan Wright from Pixabay


How many people want to know how to fix eyesight naturally? What should they (or, you) learn?


“Among all the age groups, adults between the ages 35 – 54 have the highest usage of dietary supplements at 81 percent. ” – CRN


“Taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement can help fill in the nutritional gaps in a less-than-optimal diet and may help protect you from degenerative diseases, including eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.” – All About Vision

My top recommendation as to how to fix eyesight naturally is ReVision, a one capsule a day supplement. (CLICK on the image to see more).


how to fix eyesight naturally

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.

It is specially formulated to enhance the eye/brain function. The same ingredients increase your mental acuity and energy.

Here is a brief video explaining how the eye works – and how the brain is a major part of that. No wonder ReVision is formulated with nutrients that enhance the brain’s function.

Improve Eyesight Naturally With Three Simple Dietary Changes by J Sherman

Some of the most widely held beliefs that in are, in reality, more fiction than fact, are those surrounding one of our most precious senses, our eyesight. One of the most widespread beliefs which is effectively a myth, is that as one ages, their eyesight is naturally supposed to deteriorate.

Another myth is that eyeglasses, or contacts, or Lasik surgery are the only way to treat weakening or deteriorating vision. As you might expect, there are not many optometrists or Lasik surgeons standing up in support of dispelling that myth.

Finally, is the myth that there is no simple, cost effective way to improve vision using natural methods that are available to all of us right now. That viewpoint could not be any further from the truth. One of the simplest actions which anyone can make immediately and see meaningful results to improve eyesight is through making some important adjustments in the area of daily nutrition.

First, increase your intake of beta carotene. I learned very quickly when I started to study eye health that when my mom and grandmother used to preach to my brothers and I incessantly about eating our carrots because “they were good for your eyes”, that whether they knew it or not, that they were scientifically accurate. Beta-Carotene is commonly found in carrots, which are one of the most popular and readily available sources of this nutrient available to everyone. Take advantage of this.

Second, drink a lot of fresh, clean water. You have heard about its positive health affects, and those apply just as strongly to your eye muscles and vision.

Finally, make a conscious effort to consistently meet the daily recommended doses that your health care provider advocates for both Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Whether its through the introduction of more fruits and vegetables or vitamin supplements, do not deprive your body of these valuable nutrients.

Nutrition modification is just one approach to immediately improve eyesight naturally, and there are others which are just as simple and just as effective.

Once you have made these immediate adjustments, its time to start learning about the other little known, yet surprisingly simple options which are available to begin to restore your eyesight to its original strength using purely natural methods.

If you are someone who currently wears glasses or contacts, is about to begin wearing glasses or contacts, or at an extreme, considering Lasik surgery, you owe it to yourself to visit us and learn more about how you can forget any of these artificial and more costly alternatives, and improve you eyesight naturally, with very little cost, compared to these other methods. Remember that every step you take down the natural path is a step toward healing and strengthening the eye muscle permanently, and not just a temporary fix until you need that stronger prescription or even Lasik Surgery.

Visit us and learn how to improve eyesight safely, naturally, and cost effectively.

Joel Sherman has been an advocate of natural vision improvement since experiencing a less than perfect LASIK result, and was able to restore his vision naturally and more effectively utilizing the techniques he studies and writes about frequently. Learn more about the amazing “See Clearly Method” which restored his vision to its original strength at Improve Eyesight [http://www.improve-your-eyesight.org] Naturally

Article Source


how to fix eyesight naturally


Testimonials, case studies, and examples found in the ReVision materials are results that have been forwarded to us by users of ReVision products and related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


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What Vitamins Improve Eyesight


What Vitamins For Eyesight Are Best

what vitamins for eyesight

I was asked recently what vitamins for eyesight are best? Is it going to take a whole pile of pills every day to find out that vitamins improve eyesight?


I Know There Are Vitamins That Help Improve Eyesight

The reason I can truthfully say that is, I do know for sure those vitamins for making eyesight better, work for me. And those aren’t the ones I’m taking now, the ones I’m taking now are much better.


This is my recommendation: ReVision, formulated to nurture your eye/brain connection, decrease inflammation, and increase your mental clarity.



what vitamins for eyesight


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Aside from using ReVision everyday, the article below gives you some tips on what foods to eat to boost your nutritional intake, feeling confident about what vitamins for eyesight are best for your meal choices.


what vitamins for eyesight


The Best Vitamins For Eyesight – Top Ten List by Tuli Omar

Some people experience vision loss or deteriorating eyesight and are trying to figure out what supplements they need to have in their diet to keep their vision clear and to make sure that their eyes are being the right nutrients to work at their best.

This article will share with you what those nutrients are as well as what foods you can them. Now it is not recommended that you try to stuff yourself with these foods because it would cost a lot of money to do that but also more importantly, you would have to eat tons of these food sources in order to get the minimum requirement for your eyes as a whole.

This is just meant to be educational in purpose. Your best bet would be to find supplements that are made specially for the eyes. The reason being that supplements are more potent with the nutrients your eyes need, are cheaper and you only have to take a pill as opposed to gobbling down pounds of food. It is just much more effective.

With that said, here is a short list of ten of the most vital and essential vitamins for eyesight as well as nutrients, minerals or herbs for eyesight that contribute to nurturing your eyes’ overall health. Next to each nutrient or vitamin are different sources of “foods for good eyesight” By the way, this list is not necessarily in the order of most important to least important.

#1 Nutrient – Chromium – This is found in bananas, apples, spinach, liver and oysters.

#2 Nutrient – Lutein – This is found in papayas, squash and leafy greens.

#3 Nutrient – Bilberry – This is found in billberry fruits.

#4 Nutrient – Eyebright – This is found in Euphrasia/ Eyebright herbs.

#5 Nutrient – Rutin – This is found in citrus fruits and green teas.

#6 Nutrient – Vitamin A – This is found in green, yellow and orange or any bright colored fruits and vegetables eg. carrots, mangoes, cantalope.

#7 Nutrient – Vitamin C – This is found in strawberries, sweet and chilli peppers and broccoli.

#8 Nutrient – Zinc – This is found in red meat and poultry.

#9 Nutrient – Vitamin E – This is found in spinach, avocados and collard greens.

#10 Nutrient – Selenium – This is found in fish, grains, eggs, liver and garlic.

There you have your list of vitamins for eyesight including minerals and other elements that contribute to healthier eyes.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to find supplements that are made specially for the overall health of your eyes that have all the nutrients your eyes need.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. As a “thank you” gesture for reading this article I’d like to recommend that you check out how you can improve your eyesight naturally [http://improve-eyesight-naturally.blog.co.uk] as well how others learned how to improve eyesight and got rid of their glasses.

(C) All Rights Reserved. For more information on how to improve your eyesight naturally [http://improve-eyesight-naturally.blog.co.uk] please visit my blog.

Article Source


what vitamins for eyesight


Testimonials, case studies, and examples found in the ReVision materials are results that have been forwarded to us by users of ReVision products and related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


More eyesight material:


What Vitamins Improve Eyesight

what vitamins improve eyesight

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

What Vitamins Improve Eyesight

At whatever age your vision starts to show signs of deterioration, you start to wonder what vitamins improve eyesight, don’t you?


I think most people do, as we’ve grown up in cultures that understand the value of good quality foods for health, and consequently, good quality vitamins and other natural supplements.


These may be the best on the market at this time.


what vitamins improve eyesight

Can ReVision Help You Take Good Care of Your Eyes?


Let’s review the primary contributor to degenerative conditions of the body as we age – inflammation.


Inflammation can flare up in:

  • Your blood vessels – veins and arteries
  • Your joints and muscles
  • Your gastrointestinal tract
  • Your skin
  • Your eyes
  • Your brain


Your eyes are not the only site in your head that results in clear vision. A particular region of your brain is involved in producing good vision. And that spot can become inflamed,  your eyesight will become compromised, and degenerative conditions can be triggered.


Fortunately these conditions are usually slow in developing, and you can learn about which vitamins improve vision.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


ReVision combines eight natural ingredients. These items are grown organically.


Nothing in this formula is made in a lab. The mixture is designed to strengthen the link from your eye to your brain.


Especially if you’re over 50, don’t you want to retain or recover your best possible vision? In a healthy way?


Of course you want to take good care of your eyes, right?


Yet you get even more benefits from ReVision.


It is designed to increase your mental acuity and focus.


It is designed to improve the communication between your cells.


Customers have reported a decrease in their early cataract formations.


If you have floaters, or have been told you have signs that you may be developing cataracts, don’t you want to start taking these daily supplements now? CLICK on the image below to get your ReVision today.


what vitamins improve eyesight


What Causes Cataracts?


Age is the most common cause. Lens proteins denature and degrade over time, and this process is accelerated by diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Environmental factors, including toxins, radiation, and ultraviolet light have cumulative effects which are worsened by the loss of protective and restorative mechanisms due to alterations in gene expression and chemical processes within the eye” – wikipedia


Age is the most common cause of cataracts and the typical treatment is replacement of the cloudy lens with a clear one.


Yet what if you knew about what vitamins improve eyesight, and start taking them as soon as an eye exam shows the very beginnings of one?


Many people would prefer to avoid surgery. Is that you?


Many would like to get back clear vision. After all, your vision will continue to degrade, involving frequent purchases of new glasses.


Yet until you need surgery to prevent a significant loss of your life’s quality, health insurance won’t pay for it.


Now you can get an excellent vitamin formula, especially created to decrease inflammation in your brain where your vision is involved.



how to fix your eyesight


Testimonials, case studies, and any ReVision materials are results that have been forwarded to us by users of ReVision products and related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Refer to your health care professional for regular eye exams.


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How To Fix Your Eyesight – What Seniors Need To Know

how to fix your eyesight

How To Fix Your Eyesight – What Seniors Need To Know

I am recommending this mostly for seniors, but obviously this natural health product might be good for anyone. Because, don’t you want to know how to fix your eyesight the natural and easy way?


Because you want treatment for eye floaters naturally and at home, don’t you?


What is ReVision And Where Can I Get It?


Keep reading, while I explain.


I’m going to assume that you have regular eye care with eye care professionals, and that you know it if you have a medical condition related to your eyes. Because that’s important.


I do realize however that many people don’t have insurance for eye care or corrective lenses. Or for cataract surgery.


how to fix your eyesight


Wouldn’t you like to:


  • Support your vision, memory and focus


  • Support the communication between your cells to minimize signs of brain fatigue


  • Support perception of senses and images


  • Transform your life with clear thinking and excellent vision


how to fix your eyesight

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


ReVision is formulated with 8 powerful ingredients that work in combination to help nurture your brain and vision health!


Here is why everyone – you – wants to take care of their eyesight as best they can, especially seniors.



  • Natural organically grown ingredients
  • No food chemicals added


CONS: (not Cons for everybody)

  • If you’re impatient you may have to wait for 90-180 days to see significant improvement
  • This “con” is true for most nutritional supplements, and some drugs


“What can cause poor eyesight in the elderly?


There are a number of factors that can cause vision to deteriorate amongst the elderly, however it may simply be due to the ageing process. This is because as we age the lenses in the eye lose their elasticity and ability to focus on near or distant objects.


There are also a number of conditions that can cause vision to deteriorate as we age and these can include: Cataracts, Glaucoma, Migraines, Macular Degeneration (central blurred vision), Retinal Detachment and Diabetes.


These conditions can cause an individual to encounter a number of problems within daily life, and this is largely because they may find doing some tasks more difficult, as they may not be able to see what they are doing properly and this can cause a number of different issues, which could potentially put the individual into a dangerous situation, and increase the likelihood of falls.


How can poor eyesight affect the elderly?


Poor eyesight can have a significant impact on the elderly, and it can have a long-term impact on daily living. This is because poor eyesight can make moving about the home much more difficult, and this in turn can increase the likelihood of falls. Poor eyesight can also impact daily living tasks such as: bathing, eating, dressing and grooming. This can have a significant impact on an individual’s confidence, self-esteem and well-being.


Poor eyesight can also impact other areas of daily life for an individual. Vision problems can affect an individual’s ability to drive, and it may also prevent them from driving altogether. An individual’s eyesight can also impact their social life. Poor vision may limit their ability to perform some activities. This may leave an individual feeling too frightened to leave their home. Elderly individuals who have poor eyesight tend to struggle moving around unfamiliar places much more than their own homes, and this in turn can lower confidence and reduce self-esteem.”

Complete article here.




how to fix your eyesight



Testimonials, case studies, and examples found in the ReVision materials are results that have been forwarded to us by users of ReVision products and related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


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Hormone Imbalance Symptoms Women Can Change

Natural Fat Burning Supplements Women And Men Use Daily


I wrote the two paragraphs below two years ago. Those and the rest of that content are still true today. I am always looking for natural fat burning supplements women and men can both use daily to promote a faster metabolism.


“Our modern diet of processed and chemically and carbohydrate laden foods ruins our metabolism. That results in metabolic syndrome.


What that means is that our energy burning system gets used to converting sugars for energy instead of burning fat for fuel.”


“Starches and sugars compromise healthy blood sugar levels and therefore are foods that cause mood swings. Sugars will then give a quick relief to a bad mood, and a cycle of addiction is perpetuated.”


What fat burning pills actually work?


Also, you want to burn fat for fuel, right? That is healthier for all your body systems. Cutting down on good fats isn’t a good idea.


If you burn off those fats when you exercise, or even in a state of rest, you are getting the benefits from your diet and your daily activities.


I want to share with you this supplement formula because it helps you:


  • REVERSE METABOLIC SYNDROME (when your metabolism has slowed, long term)


natural fat burning supplements women

natural fat burning supplements women

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Here are the fat burning formulas in ECA SHRED.


N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine citrate


  • N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine citrate is a plant extract derived from Eria Jarensis
  • This extract produces a therapeutic mood- elevating effect by augmenting levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in the body
  • Dopamine and noradrenaline are ‘feel good’ hormones in the body
  • They offer the same chemical reactions your brain issues when you bite into a yummy slice of pizza or win a round at your favorite game
  • These neurological chemicals also boost concentrations, mental acuity, focus, and induce a euphoric sensation
  • This euphoria is part of the reason why DMAA became widely used
  • N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine citrate in the ECA SHRED formula substitutes for DMAA which is now prohibited


White Willow Bark


  • White Willow Bark is the source of the active compound salicin
  • It acts the same way as aspirin, as an anti-clotting agent in the blood
  • It prolongs the assimilation time of any active fat loss ingredient taken with it
  • Willow Bark also contains a spectrum of flavonoids which reduce inflammatory effects and decrease oxidative stress


Cocoa Powder/Theobromine


Theobromine is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in chocolate

The many benefits to supplementing with Theobromine include cognitive enhancement, decreased blood pressure, weight loss and fat loss

Theobromine is included in the ECA SHRED mixture is because of its positive effects on weight loss and fat loss

Research studies have shown that theobromine facilitates fat burning and suppresses fat assimilation

A major bonus is it will help prevent fat storage, so you won’t be on the lose/gain treadmill with your weight


Caffeine Anhydrous (100 mg.)


  • Caffeine use is wide spread and long used
  • It is one of the most studied dietary supplements
  • Caffeine works as a central nervous and a metabolic stimulant
  • It has shown improved physical performance, enhanced endurance, and better cognitive function
  • On its own, it will increase your resting metabolic rate and your amount of calories burned
  • It partners with adrenaline to promote the oxidation of fats


Dicaffeine Malate


  • Infinergy is a precise combination of caffeine and malic acid fused together by an ionic bond
  • The malic acid in this fusion acts as a buffer to the salts in caffeine
  • This results in easier digestion plus it will restore the energy boost from caffeine
  • In turn, this action helps to prevent the anticipated energy lapse you experience after ingesting caffeine


Bitter Orange Extract


Synephrine is an alkaloid found in the Bitter Orange plant

Synephrine’s molecular structure resembles that of ephedrine

Synephrine functions as an alpha-androgenic antagonist (mimics the action of epinephrine and norepinephrine ) similar to ephedrine

It is much less impactful on the central nervous system

It does not result in the same negative side effects that ephedrine supplementation can cause

Synephrine binds to receptors in fat tissue and increases lipolysis (the mobilization of stored energy) and thermogenesis (the process of heat production)




  • Cocoabuterol is an extract of cocoa containing concentrated beneficial polyphenols and alkaloids (see below for more about those)
  • Cocoabuterol not only supports fat loss, but in addition it has the uncanny ability to redirect where the body harvests its resources
  • Cocoabuterol targets the fat tissues for fuel.
  • Thus endurance is enhanced by preserving glycogen stores
  • Your body becomes more efficient at burning stored fat




  • BioPerine is a patented extract of black pepper that contains the active compound piperine
  • This pepper extract is included in sports supplements to enhance the bioavailability of other ingredients in formulas
  • BioPerine works by increasing the assimilation rates of whatever it’s combined with
  • Example – you will often see BioPerene in turmeric supplements (a wonderful anti-inflammatory vegetable)




  • Rauwolscine is an alkaloid compound naturally found in the bark of the evergreen rauvolfia tree
  • Rauwolscine provides an effect that is very similar to yohimbine
  • Its alternate name is alpha-yohimbine because its chemical action is similar
  • It increases fat burning by blocking the alpha-2 receptors in fat cells
  • Studies have revealed that when you block the activity of alpha-2 receptors, the body burns off stored fat faster, particularly in stubborn body fat areas


A couple of references:


Polyphenols are a large family of naturally occurring organic compounds characterized by multiples of phenol units. They are abundant in plants and structurally diverse. – wikipedia



Alkaloids have a long description, click on the title if you would like to read more about those.


Reverse Your Metabolic Syndrome


In addition to exercise and supplementation, when your circumstances change, your brain chemicals change, your hormones change and your energy levels can drop significantly.


One more thing you can do is cut back on the “white foods” in your diet. eliminate sweets, junk foods (usually laced with trans fats and fried with added sugars) and alcohol from your meals.


It may only take a few days until your metabolic syndrome  – which is an ongoing condition where your body burns sugars, i.e. carbohydrates, for fuel, converts to burning fats.


So what might be belly fat burning food​ for lunch?

  • Tuna or salmon salad
  • Egg salad on lettuce (if you didn’t have eggs for breakfast)
  • Chicken or turkey wrapped in romaine lettuce
  • Tuna or chicken with “zoodles” (noodles made from zucchini)


 I hope those tips about natural fat burning supplements women and men use daily  help with your exercise/supplement/diet routines.

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What Is The Fastest Way To Burn Fat – All Day Shred



What Is The Fastest Way To Burn Fat – All Day Shred


Image by 5132824 from Pixabay

What is the fastest way to burn fat? 

Have you ever wondered what is the fastest way to burn fat, and not gain your fat back?


You’d probably prefer to work out and lose fat safely, right? 


What is the fastest way to burn fat?


What is the best pill to lose weight fast?

There is real science behind this fat burning formula. In fact, there are FOUR blends in this product to keep you burning fat while maintaining health.

All Day Shred

what is the fastest way to burn fat


what is the fastest way to burn fat

Fat Releasing Blend


  • This blend contains ingredients scientifically proven to use your fat for fuel – your stored body fat
  • Forskolin – 30 males in a clinical trial who took a daily forskolin supplement lost significantly more fat then those taking a placebo
  • Grains of paradise extract has shown clinically to increase whole-body calorie burn and reduces visceral fat in humans (see info on visceral fat below)
  • PQQ decreases insulin resistance by increasing mitochondrial activity in muscle cells

Fat Oxidation Blend


  • Taurine regulates fluid balance, increases nutrient delivery so your body burns fat at an efficient rate
  • CLA has been clinically shown to burn fat and decrease new body fat formation, no regaining any of the fat you lost
  • L-carnitine is an amino acid that performs a vital role in moving fatty acids into your cells’ mitochondria, your energy burning factories
  • L-carnitine revs up the engines in your muscle cells, fueling up the fats to create usable energy
  • Green tea is an aid to the body’s metabolic efficiency, resulting in fat loss
This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.

Thyroid Support Blend


  • The thyroid regulates your metabolism
  • With a typical modern diet, your metabolism slows down from too much starch and bad fats
  • It’s like an engine that can only idle, and fat loss inches along at a snail’s pace
  • Avoid the thyroid drugs that’s professional bodybuilders use before competitions
  • T3 and T4 can cause serious side effects and long-term complications
  • Instead, use 3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine (3,5-T2) that increase your rate of metabolism without side effects
  • Iodine is an essential trace mineral with which body manufacture the thyroid hormones TSH, T3 and T4.


Vitamin/Mineral Enhancement


B vitamins play a vital part in energy metabolism in your body

Lack of one of the B vitamins can interfere with metabolism

Vitamin B2 helps break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and triggers essential chemical conversions of carbohydrates into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), producing energy

B12 is essential for transforming fats to fuel

Vitamin B12 needs vitamin B6 and folic acid to work correctly

You must obtain them from foods or supplements

Ingesting adequate amounts of B vitamins will help to produce vibrant health and may even prevent and treat chronic diseases


If this is a new topic for you, you may enjoy this syndicated article.

Will Fat Burning Supplements Reduce Body Fat? by Dean James


The ads are everywhere, on TV, the Internet, even in your mailbox, constantly telling you how thousands of people have lost unfathomable amounts of body fat in just a few days, weeks or overnight, simply by using fat burning supplements. These ads show before and after pictures of what we believe are common everyday people like us, showing off their new and improved trim body. However, is this all real, or on the other hand, is it just a lot of photo trickery and hype? A lot of confusion surrounds these claims and it becomes difficult to make an educated choice. These advertisers are playing on your desperation to reduce your body fat, and they know that you will most likely spend your hard-earned money on any miracle cure.

Some supplements have become the 21st century’s answer to the snake oil salesman of the early 20th century. Unscrupulous salesman would travel from town to town selling elixirs or tonics in bottles, proclaiming to cure everything from baldness to indolence.

A brief education and understanding of body fat will help you understand what can and can not work. A little knowledge now can save you a lot of dollars later.

Excess body fat is stored as energy in the body. If you do not utilize this stored energy in a short period, it will become fat. It tends to accumulate primarily in the stomach region. Your body is very intelligent and works in an orderly fashion; it stores fat proportionately throughout your body. Once your body has filled in the torso area, it will begin storing fat in other primary areas, such as your legs, arms, and buttocks. Once these primary areas are full, storage will occur in secondary areas such as around organs (which can be very dangerous). This proportional storing of fat will begin back at the stomach area once all the initial storage areas have reached a certain point.

Continuing to consume food that your body can not use will result in accumulation. Supplements may serve several different purposes and you need to determine for which purpose you are taking the supplement. Are you taking a supplement for its nutritional value, its ability to curb your appetite or to enhance your stamina and endurance? While many different supplements will perform different jobs Two very important and primary considerations should be does the fat burning supplement make unrealistic claims. Moreover, is this fat burning supplement safe?

If the advertisement for a particular supplement claims you can still eat anything you want and lose weight, caution should be exercised, as no supplement will allow you to continue consuming thousands of calories (from ice cream, chocolate and high fat foods) while miraculously melting away body fat. Safety is an important concern; even if the supplement is herbal or natural, an ‘overdose’ of certain natural herbs can have an adverse effect on your body. You should do a thorough investigation on any fat burning supplement you are interested in, to make sure it is safe for you.

You should not expect miracles from any fat burning supplement, as there is no replacement to a modified diet and a good exercise routine. Supplements will be more effective to reduce body fat if you combine them with a healthy diet and exercise program. If you decide not to use supplements, consider a natural approach by getting a fat burning guide, easily found online and downloadable in eBook format. These guides will give you a step-by-step plan to reducing body fat, and they are much safer, less expensive, and more effective than supplements.

Read more information about nutrition and exercise to burn off that fat and get the body you’ve always dreamed of. Check out this Warp Speed Fat Loss Review and learn more about tried-and-tested fat burning programs at => http://www.burnfatreports.com

Article Source

Visceral Fat

“Visceral fat or abdominal fat (also known as organ fat or intra-abdominal fat) is located inside the abdominal cavity, packed between the organs (stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, etc.). Visceral fat is different from subcutaneous fat underneath the skin, and intramuscular fat interspersed in skeletal muscles. Fat in the lower body, as in thighs and buttocks, is subcutaneous and is not consistently spaced tissue, whereas fat in the abdomen is mostly visceral and semi-fluid…


Men are more likely to have fat stored in the abdomen due to sex hormone differences.” – wikipedia

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Best Salon Care Hair Products – Nutree Professional


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Wouldn’t you love to have the best salon care hair products and learn how to do the brazilian blowout at home?

This Brazilian company’s hair product line has gained popularity in the US and is now available in this country.




  • ACAI


The vendor states:

“Featuring an Anti-Residue Shampoo, Brazilian Smoothing Treatment and Brazilian Intensive Hair Mask, this 3-step system uses keratin and antioxidants (like acai and cocoa) to help rebuild and smooth out the hair structure for a sleek look that will last up to 16 weeks.”


Professional hairstylists recommend a formaldehyde-free product, which this one is.


“In view of its widespread use, toxicity, and volatility, formaldehyde poses a significant danger to human health.” – wikipedia

Why use Nutree Professional instead of ironing your hair?


My highlights below answer this question. You can easily scan through them.


Some customers use their flat iron in certain parts of their hair, but many do not iron their hair anymore.


Some say they need a mask for part of this process because their eyes water. Well, this is a salon product, so no surprise with that.


If you love your flat iron, you may benefit from the information shared below.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.

How to Protect Your Hair When Using a Flat Iron by Grace L

When using heat styling tools on your hair, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your hair or you could end up with some very undesirable results.

Many people do not realize that even the highest quality professional ceramic and tourmaline flat irons can have a damaging effect on your hair if used incorrectly or too frequently, or if your hair is not adequately protected. Heat damage to your hair is hard to repair, and most of the time you will have to cut your hair to get rid of the damage.

As you probably know, temporarily straightening your hair with a flat iron is done by applying heated plates to the length of your hair. The heat straightens your hair by breaking and then reforming the hydrogen bonds in the inside of your hair. When the right precautions are not taken, this can harm your hair’s outer protective layer causing weakness and breakage.

Flat ironing your hair (or any type of heat styling) can cause two different types of damage to your hair cuticle. The kind of damage that occurs depends on whether your hair is styled while it is wet or dry. There are products that can be used to make the damage appear less noticeable, but your hair is not able to “heal”, so the damage never actually goes away until you cut your hair.

  • Heat styling dry hair causes radial and axial cracking along the edges of the hair cuticle, which makes your hair weaker and can lead to breakage, chipping and split ends. Most of the time these effects are severe enough that they cannot be reversed and you would have to cut your hair to get rid of the damage.
  • Heat styling wet or damp hair causes the water in the hair to explode out in little moisture bursts. This causes a buckling and bubbling effect on the hair cuticle along the entire length of your hair, and has the appearance of a blister when you look at it closely.

Since heat damage to your hair is hard (if not impossible) to repair, it’s much easier to try to avoid it altogether. Heat styling, when done properly, can cause only minimal damage that you won’t even be able to notice. It is possible to flat iron your hair and keep it healthy, shiny, and smooth at the same time! Here are some tips for reducing heat damage when using a ceramic flat iron:

  • Do not flat iron (or heat style) your hair every day. The more frequently you do it, the more damage you are causing to your hair. It has been recommended by dermatologists to not straighten your hair more than three times a week.
  • Make sure your hair is moisturized! Before you style, wash your hair with a good moisturizing shampoo and use a good conditioner that restores moisture to the hair shaft. You can also use a leave-in conditioner for added moisture and protection. It is also a good idea to do a restorative deep conditioning treatment on your hair once a week.
  • When you have the time, do not blow dry your hair, and let it air dry before you flat iron it. Wet hair is much more susceptible to damage than dry hair is, and applying the heat of a blow dryer while your hair is wet can cause distress. It can also over-dry your hair, making it appear dull and brittle.
  • If you don’t have the time to let your hair dry naturally and you must blow dry it (use an ionic blow dryer if possible), make sure you use a protective spray all throughout your hair, and use the cool setting on your hair dryer.
  • Before you begin to flat iron your hair, make sure it is completely dry (unless you are using a wet-to-dry flat iron). Wet hair and heat are not a good combination because your hair is weaker when it is wet and it can be damaged more easily.
  • After all moisture is gone from your hair, smooth in a heat protectant product. These are oils and serums that give your hair an extra defense against the heat and add a layer of protection between your hair and the flat iron. They also make your hair more manageable and shiny.
  • Use a flat iron with variable temperature controls, so you can decide how hot you want it to be. Use the lowest heat setting possible that will get the job done.
  • Use a high quality flat iron with ceramic or tourmaline plates instead of metal plates. Ceramic and tourmaline materials produce far-infrared heat and negative ions that lock in your hairs natural oils and moisture to prevent it from drying out. Ceramic and tourmaline flat irons are also better at combating frizz, and also give you much sleeker and smoother results than a metal flat iron. It is definitely worth it to spend more money on a quality flat iron that will not cause nearly as much damage.

Although damage to your hair cannot be completely prevented if you intend to use heat styling tools, it can be drastically reduced if you take the steps to protect your hair. Flat irons enable women of all hair types and textures to have beautiful straight and silky hair, and if you are going to use one just make sure you protect your hair!

Article Source


Prepared Food Delivery Programs – Which One Really Works?


How To Reduce Plastic Use In The Home – No More Throw Away Bags

How-To-Reduce-Plastic-Waste-In-The-Home - green beans in plastic bag

Image by ToddTrumble from Pixabay

How To Reduce Plastic Use In The Home

Can silicone replace plastic in the home, especially the kitchen? Many people want to know how to reduce plastic use in the home.


What about all those plastic food storage bags that we use for everything, right?


And why?

  • They take up less room than tubs in the fridge or freezer
  • They are all too handy for taking lunch to work in, and then just throw away
  • Same for hiking, picnicking,  – light to carry, and throw away
  • Great for traveling light, separating small garments and items in a carry-on bag


Have you ever noticed how many you use in a week?


CLICK to Amazon –  reusable silicone food storage bags!


What Is Silicone?


“A silicone or polysiloxane are polymers made up of siloxane (−R2Si−O−SiR2−, where R = organic group). They are typically colorless, oils or rubber-like substances. Silicones are used in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medicine, cooking utensils, and thermal and electrical insulation. ” – wikipedia


Traditionally, silicone has been used for a variety of kitchen products.


Silicone has become a common product in kitchenware, particularly for baking and everyday kitchen utensils.


It is an insulator in protective oven gloves and potholders. Silicone oven mitts are effective with temperatures up to 260 °C (500 °F), making it possible to reach into boiling water.


Silicone makes excellent molds for cooking chocolate, making ice, plus cookies, muffins, and many other foods.


It is a non-stick liner for baking pans and reusable mats used on baking sheets.


You’ll see it commonly used in other items like vegetable steamers, egg boilers or poachers, cookware lids, trivets, and kitchen mats.


Now we can get silicone food storage bags in various sizes, that seal well.


This is the way we can reduce and maybe eliminate plastic use in the home.


Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Zero Waste Kit | 21 pcs Premium Set for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle | 6 pcs Silicone Stretch Lids, 6 pcs Reusable Food Storage Bags, 6 pcs Mesh Grocery Bags, 3 pcs Beeswax Wraps in Various Sizes


Wow! Save hundreds of dollars that you will spend on plastic bags, plastic wrap, plastic tubs, and more!


Reuse hundreds of times!


Product arrives in a compostable carton! (You DO compost, don’t you?)


The mesh grocery bags are made from cotton. They are easily washed.


Stasher 100% Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag, Aqua (4-Piece Bundle Set) | Plastic Free Lunch Bag | Cook, Store, Sous Vide, or Freeze | Leakproof, Dishwasher-Safe, Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic



This product is made from 100% platinum food-grade silicone. The items are safely used in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, boiling water, and oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


The bags seal well and will not leak.


If you take a sandwich to work you can microwave it and have a warm meal.


Choose from thirteen colors!


This package consists of:

  • 1 of half-gallon size 10. 25” x 8. 25” x 1. 5” (64. 2oz)
  • 2 of sandwich size 7. 5” x 7. 5” x 1” (15oz)
  • 1 of snack size 4. 5” x 7. 5” x 1” (9. 9oz)


Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bag, Sandwich Bag, Snack Bag and 1/2 Gallon Bag, Sous Vide Bag, Storage Bag (Clear, 3 Pack)



Stasher bags contain no petroleum, no PVC, and no latex. These bags can go into the top dishwasher rack, or be hand washed with warm soapy water.


Reusable Food Bags,Silicone Food Bags Set,Multi-Purpose High Temperature Resistance Food Storage Bags Fruits Vegetables Meat Storage Bags Food Freezer Bags Can Be Used In Microwave Dishwashers (4Pack)




These bags can be safely used in microwave ovens, refrigerators, toasters, steamers, boiling water and freezer.

 These are so handy for preserving cakes, breads, jellies, ready-to-eat foods, chocolates, sandwiches, and meats. They will not leak the juices from your foods.


These are perfect for carrying fruit or lunch to school or work.


This is a great as a way to save money and stop polluting the environment.



Reusable Silicone Food Storage 4/5 Gallon Heavy Duty Ziplock Dishwasher Safe Bag (2 x 101 Oz) Stand-Up Flat Bottom Microwave Freezer Bags For raw meats, marinates



Yes, this bag will stand up on its flat bottom. This makes it very easy to use for marinades.


It will come inside out, easily, for thorough cleaning.


No more freezer burn – they seal well.


The vendor states: “Our silicone bags are manufactured in China within an FDA registered and approved facility/factory and also ISO9001 audited. Our product itself is FDA,BPA-Free certified and all of them are fully inspected pre-sale.”

5 more top-rated silicone kitchen products.

Sponge cake type SLC1 Yaki Tomica silicon (japan import)


how to reduce plastic use in the home - sponge cake


The vendor states:

“The SKATER Co., Ltd. has been granted product commercialization licenses by character licensors such as Sanrio, Takara Tomy and Disney, and produces and distributes lunch boxes and water bottles for children.”

Winco Silicone Baking Mat, 15-3/8 by 21-1/2-Inch, Set of 10



This baking mat is hand wash only. Wash when hot and it will easily come clean.


This mat fits large 2/3 commercial pans.Great for making toffee and other extremely sticky foods.




Ohequbao Non-Stick Silicone Baking, Pyramid Healthy Cooking Oven Mat, Red,Black




  • Made of food grade silicone
  • Odorless, nontoxic, BPA free and safe for the whole family to use.
  • Non stick – use it in freezer, oven and microwave up to 428F
  • Reduced fat cooking:Baking mat with specially designed 500 silicone pyramids – air circulates evenly from top to bottom and around the food, drips away fat and grease so, no flipping and turning required, leaving you with a delicious healthy meal.
  • Easy Storage: This 15. 1 x 10. 6 inch Silicone Baking Mat can be easily cut to size
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Trim to fit the size of your oven.
  • Clean in the dishwasher or can be washed by hand with soap and water 


Enjoy the benefits of healthier cooking — Your food will be more crisp, and juicy.


Plce your food on this raised cone shaped pan while baking. The fat and oil drips away from the food, and it won’t stick to the baking tray.


This silicone bake mat that will not melt, tear or wear off due to normal use. 



Silicone Baking Molds, Pans and Utensils (Set of 13) by Boxiki Kitchen | Silicone Cake Pan, Brownie Pan, Loaf Pan, Muffin Mold, 2 Spatulas, Brush and 6 Measuring Spoons


180 RECIPES INCLUDED – get 3 Free eBooks with your purchase. The best 65 cake recipes, 50 cupcake recipes, 65 loaf/bread recipes that are delicious, simple and healthy.


Silpat ADN800585-00 Roul’ Pat Perfect Pastry Jumbo Size Non-Stick Silicone Countertop Workstation Mat, 23″ x 31.5″



  • Non-stick surface allows for easy food release, making clean up fast
  • Made with a backing which prevents it from slipping or moving around while you’re at work
  • Perfect for rolling and kneading dough or working with sugar art, chocolate, fondant, caramel and candy
  • Can also be used a work surface mat for craft projects involving glue, permanent markers, and other messy projects
  • Generous sized mat measures 23″ x 31.5″
  •  NOT to be used as a baking mat – not an oven safe product
  • Durable and reusable for thousand times – just rinse with soapy hot water after use and lay flat or hang to dry
  • Lay flat or roll to store



The following is a contributed article about plastics, and why it is imperative that we reduce our use of plastics as much as possible.

Reducing Plastic Use at Home by Dan G. Carter

Most of the products we buy are either made of plastic or come encased in plastic for protection or transport. Add to the fact that most of us use plastic bags from our local stores, plastic pop bottles, or in some cases plastic furniture and you can see how plastic is everywhere. Unfortunately however plastic is not very recyclable and while certain things like pop bottles and bags can be reprocessed furniture cannot.

Certain plastics also contain harmful components that when exposed to in low quantities do not cause a problem but over time can cause health issues. One thing to remember is that plastics from all categories are not biodegradable and take centuries to break down. This means that the less plastic you use in your home the better off the environment will be both in the short and long terms. But how do you go about reducing your plastic consumption?

First you can recycle what plastics that you can. Bags and bottles are the most common form of plastic waste but also the easiest to recycle. Many recycling centers will take them and some major grocery stores have collection bins. If recycling isn’t an option then you need to limit your use as much as possible. Many stores offer fabric bags as an alternative to paper or plastic. These are a bit more expensive but they can be reused repeatedly.

Some of them can even be washed if they become stained making them a very long term investment. You can reduce your use of pop bottles via one of two methods. Either buy a larger bottle instead of multiple smaller ones, or buy canned pop. Cans are made out of aluminum which is one of the easier metals to recycle making them a viable alternative.

As for products however reducing your plastic use can be a bit difficult. Consumers have no control over what a company chooses to wrap their product in but for certain items you can find alternatives. Not all products come wrapped in plastic and some may come in a good old fashioned cardboard box, which can be recycled or reused after you’re through unpacking. That is provided you don’t have to destroy the box just to get to the product.

Plastic use in the home is not just limited to products however. There are many components of our home and appliances that are made out of plastic. It can be hard or impossible to do without these and there are few alternatives. However if you have the money to invest there are a few ways to reduce your plastic usage in this category as well.

You can buy utensils and kitchen appliances that are made out of metal instead of plastic. Alternatively you can use wooden cooking bowels or wooden silverware. Believe it or not you can still find high quality wooden silverware that is often hand carved. It’s bit expensive but 100% natural and non toxic.

Reducing your plastic use is no easy task. Many of the products, utensils, and appliances in our homes are either made from or encased in plastic. But cutting corners here and recycling what you can there does make a difference in the long run. Just remember that there are always alternative products and packaging methods to look for, they just might take a little while to find.

Dan Carter writes for the Solar Power House website, specializing in solar power kits [http://www.solarpowerhouse.org].

Article Source

Note: Author’s link has expired on original publication.

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