10 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers With Battery And Charger 2020

10 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers With Battery And Charger 2020

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Safety, convenience and non-polluting are the three top reasons to buy one of the cordless leaf blowers with battery and charger included.

  • Safe – no cords dragging across the property
  • Convenient – just pull off the charger when you’re ready to get outside to blow the leaves
  • Non-polluting – no gas exhaust to smell up your yard (or the neighbor’s too)

You will see while perusing the ten products below that some also include other tools such as a hedge or weed trimmer, as part of the price. If you need those items, these are great deals.

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As beautiful as the autumn leaves are in their multi-colored splendor, they still need to be cleaned up! If you have a small yard, raking it by hand is good exercise and can be a pleasurable time spent outdoors.

Large yards and patios with garden areas are easily cleaned up with a leaf blower that leaves you free to walk around your patio furniture, garden beds, shrubs and trees.

If you are sensitive to smells or allergic to smog, the odor of a neighbor or yard crew blowing leaves with a gasoline driven blower is disconcerting. 

You know it is going to hang around, especially on those hotter fall days with not a leaf stirring. 

That smog can trigger an asthma attack, runny nose or coughing fit, right?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody used an electric leaf blower? No nasty smells, ever! 

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Oregon Cordless BL300 40V 151 MPH Leaf Blower with 6.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger


This leaf blower is 40V and has an airflow of 400 CFM, Air Speed (High): 102 MPH Air Speed (Turbo): 131.5 MPH.

A Three Year and a Two Year Protection Plan is available.

Reviewers mention that the trigger mechanism is not up to par with the rest of the unit. Those with Protection Plans simply got a new replacement.

The Turbo level can “blow the gravel off my driveway” one user says. Wet leaves in the gutters are no problem either.

Here is a video showing you the features of this popular leaf blower.


Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) Blower Kit with 4 Batteries


Features of this product:

  • This Makita can deliver up to 28 minutes of run time at mid speed (15, 800 RPM) using two 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteries
  • BL Brushless motor delivers up to 120 mph air velocity and 473 CFM of air volume
  • The sound pressure rating of 61 dba); measured per ANSI B 175.2 standard is lower than most communities demand
  • No fossil fuel emissions but instead, reduced maintenance
  • No need for gas or oil expenses or need for storage space of flammable fuels in your property!
  • No load speed (variable speed) : 11,400 21,500 RPM
  • 6 stage air velocity/volume selection dial with variable speed control trigger
  • Built in fan circulates air through the battery during the charging process to cool the battery for faster charge time

Westinghouse Cordless 20V+ Complete Tool Set


Five Star reviews are given for this kit. Buyers who used to use the gas powered tools find these just as powerful, and much lighter.

The leaf blower can remove wet grass off the driveway,and  that shows its power!

The string trimmer adjusts easily between a 10 and 12” cutting path. It pivots 90° using five positions that transition between trimming and wheeled edging functions. That’s convenient, isn’t it?

The 24” blade hedge trimmer will cut through up to 3/4″ thickness, and the round handle enables a steady grip without over exertion.

The leaf blower is light weight at 2.7 pounds and is not noisy. 

A three-piece aluminum shaft and a premium 8” Oregon Double Guard Low Kickback Bar and Chain that self-lubricates during operation provides a good performance and maintains the materials in this chainsaw.

The high-performance Westinghouse 20V+ Lithium-Ion 2 Ah battery with LED-indicator battery life indicator provides;

  • 30 minute string trimmer run time
  • 35 minute hedge trimmer run time
  • 20 pole saw cuts (3. 5″ branch
  • 15 minute leaf blower run time with 20V+ 2 Ah battery
  • 60 minute recharge time)

The battery easily slides and snaps into place on every tool and charger. The battery has a two year warranty. 

The tools in this kit  are warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for a period of four years from that date of original purchase.

Westinghouse 40V Cordless Chainsaw and Leaf Blower, 2.0 Ah Battery and Charger Included


The Westinghouse 40VMAX+ Cordless Chainsaw and Leaf Blower Combo Kit gives you the power to keep your property trimmed and uncluttered. For homeowners with small to medium sized yards, these tools offer cutting edge features in one versatile package to cut back overgrowth. Sustainable alternatives to gas powered tools without the hassle of engine maintenance or money wasted on fuel, the 40VMAX+ Combo Kit has zero emissions and low tone to groom your garden.

The automatic oiler on the chainsaw allows for tool-free and hands-off oil maintenance along with easy chain tensioning to further provide smooth and simple operation. Keep your wood pile high and ready to go for your BBQ pits and outdoor fire places! 

The blowing force of up to 90 MPH and 400 CFM, and the heavy duty jet fan motor creates enough power to keep your property clean of leaves and dirt, with no gas smell!

Snapper XD 82V MAX 550 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower Kit with 2.0 Battery & Rapid Charger, 1687879, SXDBL82K


Do you think it takes about 40 minutes to clean your yard with a leaf blower? If  so you are in luck with this Briggs & Stratton 82V lithium ion 2.0Ah battery with its run time.

It has a powerful 550 CFM / 130mph blowing speed to blow through your leaves and other yard debris.

You’ll love the speed control which allows you to  maintain  the airflow along with a stable, anti-tip base design

These batteries can be used for other Snapper tools

Comes with two choices for Protection Plans.

Rated highly for its power one user says he  tried to ” use it to blow off some floor mats in his garage but he ended up blowing them out the door instead. :)” And that is an 86 year old who is glad his heavier gas blower stopped working. 

Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Brushless Axial Blower, Battery and Rapid Charger Included


Do you have a larger yard? Or small business space you take care of?

You will get 70 minutes run-time on speed 1 (low) / 28 minutes run-time on speed 2 (medium) / 12 minutes run-time on speed 3 (high) with fully charged 2Ah battery with this Greenworks Pro 80V brushless axial blower.

The brushless motor provides more torque, quiet operation, and longer life. It offers performance equivalent to a gas fulled blower. It also offers:

  • 125 mph / 500 cfm performance
  •  3 speed options, and a variable speed trigger control
  • Cushioned overmold grip
  • A noise level of only 60 decibels, conforming to many neighborhoods and corporate parks noise ordinance requirements
  • A 30 minute charge time for your ongoing convenience

WORX WG584.1 40V 4.0Ah Lithium WORXAIR Turbine Blower Battery and Charger Included


This unit is 11 pounds and designed for one hand use. It is engineered with TURBINE technology that delivers up to 430 CFM of air velocity.

I could not find an exact definition of Turbine Technology, which has a trademark. It went here and got some information. I conclude that this leaf blower has a tiny turbine in it. 

(I am just not tecchie about yard tools, but go off the results and customer reviews for ones I haven’t used.) 😀 

This turbine motored blower has a 3-speed control with a TURBO boost to blast leaves off any surface.

The highly efficient brushless motor contributes to a longer lasting power.

The on-board battery charge level indicator keeps you apprised of remaining run time.

Please note: The uint comes with 2 20V batteries. The prior generations’ 40V batteries will not operate this tool as it is not compatible. 

LiTHELi 40V 480CFM 92MPH Leaf Blower with Brushless Motor, 2.5AH Battery and Charger


This company offers:

  1.  A 90 days money back guaranty
  2. 3 years warranty for battery
  3. 5 years warranty for machine

It is very light weight at 5.7 pounds.

This product comes with a 550W brushless (delivering more longevity and quiet performance) motor powered by a LiTHELi 40V 2.5 Ah battery.

It is a smaller and lighter leaf blower which may be perfect for your smaller yard, patio or front yard/driveway space. 

The weight will not challenge a smaller person or child. How handy is that?

At the soft grip handle, a variable speed dial and a turbo function gives you both comfort and control to make your yard maintenance a little easier.

It will run for 60 minutes!

The charger is quick and has a battery charge indicator.

Customers give this one a 4.6 Star Rate for it’s weight, power over other brands of electric blowers, and ease of use.

WORX WG547.3 20V 4.0Ah Cordless Turbine Leaf Blower with Gutter Pro Kit Battery and Charger Included


This powerful Turbine blower provides you with 360 CFM at 75 mph

At only 5.7 lbs., you can control this blower with one hand without strain

Safely clean your rain gutters from leaves and other debris (mine had some bird nests in them that had to go!) while standing on the ground. Easily join the 8 feet of tubes of the Gutter Pro Kit together and you will have an overall reach of 11 feet.

Enjoy the two speed control while getting all your various jobs done.  No tripping on cords as you clear dirt, dust, bird feathers and all the other detritus that somehow appears in your yard.

And there is more!

The Gutter Pro kit has universal fit to work with most handheld leaf blowers!


Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LB20062S 62-Volt 140MPH 500CFM Cordless Leaf Blower, 2.5AH Battery & Fast Charger Included


This battery is compatible with all Scotts 62-Volt Lithium-Ion products; Warranty details: 5-year tool warranty; 3-year battery warranty. 

The rubber grip is comfortable and you can reach the speed alternator button without putting the unit down.

This is super light at 5.2 pounds.

All things being relative, this unit is highly praised for smaller yards and lighter chores. It will quickly clean up grass trimmings and the weekly leaf fall, but may need a re-charge or two for the autumn leaf collection.

That’s probably a great trade-ff for it’s lightness and slightly less power. 

It all depends on how much lawn you have, and what kind of trees.  Maybe it is the perfect machine for your yard spaces, including flower beds.

It is customer praised for quiet, comfort of use and effectiveness, even from those who previously used gas blowers.

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Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What I like about these battery charged cordless leaf blowers is that you can refrain from spewing fossil fuels into the air around your home.

Fossil fuels contribute to your carbon footprint, or, the ways in which  you personally contribute to the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

Cleaning and trimming your yard with electric tools is just one way to lower your personal dumping of pollution. We can only control so much, right?

Here are a few more ways to do a little more, if and when you can:

  • Car pool to work/take public transport/ride a bike
  • Install solar panels (even a small array to recharge your batteries) if you can
  • Add a wind turbine to your property if that is useful in your region
  • Maximize daylight in your home – open your curtains
  • Use cold water for laundry as much as possible (you can get an enzyme additive that kills dust mites, see at the bottom here)
  • Don’t your use clothes dryer but hang up laundry outside when weather allows
  • Switch off appliances when not in daily use. Unplug if they have a lot of LEDS 
  • Get solar powered motion detected outside lights for your home (see below)

I hope you don’t think I’ve gone off topic! Because this is all related.  Here are three of the handy items I mentioned just above.

LITOM Premium Solar Lights Outdoor with 270°Wide Angle Illumination(4 Pack), IP67 Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights,Easy-to-Install Security Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck


Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Dryer Clothes Line – 196 feet, 311048


Your clothes dryer eats up a huge amount of electricity or gas. It is the first recommended “get rid of” appliance for lowering your carbon footprint. The one above may be suitable for your back yard.

Or, you may be more able to use a retractable line like this one:

Ki Knight Retractable Clothesline Adjustable 13.8 Feets Stainless Steel Rope, Drill-Free & Wall Mounted Method Heavy Duty Clothes Dryer with Glue and Screws Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor(Silver)


Kleen-Free Naturally Preformed Enzyme Cleaner (Fresh and Clean Scent, 64-Ounce Ready to Use)


Kill those dust mites when you wash (laundry, or anything!) with cold water. Hot water will kill them, but warm/cold water will just give them a bath! 

The following contributed article discusses the advantages of the cordless leaf blower with battery and charger, and some other handy tools without cords too. 

Best Reasons to Buy Cordless Leaf Blowers by Al Smitty

Cordless leaf blowers can be safer and much more convenient than traditional models. These can do the same work without the need for plug-ins and extension cords. This is great especially if you have a large area that needs attention. There are many newer models of lawn and garden tools available that can make your life much easier.

Yard work has never been easier than with the products we have today. The leaf blower can be used in your lawn or garden with one easy step. You simply charge them when not in use and then when you need it then it is ready to use. All you do is unplug it from the charger and you are ready to go.

This is only one of the many cordless tools you can buy for use around the home. Cordless drills and saws can make home repairs a snap. They also have cordless screw drives and a host of other items to choose from. These are all rechargeable and easy to use. The batteries rarely, if ever, need to be replaced.

Please remember that these are still motorized tools and may cause injury if not operated properly. Always keep out of reach of children and read warning labels carefully. These can be just as dangerous as tools with a cord, maybe more so because a child could take them to another area out of your sight.

If you are worried about potential damage to flowers or plants from cordless leaf blowers then you might consider investing in raised flower beds. This can also be great so that you don’t have to stop or bend as much when working in your flower beds. This can also help prevent weed growth from occurring.

If you hate having cords stretched across your yard then there are a few other items you may want to consider as well. They have solar lights that can be put in your yard to light your driveway, lawn, or garden. These run off of solar energy and do not need cords or batteries. They also make lights like this for security purposes and even as porch or deck lights.

There is a new zero radius turn mower to help keep your lawn looking like it was cut by a professional with very little work on your part. These can go around trees and flower beds with ease. If you still need it then they also have cordless weed eaters available as well. Everything you need for you home and garden has been made simple for you.

You can find cordless leaf blowers at a store near you or online and a number of retail outlets. These are a great buy and can usually be found for a terrific price. To be sure and get the best product you should always read before you buy. It is also usually a good idea to buy tools like this new as a used tool may not hold a charge like a new one would.

Al Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from electric leaf blowers [http://www.petrolleafblowers.org/electric-leaf-blowers/] to American football. Thanks for reading!

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