10 Best Nutcracker Christmas Decoration Ideas – New And Old 2022

Nutcracker christmas decoration ideas

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

10 Best Nutcracker Christmas Decoration Ideas – New And Old 2022

There are many Nutcracker Christmas decoration ideas, from small Christmas tree ornaments, to life size outdoor Nutcracker Soldier or King figures, to guard your household.

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How did nutcrackers become associated with Christmas?

German folk legends tell us that nutcrackers were given as lucky charms for the family welfare, and to protect the home. They traditionally symbolize strength and power and guard over the household, barring evil spirits and danger from its vicinity.

Can Nutcrackers actually crack nuts?

Most current ornamental Nutcrackers don’t. Yet, many designs still incorporate the opening in the back of the figurine, where you pull down on a lever to crack the nut, that has been placed in the mouth.

You must buy, specifically, one that can break real nutshells.

Why was the Nutcracker invented?

“By the 15th and 16th century, wood carvers in France and England were creating beautiful wooden nutcrackers. … In 1872 Wilhelm Fuchtner, known as the father of the nutcracker, made the first commercial production of nutcrackers using the lathe to create many of the same design. “- The Nutcracker Museum

Is The Nutcracker About Christmas?

The Nutcracker is a traditional ballet in two fantastical, vibrantly costumed acts. The story is derived from E.T.A. Hoffmann’s 1816 fairy tale,  The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. It tells the tale of a little girl, Clara,  who goes to the Land of Sweets on Christmas Eve.  More historical info HERE.

Her Uncle Drosselmeyer, or Godfather, depending on the production, a magician and toy maker, entertains the guests at the family’s Christmas Eve party. Clara is given a Nutcracker Doll (in the ballet) and her brother Frtiz breaks it.

At midnight, Clara gets up to retrieve her Nutcracker Doll from under the huge Christmas Tree. And then the magic proceeds.

The Christmas Tree grows and grows. Mouse toys come alive and there is a fight between the Mouse King and the Nutcracker – alive as a young handsome soldier (in most versions).

Clara is transported to the Land of The Sweets. Snowflakes come alive and dance, dolls like the Harlequin, Marzipan, and other Christmas or sweet-themed characters entertain.

I haven’t seen a ballet version that portrayed the Sugar Plum Fairy as the evil character, the way the 2018 Disney film The Nutcracker And The Four Realms did. (I went to the film to see Misty Copeland dance.)

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy changes in choreography from production to production. The tinkling music box style of this part of the score pretty well dictate the fast footwork you see in this dance. The hops on full pointe, and many tiny picques (quick steps onto pointe) and quick turns are featured in this famous solo.

Here is one example you may enjoy.

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Northlight 6′ Commercial Christmas Nutcracker Holding Street Lamp Outdoor Decor



This six foot high, commercial grade (made for outdoors) will illuminate your home’s entrance for your family and guests as you celebrate the spirit of the holidays.

Dressed in the traditional red and green Christmas colors, this figure holds a Victorian style street lamp to light the way.

He is uniformed in red and green.

Green is a Christmas color that has long stood for the endurance of life through the winter months.

Red was originally represented by apples, and this figure shows bright Holly berries for that purpose.

This Nutcracker Soldier stands as a guardian, and a greeting at your home or small business.

It is big enough to stand guard at a mall, office building entrance, or small city mews, warming the pedestrian paths.

It is also beautiful in a hallway, at the foot of a grand staircase, in a foyer, and next to a tall Christmas tree.

The circular stand he is on is strong, and like the full figure is weather resistant.

Accented with metallic paint and glitter, it is chip resistant.

The streetlamp he holds requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately).

Materials are of durable fiberglass/plastic bulbs/wire.

Northlight 6′ Giant Commercial Size Wooden Red and Black Christmas Nutcracker Soldier


The Nutcracker lore is that the figure symbolizes power and strength and serves as a guardian over your family and property, warding off evil spirits and danger.

The nutcracker bares its teeth to present ferocity to the malevolent spirits and serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and goodwill.

The Nutcracker solider is uniformed in red and black, with a high furry black hat with gold accents.

He is attached to sturdy red and gold base, and stands life size.

Lever on the back of the nutcracker to make his mouth open and close. Perfect for a family room, living room or an office space. For indoor decorative purposes only Dimensions: 6’H x 12.25″W x 12.25″D. Material(s): wood/plastic/acrylic

Zaer Ltd. Giant Life-Size Pair of 6′ Iron Nutcracker Christmas Holiday Toy Soldiers (Green)


This stylish and unique Giant Life-Size PAIR is an imposing sentry for your Christmas decorations.

These two can’t be missed, presiding over your entrance way, hallway, or in your foyer.

Exquisitely detailed, the life-size duo has a Premium metallic painted finish over its sturdy iron construction.

Classic Wood-Look Life-Size 6′ Christmas Holiday Nutcracker Toy Soldiers


This splendid 6′ Nutcracker wears an intricately detailed red, green, and gold uniform with a stunning harlequin patterned hat. The design flare combining stripes, plaids and the harlequin diamonds is striking.

He is secured onto the harlequin patterned drum, bearing a traditional holly wreath in one hand and is offering beautiful presents in the other.

Features: Height: 72” Width: 16.2″ Length: 24.2″ Weight: 60 lbs

Hand painted finish Wood antique look Removable gifts and wreath included For decorative indoor and outdoor use. Accessories not included This is not a toy

Made from thick durable resin. 

The Nutcracker Figures – Illuminated Bavarian-Style LED Christmas Nutcracker Soldier Statue – LED Holiday Decor Statue


Dazzle your neighborhood this holiday season with our traditional European style nutcracker statue.

This finely detailed figurine is hand-painted in an attractive balance of red, green, black and gold.

The illumination enhances the vivid hues and shows off the gemstones, ornate designs, 3D embellishments, and more.

It is weatherproof and indoor/outdoor safe.

Guard your home,  outside at your front door, or place him on your patio or porch. You may want to bring him in by the fireplace, next to the Christmas tree, or decorate a foyer or upstairs landing.

No assembly required!

Heavy enough to stand up to wind and snow.

Christmas Decorations – Medium 4 Foot Tall Nutcracker Ballet Trumpeting Toy Soldier Holiday Decor Statue


In the Nutcracker ballet, each variation by the colorful Land of Sweets dancing dolls, is announced by a trumpet.

Evoking memories of Christmases festivities from by gone days, give your visitors a royal welcome with this four-foot tall soldier who stands at the ready all year-round!

The Design Toscano grand-scale holiday sculpture is fortified by a combination of quality designer resin and fiberglass for sturdiness and hand-painted for authenticity from its gold-toned trumpet to black mustache.

This large-scale, display-quality Trumpeting Soldier magically transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent!

The figure is boxed in two pieces, simple assembly required.

Three sizes available. 31″Wx14″Dx48″H. 18 lbs.

Fraser Hill Farm FFRS061-NC5-RD Indoor/Outdoor 5-Ft. Nutcracker Playing Bass Drum with Moving Hands, Music, Timer, and 20 LED Lights Holiday Decoration, Color 2


This 5.0′ Nutcracker will present your family and friends with quite the show.

It’s movement with a light show! With moving hands and 3000-hour life Ultra bright LED lights he’ll provide endless entertainment at your Christmas parties.

He  plays 8 traditional Christmas songs:

  • Jingle bells
  • We wish you a Merry Christmas
  • Silent night
  • Deck the halls
  • Joy to the world
  • The First Noel
  • Hark! The Herald angels Sing
  • Oh, Christmas tree.
  • Timer: 8 on/16 off timer for easy set and forget operation.
  • Weather-resistant: made of sturdy resin, this festive figure will do all right outside in a sheltered spot, like on your covered porch or inside your home.
  • Brightly painted: hand-painted with realistic details and bold accents this drumming nutcracker will provide years of joy!


National Tree 65 Inch Jeweled Nutcracker with Metallic Paint


  • Stands 65″ high
  • Pre-lit with 20 UL listed White LED lights
  • LED bulbs burn with less energy, and are cool and long lasting
  • This figure is made to stand outdoors or inside
  • It ships in reusable storage carton

Alexander Taron Importer 32-328 Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker – Gingerbread King (Natural) – 15″ H x 6″ W x 5.5″ D, Brown


Alexander Taron Inc. was founded in 1949, in Germany.

The deep burgundy and gold accented uniform is a traditional color scheme, more so than the “coca cola” red that is more North American.

It will look lovely with your deep fir green colored decorations.

Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker – Prince White/Gold – 39 cm / 15.4 inch


White and gold is popular Christmas color scheme. I can see this figure in a home with a white, or flocked tree and swathes of wide gold ribbons, with crystal and gold ornaments.

It can also be a beautiful accent among your traditional holiday decorations.


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Many Nutcracker Versions Are Loved by Ballet Fans Around the World by Dianne M. Buxton

The Nutcracker ballet versions that we can see now have developed from a rich history. The Nutcracker began as a somewhat dark story of magic, a fairy tale that we might not choose for our young children. Originally, Clara was a doll of the central character Maria. She came alive and helped the wounded Nutcracker doll who had engaged in heavy combat wit the Mouse King.

Tchaikovsky used some contemporary music, a popular children’s song, as well as a contemporary song people played or sang as party guests departed for home. The full Nutcracker score that we know now developed in stages.

Anna Pavlova’s Company performed a version of Nutcracker in 1915, choreographed by Ivan Clustine, called “Snowflakes”. The Bolshoi Ballet presented a version of the ballet in 1919, choreographed by Alexander Gorsky.

The Kirov Ballet’s first Nutcracker version was presented 1929, and outside of Russia, the Vic-Wells Ballet produced the first English version in 1934, choreographed by Nicholas Sergueyev.

Lew Christensen is responsible for the first full-length American version of the Nutcracker, opened by the San Francisco Ballet, in 1954.

There are approximately 30 more professional full length versions of the Nutcracker that have endured through ballet history.

The magical character of Uncle Drosselmeyer has been portrayed in many imaginative ways. In some versions he is a character part with little dancing. In one version he is a tap dancer!

Many versions of the Nutcracker on DVD, are available to children everywhere.

The Nutcracker music, the lush costumes and sets, and the magic, has kept audiences entertained for generations. And, naturally, the Nutcracker has contributed to developing ballet audiences, as it is often the first ballet children see, and many are hooked for life.

Scampering mice, Snowflakes in pointe shoes, lights, music and magic – there are many Nutcracker versions for ballet dancers and ballet fans. Enjoy!

Dianne M. Buxton trained at The National Ballet School of Canada, The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and Toronto Dance Theater.

Article Source

10 + Best Crystal Christmas Tree Ornaments – Brands And Collectibles – 2022

crystal christmas tree ornaments

10 Best Crystal Christmas Tree Ornaments – Brands Personalized Collectibles – 2022

Image by kathrinzeisberger from Pixabay

Your 10 + Best crystal christmas tree ornaments have a long and artistic history in the glass industry of Mesopotamia, China, the Venetian region of Italy, and in the rest of Europe.

Lead has been in glass for a very long time. While it was first commercialized by Englishman George Ravenscroft, in the 1600’s, it appeared in a blue glass fragment dated back to 1400 BC.

The current Ravenscroft company makes lead-free glasses, and those would actually be called crystalline, not crystal, according to many references.

Lead crystal glass became industrialized in England and dominated the business throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

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The image of the snowflake above was taken with an electron microscope. Now you can have such pretty crystal snowflakes as decorations in your windows or on your holiday trees, made from fine lead crystal.

Is Lead In Crystal Harmful?

Occasional use of lead wine or water goblets, and lead glasses for spirits, is not harmful. But for daily use, it is recommended to drink from glass rather than crystal.

Crystal jewelry is safe to wear.

Crystal decanters once were used to store spirits, and were beautiful decorations when filled with the deep colored whiskeys, brandies and sherries.

As awareness of lead toxicity became known, the custom became to pour spirits into crystal decanters for serving, but not for storing.

The collectors of crystal Christmas tree decorations don’t have to worry about the lead content in their ornaments. For this reason these beautiful objects continue to be popular, and will become heirlooms in your family, no doubt. 

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Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Ornaments

SWAROVSKI Rockefeller Center Tree Topper Shining Star 843215


The Rockefeller Christmas Tree has had its Swarovski topper redesigned a few times. The one above is from 2006. It is truly gorgeous, and is designed to top your tree too!

I just love time lapse videos, do you? Here is one showing the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree go up – ending with its shining Swarovski topper.

SWAROVSKI Christmas Set, A.E. 2019 Ornament, Crystal


This exquisite trio of 3″ crystal snowflakes is unique to 2019 and the year is marked on the tiny metal tags. 

“Decoration Object, Not A Toy” – this cautions you to not let your children handle them, because of the lead content. 

Hang them from the white satin ribbons on your tree or in a sun-catching location, to enhance your enjoyment of the winter season. 

I love to hang decorations in the window, do you? When I see these in my neighbors’ windows, it feels like we share the joy and meanings of the season, even though we don’t really know each other. It is a nice bond.

Click to see a whole Amazon page of Swarovski annual Christmas Tree ornaments.

Crystal Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments

Swarovski Angel Sophia Christmas Figurine


This figurine is described as having frosted crystal face and hands, carved in good detail. The wings extend all the way down the back of the angel.

Who is Sophia in Christianity?

Hagia Sophia is God’s Wisdom, or Holy Wisdom.

Sophia is not a person from the Bible, but a personification of high qualities.

This angel offers comfort to the grieving, as it represents wisdom and compassion for self, as well as others.

Swarovski Authentic Especially Designed 2019 Annual Editions Angel Ornament


The first debut of this design was in 2004, and the Swarovski Crystal Angel Ornament Annual Edition has been made a tradition that continues to bring its sparkle to every holiday season.

The 2019 design has been exquisitely crafted with 302 brilliant reflective facets.  This angel holds a star finished with a glorious Aurora Borealis effect evoking visions of the Northern Lights.

Juan Ignacio Aleena is its designer. It will only be available in 2019 and has been elegantly engraved showing the year.

A symbol of peace and hope for the years to come, this ornament will add sparkle to your tree, mantle or window decorations.

SWAROVSKI 2014 Angel Ornament


This angel can hang or stand. It is not the only one from previous years you can find on Amazon. Collectors do like to get them all!

Looking today, I see the 2015 and 2016 angels too.

The wonderful thing about the angels is that they are not an exclusively winter time or holiday time symbol.

Angels can be shown all year round, in any part of your decor, to remind you of the qualities you yourself might aspire to. They are life’s inspiration, are they not?

Waterford Angel of Prayer


Number one in this series, the crystal Waterford Angel of Prayer figurine evokes the beauty of your hopes and dreams in life.

Buyers rated this 5 Stars for the detail in the designer’s craft with gorgeous carved patterns over the 7 inch figurine.

It comes well padded in a box. It is perfect for an any occasion gift, or to decorate and catch the sun in a special place of your home.

Waterford Crystal Angel of Grace


This 6.5 inch high figurine appeared on the market for the first time in 2004.

It is the first angel in the Waterford Celestial Angel series.

It comes in a gift box.

The angel is praying, head bowed, and has long hair and wears a gown that flows to her feet. 

Crystal Icicle Christmas Tree Ornaments

Waterford 4th Edition Icicle Ornament


Icicles are our outdoor decorations, reflecting the sun after a snowfall, and dazzling entire city blocks.

Do you remember that soft sound of large icicles falling into the deep snow below, as the sun melted them? Then, later in the day as the ground froze once more, the falling icicles would crash onto the ice, having grown longer all day as the water dripped down them, making the tips look like dangerous daggers.

That threat was merely a passing illusion.

This group of crystal icicles is something you can have for many years, to add to your Christmas tree beauty or the sunny places you might hang these, for the best reflections.




Waterford Ruby Cased Ball Ornament


By the 11th century, crystal was used to make artificial gemstones in Europe.

This gorgeous ruby red colored  ornament brings a sparkling gemstone sophistication to your red/green/ice white traditional decor.

Red crystal is layered over the clear crystal, so when it is cut, the light shines through the dazzling clear crystal underneath.

Waterford The Green Cased Ball Ornament


This is the prettiest of the green crystal Christmas tree ornaments. The deep shade of fir trees, holly leaves, and Mistletoe sprigs, accented with the faceted ice of winter, will sparkle on your tree.

It will also make a beautiful sun catcher hanging in your window.

The following article covers more information about glass and crystal making.

What Is Crystal? by Louis Cooper

“Fasten your seatbelts… time for a little generalized chemistry class on glass. Typical glass as we know it–everyday drinking glasses, window glass, bakeware, etc.–is referred to as soda-lime glass. It’s made up of several essential ingredients, including sodium carbonate, lime, dolomite, silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide along with smaller quantities of other variable ingredients called “fining agents.” These raw materials are melted in a glass furnace to the whopping temperature of around 2400F. The molten liquid is then allowed to rest for a bit to allow the bubbles in it to rise out of it (referred to as “fining out”). The glass is then formed according to what it’s being used for, i.e. a vessel to hold a beverage or a windowpane. Drinking glasses are formed by the blowing or pressing process, and flat glass by the float process. While all crystal is glass, not all glass is crystal. For crystal, you have to add an extra ingredient into the mix.

Heavy Metal, Man

When traditional crystal glass is produced, it involves the addition of the heavy metal, lead, to the glass recipe. While some manufacturers have developed lead-free crystal, historically, for crystal to be considered crystal, it had to have a certain amount lead in it. Soda-lime glass involves molecules that are amorphous, or without structure–there’s no order to them but they are bound rigidly, making the glass more durable than crystal. The molecules in lead crystal have a distinct, repeating three-dimensional pattern. This produces the more brilliant, sparkly characteristic of it. It’s based on an index called the “refractive index”–the higher the refractive index, the more sparkly the glass. The addition of lead also makes the crystal glass not have to be so hot when it’s being worked. Another thing that distinguishes lead crystal glass is that it absorbs less energy than normal glass when struck (like when you tink tink it with your fingernail). That causes it to “oscillate”–producing the ring. If you’re like me you can’t resist tapping a high-quality lead crystal wine glass to hear that beautiful “song.”

How Much Lead makes it Lead Crystal?

This varies pretty dramatically on a global basis. There’s no rule set in stone, but the traditionally accepted lead content for a lead crystal glass is no less than 30% lead oxide. The European standards are much greater than in the US, which can be significantly lower and still be called crystal; however, there has been a trend of late that shows some of the higher-end European crystal producers to be dipping down to 24% lead content in their wares, which is completely sufficient in my opinion.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Crystal vs. Glass?

Not in my opinion, but I could be biased. If I have an the option to drink my Chardonnay out of a non-crystal wine glass that can be purchased at the Dollar Store, or say a Riedel crystal Chardonnay glass, I’ll take the crystal any day of the week. To be fair, though, crystal is less durable than soda-lime glass, and breaks easier. It’s also more sensitive to extreme temperatures. If the liquid is to hot, it can break and vice versa. This is no big issue, in my opinion, as most people wouldn’t put anything extreme in a crystal wine glass. There are also those who have health-related concerns about lead leaching into their beverage. While lead is toxic and can leach into a beverage, it’s when the wine or spirit has sat in the vessel for an extended period of time that any significant amount of lead is found in the liquid. Exercising common sense and consulting the Internet for information on how long it is safe to keep your beverage in a crystal vessel can eliminate worry on the issue.


Louis Cooper is a 37 year veteran of the retail trade. An avid wine connoisseur, in 2007 he started OnWineTime to offer the wine enthusiast the finest wine glasses, decanters and wine accessories from around the world. Located in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, OnWineTime carries over 300 different wine and beer glasses and over 100 wine and spirit decanters from the top glass producers in the world, including Riedel, Schott Zwiesel, Wateford, Eisch, Spiegelau, Peugeot, Ravenscroft and Nachtmann. The real wine and beer glass superstore.”

Article Source

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10 Best Brand Artificial Christmas Trees 2020

10 Best Brand Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

best brand artificial Christmas tree

10 Best Brand Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

Photo by The Author

Most of the best brand artificial Christmas trees for sale in this article come with lights on them.

Realistic Christmas trees with lights are very popular for various reasons. 


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here.This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


What do the best brand artificial Christmas trees have in common?


Benefits of artificial Christmas trees:

  • One time cost – choose exactly what you want to spend and next – no tree expense!
  • Easy to put up and take down
  • Safer – fire retardant material, don’t need watering to be safe
  • Hypoallergenic – no molds or fungi will build up on the structure
  • May come with lights installed – easy to decorate
  • Saves natural resources – our forests absorb carbon which we need now more than ever

The top brand artificial Christmas trees come in a wide variety of heights and shapes.

Here is a fascinating video showing how artificial Christmas trees are made.

A slim, or “pencil” shaped tree is suitable for small spaces. You can get them in as small as a 30″ diameter, yet they are realistic and beautifully shaped.

Be aware that most of the trees below are depicted in their tallest heights and therefore highest prices, but when you click over to Amazon from the image, you will see several choices of height, with matching prices.

I have had an artificial Christmas tree since 1994. I could afford a much better and bigger one now, but I have so many precious memories with that tree I bought in a drug store, in a year when I didn’t even know if I could pull off any kind of holiday celebration.

This tree cost me $24.95, on sale just a few days before Christmas. I had been forced to move into a tiny space and this tree was placed on the dining table.

It does not have realistic “needle feel” but does have hinged branches. It is easy to store and thus has lasted over 20 years without damage. (Plus, hooked branches are more work to put up).

My tree lost a leg somewhere around 2006, but my clever partner made another one, over the stove flame, from a plastic clothes hanger.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Note that, you don’t get that wonderful fresh fir tree smell with a fake tree, so you can buy a wreath to hang,  or a small candle surround made of your favorite tree branches. Or you can get these, and choose from seven scents.


You may prefer essential oil scented soy candles, if you are sensitive to chemicals.


Now Take A Look At The Best Brand Artificial Christmas Trees To Buy

Flocked White Spruce Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree


The Vickerman company has been dedicated to pleasing its customers since 1940.

Building on a realistic Spruce tree shape, with good “needle feel”, the tips flocked with white snow, this vendor has added lights (up to 3600 on the 14 foot size). (Choose Clear or White).

One of these trees will give your family happy memories for years. If you live in a region that doesn’t get snow, this may be your choice.

The Warranty is 10-years on the  construction, and 5-year or 3,000 hour lights.

Vickerman Dark Fir Pre-lit Christmas Tree


This is the 14 foot size. it is a blue-hued tree with blue mini lights and may perfectly enhance your home’s ambiance and decor.

The magic of Christmas time is built on every year, as you add your family’s decorations, old and new, creating a lasting image for you and your children. This is a precious factor, that can never be taken away.

This tree is a standard shaped dark blue fir tree, and it comes with metal base.

It has sturdy PVC tips with hinged branches – best construction

This tree is pre-lit with blue mini lights and blue wire

 The on/off foot pedal switch is super convenient

Remember, it is available in a variety of sizes. 

KING OF CHRISTMAS 15 Foot Scarlet Fir Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit Commercial Grade


This is a sturdy tree and comes in three pieces, with hinged branches.

It takes a little while to set up any fake tree, pulling out the branches and preparing them for your decorations. That’s part of the fun, right? Playing Christmas music in the background, or putting on a favorite old movie that maybe you watched as a child – or tolerated as your parents watched it? 😀

The lower branches are 11″ from the floor, leaving plenty of room to tuck presents underneath.

The 15 foot height includes the metal stand. It comes in three smaller heights, which you can see when you click to Amazon. The smallest is 6.5 feet, and is priced at $299.00 at the time of this writing.

National Tree 16 Foot Tiffany Fir Slim Tree (TFSLH-160)


Although described as slim, this tree has a 5 foot diameter. Customers who bought it love the height and find the “slim” depiction to be actually more of a medium width.

The branches “fluff out” well and you can’t see through the tree once you have arranged it as you like. Enjoy your preparation work with good company and some eggnog with rum, or rum flavor, right?

You will need a ladder for decorating the top branches!

Customers note that the branches are a little uneven, and more natural looking because of that.

National Tree 16 Foot North Valley Spruce Tree (NRV7-500-160)


This tree comes in ten sizes. It is not pre lit.

It is a popular tree with over 800 reviews. It is noted to be fairly light weight (meaning the four pieces), fast to get up out of the box (two minutes) and easy for one reviewer with little lifting strength.

Unlike a real tree, the fluffing of the branches takes up to two hours. Put on that favorite playlist and dance around your tree! Get those kids helping!

Enjoy your mulled cider or spiced wine while you get your decorations out of their boxes and put them up on your beautiful tree.

It is a special time each year, to get your traditional holiday decorations up, and feel the meaning of the season.  Doing so evokes memories of past Christmases, doesn’t it?

Do you have a collection of ornaments you received from people who have passed on? I do, and they are very special. It’s a sweet sadness to remember folks who were treasures in our life.

9 ft. Splendor Spruce EZ Power Artificial Christmas Tree with 780 42-Function LED Lights and Remote Control


Choose the colors and functions of the 780 lights by remote. You have eight colors (white, multi, red, green, blue, yellow, purple and amber) and seven functions (steady, twinkle, firefly, pulsating, slow fade, flash and color changing).

This is done with a remote – lounge in your favorite chair and change your lights to fit the needs of the room. For example, if you turn on the television, you may want to adjust the lights.

This tree is for indoors only.

If any bulbs come loose or burn out, the rest of the lights will remain lit.

An on/off foot pedal switch is included.

The branches will spring into position – no fluffing time!

Red Sleigh Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree Pre-lit Christmas Tree, Full (1200 Warm White LED Lights, 9′)


This tree comes in three sizes, and the largest is shown here.

While writing about trees, I suddenly remembered those old fashioned tree lights that bubbled hot oil in glass tubes. Anyone ever see pictures of those? (You can get them now, on Amazon).

Christmas tree bubble light
Photo attribution

Features of this tree:

  • 9 foot tall, Noble Fir
  • Pre-lit
  • 69” wide
  • 1200 warm white LED lights
  • 4,277 tip count
  • Red Sleigh’s unique TruTip technology
  • Needles that appear amazingly real from tip to branch
  • Fully hinged branches that move into place for easy setup and fold down for storage
  • Strong metal stand comes with tree
  • Long-lasting and energy efficient 5 mm LED mini lights , manufactured with a concave lens that results in a beautiful halo of light
  • LED bulbs burn cool – no worry about kids touching them
  • If one goes out the entire string does not go dark
  • Purchase comes with a 10 year tree warranty; 3 year light warranty

Foxtail Pine Christmas Tree with Clear Smart Lights and EZ Connect, 12


This pretty tree comes in three sizes and five varieties of lights to select.

Click over to Amazon to see each choice.

The image above shows the  12 foot version with a 99 in. diameter

The lifelike foliage with slightly uneven branch lengths is natural looking and is painted with several shades of green.

It comes strung with string lighting of the selection you prefer.

It is made with 6684 tips total. The tree needles are constructed out of non-allergenic and flame-retardant materials. (A standard for fake Christmas trees in general).

Each bulb variety has a 2000 count.

The branches are easily unhinged to begin your holiday season enchantment!

A garden center owner highly recommends this choice for being natural looking.

One reviewer said the needles are a little prickly – that’s truly natural!

National Tree 14 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree, Hinged (DUH-140), 14′


This gorgeous and dense tree comes in ten sizes! Pick the exact height and price that you want.

The 14 footer depicted above has 10874 branch tips.

Almost one thousand happy customers give 4.5 Stars to this super natural looking tree.

A sturdy stand comes with this tree.

It does not come with lights, which some buyers seem to prefer.

CLICK HERE to see a whole Amazon page of Christmas tree light selections.


Northlight NL03198 Clear Lights Artificial Full Christmas Tree, 7.5′


This beautiful 7.5 foot hunter fir artificial Christmas tree is enhanced with tiny pine cones for that extra holiday season touch..

It comes pre-lit with 850 mini clear lights.

A green metal tree stand is included in the package.

The vendor states:

“The dramatic Hunter Fir tree features a mix of molded PE tips with traditional PVC tips. The molded PE creates a realistic Christmas tree while the PVC creates a fuller tree is sprinkled with life-like burr cones adding further realism to this hyper-realistic tree.”

(Emphasis mine).

If you would like to gain more awareness about artificial Christmas trees, enjoy this following article.

Artificial Christmas Trees – A Guide by Steven Butler

“This article was written with the intention of helping the reader develop knowledge on Artificial Christmas trees. It’s worth mentioning early that modern artificial trees can last upwards of ten years, if looked after in the correct way; so it is well worth reading on to find out what type of Artificial Christmas trees are available, the differences between the trees that can be bought, what they are constructed of and the advantages and disadvantages and a few other hints and tips.

We will start with the two main materials that Artificial Christmas trees are produced from. The most common is PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) also known as vinyl and the other is PE (Polyethylene), which is rapidly growing in popularity.

What is PVC? This is an everyday plastic also commonly known as vinyl. It is a lightweight and durable synthetic polymer material (or resin), formed by combining ethylene derived from petroleum, natural gas, or coal and chlorine. This plastic can be found in products ranging from milk cartons to vehicle parts. When a tree is produced from PVC the result is and attractive, but generally unrealistic looking tree when compared to the more expensive PE version.

So what does a PE tree consist of? PE artificial trees are made with very high quality plastic named Polyethylene. The tree is created and modelled from actual real Christmas tree branches. These real tree branches are used as forms to create the mould, Polyethylene is then injected directly into this mould and this helps to create a very realistic artificial Christmas tree. These trees need little of no shaping when erecting at Christmas time, they are ultra realistic, long lasting and stunningly beautiful – the next best thing to a real Christmas tree.

In general there are two ways Christmas tree manufacturers attach the branches of the trees to the central trunk of the Artificial Christmas tree; hooked and hinged. The hooked method is where you are required to attach or ‘hook in’ each branch into a bracket that is attached to the artificial Christmas trees trunk each time you affect the tree. Usually these branches are colour coded for ease of construction, so you know in which order you are required to erect the tree. The hook in method usually takes longer to set up and can sometime be frustrating if the colour coded tag is lost. Also with this method as the tree grows older the hook can become bent or misshaped leading to an uneven tree.

The hinged method is the quickest and easiest to assemble of the two methods. This greatly speeds up the construction of the tree each year, and lessens the stress. The branches are permanently attached to the central trunk, with you guessed it, hinges. When you take the tree out of the box the branches simply fold down into the correct position, a bit of fluffing out of the branches and you’re done. And when storing the tree you simply fold them back up and store away in the box.

So know you have an idea of what material the tree you buy will consist of and how the branches will be hung on this tree, the next thing to consider is the stand. We would recommend using a solid metal stand only. When you consider that a fully decorated tree can weigh twice as much as the tree you take out of the box, then you can see a solid stand is the only way to go. Most quality Artificial PE trees come complete with a metal stand, so you may want to consider this when weighing up the cost.”

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10 Best Christmas Quilts Comforters Duvet Covers And Spreads 2022

christmas quilts comforters

Image by Vincent Ciro from Pixabay

Best Christmas Quilts Comforters Duvet Covers And Spreads 2022

I have teamed up the best Christmas quilts comforters, which mainly come in white or plain neutral colors, with some decorative Christmas themed designs in quilts, bedspreads, and duvet covers.

These can easily be thrown over your comforters so you get the cozy warmth along with the festive colors and messages of Christmas time.

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…”Down feathers tend to become more allergenic as they age, as they become contaminated with molds and dust mites.  “

…”A portion of the world’s supply of down feathers are plucked from live birds,[31] a practice condemned as cruel by animal welfare groups.

More about down,  HERE.

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THXSILK 100% Pure Long Grade Mulberry Silk Comforter for Winter with Cotton Shell, Silk Filled Comforter,Silk Quilt, Silk Duvet – Ultra Soft, Light Weighted – Cal King, White


Here is a video about making Mulberry Silk comforters. It’s long (8 minutes) but fascinating! I was captivated by the meticulous process and patience displayed in the fabrication of this silk filler.

Got allergies?

A key feature of this product:

“OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certification – Proven by the Oeko-Tex certification, which insures that the fabric and filling material was constructed without any use of harmful chemicals.”

That’s a huge issue you can cross of your ‘issues’ list if you’re constantly guarding yourself against the chemical soup environment we all live in now. 

Silk is an adapter fabric for hot and cold. It will help you maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature, unlike many synthetic fabrics.

This comforter is available in all bed sizes. Just click over to the Amazon page and you can select whichever size you want.

Buyers give this item 5 Star Raves – for comfort, plush feeling, light, and “pampering”.  

Now – get your Christmas coverlet and pillow covers to decorate your gorgeous silk comforter with for the holidays.

Tache Home Fashion Festive The Holly and The Ivy Patchwork Quilted Poinsettia Coverlet Bedspread Set – Bright Vibrant Multi Colorful Beige Red Green Floral Print – Cal King – 3-Pieces


This beautiful set also comes in the typical bed sizes – it is inexpensive, easy to wash (cold) and dry, and is a polyester and cotton mix. 

If you are sensitive to smells, order early before the holidays. You can wash it, and also hang it outside in the fresh air until those “new” smells are gone.

This is light weight and easy to store. 

I love the natural floral and leaf colors! It is chock full of lovely designs – almost Mandala-like, and can keep your eye engaged time and time again. 

I remember how much I loved my quilt when I was young. Whenever I was home sick my mom brought the “special” quilt out, made by my godmother (who is now in her late 70’s and still quilting!).

I would lie in bed and examine the quilt anew, during those boring hours. It seemed like I always could find a patch I had not seen before.

Have you ever done that with a quilt?

This is one of many quilts, and duvet covers you can use to embellish your Christmas time!

THXSILK 19mm Silk Duvet Cover, 1 Duvet Cover ONLY, High End Collection Microfiber Down Comforter Quilt Cover with Zipper Closure – Seamless, Ultra Soft, Durable, Cal King, White


This another award winning silk product with the “OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certification” – NO chemicals!

It comes in twenty colors – it is going to match whatever decor you have in place – to blend in and neutralize, or provide an outstanding accent

The Red is a beautiful and natural Poinsettia color too. If you prefer a less stimulating environment to sleep in, this could be the perfect duvet cover to add at holiday time.

The 405 thread count cover gets top points for comfort and a very luxurious feeling

One customer was not happy with customer service, but several others were very happy with the quick and attentive help they received. 

You can return this product within 30 days if unopened.

Here is another Christmas decorated bedding design you may want to add.

JSTextiles Christmas Bedding 4 Piece Duvet Cover Santa Claus Bedding Set Queen Size 90’’x90’’ Cute Quilt Cover for Girls/Boys Gift(NO Comforter)


This Christmas bedding set (Queen Size) includes 1 duvet cover 90″*90″ +2 standard pillow cases 20″*36″plus 1 Flat sheet 90”*120.


  •  The hidden zipper closure makes it easy to put your quilt or duvet inside the Santa Claus cover. The sturdy zipper will hold up perfectly after multiple uses and washings.
  • Christmas quilts cover is made of Microfiber that has desirable properties such as super soft, breathing ability, reversible, wrinkle resistance, luxurious appearance and easy cleaning.
  • Wash them in the washing machine or by hand. I always hang dry a zippered item, just because…zippers! 😀  
  • The Christmas Designs  Duvet Covers offer several designs to choose from. 
  • Great for kids beds, your bed, and even for a couch cover for holiday time
  • ☛100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE☚: If you are not satisfied with Cartoon Santa Claus Bedding Set or received defective item, please contact us at the first time , we will reach out to you within 24 hours.

There is no comforter – this will cover your all year round comforter, quilt, or be a bedspread to bring even more cheer to your family’s holiday time.

It comes in all the typical bed sizes. You can also select from a variety of holiday designs,

LilySilk Silk Queen Duvet Cover 19 Momme Soft Breathable Quilt Cover Mulberry Silk Comforter Covers Silvergray


Get ready to choose from fifteen gorgeous colors and shades. Whatever your decor, you will find a beautiful enhancement in one of these beautiful silk comforters.

  • THIS ITEM FEATURES: 4 Corner Ties to Keep Your Comforter Insert in place
  • Zipper Closure, convenient to get the duvet in and out. The size is precise
  • 100% Pure mulberry Grade 6A silk. No satin, No cotton, No Artificial Protein Fiber.
  • Thread Count: 600. Size: Queen 87″W x 90″L(220x230cm)
  • Also for all other bed sizes
  • ALL YEAR ROUND USE: Wonderfully cool in the summer and not overly warm in winter, our silk duvet covers matching with our washable silk comforters are your ideal solution to any problems you may have with insomnia
  • Health benefits in waking up refreshed
  • Enjoy the difference with many a good night’s sleep
  • DURABILITY: Our Top Selling Quality Bedding Products are made with the HIGHEST QUALITY FABRIC so you can expect longevity of use
  • Mulberry silk will not wick moisture from your skin
  • Vibrant Colors – color fasted to not fade with washings (wash as directed)
  • Comes packed in a very beautiful box – great for a for anyone with any bed size as a Thanksgiving or Christmas Gift.
  • Get for any special occasion – Wedding, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year for your loved ones
  • Hand or machine wash in 30 degree centigrade (86 F/warm) water on Delicate cycle
  • Hang to dry.
  • Cool iron.
  • Or dry clean

Tache Home Fashion Festive The Holly and The Ivy Poinsettia Patchwork Quilted Coverlet Bedspread Set – Bright Vibrant Multi Colorful Beige Red Green Floral Print – Queen – 3-Pieces


Comes in all bed sizes.

Main features:

  • An elegantly festively designed quilted bedspread for a brightened look in any room
  • This holiday time spread is configured with several floral patterns – poinsettias, holly,  red berries, – all over the bedspread in various olive green, beige, yellow, red and sky blue print
  • Enhanced by mandala shapes reminiscent of cathedral windows
  • Beautiful decoration for any sleeping space – use by itself for warmer climates and seasons – and throw over a warm comforter for the perfect coziness during the winter holidays
  •   Measures- Queen Quilt: 94″ x 94″ & Two Piece Queen Sham Case – 20″ x 30″
  • Matching Accent Square Cushion Covers are sold separately
  • Quilt Material – Fabric: 100% Polyester – Filling: 50% Cotton & 50% Polyester
  • Washing Care Instructions – Machine Wash Cold, Do Not Bleach, Tumble Dry in Low Cycle and Remove Promptly

Matching cushions:

Tache Home Fashion Set of Two Festive The Holly and The Ivy Square Pillow Accent Cushion Covers Cases – Bright Multi Colorful Beige Red Green Floral Print – 18″ x 18″ – 2-Pieces


Luxurious Hypoallergenic Alpaca Alternative Down Comforter Quilt covered with 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton 300-threads thermo linen, FULL (220 x 240 cm, 590 gr/m2), 1 Pce, Thermo, Silky, Soft, Reversible


Comes in Brown, White and Gray. Check today (click through just above) to see what bed sizes are in stock).

Special features:

  • Hypoallergenic Alpaca Duvet Down Comforter
  • Quilt covered with Peruvian Pima Cotton 300-threads linen
  • Meticulously cleaned of hair
  • Resists odors better than other fiber – recommended for asthmatics and those sensitive to snells
  • Natural filling: 7.29 Lbs (3.29 kg – 590 gr/mt2) of 70% Alpaca fibre (2.29 kg) – 30% Peruvian Pima cotton fibre (1.0 kg), recovered with Peruvian Pima Cotton 300-thread count
  • Certified by the Research, Social Projection & Alpacas Centre – National Agragian University of Peru – guarantees filling Alpaca fibre (26.0 to 31.5 microns).
  • Luxury TWIN-size Alpaca Eiderdown Duvet Down Comforter 300-threads linen (74” x 96” inches – 185 x 240 cm) – filling 590 grams/m2.
  • Quilting technique prevents bunching that occurs with duvet fill
  • No bird feathers that poke out or cause allergic reactions
  • Handmade, Organic, Odorless, All Season
  • Free of bleach, dyes, and pesticides. Alpaca fiber is hollow allowing best thermal insulation, absorbs up to 35% of its weight in moisture – get the benefit of staying dry while staying toasty

Alpaca fleece is the natural fiber harvested from an alpaca. There are two different types of alpaca fleece. ” Want to know more? Go to Wikipedia

Peruvian Pima cotton is considered to be one of the higher quality blends of cotton. Pima cotton doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. Admired for its softness, sheen, and exceptional touch. Brilliant luster, and durability – highly resistant to piling. Sateen is more lustrous and silky, with a higher thread count and usually a finer yarn.

The vendor states:

“We incorporate qualified women artisans to create quality products. In alliance with governmental program ‘Sierra Exportadora’ and UNICEF we support highland Andean families which lives below poverty line.”

And for your decorative holiday addition:

Ambesonne Christmas Duvet Cover Set, Merry Christmas Lettering on an Abstract Modern Snowflake Dot Pattern, Decorative 3 Piece Bedding Set with 2 Pillow Shams, King Size, Black Beige


Comes in Twin, Queen and King.

Comes in 44 designs! This is their Christmas decor duvet cover.

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • INCLUDES – 1 KING Duvet Cover 104″ X 88″ + 2 Pillow Shams 36″ X 20″
  • MADE FROM – 100% Brushed microfiber fabric. Super soft for ultimate comfort
  •  Duvet cover has a hassle-free hidden zipper
  • Pillow shams have envelope closures
  • MACHINE WASH on Cold cycle
  • Dryer safe
  • May need ironing
  • Quality stitching and workmanship
  • Color fast
  • Prints are applied with state of art digital technology
  • Duvet Cover and shams are printed on FRONT SIDE ONLY

Eternal Moment 100% Mulberry Natural Silk Comforter Duvet, Silk Weight: 1700g, King 102×90inch, 100% Cotton Casing, Bedding Silk Quilt Breathable Lightweight for All Season


Comes in Full/Queen and King

Outstanding features for this price:

  • These luxurious well-priced comforters are filled with 100% mulberry silk
  • They are covered with 100% cotton casing
  • Cotton extends the life of comforters
  • 100% safe for sensitive skin people
  • No stimulation. Net weight of silk: 1700g, total weight 3.1KG.
  • Full/Queen: 90 x 86 inch(net weight of silk: 1500g)
  • King: 102 x 90 inch(net weight of silk: 1700g).
  • Mulberry silk content is very fluffy, lightweight and highly ventilated
  • This is a natural “climate control” fabric
  • Keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer –  creates ideal sleeping comfort
  • Comes in a LUXURY GIFT BAG which you can use as a storage bag
  • No out of the bag smell
  • Not recommended for the machine wash/spot clean only with cold water
  • Hang outside to ventilate and clean
  • Avoid direct sunlight and humidity
  • Store in a dry place, not in plastic

Decorate this one with:

Cozy Red Green Reindeer Snowflake Christmas Quilt Set Holiday Bedding Full Queen


Polyester, channel stitched and vibrant decor for your rooms!

And more decoration ideas for quilts, comforters duvet covers:

Five links above  are AL.

There are many many options for your holiday cheer. Enjoy!

The Alternative to Down Comforters by Robin Bauer

“What is the most important room in your house? This would be the room that is responsible for maintaining your sanity and peace of mind, where you might want to just relax and get away from the family hassle at the end of a long day. Are you thinking the bedroom? You would be right; the bedroom is the most important room in your house. With the use of a down comforter you can make this room more comfortable and inviting than ever.

Do you suffer from allergies? Many people find that they are allergic to the goose or duck feathers of a down comforter. If you are you may think that using comforters is not an option for you as many of them are filled with goose or duck down feathers. You could not be more wrong! There are a wide variety of alternative down comforters on the market these days for any size bed. Therefore an alternative down comforter can be the answer for you so, do not let those allergies deter you, snuggle up in a healthy way with an alternative down comforter.

Alternative down comforters are make of a synthetic material that is fast becoming as good if not better than the goose or duck feather down to keeping you warm at night with out the allergic reactions. These synthetic materials are as breathable as the goose or duck down. In some cases you will find that the alternative down comforter is filled with polyester and while this may not sound appealing at first polyester is a very flexible material and can be spun to a very comforting softness.

The alternative down comforter has a more affordable price tag on it compared to comforters that are filled with real down. Although the alternative comforter does not have the status symbol or bragging rights of the pure down comforters, they can be just as soft in comparison and with a high enough thread count they can be found to feel just as luxurious.

Keep in mind that these alternative down comforters are not made with down and will not be as warm as a comforter made with the goose or duck feathers but, they come very close. The biggest benefit from an alternative down comforter of course it that you will eliminate the risk of allergies so, you do not have to feel that you are out of luck when it comes to comfort. Also keep in mind that the higher the thread count the fluffier and lighter your comforter will be.

Please note that alternative down comforters are packed tightly for shipping purposes. Upon receiving you comforter you will need to remove it form the packing and fluff it gently allowing several hours (maybe as much as 24 hours) to recover the full loft or softness. This can be achieved by simply hanging the comforter on a clothesline and letting it air out.

Robin Bauer has found that the problems found with down comforters regardless if they are filled with goose or duck feathers is that they can produce issues with those that are vulnerable to allergic symptoms, particularly if you are hypersensitive to goose or duck down as well as just feathers. The alternative down comforters [http://www.mycozybedding.com/alternative_down_comforters/] could be the answer for you. You can find alternative down comforters at budget-friendly prices at [http://www.mycozybedding.com/alternative_down_comforters/]”

Article Source

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