10 Best Home Carpet Cleaning Machines 2020

best home carpet cleaning machines

Image by Bernhard Ugrinovich from Pixabay

10 Best Home Carpet Cleaning Machines 2020

There is a variety of home carpet cleaning machines to make your life easier. 

Depending on the size of your home, and your storage area, there is a machine that will be a fit for you.

Have kids – and pets? A high-traffic household means high maintenance!

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Choose your carpet cleaner from these below, and save on your time and exertion. Also, be assured that your kids can relax on your carpeting, and you can relax knowing that it is clean.

UPDATE: I’m adding a couple in here today that are really affordable. In these anxious times of the Covid 19 pandemic, we’re all trying to be cleaner, right? Steam is a good way to go.

The first one below has a hand held attachment which is really ‘handy’ 🙂 for cleaning around faucets et al. Right now it may be almost a month before you get it.It is at a spectacularly good price and has great reviews.

Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro Elite 12 in 1 for Hardwood/Tiles/Vinyl/Carpet – Easy-Detachable Handheld Steam Cleaner for Kitchen – Garment – Furniture and Clothes, Multifunctional Whole House Steamer


LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop, Powerful Floor Steamer Cleaner Mopper with Automatic Steam Control for Hardfloor, Laminate, Tile, Grout and Carpet, S7338 (White Violet)


This one can be delivered sooner (at the time of this writing). It has good reviews too, but no hand held option. 



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Karcher Puzzi 100 Carpet Cleaner with Floor and Upholstery tool


A few years ago my boss bought this unit, an alternative to paying for a carpet service for his office that never quite got the flooring clean.

He was very happy with the results. The unit did not take up much storage space at home. Plus, he has a dog and a white carpet in his living room, so this machine has more than paid for itself, for him.

This powered-up spray extraction unit is manufactured for easy, efficient deep cleaning.

It can be used for carpets, upholstery and textile flooring.

Exceptional at many applications, the Puzzi has added features resulting in the machine’s use being even quicker and easier.

With its powerful 14.5 psi spray rate, the water and detergent solution is applied to the area being shampooed and then picked up immediately by the vacuum nozzle.

Cleaned surfaces can be walked on almost immediately. Little residual moisture remains in the carpet fibers.

Drying up to 63% faster than those cleaned with other comparable products, this reduces your down time at home or your office.

With this spray and instant extraction method, the mix of the cleaning solution reaches deep into the carpet fabric and is simultaneously vacuumed back again.

Dirt is removed in one high-powered pass which helps carpets dry very quickly.

The rubber cushioned pump / turbine module used solution  receptacle is easily removed.

The handle on the floor nozzle is adjustable.

Bissell BG10 BigGreen Shampooer with Upholstery Tool and Hose, GoodVac Microfiber Cloth, 32 Ounce Shampoo


One user reports saving a $450.00 carpet that was scheduled for the trash. After pet stains and an accumulated smell disappeared at its first cleaning,  the customer was delighted with the results.

Mention of the Big Green Carpet Cleaner, 128 oz, Bottle, 9 to 9.8 pH as a superior and residue free result gets Five Stars. 

One user with low back problems reports “I get no back pain using this machine. It fits tall people up to 6’2”. 

That is important with a heavy machine like this one. Heavy equals power however, and the suction is excellent. Your carpet will dry within hours, instead of a whole day. 


Rug Doctor 95735 Wide Track Carpet Cleaner with Upholstery Cleaner


No Assembly Required!

This unit has a folding handle making it easier to store.

It also has a universal hand tool for shampooing upholstery.

6 inch Wheels and a wide track make this sturdy machine easy to move around.

Time to stop renting! Clean your carpets and furniture with your choice of solution and enjoy your clean and fresh home.

SEBO Duo – 9401AM Carpet Cleaner by Sebo


The immediate appeal of this unit is the smaller size and easy to use 13 pound weight.  The convenience of the dry cleaning method is a big plus too.

Using a powder to clean, and to use as a spot checker or doing the whole carpet, makes this less complicated for your busy schedules.

One user cleans her carpets every 4-6 weeks. With kids in the house, and a large dog, she still gets a clean carpet in under an hour’s time.

Two rolling brushes get deep down into the carpet pile and remove the dirt. The brushes are replaceable at the time that they start to wear.

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine, Lightweight and Quiet Carpet Spotter and Extractor ideal for Auto Detailing, Hotels, Offices and Residential Homes 


A light weight and tanks on sturdy wheels makes this portable machine easy to use in the house and also in your car.

One spray/extractor head is clear, and the floor spray/extractor head is steel. 

Use any low foaming solution with hot water for cleaning your carpets, upholstered chairs, carpeted stairs and other small space areas that a large machine can’t get into.

Great for car seats too. 

The hose is 9 feet long, great for stairs and small spaces.

For spots and small carpeted areas, this handy machine can be pulled out to get  at stains before they become entrenched.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Family Pack; Includes Mighty Pro-Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine, Upholstery Tool


Recommended for use on

  • Carpeted floors
  • Cushions
  • Curtains
  • Area rugs
  • Stairs
  • Car interiors
  • RVs
  • Corners
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Pet beds

Comes with Oxy-Steam Solution and Platinum Professional Spot and Stain Remover 

Perfect for home use and rental property use. One experienced landlord says that the side-to-side brushes are preferable to a rotating brush, to preserve carpet fiber integrity. On a pretreated carpet, this unit will clean with hot water and a little white vinegar, leaving zero residue.

Rug Doctor Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner; Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning Machine


Made in the USA, this unit gets 4.2 Stars as a rating.

It gets raves from a pet owner who got rid of a long time smell with this unit, and saved his carpet.

A housewife loves that it is light (for its type) and easy to store. Way better than the rental inconvenience of picking one up, using it, cleaning it, and returning it.

I couldn’t even get a rental into my small car, and that for many folks, is a factor for buying one.

One Con – it doesn’t reach the edges of a room – a two inch uncleaned stripe is visible.

You can purchase upholstery attachments separately, which will do the edges, stairs, corners and your car quite nicely.

Maybe the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro (one above) for a hundred dollars more and the attachments, is a better buy. It is a slightly heavier machine and takes up a little more storage space.

Yet if you have multiple carpeted rooms, carpeted stairs, and a couple of cars to clean, Mighty Pro may be the better buy.

There was one unhappy buyer because the machine leaked after a few uses, but the return date was past.

I recommend that with all amazon purchases, use them a few times before the return date goes by.

Or, for $30 or $40, buy a protection plan on this kind of machine. 

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550)


No more bending and scrubbing to clean your floors! Don’t do that, it’s bad for your back!

This machine excels in cleaning hard floors. The solution and scrubbing motion does all the work. Rinse the pads right after you use them, then they can go in the washer.

The pads are good for twenty cleanings, then may need to be replaced.

The features of this handy dual purpose machine are:

  • 2 scrub uses – for Hard floors and Carpets
  • 1000 scrubs per minute
  • 7 to 1 Concentrated Non-Toxic Gentle Cleaning Solutions – safe for family & pets
  • Hard Floor Solution, Carpet Solution, Spot Remover and Polish Solution are included
  • Microfiber Washable Pads specialized for Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaning
  • AirGlide Maneuverability, Swivel Steering and Head Lights for easy cleaning

Get the odors and allergens off all your floors!

This light weight easy to maneuver machine is only 18 pounds.

2 and 3 year protection plans are available for $33.99 and $44.99.

At the time of this writing, a refurbished machine offer showed for $139.00.

Hoover Power Scrub + Spot Cleaner Bundle


The vendor states “The only spot cleaner with Self-Clean Technology flushes the hose clean after each use to help prevent odors and bacteria growth, providing a spotless clean inside and out. “

That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

The portable part of this machine duo is useful for spot cleaning, stairs, upholstery and car seats.

The light weight (under nineteen pounds) upright machine has a deep cleaning penetration to get all sides of your carpet fibers.

Note is made of the design, which allows every collection part to be removed and cleaned out easily.

Use your own solution if you prefer, or just hot water. Your carpets will be beautifully cleaned.

With a 4.8 Star rating, this gets a thumbs up for customer service as well.

BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine and Carpet Shampooer, 2085


This small,  light weight (12 pounds) and popular carpet cleaner with the Powerful Bissell oxy-based Formula is purported to remove stains like coffee, wine, grape juice, and pet stains.


What Are The Best Cleaning Solutions For Carpet Cleaners?

Everyone has their own sense of smell, ideas about what is cleanest, and wants the best for their home.

I remember when before my boss bought the Karcher Puzzi, the first cleaner on this page, he hired a company who prepped the carpet with a smelly solution that was so bad my eyes watered and stung, and I had to prop open the front door. That didn’t even work and I locked up and went home. 

Later when my boss did the carpet cleaning himself, he used hot water and vinegar to prevent the residue that collects dirt onto a clean carpet.

So really what is the best? There are many to choose from. There are stain removers and odor removers.

Most brands offer at least a sample of their own solution with a purchase. 

Here are a few for you to view. 

NaturOli Extreme 18X Soap Nuts/Soap Berry Liquid Organic Laundry Soap, (3 Pack) Natural HE Detergent & All-Purpose Cleaner. Super-Concentrated, Sulfate-Free. Unscented.


If you choose to go this natural, you can add your favorite scents each time you clean, with essential oils. 

Cliganic USDA Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set (8 Pack), 100% Pure Natural


Labeling of essential oils is not standardized, so you may want to opt for the USDA Organic, to get the best quality.

Harvard Chemical 510 Pet Stainoff Enzymatic Pet Stain and Odor Remover, Bubblegum Odor, 1 Gallon Bottle, Milky White (Case of 4)


Whoa! Bubble Gum odor! Just so you know…

1 Each- 128 oz. Bottle- Soap Free PROCYON Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Concentrate. Will clean approximately 10,000 sq. ft. per each unit.


Hoover Oxy Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo, Concentrated Machine Cleaner Solution, 50oz Formula, AH30950, White


Chemical Guys CWS_103 Fabric Clean Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo and Odor Eliminator (1 Gal)


Aunt Fannies Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner Lime Mint, 32 Ounce


If you are going to buy the dual carpet and hard floor cleaner, or if the fresh scent in this product will appeal to you, here is an almost natural floor cleaning solution. 

If you are a new customer for the best home carpet cleaning machines, here is some information:

Comparing Carpet Cleaning Machines by Felix Goh

Keeping your home carpet clean and hygienic is one of your responsibilities especially if you have young children at home. It is something you must not neglect regardless of how tough it is to care for your carpets. Nevertheless, there are options that can help you lighten the difficulty of this task. Getting a carpet cleaning machine for your home will guarantee you an easier time cleaning those carpets. With such a broad variety of cleaning machines and equipments available out there, you will have to decide what kind of cleaning you are doing most of the time, as well as the budget you set for purchasing the machine. If you are doing more of everyday cleaning, a vacuum will be ideal as it is one of the more reasonably priced tools. When it comes to heavier and deeper cleaning, you can either hire professional services or rent cleaning machines depending on your budget. For those that have higher budget and larger storage space at home, you may even consider buying the professional cleaning machine to save the trouble of renting.

There are many models of carpet cleaning machines. Before you decide which one to get, you should take a look at the various types to have a better idea of what you really need for your home carpet. Vacuum cleaners will be the most common and easiest way when it comes to carpet cleaning. Because it is so common, the prices of such equipments are inexpensive. The two main designs of a vacuum cleaner are the standard upright and the portable canister. Upright vacuums move over the carpet smoothly to remove dust and dirt while the canister vacuums allow you to vacuum other furniture such as your couch or mattresses. If you go for basic maintenance, vacuum cleaners would be the preferred choice.

Another machine for carpet cleaning is known as the carpet shampooers. They are quite similar to vacuum cleaners apart from the tank that is attached to it. This tank contains the shampoo solution which is meant for deep cleaning such as removing stains or soiling. Carpet shampooer machines are often used by professionals or rental agencies and are unlikely to be bought for home use as shampooing of carpets are not always necessary. If your carpets are prone to spills and soiling, there are other models for home use available. One of them will be the steam carpet cleaning machine. This machine is comparable with the carpet shampooers except that they are much cheaper in price. Steam cleaners use a liquid cleaning solution combined with hot water and it is turned into steam while on the carpet. Rotating brushes and an extractor can be found in the machine. The brushes remove the dirty particles while the extractor is used for sucking up the filthy residue. In addition, a steam cleaner comes with a heater element that is required to dry the carpet after the stains have been cleared.

Besides the above cleaning machines, there is also the dry carpet cleaning machine. It is one of the most time consuming way to use it for carpet cleaning. This is because such machines require a lot of work and are therefore not recommended by many. The carpet needs to be vacuumed first, followed by pre-cleaning with a stain remover and then with the dry carpet cleaner. After brushing the area with the dry carpet cleaner, you will have to vacuum the area again to remove the remaining dirt. As compared to the other machines, it is also considered relatively expensive and not the ideal choice for cleaning carpets.

Regardless of the size of your carpet area, it is a matter of time that you have to invest in one of those carpet cleaning machines. While deciding which one to get, you have to consider the features of your home carpet as well as the functions of the various cleaning machines.

Visit my site for more information on home carpet cleaning machines [http://www.homecarpetcleaningmachines.com/best-carpet-cleaning-machines/information-on-home-carpet-cleaning-machines/]. You will be able to compare the various brands of carpet cleaning machines [http://www.homecarpetcleaningmachines.com/] and find the one that suits you the best.

Article Source

Note: author’s links were removed at Source.

Natural Remedies For Pet Urine Stains by L. D. Harris

“If you are a pet owner, chances are that your cat or dog has had at least one accident. Urine, feces and vomit stains are par for the course if you are the owner of an untrained puppy or kitten. There are many ways to prevent pet stains and odor and the wise pet owner will search out information on good house-breaking and litter-training techniques. The diet and health of your cat or dog are also a strong part of the equation. Responsible pet owners are those who are willing to visit and consult with a veterinarian on a regular basis to ensure they are taking the necessary steps to maintain the health of their pets.

When accidents happen, it is important to remove as much of the solid matter as possible. A large metal spatula without holes set aside for only this purpose is an invaluable and inexpensive removal tool. Make sure to label the spatula for pet use only so that it doesn’t find itself in the general population of your kitchen utensils! For vomit and feces, the spatula is effective in scraping the solid matter off in an efficient way. Make sure to have a plastic garbage bag handy to dump the mess into. This method works well even for watery messes and can prevent a lot of matter from soaking into carpeting or rugs.

The next step in pet stain removal is to try to absorb or suction up the liquid matter left over from messier feces or vomit and from urination accidents. To effectively absorb liquid from carpeting or rugs, the best method is to use an old towel or several thicknesses of paper toweling or toilet paper. Layering a plastic bag over the towels or toilet paper protects your hand or foot from becoming soiled when pressing the area to wick up the liquid. It is recommended that fresh towels or toilet paper be applied again and pressed into the spot until the majority of the liquid has been absorbed. The other method of liquid removal is to literally suck it up with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner or a carpet extractor/carpet cleaner.

When as much solid and liquid matter as possible has been removed, the process of cleaning and deodorizing the pet stain can begin. There are many home remedies touted by people and some work better than others. Baking soda is useful to some extent, but is easily overpowered by most pet stains and odors. The white residue left behind can be permanent and harder itself to remove, especially on colored carpeting and rugs. Vinegar is a known deodorizer as well, but the acidic nature of it can intensify when it mixes with urine stains, making the original smell even worse. Other home concoctions can include things like hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and bleach which wreak havoc on carpeting and can leave many surfaces discolored and faded. Some of these combination’s are also toxic and can be dangerous to both people and pets if used indiscriminately.

The best natural remedy for pet stains and spots are enzymes that are applied to the stain and allowed to digest the organic material that is the result of cat or dog accidents. These can take up to 24 hours to work and may need to be reapplied, but the results are worth it. The enzyme based products work by actually removing the root of the problem rather than just masking over it. Enzyme products are also very safe for humans and pets and are recommended in homes with children. The scent of enzyme products are also more desirable than other natural remedies and don’t have the chemical smell that commercial solutions posses.

Pet stains [http://www.petstainoff.com] can be difficult to remove. Some natural remedies work well, others don’t. For more information about pet urine stains [http://www.petstainoff.com] please visit the Petstainoff Website.”

Article Source

Note: author’s links were removed at Source.

10 Best Rated Robotic Vacuum Cleaners 2021

best rated robotic vacuum cleaners

10 Best Rated Robotic Vacuum Cleaners 2020


Here, I’m presenting the 10 best robotic vacuum cleaners, 2021.


These devices are also called “botvacs”. When I say best rated, I am gleaning from the 3-4 Star and up reviews given by Amazon customers, at this time of writing.


All products get occasional negative reviews, and I always read them. Why?


To see if the reviewers tried to use the customer service, and how that worked for them.


Most Amazon sellers will bend over backwards to fix a problem. So I go with the three to four + reviewers, regardless of a few bad accounts.


Reading reviews is good for getting the useful information. For example, one customer complained that the vacuum would only run for a small amount of time. Turned out they had it set on “one room” instead of “whole house”.


Take the time when you get your robot vacuum to program it and allow it to map your home. With a unit that doesn’t program, review all the settings and adjust them for your home.


You only have to do this once, even if it takes hours. Still beats hand vacuuming all the time, yes?


Which Of These Smart Wi-Fi Connected Robots Will Clean Your Home?


When you buy the best robotic vacuum cleaner for your home, you will have reviewed:


The size of your home – how many stories or areas need cleaning?


Do you have furry pets? How many, what types of hair, and do they shed seasonally or year round?


How much can you spend? Do you need financing?


Do you want to run your vacuum from your smart phone? Do you want the convenience of controlling your house cleaning from the office, when you unexpectedly find out guests are arriving?

ONE – MIELE Scout RX2 With Home Vision


This expensive vacuum gets praise firstly for being so quiet. That comes up frequently in the reviews.


The other aspect of this machine is the Home Vision – you can see what’s going on in your home when you’re away! Encrypted transmission to your smart phone gives you high security.


Reviewers mention efficient hair removal  from several all year round shedding dogs. That is certainly appealing.


This reminds me of my mom, who was allergic to dogs, but couldn’t live without them. She had four Basset hounds at one point, and she vacuumed every day!


She had an Electrolux canister vacuum, and she even vacuumed the dogs with the brush accessory tool. (They loved the attention).


She used Eucalyptus oil drops on the filter, per the advice of her doctor, to help with the breathing issues.


My goodness she would have loved this device!


The .4 liter dust container is easy to empty. It has an air filter also, another bonus.


This vacuum can adjust automatically to carpet cleaning when it moves off the hard floor.


Pay $61.06/month for 18 months, interest-free with your Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card ” This is what is offered at the time of this writing.


Miele has been producing top quality machines for 120 years. It seems to be leading in the robotic vacuum cleaner field at this time.


The oh-so-quiet factor could be very meaningful for someone who works at home!


This could benefit a household with sleeping babies or napping toddlers too.

TWO – iRobot i7 + (7550) With Automatic Dirt Disposal


This is the top priced package of the i7’s, which includes an extra brush and filter. It also includes the vacuum emptying bin. The robot will empty itself at the bin dock.


With this handy dirt disposal bin, you can go for weeks without attending to this botvac. The bin bag can hold thirty disposals from the device.


This disposal action is quite loud, like a hand dryer unit, but I’m sure it’s worth the high level of convenience infrequent attendance!


On its first use, the i7 will map your home.


You can use voice commands to instruct the machine, with Alexa or the Google Assistant.


The programming options to label rooms, set groups of rooms to be cleaned, separate rooms, or the entire floor of your home, will give you customized vacuuming choices.


Each cleaning area can be set for a specific time.


The i7 will navigate under curtain edges, bed ruffles and couch skirts.

Handy Replacement Kit For i7 and i7 +

THREE – Neato Robotics D7 Connected Laser Guided Smart Robot Vacuum


best rated robotoc vacuum cleaners 2019
Source: Used With permission.


Wouldn’t you love a robotic vacuum cleaner that scans and maps out your entire house?


That cleans in the dark? (Laser technology)


That moves in a grid of straight lines instead of just bumping into walls and bouncing off somewhere?

Get In The Zone


Zone cleaning is one of its smarts.


This botvac is known for good speed – very handy for last minute cleaning jobs!


You can program up to three maps, for each story of your house.


You can program in “avoid” places. We all have a few corners that we kind of have to personally manage, right?


Don’t you love knowing this vacuum can pick up 99% of dust (and dust mites?). If there are allergies in the family, this is especially important. We don’t see the dust that flies around with every step we take, do we?


We run fans, the heating,  or the A/C and we don’t see the dust that rises and floats around. And guess what filters it? Our lungs!


A big plus is that the D-shape allows it to navigate into corners that those round botvacs get bumped off! This improves cleaning along baseboards or the edges of cabinets and other floor reaching  furniture.


Here are two videos to help you connect your device to your phone.

How to Connect your Neato Botvac Connected to your iOS Device

How to Connect your Neato Botvac To Your Android Device


FOURiRobot Roomba 960 Robot

  • W-ifi connected mapping
  • Works with Alexa
  • 99% of dust and pet allergens filtered


Despite a couple of unhappy consumers with extreme pet hair loads, this unit gets 4.1 stars from over eighteen hundred customers. 


Every vacuum cleaner with a clean filter is an air cleaner. And that matters, right?

FIVE – Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner


I really like non-black objects. They don’t look so good in my place and I only get black things when I have to. So many products in electronics only come in black. But that’s just me.


Many people buy for decor as well as technology, including me). And I know I’m not alone. But back to the basics – why get this thing anyway?


Well, how long does it take you to vacuum your entire house? Seriously…carrying a vacuum upstairs, or down a short four inch step to the next room…You don’t need to be straining your back after the nine-to-five job!


If you are a working woman/man, or parent – give yourself a break!


The robot to sort and do your laundry hasn’t been invented yet, has it? You’ll never be lacking for house work to do!


Okay, it’s a bit of an expense but you don’t blink before you buy that new $700.00 smart phone, right?


So now that you have the smart phone, buy your robot vacuum, get the App and go!


The Roborock can mop and wipe, leaving no water streaks. Perfect for your tile floors.


It can crawl over small rises, up to 2cm, or about 3/4 in. It will move easily from hard floors to most carpets.


Regarding all the robot vacuums, reviewers often note that they have problems with some area rugs. Is this because the rugs slide, or have thick fringes? I’m not sure.


Smart APP control: use the Mi Home App for scheduling, map saving, setting no-go zoned& barrier tape, zoned cleaning, spot cleaning, direction control, real-time monitor and customization. ” – Amazon


The video below is a good demo on how this device can be best used.

SIX Xiaomi Mijia


This machine has:

  • Remote activation with Mi Home App
  • Adjustable brushes for all surfaces
  • 2.5 hours cleaning from a full charge
  • One year warranty
  • Replaceable rollers and Hepa filters (for over the years of use)
  • Includes a cleaning tool to get pet hair off the main brush

SEVEN iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity with the iRobot HOME App
  • Connects with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice activation
  • Edge-Sweeping Brush and heavy particle sensors
  • Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head
  • Works on Carpets and Hard Floors
  • 90 minutes of cleaning before it docks to recharge


Over 3500 reviews give this model a 4.1 star rating. Emphasis is on the very satisfactory results of picking up pet hair. Note that the dust bin may have to be emptied more often for heavy pet hair loads, which makes sense, right?


One happy customer says her 2.5 hours a week spent floor cleaning is now reduced to 1-15 minutes!


EIGHT eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)


This vacuum is a real work horse and it is quiet. It is slim, light, and automatically adjusts its suction power as needed.


It comes up as a customer favorite for price and great results. It merits 4.4 stars from over 4000 purchasers!


NINE –ILIFE V8s Robotic Mop&Vacuum Cleaner


Customers who had earlier models of this vacuum praise the upgrades. It is a less expensive robot cleaner, but still gets good reviews for:

  • Ease of popping out brush and removing longer hairs (human)
  • Large dust bin, low maintenance
  • Good battery life after one year’s use


This machine also mops and is recommended for homes with large wood/tile areas. It does not have a middle brush for cleaning carpets. Yet, purchasers don’t complain about its carpet cleaning results.


The manufacturers do NOT recommend it for thicker carpets or thick area rugs.


TENILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power


Under $160.00, and under 6 pounds, this vacuum gets great reviews – 4.1 stars from over 2600 customers.


There is no wifi connectivity. Its merits include a strong engine and good for getting up pet hair.


One OCD (self-appointed) individual with four kids and pets, says it is the best robot vacuum his household has used. The brush needs to be cleaned weekly for best results.


Still, that is easier than coming home and hand vacuuming the house two to three times a week, right? This gentleman has a stay at home wife but he shares the floor cleaning…So…


Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

For History Buffs – Vacuum Cleaner History

The first vacuum cleaners used bellows to blow dust into collector bags. They were developed in the 1860s. Motorized designs hit the markets at the turn of the 20th century, achieving commercial success in the first decade.

In 1860 Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa designed a carpet sweeper with a rotating brush to capture the dust. A bellows created the suction.

An 1869 model, the “Whirlwind”, was invented in Chicago in 1868 by Ives W. McGaffey. It was a bulky hand cranked machine that was difficult to operate, yet it achieved some commercial success. [

In 1876 A similar cleaner was constructed by Melville R. Bissell of Grand Rapids, Michigan, whose company also manufactured carpet sweepers. Bissell remains a popular name, today.

Powered Vacuum Cleaners – Delivered To Your Door

In 1898 John S. Thurman of St. Louis, Missouri submitted a patent (US No. 634,042) for a “pneumatic carpet renovator”. This machine was to blow dust into a receptacle.

Cleaning services would bring such machines to their customers’ residences on a horse-drawn wagon as part of a door to door house cleaning convenience.

In 1901 American inventor David T. Kenney designed an elaborate 4,000 lb. steam engine driven system equipped with pipes and hoses inserted into all parts of a home or building.

antique vacuum cleaner

Eckernfoerde, Germany, 2014 Museum Photo by THomas Quine

The first portable vacuum cleaner aimed at the domestic market was designed in 1905 by Walter Griffiths.

Of note, in 1906 James B. Kirby created his first of a continuing line of vacuums. His “Domestic Cyclone” used water as a dirt filter.

Daisy vacuum cleaner

By Thomas Quine – Antique Daisy vacuum cleaner

Other early portable vacuum cleaner developers were William Henry Hoover in America and Electrolux in Sweden.

Hoover, Kirby, Bissell and Electrolux are names that we know well today.

Fast forward to 1997. Electrolux of Sweden presented the Electrolux Trilobite, the first cordless robotic vacuum cleaner, on the BBC-TV program Tomorrow’ World. It appeared on the consumer market in 2001.

This vacuum cleaner history is from Wikipedia.

Top 10 – The Best Grow Lights For Indoor Plants 2021

best grow lights for indoor plants

Top 10 – The Best Grow Lights For Indoor Plants 2021

Image by MetsikGarden from Pixabay

Growing plants inside has many benefits. Because plants are so popular in house decor, and for indoor gardening, I have outlined the features of the best grow lights for indoor plants.


You may also be looking for the best commercial grow arrays, so read on!


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


Some of the benefits of having plants in your home, home office or business are:

  • Plants exhale oxygen
  • Some indoor plants remove harmful chemicals and gases from the air
  • Plants improve your decor – with color, scent, and multi-textured natural designs
  • Seeing green is good for your brain – increases mental acuity and your feeling of well being (proven)
  • Many plants are food!


Even in smaller kitchens or walled porches, it is easy to grow herbs. There’s  nothing like fresh chopped chives in an omelet, right?


Or fresh basil for pesto sauce?


You can grow more than that if you have the right amount of light.


How high should you hang your grow lights?


Here are some tips.


Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

AcroOptics High Power, Broad Spectrum, Cloud-Enabled, Programmable LED Grow Light F364S for Indoor Plants or Garden


Now you can program and monitor your lights using a mobile app or the on board touchscreen.


Isn’t that so convenient for when you can’t be at home?


More features:

  • Uniform light assured – custom TIR optics ensure  – no hot spots, no dead zones
  • 1,200 PPF Hot Output
  • 6 channel programming gives you the options for multiple day ramping and step functions to activate flowering
  • Cooling is achieved with magnetic bearing fans for maintaining operating temperatures
  • Designed and manufactured in the US, unit comes with a 3 year material defect and workmanship guaranty.


Get the power and spectrum needed for your indoor plants. Be sure you have a uniform and blended light field across your garden area.


This is created with the Total Internal Reflective lenses.


With broad spectrum output from UV through IR, the light can transform your garden from seedlings through fruiting.


Customize your light program to benefit the evolving needs of your plants through the mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) or the on board touchscreen.


All-aluminum housing and stainless steel hardware add durability.


The AcroOptics F364S LED Grow Light is guaranteed against material defect and workmanship for three years from purchase.

Sun System Grow Lights – Grow Beast 208/240V | 3100 K Lamps | – Indoor Fixture for Hydroponic and Greenhouse Use – 2 Philips Green Power Full Spectrum CDM Lamps, and Internal Ballast Included


  • The industry’s first combination LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic) /DE (Double Ended) Fixture
  • The Grow Beast utilizes this cutting edge  brand technology in combination with your preferred high PAR DE Lamp
  • The fixture has 95% reflective textured German aluminum insert and 98% reflective corners for uniform output,  and diffusion

How Does This Work?


The wide throw de reflector features 95% reflective textured German aluminum. De Lamp provides an extremely high photosynthetic photon flux


Stop – what is that?


“In photometry, luminous flux or luminous power is the measure of the perceived power of light. It differs from radiant flux, the measure of the total power of electromagnetic radiation (including infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light), in that luminous flux is adjusted to reflect the varying sensitivity of the human eye to different wavelengths of light. ” – Wikipedia


Okay, go on…


…(ppf) as the lec provides improved full color light spectrum with higher amounts of beneficial UV & far red spectrums.


The material is galvanized steel housing with durable powder-coated finish, and the unit is designed with easy carry handles.


A 20 ft. 240V power cord is included.


It comes with a 15 ft. detachable Lamp cord.


Philips electronic cdm ballasts are built into the fixture.


Two Philips cdm 315 lamps are included.


Double-ended Lamp (600, 750 or 1000 watt) & ballast are not included in this package and  are a separate purchase. One year warranty on lamps.

Kind LED Indoor LED Grow Light K5 Series XL1000 Best LED Grow Light Winner 2017 with Remote and Timer for Plants and Flowers 650W with 12 Band Full Spectrum with UV IR UL Listed | 3 Years of Warranty



This unit solves one of the most common problems that indoor grow LED lights have presented in the past.


Because of historically small footprints, due to small circuit board construction, LED lights have never succeeded in delivering the final harvest weights promised in comparison to their said HPS counterparts.


Uniform lighting in a canopy space is crucial component to your growing results. Kind LED features high quality diodes intensified with secondary optical lenses.


More features:

  • At max PPFD of 720.25 at height of 36′, your garden has the highest available in the market
  • Adjustable spectrum to match vegetative and flowering stages of your plants
  • In addition there is flexibility for specific spectrum control for almost any plant genus in applications such as greenhouse growing and in agriculture operations where crop rotation, or zoning, is practiced
  • All light cycles are programmed and changed from a convenient remote, no bulky fixtures
  • You can mimic the great outdoors like never before seen in indoor growing, simulating dawn the morning and sunset every night, with 8 separately set stages allowing a natural progression of light.  You set these stages to the desired duration and desired spectrum intensities.
  • Each function of the K5 series can be controlled from a convenient remote. It is hard to imagine how people are able  to control spectrum or switch between modes on their lights when they are in the middle of a grow and their light(s) are hanging above a huge canopy of delicate plants without such facility!!! 


Yet, some companies don’t offer this obvious necessity.

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 600 Grow Lights | High Yield Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Light with Bonus Quick Start Guide


  • MADE IN USA, Black Dog LED states it has the most powerful LED grow lights with the largest research-proven uniform footprints
  • COMPACT AND POWERFUL: The intense spectrum of this light array can reach through your garden canopy to nourish growth in the lower leaves and flowers.
  • You will love your harvest results. You can expect best quality flowers with the phytoMAX-2 600 LED grow lights. 
  • You will also see more trichomes, the tiny protuberances on cannabis which contain the nutritious and medicinal cannabinoids.
  • Independent spectroradiometer testing has shown up to 5′ X 5′ (25 square feet!) of flowering footprint coverage! 
  • The unique Phyto-Genesis Spectrum, over 6 years of documented use, outperforms HPS, MH, CMH (LEC), induction, fluorescent, and “white”, so-called “full-spectrum” LEDs in equal wattage tests

TopoGrow 2XLED Grow Tent Complete Kit LED 1800W COB LED Grow Light Kit +120″X60″X80″ Indoor Grow Tent + 8″ Fan&Filter&Ducting Combo Hydroponics Tent System (LED1800W COB, 120″X60″X80″+8″)



This is the largest of four currently available sizes. For multiple plants, this is the right one.


This kit offers you:

  • LED1800W COB Grow Light Kit
  • 1800W output
  • 100-260V Input Voltage
  • AC85~265V, 500W Actual Power Consumption
  • 9PCS 200W high intensity COB (64 3W chip on board)
  • Results in better color uniformity and luminous efficiency, getting superior results in the vegetative stage and blooming stage of your plants
  • This row tent is manufactured from 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar, heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth, 16 mm diameter white paint coated metal rods and 16 mm plastic corners .
  • 8″ fan, filter and ducting combo
  • Filter/8″ Flange: 8″ Flange: 22″H x 11″D, 950 Iodine Adsorption Value
  • Coal Based activated carbon; Fan/120V60HZ; 120V60HZ; 215Watt; 1.83A; 3000RPM; 720CFM; duct φ8″ * 25FT, Galvanized steel Clamps
  • Use for all stages of plant growth, is suitable for indoor house garden, cannabis culture, vegetable garden, sowing, breeding, farm, flower exhibition, bonsai, green house,  water soluble breeding, pipeline cultivation and so on
  • Package: with three boxes, discreet packages
  • Buyers love this tent for fast shipping and easy set up – except for one thing, and it’s important.


The ventilation. Mentions are that there is no instruction. So here are some pointers:



CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum, CF Grow 600 W Dimmable High Intensity LED Plant Grow Lamp Daisy Chain for Indoor Special Plants Greenhouse Seedlings Veg Flower All Stage Growth (600 W)



It wasn’t so long ago that you got “that look” from people if you shared that you were growing a lot of plants indoors, or setting up a greenhouse.


However, we have progressed from that response. Not only are some folks able to grow pot legally, but many want to grow orchids, herbs, salads, and other edibles indoors.


Some want to get a head start on the growing season and plant their seedlings inside or in a greenhouse.


This product offers:


The newest CREE LED grow light is the right one for indoor plants in all stages of growth with FULL SPECTRUM 380nm~780nm, and replaces the 1000W HPS growing lamp.


Each LED chip can reach 120 W of intensity.


These extremely powerful chips provide the best spectrum for your indoor plants, resulting in fast healthy growth.


This CREE COB LED grow light is manufactured by MEAN WELL. This superior quality unit is waterproof to guarantee more stable voltage and longer life of the COB LED chips.


This FULL SPECTRUM led grow light uses the  USA made IDEAL COB Holder and the German WAGO brand connector, components with the highest of reputations.


It will give your garden over 100,000 hours of a light.


Note: the light is very bright, and should not be looked into for a prolonged time. Sunglasses are recommended during trimming/attending in your grow area.


Experienced growers give this light array a 4.3 Star Rating. The dimmer function is considered crucial for early growth stages. Mentions are made of quality packaging, cool array, and quiet fan run. 


This offers more choices of where you can place your unit. 


The seller states: “We are a professional LED plant grow light manufacturer with strong R&D team and many light tester. 24-hour professional service center, 30 days full refund, 3 years warranty and 365 days technical support. If you have any questions and are not satisfied, please feel free to contact us.”

ORIGLITE Spectrum Tuning Integrated Dimming LED Plant Grow Light LM301B 660nm 730nm 660W Horticulture Aquarium Hydroponic Indoor Lighting Meanwell Power 5-Year Warranty



This company gets 5 Stars for top of the line customer service/easy communication.


The Tuning Spectrum can be done manually or digital, via phone or computer.


Adjusting the spectrum will best nourish any plant type at any stage of growth. Vegetables, blooms, cannabis will get fast (even one week) flowering with the Spectrum Irradiance Colorimeter for precise control over PPFD.


A new crop can be optimally initiated with its varying light requirements because of the spectrum tuning functions.


This product also offers:

  • Dimming – 65535PCS lights around 2-5KM in area, to be tunable, to the maximum.
  • LoRa Technology – use of a long-range wireless modem that effects an ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity.
  • This factor is a resolution for the traditional design conflicts between range, prevention of signal interference and volume of energy usage

PrimeGarden 120”X60”X80” 600D Mylar Grow Tent + 2PCS LED 1200W Full Spectrum Grow Light Hydroponic Indoor Growing System Complete Package (2x LED1200W, 120”x60”x80”)



For those who don’t have an indoor grow are or greenhouse facilities, a grow tent is the answer.


It is described as “top quality” and “great construction“.


This company gets also favorable mention for excellent customer service and quick replacement of the LED light at a crucial growth stage. 


This Package includes:

LED Grow Light:
One LED Grow Panel Light
One Power Line
Two Stainless Steel hanging kits


Grow Tent:
One 96% 600 D reflective Growing Tent Cover
One  set 16 MM frame of rods and connectors
One Removable Water-proof Floor Tray
Nylon Belts can be used for Filter Straps


Multiple rectangular mesh vents
Assembly Instruction

Led Grow Light MARS HYDRO 1200W CREE LED Growing Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants High Yield Veg and Flower Plant Lights for Hydroponics (Pro II Cree 1200W)


  • This LED Grow Light effects increased red and blue PAR per watt to result in higher yield, better quality and reduced growing costs giving the horticulture industry its most powerful lighting system
  • Each Mars PROII series array is designed with full-power functionality for  optimal light intensity and healthy plant growth.
  • Upgraded power supply and improved reflector cup design
  • Epistar chips provide your crop with 100% output
  • FLEXIBLE CONTROL with the flexible U-connector – option to connect multiple lights together and full growth and bloom switches available for the correct intensity of lighting
  • Easy operation and management
  • This unit compares to the traditional 800 watt HPS/MH
  • Designed for a 4’x4′ growing area at 24″ height
  • Whole light is ETL certificated
  • Plug with VDE and UL Certification wires.
  • WARRANTY: 3 years authentic warranty with the support of service center in America. 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee if the light had any dysfunction. Within 1 year, no shipping fee and no replaced parts fee.
  • From 1 to 2 years, customers are responsible for shipping charges but replaced parts are free. From 2 to 3 years, you’ll be responsible for both shipping charges and a handling fee.

Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light, with Samsung Chips & Dimmable Mean Well Driver, Full Spectrum 3000K 5000K 660nm 760nm IR for Indoor Plants (1212pcs LEDs)



  • Best cost effectiveness: High Energy Efficiency with 2.7 umol/J, only consuming 456 watt
  • Veg footprint is 6 x 6 ft, Flowering footprint is 5 x 5 ft.
  • BETTER LIGHT PENETRATION: SAMSUNG LM301B Diodes – Currently one of the most efficient LED’S on the market.
  • Evenly placed to give you optimal light distribution, creating a uniform canopy
  • Yields as much as a 50% increase with less energy, compared with other red/blue lights
  • Uniquely designed no fan resulting in no noise
  • Ample solid aluminium heat sink
  • Best quality protected covered cables
  • Waterproof LED
  • High safety performance MEAN WELL Driver
  • 50% longer longevity in comparison to other brand lights, reducing overall costs and instilling growth with confidence
  • SUNLIGHT SPECTRUM: Blue,White,Red and IR (660-665nm, 3000 K, 5000 K and IR 760 nm), provides the nutrition your crops require in the simulation of natural sunlight
  • Watch your seedlings produce beautiful high thriving plants and harvest your own seed supply
  • Accessible service centers – 100% satisfaction service with 3 Years local warranty (service centers located in US,CA,UK,DE) and return unconditionally within 30 days.



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10 Best Ideas – How To Lower Your Carbon Footprint At Home 2021

how to lower your carbon footprint at home

How To Lower Your Carbon Footprint At Home 2021
Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

This article has a two-point focus:

  1. Discuss a few topics about how to lower your carbon footprint at home
  2. Recommend 10 best household products to help you reduce your emissions


If you know how to lower your carbon footprint at home, you can contribute to a huge global movement, along with commercial companies and charities.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


You are not just a “little person” with no influence on life matters. You vote with your spending, every day.


So what’s going on in your world? Do you know what your carbon footprint is?


Have you heard about carbon offsets?

“Carbon offsets


A carbon offset is an amount of money you can pay for a project that reduces greenhouse gases somewhere else. If you offset one ton of carbon, the offset will help capture or destroy one ton of greenhouse gases that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere. Offsets also promote sustainable development and increase the use of renewable energy.”


– Earth Institute |Columbia Universtiy


For more ideas on lowering your carbon footprint, and contributing to carbon offsets, check out COTAP.org.


Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Lower Your Carbon Footprint – Why Does It Matter?


There is a lot of ongoing argument about the importance of reducing your carbon footprint, meaning, lowering the C02 emissions that you personally, or your household creates.


Many vested interests (like fossil fuel companies) argue against this idea.


But, focusing on what matters as to your own personal interests, and that of your family, will give you a view on how to save money, create less emission tonnage, and continue to live well.


Every time you buy a new appliance, computer, gadget, install lights in your back yard for ambiance or safety, a new car, your decision will affect your carbon footprint. 


Even when buying or renting a home, you can assess how much natural light you will get daily, depending on where the windows are placed. This will change one small aspect of your energy consumption, to a degree.


Here are some ways you may be able to reduce your own carbon footprint.


These ways may not apply to everyone, and may not be possible for everyone, but some of these may be choices you can consider.


You can completely avoid carbon emissions by walking or riding a bike, or an electric scooter, as much as possible.


If your city has good public transportation, use it. You will save on your gas costs, greatly reduce your own emissions, and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.


Switch to a low or no carbon vehicle. Finances permitting, you could get a hybrid or electric car. A hybrid car may be a better choice, unless you can charge your electric vehicle from your home solar system. avoiding a huge increase in energy costs.


Drive gently. Give yourself time so you don’t have to rush and accelerate sharply as you go. This can reduce emissions up to 33%. Avoid heavy traffic congestion to prevent periods of mere idling.


If you own your home make sure it is sealed and insulated well.


If you rent, ask your landlord to improve weather stripping, caulking or sealing, if you notice any drafty spots in windows and doors.


Check to see if there are any local programs that will pay for, or help pay for those.


Upgrade appliances to Energy Star models. Many municipalities will give a tax credit or rebate on a purchase for energy efficient appliances.


Some cities or counties will replace a refrigerator, for example, in lower income homes and apartments.


This serves the local energy grid, reducing the area requirements for power.


Older furnaces, air conditioners and fridges need to be replaced.


Light bulbs – do you turn off lights when you leave the room? Do you use LED lights in all outdoor areas, or solar powered motion activated lights?


Fluorescent lights are a health hazard and LEDs used for longer periods in the house have been associated with macular degeneration, so I don’t recommend them.


I use LED nite lights however, inside pink salt covers, which gives them a warm glow. I can walk around at night (inside) with no other lights on this way.


Currently, I am charging eight small solar powered patio lights, to be used instead of candles during power outages.


They will hold 8 hours of charge in their turned off state. Very handy to have and place around the house, turning them on when needed.


During wild fires the air is smokey. Windows need to be kept closed. Using candles as your only source of light will pollute your home, issuing smoke and chemicals like lead, into your inside air.


I bought the solar powered lights, to bring in at night and use wherever I need them. I certainly am not looking forward to the next power cut, but at least I’ll be prepared, and find out how well this plan works.


Moderate your thermostat so your heating/cooling isn’t activated except when you are home and need it. Smart devices that work with Alexa or another app are wonderful for your remote control over usage.


I don’t have a recycle bin, so I save my recyclables and take them to a friend’s.


Recycle clothing to a local thrift store, not a huge chain.  This helps to lower carbon emissions associated with the transport and disposal of goods.


You can also find out if any craft circle near you takes clothes/rags/material pieces for rug braiding, quilting, or other crafts.


Patronize local fruit stands,  and vegetable markets. Ask at your local supermarket where the fresh produce, dairy produce, and fresh meat come from, and choose the most local.


This is how you “vote with your dollars”. Legislators are slow moving and often have interests to serve that don’t help you or your area.


Save water – catch water that runs for a few minutes while the shower warms up. You can water plants with it, or if filtered by a whole house system, use it for drinking and cooking.


When it’s time, replace your water heater with a tankless water heater.


Stop using plastic water bottles – filter your water at home and carry water with you in glass or aluminum bottles.


HERE are some ideas for the best water filters for home use.


Updated to add: switch to bar shampoos and stop buying those plastic bottles altogether! And here’s a real story about an attempt to get rid of huge plastic bottles:


In the mid 80’s I was going to focus groups for some extra cash. Student days ha ha. One night we were shown these little pods with laundry detergent in them. Like we get now for automatic dishwashers.


We were told “those huge plastic bottles for laundry detergent and fabric softeners are going to disappear! Companies are going to save millions on plastic containers!”


Really? This is 35 years ago and I still see a whole aisle at the store with rows and rows of – big plastic bottles!

Anyway, now you can get shampoo in typical bar soap size bars, in many delicious herbal fragrances. No plastic!

They look like this:


There are many varieties to choose from! Conditioners in the formula. So easy to use, store, and no plastic!

Back to lowering your carbon footprint ideas…

Fix running toilets and leaks immediately. Make sure your garden sprinklers or drip systems are working properly.

Compost – many cities hold free composting classes and some offer a savings on bins.

The following products will help you produce less emissions from your own home or small business.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai RL Series HE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater: Outdoor Installation


This water heater is for outside installation, and uses propane.

Rinnai RLX Series HE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater: Indoor Installation


This unit is for indoor installation and uses Natural Gas.

Stiebel Eltron 232886 Tempra 36 Tankless Electric Water Heater



This is a whole house water heater which will replace your 50-55 gallon tank. This product came in at Number One for popularity on consumer surveys.


Why get a tankless water heater? Hot water on demand is a huge energy saver. Think about it – your electric 50 gallon tank uses energy all day, even when you’re away on vacation. It keeps that water to the set temperature all the time!


This unit can have you running two showers at once, and one may have slightly reduced water pressure.


You will have to add some amperage to your breaker box. Most buyers will need a plumber and an electrician to set this up properly and without injury. Here is a video with some tips.


EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 27 KW at 240 Volts, 112.5 Amps with Patented Self Modulating Technology


Professional installation will give you a lifetime warranty for this unit. It comes in different sizes.


The vendor states: “The most advanced self modulating technology available, meaning the ECO 27 will adjust how much energy needs to be input based on how much hot water is needed“.


Your home size and where you live makes a difference as to how much hot water you get. In colder climates, the incoming water is colder, so this unit may well provide a couple of showers running simultaneously. In a warmer region you may run two showers, the dishwasher, and do laundry at the same time.


This unit is designed to be used in the northern US and Canada.


When you click the image above, you will end up on the page for the product and in the specs section below you will see a home size/climate chart to guide so that you can purchase the best unit for your home’s needs.

Tankless Water Heater, Gasland BS158 1.58GPM 6L Outdoor Portable Gas Water Heater, Instant Propane Water Heater, Overheating Protection, Easy to Install for RV Cabin Barn Camping Boat


This handy small unit can be mounted on an RV, out in the back yard, or in your stable area. It is perfect for a tiny house or summer cabin. 


You can have hot water on demand for low energy costs. 


Customers rate this at 4 Stars for performance, convenience and vendor service. 

Outdoor Solar Power

TOPENS A3S Automatic Gate Opener Kit Light Duty Solar Single Gate Operator for Single Swing Gates Up to 12 Feet or 300 Pounds, Gate Motor Solar Panel


This solar powered motor opens light duty single swing gates up to a maximum of 12 ft. long or maximum of weight of 300 lbs.


It is suitable for entrance gates made by steel, wood, vinyl, and typical panel, tube, and chain-link designs. Use this for your city home, farm entrance and pastures, and country properties.


The solar panel charges two 12V batteries which are purchased separately.


Medium and heavy duty kits are available. One buyer noted that in an extremely windy area, heavy duty is best, even for a light gate.


Extra remotes can be ordered, the kits come with one included.


Topens will sell parts as needed, separately, and for this customer appreciation is noted. 



Broan 345CSOBK Curb Mount Solar Powered Attic Ventilator, 28-Watt, Black


Broan Solar Powered Attic Ventilators operate without fuel, without waste, and without pollution.


They will replace your standard wired ventilators.


Attic vents are important for:

  • Reducing the running time of your air conditioners
  • Preventing shingle distortion from heat
  • Giving you the advantage of solar power/lower carbon footprint


Lower your attic summer temperature up to 20 degrees. A one time cost, no additional electric bill.

Primus Wind Power 1-AR40-10-12 Air 40 Wind Turbine 12V


Today, this is the best rated (5 Stars) of the wind turbines for home use. It is an off-grid product.


There are larger windmills, yet they don’t get the same top rating.


This one is used for:

  • Off-grid homes
  • Water pumping
  • Lighting
  • Telecom


The vendor states:


“The AIR 40 is an ideal wind turbine for hybrid systems with solar to offset those cloudy or wintery periods. AIR 40 is built and backed by the worldwide leader in small wind.”

2PACK 200W Solar Flood Lights Outdoor,Street and Area Lighting,Dusk to Dawn 400LEDs IP67 Outdoor Waterproof,8000,Lumen Light Sensing,Remote Control Safety floodlight


These floodlights are perfect for:

  • Campgrounds
  • Yard/side of house
  • Sheds/barns/outbuildings
  • RVs
  • Driveways
  • Property entrance gates
  • Property walls


The lights are waterproof. The sensors will turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. You can also use the remote as needed. Six hours charging time with ten hours of illumination will keep your property’s darker spots well lit for security and safety. 


Life is changing, isn’t it? 

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