The Best Tiller And Cultivator To Lower Your Carbon Footprint – Top 8

the-best-tiller-and-cultivator: cultivated garden with arbor

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Your Choices For the Best Tiller And Cultivator

My mom was an avid gardener and she grew a lovely flower garden, every year. She had the best tiller and cultivator – my dad. 🙂 

If you don’t live in easy soil condition areas like they did, you may need some help starting your garden every spring.

I hope all the information in this article will help you choose the cultivator or tiller that is best for your garden.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


Electric and/or cordless garden tools are:

  • Lower in the carbon footprint they produce
  • Easier to reach gardens farther from your house
  • Worry-free about pollution and tangling in cords
  • Lighter, less heavy duty, but perfect for smaller non-commercial gardens
  • No gas exhaust to contaminate your soil


What Is The Best Garden Tiller


You can spend between $90 and $2,000.00 on a tiller/cultivator. A tiller can turn the soil between 4 inches and ten inches in depth. 

You will need the best one for your soil. Is your soil a bit sandy and loose? Or mixed with clay and very packed?

Or something in between – in terms of the effort required to prepare for planting a garden?


What is the difference between a garden tiller and a cultivator?


cultivator is generally designed to mix loose soil, while a garden tiller is intended to break up dry, packed chunks of ground.

If you are about to prepare a brand new garden area for planting, a cultivator will be too weak to to do this. The tines are simply not up to the task.

You will need a tiller which has more power and  heavier duty tines.

How deep will a cultivator dig?

The digging depth of a cultivator is around 4 inches. For a previously used garden, or a garden with loose soil, you can rejuvenate it in spring with a cultivator.


Can You Overtill A Garden?


Yes, you can.

Tilling too early in the season, before the spring sun has dried out the snow melt, can diminish the condition of your soil.

Tillage at the right time, can increase beneficial bacteria in your soil. This triggers the composting of organic material and result in the transfer of nutrients to plant roots.

You will also aerate the soil, and introduces oxygen to the organisms in your garden. This will feed them and increase their benefits to the development of your flowers or vegetable crops.

If these organisms get exposed prematurely, the plants don’t flourish from their benefits. Consequently, the offloads of nutrients in the soil may simply be flushed away by spring rainfalls and general erosion.

Rule of thumb is to wait till the spring sogginess has dried down to 6-8 inches.

Manually forking leaf scraps and other compost will greatly enhance your earthworm population.

Some gardeners understandably will need a more powerful gas fueled tiller. There are many options for those too. This article focuses on the electric, including cordless models.


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Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller


Here is a video showing this tiller on hard, packed soil. 

Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 4-Cycle 7940 Tiller Cultivator


This is the gas powered model, if that is what your property requires.

Powerworks TL60L2510PW 60V Brushless Tiller, 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included


  • High strength 60V Brushless motor has an electric starter, gives more power, torque, and longer life without the hassle of gas
  • 4″ hardened Steel tines placed for an 8″ tilling width and tills 5″ deep
  • 4 Height placement options for various tilling depths
  • Handles fold for compact storage
  • Battery and charger included
  • This battery is compatible with all Powerworks 60V and Snapper 60V tools (SP60V, SC60V, SH60V, ST60V, SB60V).
  • Battery is NOT compatible with Greenworks 60V or any other brands not listed

Ryobi 10 in. 40-Volt X Lithium-Ion Cordless Attachment Capable Cultivator


The vendor states that the Ryobi 40-Volt Cultivator provides gas-level power with none of the frustrations of mixing, starting or maintaining gas cultivators.

Lightweight and with easy movements, this cultivator is suitable for your home garden or landscaping areas on your property.

The heavy strength steel tines have an adjustable width of 7 -10 in. for easy tilling and access between plants and flowers.

The variable speed options of the trigger puts the control in your reach as you work.

A  large shield provides a barrier from flying debris.

The 40-Volt power head is designed to accept Ryobi Expand-it Attachments and other universal gas attachments to save time, money and space.

This model is equipped with a 40-Volt lithium-ion high capacity for extended operating time.

All Ryobi 40-Volt batteries come with an on-board battery life indicator for your convenience and over-molded edges for impact protection.

Earthwise TC70040 11-Inch 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Tiller/Cultivator, 4Ah Battery & Charger Included


If you have a property with a configuration that would be easier with a cordless machine, this is perfect for you. 

  • Powerful 40-Volt lithium-ion battery and fast charger included
  • Ideal for mid-size to large gardens and flower beds
  • Functions well as a weed control tool
  • (4) durable steel tines
  • Cultivates and tills an 11″ width and 8″ depth
  • Convenient flip-down rear wheels for walking the tiller through the yard or garden
  • Quick and easy start every time
  • Soft ergonomic grip for comfortable operation

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70135S 13.5-Amp 16-Inch Corded Tiller/Cultivator, Green


This machine readily competes with gas models – without the fuel requirement, and pollution factor.

  • Powerful 13. 5-Amp motor for superior power, run-time and durability
  • Ideal for any size gardens and flower beds, including large plots and community gardens; works well as a weed control tool
  • (6) Adjustable tempered alloy steel tines. Lifetime on the steel tines; Cultivates from 11″-16″ wide and 8″ deep
  • Bail wire with start button for safety and easy start; soft ergonomic grip for comfortable operation
  • Flip-down rear wheels for easily walking the tiller; alternative to gas-powered lawn and garden equipment

Sun Joe TJ601E Tiller Joe 9-Amp Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator


The special features of this machine are:

  • Six steel-angled blades that  loosen up the packed soil to prepare it for seeding.
  • Dirt removal is quick and easy.
  • The TJ601E electric garden tiller significantly decreases your exertion so that you can enjoy your efforts without strain.
  • The design is considered ergonomic, or best configured for your posture and application.
  • It’s 9 AMP motor facilitates plowing through even the hardest packed terrains.
  • The tiller’s corded electric design may be your choice if you don’t want to deal with battery charging.
  • This tiller features a quick with a start push-button
  • The  Sun Joe TJ601E electric tiller provides a safety switch that prevents accidental start-ups
  • Adjusts for your own height with 7 adjustable wheel positions.
  • Your purchase of the Sun Joe TJ601E is ETL has been inspected and approved
  • Is backed by a full two-year warranty
  • Enthusiastic reviews (over 300) on this model.
  • Small, light and effective for gardens up to 600 square feet, and tilled from scratch -even  a lawn.

Sun Joe TJ600E Joe 14-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator, 6.0


A smaller version of the above unit.

I just love the following article. I mean, why gardening? Many reasons! I hope you enjoy Li’s information on gardening.

Gardening – To Sustain Health, Boost Morale, and Generate an Income – Based on Scientific Research! by Li Smith

Gardening keeps life sunny-side up. We are all victims of stress in one form or another. Stress puts pressure on your immune system leaving you susceptible to illness and depression. It also appears to be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and can delay wound healing. Research shows that gardeners have the same brain wave patterns as people who meditate. We are genetically programmed to seek nature and interact with it to set up these brain waves in motion – especially during times of stress, says SA Gardening Magazine, June 2005. Apart from recovering more quickly from every day stress and mental fatigue, growing seeds successfully gives us a feeling of self-confidence. A sure-fire recipe for business success.

Getting your hands in the soil and planting can generate sales. By reaping your crops you can earn a good income especially in organic production. “The organic revolution has taken the agricultural world by storm”, according to Farmer’s Weekly Magazine, SA. Getting into this market requires research and long-term planning. Here’s How:

1. Draw a plan and design where your plants should be; trees, herbs, vegetables, flowers, etc.

2. Decide which crops to grow, determined by the size of your available ground. Take into account your soil, climate, water (the water of different plants vary, so group together plants with similar watering needs), and your local market demand when determining how much to plant. I grow a variety of crops for my local market. My mainstay is wheatgrass – the young wheat plant which is popular at my nearby Health Food shop, and recently my passion fruit sold well. They are known in South Africa as the granadilla, and they have an edible egg-shaped fleshy fruit. A supplier at the health shop recently sold over $130 worth of figs growing from her one tree.

If there is a need in your market for sweet potatoes, for instance, your soil should have a high percentage of sand to suit plants with a deep root system. The same goes for carrots, potatoes, maize/corn. Loamy soil will suit most plant species, while clay soil is very limiting and needs to be built up for crop production. Sun and Shade: The following vegetables will tolerate some shade, although they prefer sunny conditions: tomatoes, celery, Swiss chard, green and red peppers, cabbages, parsley, spring onion, chives and lettuce.

How nutrient-dense is your ground? Mulch is decomposing vegetable matter, peat, etc., used to prevent soil erosion or enrich the soil. Organic matter such as compost will boost it, and increases water retention of all types of soil. The earths fertility is determined by the presence of earthworms. The earthworm relies on the biological conditions of your soil, and soil health depends on the critical role of chemicals in the atmosphere.

As Above, so Below

According to Scientific American issue, Atmospheric Dust and Acid Rain by Lars O. Hedin and Gene E. Likens, “Acids and bases are measured by what is known as the pH scale: Solutions with a pH of less than 7 are acidic; those with a pH greater than 7 are basic; those with a pH of 7 are neutral. Most of the bases in the atmosphere can be found in air-born particles referred to as atmospheric dust. These dust particles are rich in minerals such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate-which act as bases when they are dissolved in water. These bases neutralize acidic pollutants such as sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides from sources such as fossil fuel combustion, cement manufacturing, etc”.

The chemical interplay that effect conditions in the atmosphere also plays a crucial role in the pH scale or ratio governing our bodies. Most diets are too acidic, and a simple blood test will be able to show your acid/alkaline ratio. It should tend towards a pH of 7.4.

In much the same way that chemical bases in the atmosphere counter the effects of acid rain by neutralizing acidic pollutants, our bodies depend on a decent amount of alkaline properties to counter and balance the effect of acids in our systems. Many of the foods we eat/drink DO NOT have health benefits, and can leave an acidic ash in our bloodstream and organs. This is why antacids are used for an upset stomach. Antacids are not ideal for sustaining long-term health-we need viable alternatives for correcting our acid/alkaline balance. With a formidable body knowledge available to us about plants, herbs and flowers, we can take stock of our lives and make changes that can make us healthier. It is important that the crops we grow thrive in optimal soil.

This is where the Excavators live, and their underground presence is directly related to increased soil productivity. The earthworm is a common animal-like creature, and it is responsible for soil bio-diversity. Irmela Reichardt, South African author and organic gardening expert says, “Earthworms are amazing diggers, integrating organic matter into the soil and bringing up nutrients. Through their constant tunneling, they open up channels, thereby increasing soil aeration and drainage and allowing plant roots easier access to nutrients and water. These powerful ‘workmen’ eat large amounts (compared to their own weight) of organic matter and break it down into pure humus”. Soil aggregates are increased and strengthened by their activity.

3. Make your own Super-Soil. The compost bin or heap is your biological recycling center. For the earth to continue to nurture us and our children, there are many scientific, ecological avenues available for re-building the soil. Here our greatest potential lies within our own gardens. Its hearth and heart is the compost heap. This biological recycling center is charred rich black in color, moist and teeming with earthworms. It has the smell of a clean forest, warm and woody. Composting is easy! It takes about 5 or 6 month to get your compost bin or heap ready. Turn it about once a month. This involves moving the bottom of the pile to the top, and the sides to the middle.

4. Cultivate crops with high levels of vitamins and nutrients necessary for sustaining healthy living.

5. Stock up on organically grown seeds, and use organic potting soil and compost.

Good luck with growing your edible garden. The simple pleasure you derive from your time spent in it will reflect in your health, pocket and outlook. Create a garden to reflect your life and dreams. Investigate really good local variants of your indigenous flora. Develop and design, plant your favorite specimens, and enjoy your time spent in your garden!

Research your crop for niche markets. If you decide to plant carrots, for instance, you will have a nutritious vegetable with a high yield in relation to the amount of ground it grows. The carrot has been one of nature’s best medicinal plants for many centuries. Carrots made their appearance in Central Asia over 3,000 years ago and they were used to treat cancer, indigestion, skin ulcers and impotency. It was regarded as an aphrodisiac by men living in Teheran in the 1870s where carrots were stewed with sugar. The plant pigment that gives the carrot its vivid orange color is beta-carotene which converts to vitamin A as needed. 1 fresh carrot gives us twice our daily requirement of vitamin A. They are also loaded with vitamins B1, B2 and B6, as well as vitamins C and K. Minerals include rich amounts of potassium, iron and calcium. Copper, zinc, magnesium and cobalt are also supplied. Researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture found that study participants who consume 2 carrots a day were able to lower their cholesterol levels by about 20% due to a soluble fiber in the carrot called calcium pectate.

I am author of ‘Wheatgrass: Superfood for a New Millennium’. This book explores the essentials of great health and longevity. It offers a new look into enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids and minerals for health and vitality. It is easy to grow your own wheatgrass, vegetables and herbs. I have witnessed many cases of dramatic healing among those consuming wheatgrass juice, including the reversal of high blood pressure, anemia, asthma and kidney dysfunction. I have appeared on South African television and in People magazine promoting wheatgrass as a therapeutic superfood. ‘Wheatgrass’ was published by Vital Health Publishing. Brand: Square One Publishers. USA.

Article Source

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10 Best Outdoor Electric Patio Heaters 2022

domed electric outdoor heater

Image by Stan Petersen from Pixabay

Why Outdoor Electric Patio Heaters Are Popular

Outdoor electric patio heaters will enhance your relaxation and entertainment time outdoors in the fresh air, enchanted evenings and sun drenched areas, whenever you choose.


Getting the maximum use of your patio, deck or back yard space includes your enjoyment of it over as much of the year as possible, in your climate region.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

Can I Put My Patio Heater On A Wood Deck?

Yes, as long as you are using a heater designed for the outdoors. It will not heat up the platform it is placed on.

Do note that these outdoor heaters should not be placed on grass, but on a stable, fixed, flat surface.

Most of these heaters will come with a safety switch that turns the unit off if it tilts past a certain angle.

Electric heaters are less expensive than propane units. Natural gas is the least expensive, but electricity is cleaner.

Electric heaters can be used in an enclosed patio or deck space, and indoors too. There are no harmful emissions.

Electric outdoor patio heating is the most environmentally clean choice.

What Is The Clearance Requirement For Outdoor Patio Heaters?

Consider that you will need at least thirty inches clearance around all emitter screens and reflector surfaces.

Patio furniture, plants and combustible pots like wicker or baskets, and fabric decorations can all help absorb heat and make your outdoor area cozy.

So keep them as a benefit and not a liability! Give your heater space.

Can You Put A Patio Heater Under A Gazebo?

Yes, if the gazebo is wide open. If the gazebo is enclosed, use an indoor/outdoor heater that is designed for such use.

The easiest option for this will be an electric heater. It has no exhaust factor, and also running gas lines to your gazebo would get messy in your yard.

You can also use a radiant heater pointed toward your open gazebo. Whatever you decide to use, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Solaira Alpha Series 48 In. Electric Patio Heater, 6000 Watts 240 Volts, Grey



The vendor states:

“The Solaira Alpha Series 48 In. Electric Patio Heater, 6000 Watts 240 Volts electric infrared heaters represent the evolution of engineered short wave heating technology. Alpha Series Heaters produce short wave length infrared that convert 92% of consumed energy to instant, controllable, directional heat. This heating technology is not affected by wind or draft as it warms people, objects and things and not the air. The modular design of the Solaira Alpha Series allows specifying engineers to adjust and direct specified heating loads based on area requirements. The Alpha Series modern, sleek design allows architects to integrate heating technology with clean un-intrusive lines. Alpha Series Heaters are engineered to meet P24 standard for water spray so they can be installed in both wet (outdoor) or dry conditions (indoor or outdoor).”

And what exactly is infrared? “An infrared heater or heat lamp is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the temperature of the emitting body, the wavelength of the peak of the infrared radiation ranges from 780 nm to 1 mm. No contact or medium between the two bodies is needed for the energy transfer.”…Wikipedia 


Infratech SL3024SV Slim Line – Single Element 3,000 Watt Patio Heater, Choose Finish: Stainless Steel Faceplate w/Silver Trim


This unit requires a 220V connection and a dedicated circuit. You will need an electrician ti install this correctly.

It comes with a 2 Year Warranty and is manufactured in the USA.

Bromic Smart Heat Tungsten Electric 6000W Radiant Infrared Electric Patio Heater Model BH0420033


This is the largest of four sizes – just click from the Buy button to see all choices.

The material is high temperature ceramic over stainless steel.

The reflector optimizes heat distribution.

3 or 4 year protection plans are offered.

Reduced light emission means no glare from the heater.

This unit will radiate warmth up to 120 square feet.

Mounting brackets are included.

Get more enjoyment out of a screened porch or covered deck. 

One user states it heats their porch in 7F weather.

Infratech WD4024SS Dual Element – 4000 Watt Electric Patio Heater, Choose Finish: Stainless Steel


Offers (separate) expert assembly and 3 or 4 Year Protection Plan

Provides dual option for directional heat

You can select to install with stack switches for half or whole power use.

This heater covers about an 8 x 10 foot area. One reviewer states it can be felt 15 feet away.

Must be hard wired and installed by a licensed electrician.

The quartz elements function with no painful glares nor heater type odors.

Good for indoor or outdoor use.

Muskoka Lifestyle Products Commercial SunWave 3000W 220-240V with Remote Patio Heater


Free Amazon support included.

Remote is included, giving you three temperature controls. It can also be controlled manually.

Waterproof and rust resistant aluminum and stainless steel materials provide quality and trust.

Reflectors increase heat output.

1 Year Warranty against factory defects.

Briza Carbon Infrared Heater – Patio Heater – Shop Heater – Indoor/Outdoor Heater – Wall Heater – Stand Heater – 1500W – Comes with Stand – Mount to Ceiling/Wall


This wall mount or stand heater comes with the stand. Heater can be touched safely  – surface does not heat to burn.

It will automatically turn off if tilted or tipped over.

Cost effective – move around your home only heating the area you’re in. Do the same in your outdoor spaces.

Fit this one snugly under your outdoor dining table umbrella.

Work in the garage or greenhouse with this radiant heat.

Silent, great for the bedroom (radiant heat doesn’t need a fan).

Can be angled to direct heat upwards or downwards.

Waterproof for outdoor use. (don’t submerse it!)

Fire Sense 62220 Frisco Patio Heater, Copper


This smaller, lighter heater (26 pounds) is easy to move around. Use outside, in an unheated garage, or around the house wherever you need it.

Great for patio use, in the garage or areas of your house where heat seems lacking.

The 13 foot cord makes this easy to do.

SUNHEAT Outdoor Weatherproof Electric Wall Mounted Patio Heater


Under 6 pounds, you can even hang this under your outdoor umbrella to enjoy a cozy dinner in your yard. 

This comes with a 10 foot cord. The gold reflector pushes instant heat to relax and entertain in. 

Mount in a fixed position, or move it around as you need it.

XtremepowerUS Infrared 1500W Electric Patio Heater Wallmount or Freestanding Adjustable Heat/Height with 2 Led Light


This heater has 2 LED lights, one on each side of the unit. Doubles as a floor lamp.

It comes with a simple pull string to turn it on. 

Easily heats a 12 x 12 covered patio.

Adjustable height makes its use more flexible. One example, under your gazebo (no fuel fumes).

Great if your HOA or apartment does not allow gas heaters.

TRUSTECH Electric Outdoor Heater – Halogen Patio Heater, Waterproof Space Heater with 3 Power Levels for Patio, 500/1000/1500W, Courtyard, Garage Use, Overheat Protection, Tip-Over Shut Off


3 Halogen tubes emanate cozy heat and the height is adjustable up to 70 inches.

Indoor and outdoor use accommodates all your needs in the house, garage or yard.

2 Year Warranty.

Electric Patio Heaters – Offering Indoor Comfort Outdoors by Toni Chiara

“Electric space heaters have always been around providing warmth and comfort indoors. Many homeowners have depended on these heaters, from the old coil model heaters to the newer ceramic styles as a staple for their homes heating needs. Now, if you like spending time and entertaining outdoors, the latest models of electric patio heaters can provide that same warmth and comfort to your outdoor spaces too.

Outdoor heaters come in a wide array of styles and shapes. In the past, propane was the means used to power most outdoor heaters. However, new technology and innovations are making electric heating models increasingly popular. Here are some reasons homeowners love electric heaters:

Radiant Heating: Radiant heat, which is used my many electric models, heats the people and things around it and not the air. For energy efficiency and comfort radiant heat can’t be beat.

Targeted Heat: Electric heaters provide directional heat. So the heat only goes in one direction letting you target the heat where you want it unlike propane heaters that over a 360 degree area. Targeted heating means you don’t waste money and energy heating unnecessary areas.

Safe: Electric patio heaters are much safer than the traditional propane unit. Unlike propane, electric heaters don’t have a flame, which means there is less risk for injury or fire. Most of the newer electric models even stay cool, which is really great for families with children or pets.

Portable: Even though you have to plug in electric heaters, they work on a regular outlet and are generally very portable and easily moved around your patio.

Inexpensive and Clean: Electric heaters are less expensive to operate than propane and offer a clean, odorless source of energy. Electric heaters provides maximum warmth for minimum cost.

The newest innovation in electric patio heaters is infrared heating. These models offer almost instant heat. Infrared models come in free standing and wall mounted units and usually feature slim profiles and won’t stick out into your patio space.

Most electric heaters come with standard safety features. These features generally include an anti-tipping feature so that units won’t tip over accidentally and an automatic shut-off switch so that the heater will shut-off instead of overheating if left on by accident. Other features that are offered are zone control and variable temperature controls. You should make sure your unit offers these features to get maximum comfort from your new heater.

It doesn’t matter which electric heating model you select, you can count on it to provide years of reliable efficient warmth for your patio. When you’ve selected the right heater for your patio, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio in comfortable warmth on even the coldest nights.

If you can’t figure out the best choice between convection, radiant or infrared heating and are just generally confused by all the different heating options, then stop by electric patio heaters []. This is the internet’s premier site for patio resources. Check it out and discover the hottest trends and latest news in outdoor patio heaters [] styles.”

Article Source

Even though the author’s links are gone, this is a good article to refer to.
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10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit And Table Combos For Warmth All Year 2020

outdoor fire pits and tables

10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit And Table Combos For Warmth All Year 2020

Outdoor fire pit and table combos are deliciously comfy and provide you with this warm and cozy setting almost all year round. The following shows some wonderful selections with different sizes, to suit your deck or patio.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.
Photo by Jessica from Pexels
The fire pits come in square, rectangular and round shapes, to fit the patio furniture you already have, or ones you’d like to buy for your relaxation and entertainment area.
Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Outdoor Great Room Uptown Crystal Fire Pit Table with Tile Top and Rectangular Burner, Brown


There are some great pros for choosing this beautiful and stylish fire pit table.


    • The size of the fire pit –  12 x 42 inch Crystal Fire Burner
    • The materials – Brown Stucco Base with Brown Supercast Concrete Top
    • Fuel options – Propane (LP) Ready; Natural Gas conversion kit included; 88,000 BTU
    • Pit contents – Includes 16 pounds of Diamond colored fire glass; Push Button Igniter
    • Designed with Propane Tank Storage neatly placed underneath, accessible
    • Rectangular shape and gorgeous size – 24 x 48 x 65 inches

What a wonderful way to get the most benefits from your property. Spend many evenings in all but the coldest of weather enjoying food, conversation and relaxation.

Even in hot areas like the desert regions, it can be quite chilly after sundown. Your family and guests will be cozy and relaxed in the warmth and glow of your generous and welcoming space that you can create with this fire pit and table combination.

It can be placed on a wooden deck.

The flame length is adjustable.

You should plan on two people to get this unit assembled.

The glass guard accessory:


The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Kenwood Linear Dining Height GAS Fire Pit Table (KW-1242-K) with Glass Wind Guard (1242)


The excellent pros with this product:

  • This contemporary design fire table with well-crafted materials – a brown composite chat height decking top and base with grey powder coated aluminum construction to provide longevity.
  • The elevated design of the UL listed, 100,500 BTU rated 12 x 42-inch stainless steel gas burner results in less heat transfer – the temperature of your drinks and food are less affected
  • This large comfortable dining size fire table includes a grey glass burner cover
  • Provides an easy access door for the 20 pound propane tank storage.
  • Built with a handy push button spark ignition system along with simple and convenient controls while lighting the unit
  • The manual control valve allows variable flame height
  • Diamond fire beads are included
  • Standard 20 pound propane tank connections and fittings are included
  • Natural gas conversion included, also allows use for natural gas applications

Matching pieces for this table:



You have a beautiful wood-crafted look of a dining set with all these pieces. Two benches, one on either side, could be completed with high backed and cushioned chairs at the short sides of the table.

You could also cushion the benches for comfort. There are many options for style and color designs to stir your imagination. Patio cushions come in many shades and patterns, and also in weather resistant materials.

See “Patio Furniture Cover Fabric Information” by Justin Forman here.

Elementi Granville Fire Table Cast Concrete Natural Gas Fire Table, Outdoor Fire Pit Fire Table/Patio Furniture, 45,000 BTU Auto-Ignition, Stainless Steel Burner, Lava Rock Included


This neutral colored table will go with any color of patio furniture be it brown or grey rattan, aluminum, or wooden chairs and benches. Patio cushions will enhance your color preferences and liven up your relaxing space.


  • Designed for Natural Gas only
  • Material: High Performance Cast Concrete.
  • Size: 60″ x 27″ x 17″. Propane tank should be placed outside of the Table with a pre-attached 10 ft Hose with Regulator.
  • Max. Heat Output: 45,000 BTU Auto-ignition. 13.2 lbs Lava Rock and Canvas Cover is included
  • Certification: CSA & CE Certified

Customers rate this product for being great looking and functioning well. They love the modern look of the concrete.

You have five feet of table length to surround with comfortable chairs or benches. What a great space to offer your family and guests, for deep relaxation and good times!


Oriflamme Gas Fire Table Propane 75,000 BTU Heat Output, Round Square Octagon (Blue Pearl Granite, 48″ Round)


This beautiful and classy looking polished granite top fire pit table has the following features:

  • It contains 2 propane tanks inside the table for twice the burn time of any gas fire table.
  • If you prefer natural gas you can convert it with Oriflamme natural gas kit.
  • Unique Oriflamme Burner System – burns throughout vs small ring
  • High 75,000 BTU heat output – with high to low controls on side of table
  • Includes, hidden bottle opener, premium reflective fire glass
  • The heavy metal lid is included

The granite is typically heavy, so have two people ready to install this kit.

Outdoor Great Room GS-1224-BRN-K Grandstone Fire Pit Napa Valley, Brown


Made In The USA, this beautiful table has a granite top.

The propane tank is easily accessible. 

A burner cover or glass wind barrier can be ordered separately.

The top can be removed for storage in winter months, but a good cover will protect is just fine.

Can you picture this gorgeous table on your deck or lanai?

POLYWOOD Round 48″ Fire Pit Table (Mahogany)


This round table comes in six colors.

Included in the kit:

  • Glass wind barrier
  • Table cover
  • Access door for propane tank

Since this table is polywood (not real wood) the glass wind barrier must be used to protect the material. It is also a good item to have anyway, especially if you have small children.

With the color options, this table will match any patio furniture set. It comes in white, mahogany, dark forest green, sand, slate grey, teak, and black. 


All Backyard Fun Oriflamme Fire Pit Table Gas Fire Pit 38″ Tuscan


The dark base and oatmeal colored top give this its Tuscan quality, like the stucco and pale stone houses in Tuscany, with their dark stone accents.

This design can offset a dark or lighter colored patio furniture grouping, with your choice of patio cushions for your personal flare and enjoyment. 

It’s beautiful features are:

  • A coffee table height at 20″
  • 75,000 BTUs of cozy heat!
  • Includes a beautiful metal lid.
  • The 20 lb EXCHANGEABLE propane tank is concealed within the base (purchased separately)
  • The powder-coated base, metal lid and burner ring is weather and especially moisture resistant – will look good for years
  • The quartz-contrete overlay composition is designed for all weather durability

AKOYA Outdoor Essentials 60″ Rectangular Modern Concrete Fire Pit Table w/Glass Guard and Crystals in Gray (Emerald Green)


This pale concrete colored table will match any shade of patio furniture and your colorful accessories.

Choose your color of glass fire pit gems!

This 60″ sleek rectangular fiber concrete unit comes with:

  • Glass Guard
  • Fire Reflective Crystals – 30 pounds
  • A protective cover
  • Burner lid
  • Burn time of 10 hours (high setting) or 28 hours (low setting)
  • Electronic ignition
  • Lightweight fiber concrete and steel that is tinted to the weather resistant finish color for increased outdoor longevity

Have some help handy to install this unit in your outdoor relaxation space. 


This tank holder can be used as an end table, placed for your design and convenience.

Elizabeth Cast Aluminum Powder Coated Double burner Bar table – Antique Bronze


This bronze patina looks like it would weigh a ton! 40″ high, and seating up to eight, it is a 5 stage powdered finish aluminum. It weighs 200 pounds, with both burners.

It has a 15 year limited warranty on the frame!

The 100% rust proof guarantee makes this one a winner. Look at this beautiful design work!

Elizabeth powdered aluminum cast

If your house and garden has a traditional look, or you want to accent a non-ornamental setting with some class, this is perfect!

Drinks and snacks are an ideal way to lounge around this bar for hours. With warmth from the two burners, you can enjoy conversation well into the night.

In warmer weather, you can spend days and evenings at your beautiful table – no need for the burners!


This set of 6 matching swivel bar stools is sold separately.

Add an end table or two to hold your carafes, candles or solar lanterns:


CLICK HERE to see this beautiful design in dining table height.

Another choice in this beautiful design is a square table with 4 dining chairs and 4 swivel rocking chairs.


You may be thinking this is a favorite of mine, and you’re right! For an outdoor dining room, with the bar top table and a dining set – this is a real extension of your home and creates an elegant entertaining space.

Can you picture that with perhaps a pond or fountain near by? Check out my recommendations for 10 Best Landscaping Ideas For The Backyard – Ponds And Fountains 2019

iPatio Sparta 52 Inch Chat Height Gas Firepit Table with Doors for Outdoor Use


  • The Sparta chat height Gas Fire Pit Table Collection is an attractive new presentation of a classic style. The unique top sits upon the durable powder-coated finish.
  • Chat height table naturally draws your family and  guests to gather around the fire and relax with food and drinks.
  • The frame is heavy cast aluminum with a weather-resistant powder-coated finish which is chip and fade-resistant.
  • Versatility and portability meet beauty and classic styling with the Sparta Collection. Its rich finish, unique style and lattice-patterned design top and standard features are sure to be the perfect fit for any outdoor space.
  • Made from rust-resistant cast aluminum for lightweight mobility and built to withstand the outdoor elements for years to come, has a rich powder coated finish and heats up to 40,000 BTUs.
  • This fire table comes into a functional dining table top (covering the fire) for entertaining.
  • Includes 22 pounds of glass beads
  • Adjustable low/medium/high flame size

Surround this table with candle or solar lanterns, decorated to match the traditional look, and you have an enchanted garden area to increase your use of your yard.

In The Early Planning Stages?

Are you in the early planning stage for an outdoor entertainment area? The following article may give you some help in designing your space, and purchasing the ideal products for your and your family’s use. (Emphases mine).

Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Area for Your House by Shaz Mikenzy

“Nowadays, an outdoor entertainment area such as a deck, gazebo, terrace or patio has become one of the things that many homeowners make sure that they have because of the countless benefits that it offers. An outdoor entertainment area is generally described as an outdoor space or an outdoor extension of the floor area of a house which is intended to be used as an additional living space. Here are some of the benefits that outdoor entertainment spaces offer.

1. They provide an area where you can hang out with your family and friends on both sunny days and not-so-sunny days, as they allow you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors without being subjected to any of the harsh weather elements such as extreme heat and rain.

2. Outdoor entertainment areas can also be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be used as a place where you can: relax after a stressful day at work; entertain friends and family; and have formal and informal dinners. You can also use them for parties and other special events as they outdoor entertainment spaces can usually easily be decorated.

3. If you have young children, you can also set up their swing or slide sets in your patio or gazebo. Your kids would surely enjoy playing with their toys outdoors without you having to worry about them getting burnt by the harmful rays of the sun or being drenched in the rain.

4. You can also use your outdoor entertainment area as a place where you can do your yoga and meditation. You can have it decorated with candles, mats and other yoga equipment and you would have a yoga studio right in your own backyard.

5. They also serve as a wonderful accent to your outdoor area. For instance, if you have a large garden or backyard, having a gazebo or deck could automatically enhance its appearance and ambiance, especially if you would be choosing furniture that would complement or accentuate the existing style of your home.

These are just some of the advantages of having an outdoor entertainment space can offer. It is important, however, that if you are planning to set up one in your home, you would be making sure that you have done your research and shopping around. The reason for this is because of the wide array of choices you have for building an outdoor entertainment space, you might be choosing some which might not be the best for you and your needs. Here are a couple of tips that may be able to help you out.

1. Make sure to conduct your research on which materials would be best for your outdoor living space. There are a lot of material options which are available in the market today and you need to be careful in choosing which ones you would be using. Some of the most advisable pieces to use would be rust-resistant tables and chairs, mildew-resistant cushions and other durable furniture pieces that are not only stylish but are also able to withstand sun, rain and other harsh outdoor elements. Although such pieces would be on the more expensive side, they are good investments that would allow you to enjoy your outdoor entertainment space for many years.

2. You could also consider having your patio or deck screened-in, especially if you have a bug problem to make sure that hanging out in your outdoor living space would be comfortable.

3. If you intend to use your outdoor entertainment area for entertaining people during parties and other gatherings, it would be advisable to set it up near the part of your house where you keep food and beverages. You could also set up a small kitchen or pantry on your deck or patio to make it even easier and more convenient to serve food and drinks during special events when you have guests over. Aside from this, you can also have a restroom built so that your guests would not have to go inside your house anymore to go to the restroom if they need to.

4. Aside from decorating the outdoor entertainment space you have with furnishings that complement your style, you can also consider making your garden or yard more aesthetically pleasing. By planting some fruit trees and flowering plants, you would be able to create shade and a beautiful view for you, your family and your guests to enjoy.

Shaz has written hundreds of articles online for almost 3 years. Not only does this author specialize in Home Improvement, you can also check out his latest website on Storage Cubes Furniture [] which reviews and lists Stackable Storage Cubes [] for great way to make some money without having to do so much, and you are basically being a landlord without having to deal with any pesky complaints about noisy parties and the like.”

Article Source

Please note that the author’s links were un-linked at the publication source.

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10 Best Cheap Landscaping Ideas For The Front Yard 2020

cheap landscaping ideas for the front yard

10 Best Cheap Landscaping Ideas For The Front Yard 2020

Cheap in this article, mostly means very cost efficient in terms of energy expenses.


You capitalize on one of these cheap landscaping ideas for the front yard, with the one time cost, and reap the rewards of the shining sun power.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Most Beautiful Top Selling Home Garden Yard Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountain- Relaxing Soothing Two Level Tiered Design With Mini-Waterfalls- Oiled Bronze Finish Elegant Design


One “cheap” aspect of this choice is the solar pump. You’re utility bill won’t go up while this unit enhances the visual and the soundscape of your front yard.


Power gets stored in a battery, for your enjoyment after sunset.


The vendor states:

“Customer satisfaction is our top priority so when you told us you were disappointed with solar bird baths and fountains that wouldn’t hold a charge, we went looking for some that did. Unlike other solar fountains that only run when the sun is shining, this new fountain runs with revolutionary On Demand technology to work when you want it to.


The solar panel on this fountain stores energy so you can run it when it’s cloudy or even at night. We’re very excited to be the only ones to offer you this fantastic product, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.”


This shorter 29″ high fountain can fit among a bed of flowers or shrubbery providing a humid and comfortable field for the plants.


The visual and sound effects from fountains create a feeling of well being and relaxation.


The curb appeal of your home is greatly enhanced with the presence of running water.


Reviewers are very happy with this water fountain.

Wonders Shop Outdoor/Indoor Large Size Accent Metal Classic Crane 38″ – 42″ Patina Figurine Statues Bird 2pcs


These birds have a hand painted bronze copper finish.


The metal is powder coated for durability.


“Powder coating is a safe, dry finishing process that uses finely ground particles of pigment and resin to create a protective finish. We choose to powder coat our steel frames because it is low in toxicity and has low flammability.”


Low in toxicity – important in today’s polluted environment, right?


Powder coating contributes to:

  • Durability of the steel
  • Rust resistance for average to humid areas
  • Chip resistant – always a bonus that keeps the material good looking!
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • The product contains no solvents and does not out-gas harmful chemicals


All above information from here.


From: 10 Best Patio Sets With Fire Pit Tables 2019.


Prongs will secure these birds down in the garden.


These are an elegant class act for near your front door or in a tall planted area and will really draw appreciative eyes to your yard.


Talk about curb appeal!

Plow & Hearth Outdoor Weather-Resistant Metal Butterfly Bench for Yard and Garden, Tubular Steel (Yellow)


This beautiful bench gets FIVE stars for easy assembly.


It holds two adults comfortably.


If you have planted a garden to attract butterflies this will be an extra special touch!


This bench would make a wonderful gift. You can add bright patio cushions for vibrancy.


Eye catching and outstanding, this is an artistic addition to your front yard!


The tubular steel is powdered for weather resistance.


This pretty bench also comes in white.


Christopher Knight Home Hardy Outdoor Antique White Finished Cast Stone Planter


  •  This pretty, accent planter can mark a corner, border, or front door nook in front of your home.
  • Any color of flowering or green leafy plant will pop out in this white ceramic pot, the perfect punctuation for your front yard, or driveway top 
  • Cast from the highest quality ceramics, the detailed scroll work reflects plant tendrils
  • Weight is 15 pounds
  • Diameter of base is 26.6″
  • It has drainage holes

A pair of these would “book end” a porch or driveway in the most attractive way with matching flower colors or leafy plants.


Can you picture them on your front way?

Bits and Pieces – Magnificent Jupiter Two-Way Giant 22 Inch Diameter Wind Spinnner – Multicolor Kinetic Garden Windspinner – Decorative Lawn Ornament Wind Mill – Unique Outdoor Lawn and Garden Décor


This tall 67″ decorative spinner moves in two directions.


The metal is weather resistant.


Here is a wonderfully detailed review about its unusual use:

This spinner is beautiful. I was shocked at the size. Purchased to ward of wild turkeys from pecking on my windows and eating my garden. The globe part is really big so the poles are tall and beefy. Support stand is solid. Mine arrive well packed but the spinner was packed bent. I had to carefully correct it. The welds do not look solid. Screws are very soft. Easy to assemble. Spins in low breeze but rotation is not very even, which I think that can be fixed with a screw replacement. What I care about is that it scare the wild turkeys away. It does.. the turkeys will come within ten feet and stop. Neighbors really like the look of it. Tip- do not use your foot to push the stand base in the ground. The welds just do not look strong enough. Use a rubber mallet with a piece of wood and make sure to use a level. It will not spin if it’s not level.


Perhaps it would keep deer away from your garden too!


heck the video below to see its action.


TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded, Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches Lights Outdoor Solar Spotlights Landscape Decoration Lighting Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off Security Torch Light for Patio Driveway (4)


These lights will go anywhere – no wiring needed!


The height is 43″. The batteries need 8 hours of charging in the sunlight and then will light up for 12 hours.


These are great safety features for your walk ways and driveway.


The dancing flame action is decorative as well as functional.


They will come on automatically at sundown.


Here is a newer model of this item:


Solar Spot Lights Outdoor 36 LED Landscape Lamps Double Head 1000 Lumens Bright Spotlight Waterproof Flood Lamp with Motion Sensor for Deck Yard Garden Garage Driveway(Daylight White)


Do you need more landscaping – or do you just need to highlight what you’ve already got?

This powerful spotlight will serve for both aesthetic and safety purposes.

This unit has the following features:

  • Can emit up to 1000 lumens of light and illumination distance up to 33 feet
  • Motion Sensor & 4 Working Modes – saving more power to extend lighting time at night
  • Two 2600 mAh Li-ion batteries can store more power than other solar lights
  • Has inserting pole and wall bracket in the box, you can easily insert it into the ground or fix it on the wall
  • Adjustable lamp heads and solar panel of solar path lights can also be rotated 360 degrees to adjust their orientation in different seasons and locations
  • Waterproof & Dual-Head Design
  • Can be converged to one spot of light, or set apart facing an opposite direction to lighting a larger area

Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative – B-right 2 in 1 Solar Wall Sconce, Solar Torch Lights with Flickering Flame, 87 LEDs Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor (2 Pack)


When you were a child, did you ever have a part of the yard that was dark and creepy? And when you played hide and seek at night you knew someone was going to go into that corner.


You had to look and you were creeped out! But you never admitted it… 🙄 


This vintage style solar powered light will enhance the front or back look of almost any style home.


The light has two actions – the yellow flame type of light will change to a stronger white light when the motion sensor is activated. After 30 seconds, it will revert to the flickering flame style.


The 4.9 start ratings come from:

  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Used on fences and sidings
  • Mounted on each side of entrance door for better light
  • Perfect for breezeways or side of house
  • Great around the pool and pool shed
  • Perfect on the outside of pergolas and gazebos
  • Mount on a pole anywhere in your yard’s corners or nooks


Any yard needs lighting for safety issues in urban areas. Why not get a traditional and attractive look that is soft and appealing?


And also comes with a second function that will deter snoopy people looking for a vulnerable home?


These will help you do your best to keep your property safe!

Outdoor Bronze-Colored Solar LED Garden Wind Spinner


This spinner moves on its vertical axis, catching the wind with bronze discs.


The light will come on automatically when it gets dark.


Assembly and movement requires not tightening the screws to a very tight degree.


It is 49″ high and will capture the wind in your garden’s taller plant areas. Customers rate it as sturdy and will hold up in 25 mph winds, and more.


It is also considered easy to put together. Two buyers stated it would not move. I wonder if they read through the advice not to over-tighten the screws.


This lovely sculpture will liven up any part of your front landscape. Movement is always attractive. What’s even better, it will be seen at night too!

Flyhoom Garden Solar Lights Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting – Waterproof Moon Crackle Glass Globe Stake Lights for Patio Lawn Backyard Pathway Decoration(Warm White)




Do you have an Inner Astrologer? A fascination for the moon and stars-capes?


This beautiful 31.5 ” are only 1.1 pounds. One buyer takes hers camping for an evening light.


You can line your walkway, your curb side entrance, or your front porch areas with a few of these for a great style or statement about yourself.


Practical, whimsical, and well crafted these bronze pieces are weather resistant.


They can stand in your flower pots and planters and show off your frontal landscape day and night.


They are also beautiful at your pool side or near your gazebos or canopies.


Are you just starting out tossing around front yard design ideas?


Below are two articles  that may give you information and ideas. 

Illuminate Your Pathway With Solar Lights by Stewart Lewis

“Many homes these days have amazing driveways and pathways leading to their doorstep. How beautiful it is to see these lined up with solar lights at night. This is a great way to keep especially dark areas well lit in order for people to see their step and enjoy the view. Solar lights will not let you down when it comes to being decorative and offering light. If you get creative enough many people will begin to complement your lighting and before you know it all your neighbors will be getting them one by one. I can name a few good reasons why every home should have this kind of amazing lighting system, they are energy efficient, they give you free light, and they are stunning.

They are energy efficient, meaning that solar lights don’t need electricity in order to work. When you buy them all you need to do is mount them onto the wall or the ground very simply and watch them work. You will not have to deal with any kind of wiring at all. These lights work on long life NiCad batteries which store energy from the sunlight and release its energy at night. You just need to see to it that they are getting the right amount of daytime light. If any kind of object blocks the sunlight from reaching to one of them then that specific light will not turn on at night. So it’s good to make sure that you don’t park your car next to or on top of them.

So if you aren’t consuming electricity then this means you are contributing in saving the planet. If you are wondering how, well we all know that fuel has to be burned to make electricity and therefore causing carbon pollution in the air. So when you switch to solar you reduce this effect. You are using the sun to power your solar lights, and this is completely natural, harmless and free.

If you know how to shop you can find many beautiful decorative solar lights. Some might look English style and there are even some that look likes an artificial rock. If you have rocks with light coming out of them, just imagine how illuminating that would look. If you don’t like the artificial rocks then you can try artificial bricks. Some people place them in between their own real bricks in an organized style which also can look very beautiful.

It will pay off to get solar lights so don’t worry if you are investing a lot of money on them. They not only beautify your home but they also offer you light. Solar lights give you light that is totally free so you never have to worry about how long they have been on. For your home and garden this might be one of the best investments you can make. Who wouldn’t want to have free lighting even if the product itself is a little expensive?

Try using a solar christmas light [] and any other decorative solar lights [] for your yard or driveway.”

Article Source

Save Energy With Solar Powered Garden Lights by Robert Van Tongeren 

“Garden lights make your garden more visually appealing by drawing attention to the best parts. They set up different tones by using different styles of lights. Solar powered lights help to enhance the garden visually by using illumination.

Solar energy is used to convert into electrical energy and the light is automatically charged by its internal battery. At night, the photoresistor turns on the light from night till the next morning. With this, light bulbs take up less energy and eventually last longer than conventional light bulbs, which contain a lot of poisonous chemicals that could harm our environment. These conventional light bulbs also use filaments that may easily break unlike solar garden lights that use semiconductor diodes that last long and requires less changing and stocking of light bulbs.

Solar garden lights make it easy and safe to install, and they prevent a lot of hassle and mishap for homeowners. They may be expensive due to their raw material, by which I mean the silicon crystals that make up the solar cells. But, solar lights use up less energy and last longer. Flicking of light is avoided with the help of a daylight sensor that turns on at night and turns off during the day.

Help improve your garden by installing these solar powered lights, which are perfect to be placed around shrubs, trees, patios, walkways and pools. You’ll be able to choose from a wide array of shades, shapes and sizes. Enhance the beauty of every single part of your garden and be creative in your design. The nice ambiance and different atmosphere will be the center of attention for people gathered at your home.

Indeed, solar lights are the best to transform your garden. A lot of time and money is saved as well as the environment. Top quality gardens are created with the use of these solar powered lights.

Want to know more about these environmentally friendly garden lights? Check out the post I made about solar garden lights [] on my blog about home interior decorating [].”

Article Source

Note: the above articles have been un-linked at the source.

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10 Best Outdoor Cooling Fans Decks Need 2021

Outdoor-Cooling-Fans-Decks-Need: outdoor deck

10 Best Outdoor Cooling Fans Decks Need 2021

Photo by Peter Li on Unsplash

Outdoor cooling fans decks utilize are one of the best ways to expand your enjoyment of a back yard deck, pergola or canopy. Outdoor cooling fans can be installed on a wall, on the ceiling, or you may choose a portable fan.


You can stay cooler, and get more use from your beautiful outdoor areas.


Portable units are a comfortable complement to deck and pools areas.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


The ceiling fans are a perfect addition to covered decks that otherwise would be too hot enjoy.


Some of the larger fans are a bit noisy in a confined area, but are a boon to large outdoor dining and party areas


Read on, about the 10 best outdoor cooling fans decks need.


Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Outdoor Misting Fan Kit – 18″ Fan with 1500 PSI Misting Pump – High Pressure Misting System – Residential, Restaurant and Industrial Misting (5 Fans)


  • Base Fan Mist Kit Includes: 5 – 18” High velocity 3 Speed Fan with 4 Nozzle Stainless Steel Ring 1- 1500PSI High Pressure Pump with Solenoid, Pressure Switch and Filtration 5- 25ft Roll of Flexible HP Tubing 1/4” 20- Ultrafine, Anti-drip Brass/Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles – Stainless Steel Mounting Clamps and All necessary fittings for easy DIY installation.
  • PUMP Features: – Quiet operation; – Built in Solenoid Valve; – Built in low water cut off switch; – Commercial Filtration; – UL Rated for Outdoor Use; – Durable Steel Enclosure; – Max Pump Pressure1500Psi;
  • – Supports up to 8 Fans FAN Features: – UL 507 certified for outdoor use – High Velocity (Air throw up to 20 feet) – Corrosion resistant finish – 9ft pre-wired 3-prong plug for 120VAC – 6400 CFM, 1/10HP,
  • 1.4 Amps – Quiet operation – Totally enclosed, maintenance free high performance motor with thermal overload protection – Stainless Steel 4 Nozzle Mist Ring, all kits come with Black color tubing (we also offer White and Grey Color Tubing) contact us if you wish to get a different color tubing.
  • Available options include wireless remote control and cyclic timer
  • Stainless Steel Mist Ring and fittings on each fan are rated for 2000PSI and will complement the looks of any outdoor space. All kits are expandable and can be customized to your yard/deck needs.

    18″ Cool Caddie self contained Portable High Pressure Misting Fan Pump/Fan with timed Mist Cycles, 1000 psi, Beige, 5 Nozzles, 110V, 15 Amp


There are no fancy accolades for this 130 pound, sturdy, powerful portable fan, except “works as advertised”.


But that’s the best comment, I think. Some people who review a product just aren’t up for the essay, 🙂 .


The portable factor makes this choice useful for:

  • Camping
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Backyard parties (take to a friend’s!)
  • Tailgate events
  • Sporting events/practice
  • Swap meet booths


Because when it’s hotter than hot, you don’t want to cancel those well-planned and super fun, or money making events, do you?


You can be prepared for anything all summer with this amazing and efficient portable fan mister. It’s heavy tires support its movement well.

MistAmerica MiniCool Outdoor Patio Mist Cooling System-Outdoor Fan Black


One buyer verifies that this fan does indeed cool your patio down 20 degrees. That’s pretty awesome.


You will need a little help installing this fan, depending on your DIY skills.


It reportedly mists well, and doesn’t soak your patio furniture. From that comment, I suppose some of the misters do?

Matthews DGLK-BN-MTL, Dagny Brushed Nickel Dual 39″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light & Remote


There are options for the downrod length, and the angle of each fan. This would be altered manually.


A remote changes three speeds, and is a light dimmer.


Two halogen bulbs are included.


The two fans rotate around the light fixture.

Cool-Off 12 Gallon Island Breeze Oscillating Misting Fan – 26-Inches


This misting fan with a 12 hour run time has sturdy wheels and a break for safety. Roll it wherever you want it and secure it in place.


This oscillating fan is weather-proof and rust resistant.


The copper motor does not buzz or click. You can nap on your deck, in your pergola and under your canopy without being disturbed.


Great for families with new babies and toddlers, or elderly family members.


This fan can also be used in greenhouses and garden areas with plants that need high humidity.


Reviewers cite easy assembly, great for outdoor dinner parties especially in uncovered patio areas.

Modern Forms FR-W1818-56L-OB/DW Nautilus 56″ Four Blade Indoor/Outdoor Smart Fan with 6-Speed DC Motor and LED Light, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Works with Nest, Ecobee, Google Home and IOS/Android App


Free Amazon tech support is included with this purchase.

Use your smart phone to control this sleek modern unit.

Luma Comfort MF24B 24inch Commercial Misting Fan


You will find the following features in this fan:

  • This misting fan will cool up to 800 square feet.
  • The water tank lasts for four hours before it needs refilling.
  • Oscillating fan head
  • Anti-corrosive metal material
  • Commercial grade construction but with a residential design
  • Powerful but quiet motor
  • Great for working in the garden on hot summer days
  • Will help keep the bugs away


Customers advise have a full tool kit ready for the assembly. You will be threading the water tube through a small space.

60″ Triaire Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Dimmable LED Oil Rubbed Bronze Walnut Damp Rated for Patio Porch – Casa Vieja


This fan has a blade pitch of 13 degrees and spans 60″.


The walnut finished blades are described by customers as “gorgeous” and “beautiful”.


The quiet and air output gives a five star rating result.

HydroMist F10-14-006 24″ Shrouded Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan, 3 Speed On Cord, 0.27 HP, 1.9 Amps, Black


This fan comes with the needed wall mount and brackets.


It is nickel plated for durability.


A smaller 18″ version is available.


Choose speed selection on cord, or on motor.


This fan runs smoothly and quietly.


A misting ring can be added.

CoolZone by Sunheat CZ500 Misting Fan Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan in White with Bluetooth Technology


This fan has a mosquito repellent function. It comes with two packs which run about 12 hours. Replacements are $1.00 each. 


It is quiet. The mist comes from the center of the fan and is very fine. (You can sit close, and not get wet.)


It comes with a remote.


On four wheels, it is sturdy.

An In-Depth Understanding of Outdoor Ceiling Fans by Andrew Strong (emphases mine)

“All ceiling fans are not of the same type since they are all manufactured differently. U should do a thorough study of different aspects of an outdoor fan before choosing a unit. Also, an in-depth analysis of certain aspects such as efficiency, durability, noise, finish, lifespan and warranty helps to gain better knowledge about outdoor fans.

The performance of outdoor ceiling fans will depend upon its energy consumption. It also depends upon the amount or volume of air which the fan circulates. Motors with high voltage requirements utilize very high energy. As a result, it gives out a huge volume of air, so we consider it as being efficient.

The blades of a fan play a major role in the air movement. Avoid selecting the fans just based on their attractiveness because they may not be as efficient. If you want a fan which provides cool air, then you’ll need to look carefully at the pitch of the fan blades. Remember that outdoor fans with greater pitch would always give more air movement.

Besides that, blades with a greater pitch support the motor and give cooler breeze. To reduce the cost, some manufactures cut down the corners of the blade material while others use very thin blades. As a result, the air movement gets decreased. Remember to analyze these features before spending money on outdoor fans.

Quality fans are almost silent. The loud noise of other fans is caused due to the inappropriate fitting of the metal in the motor blades of the fan. Some manufacturers use cheaper ball bearings in order to reduce the cost. The usage of such fans also results in noise pollution.

Moreover, weakly designed and manufactured fans give out the humming noise when the fan is spinning. Damping between metal parts of the fan can cause this noise too. Apart from that, thin metal sheet motors, and cheap parts on the mount system also result in the annoying noise. Therefore, when buying outdoor ceiling fans, make sure to check that the fans don’t have such undesirable qualities.

A fan with quality parts should be the first choice if you want to save money on a long run. Some features of these high performing good quality fans are the pull-chains always pull correctly from it’s housing, and the motor size and blade pitch always blend with one another. Buying fans with these features ensures that they last for a long time.

Another major thing to consider before buying a fan is its finishing. Buy the fans with brass and bronze finishes. Usually such fans tend to be more expensive. You may think that buying a cheaper fan will save you money, but the truth is, it would only tarnish and become unfit for use very soon

Therefore, it is advisable to buy these fans with brass and bronze finishing, which ensures long lasting durability. In conclusion, by understanding the various aspects of the outdoor ceiling fans, you can make a better judgment in buying one, and eventually enjoy it’s breeze, worry free.

You can get a lot more information about outdoor ceiling fans [] by checking out the author’s blog. You can even read reviews of popular ceiling fans [].”

Article Source


Love history? This is an interesting article by B. Alden Chambers, about the development and use of ceiling fans.


His article concerns indoor fans, yet now we have the convenience of weatherized finishes for outdoor fans, misters, and gazebos, canopies and pergolas(CLICK to view that article) that you can hang a fan in.

Ceiling Fans – Your Key to a Warm Winter or a Cool Summer (emphases mine)

“They come in all shapes and sizes. Some featuring one, two, or maybe even three lights. They are used everywhere, from in residential homes to vast factories and warehouses. I am speaking, of course, about the miracle invention that is the ceiling fan! Now, I’m sure that many of you readers have inhabited rooms that have ceiling fans, but I am willing to bet that of those many people, there are very few who actually know the story behind those fans or how exactly they can work in both summer and winter to provide your room with appropriate climate control.

Dating back, as early as 1870, ceiling fans have always been an effective and inexpensive manner of climate control. Originally, designed to work with a water turbine rather than an electric motor, fans incorporated the use of belts transferring power between the actual fan units that were comprised of two large metal paddles.

It was not until, over a decade later, in 1882, that a man by the name of Philip Diehl, who had previously invented an electric motor to be used in a sewing machine, that he actually later on decide to adapt it and mount it to be used as a ceiling fan unit. This was the world’s very first motorized ceiling fan, a major break through in interior-building cooling technology! This unit was simple to install and got rid of the use of such other vestigial parts such as the mechanical belts and water turbines.

Despite this breakthrough in technology, ceiling fans did not become common household items until around 1920. This sudden peak in popularity was only followed with a sudden drop in the 1930’s. Sales and use of ceilings fans dropped parallel with that of the stock market crash which occurred September the 3rd of 1929.

It was not until the energy crisis of the 1970s to open America’s eyes back up to the energy frugal ceiling fan. Ceiling fans required a fraction of the energy that the massive air conditioning units of that time needed to effectively run, thus making ceiling fans a highly cheap but effective alternative to brave out the sweltering summer conditions as well as spring and early fall in many highly humid zones.

The popularity of ceiling fan usage in America has always been a roller coaster. It is because of this fact, that the spike in popularity seen in the 1970’s could only be met once again by a demise and downfall. This setback was caused by the increase in technology of air conditioning units. A/C units went from being hulking boulders of machines that were usually set beside the house, as opposed to being the compact and inexpensive boxes that could be able to conveniently fit right into the windows of homes and offices, that we know of today. It would seem that the conventional and pragmatic use of ceilings fans had been overshadowed by the bulbous metal tumors that we see sticking out of peoples windows during the triple digit summer days of late July. However, there was still a glimpse of hope for the plastic and metal flower that resides above your bed and in your kitchens.

The modern day ceiling fan has transformed from being an object relied upon by millions to cool down their homes, now to become more of a decoration piece or a work of art, universally advocated by an array of well-established interior decorators. Fans now serve the purpose of adding decor to what would be just plain ceiling lights or in many cases, just an empty space. They can spruce up a dull, boring room instantly and still provide their prime function of climate control. As a college student, fans are invaluable to me. though they are not necessarily ceiling fans, the three fans I keep in my dorm room are about worth their weight in gold. Attending a university that does not provide air conditioning can be beyond grueling in the summer, add to that equation, the stipulation of having three other male students living in the same room and you have what would inevitably a somewhat pungent misery-filled living situation if it not for the utilization of multiple hardware fans.

Fans work in a manner, where they push and move air, rather than change the actual temperature of that air. They function because of the scientific concept known as convection. Convection is simply the idea that as a gas is heated, it will rise and as it cools, will sink. The way the fans work is that each of the paddles on the fan are slanted in such a way that, based on which way the fan is rotating, it will either push air down or pull air up. The manipulation of convection in fans can best be seen in winter use rather than as in winter the warm air will naturally rise as the cold air tends to stay low by law of physics. Setting the fan to pull air up will cause the cold air to be pulled up and force the warm air to fall and that way will keep the people below well heated without forcing any of that warm air back up thus making it lose it’s heat. In the hot summer days the air will naturally rise due to the heat so outdoor fans should be set in order keep pushing the air down, even though the air is hot it will cool as it moves. It will also create that certain breeze of air, we all savor and hope for during those heatwaves brought on by summer droughts.

Though the threat of complete air conditioning take over is continuously looming, fans still continue to provide us with both a solid alternative and supplement for climate control. Over two centuries have passed since the advent of this wonderful contraption and it is still a common object to see in residential areas. They not only provide a certain decor to a room, but as I outlined above, can provide climate help in both the dead cold of winter and the torturous heat of summer days. Even to this day we see many innovations and improvements to fans such as smaller, more efficient motors and the use of variable speed controls. It is because of these constant changes in technology that we can be rest assured fans will continue to be a common part of the average american home.

B. Alden Chambers

Home Improvement and Climate Control Enthusiast”

Article Source

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10 Best Outdoor Storage Benches For Seating Comfort 2020

10 Best Landscaping Ideas For The Backyard – Ponds And Fountains 2020

10 best landscaping ideas for the back yard

10 Best Landscaping Ideas For The Backyard – Ponds And Fountains 2020

Photo by Hilary Halliwell from Pexels

I hope you have fun choosing from the 10 best Landscaping ideas for the back yard and these beautiful ponds and fountains.


It is recommended that these fountains be brought in (if possible) or covered during winter months.


At all times, the pumps must be submerged.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


Yet this minor maintenance requirement is well worth the result of having moving water with the calming sounds in your garden, atrium or on your patio.


I had a fountain in the courtyard where I lived when my baby was born. We spent many hours there while he slept, and I caught up on reading or caught a little nap myself. The sound of water falling was exactly what we needed.


In a back yard, or on your front yard area, these fountains will transform your property as only running water can. With or without a pond, perhaps with a waterfall, there are many options for your garden and patio designs. 


Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


At the bottom of this page are two articles about the beauty and health benefits of water fountains, for your enjoyment. 

Aquascape Complete Waterfall Kit with 26 Feet Stream | Large | AquaSurgePRO 4000-8000 Pump


This kit comes complete with everything your property requires to incorporate the vision and sound of cascading water into your yard or landscape

  • All necessary components are provided in a convenient, all-in-one kit that takes the guesswork out of purchasing individual components
  • Includes the Aquacape innovative Automatic Water Treatment System, reducing maintenance and allowing you more time to enjoy your water feature
  • Features the innovative AquaSurgePRO 4000-8000 allowing you to control the water feature wirelessly along with a complete LED Lighting Package for night-time enjoyment
  • Aquascape is passionate about the products we produce, providing unique products, designs, and features that stand above the competition


Here is a video discussing the design of a waterfall made with an earlier version of this brand kit:


Half Off Ponds’ XLS0 – 30 ft x 30 ft Extra Large Savio Pond Kit w/ 6,100 GPH Pump, Savio 22 Inch Livingponds Waterfall, & Skimmer w/ 16 Inch Faceplate


This kit assembly earns a 5 star rating!


The pond liner is 30′ x 30′, giving you plenty with which to shape and to shape and line your pond.


Enhancing your property with a pond is a rich, rewarding experience. It certainly increases the value of your real estate.


Savio makes it simplest for you. This company strives to help you create a gorgeous pond requiring minimal maintenance.


The Savio brand is renowned in the pond industry for quality and strength.


Savio Signature kits are perfect for your first pond build or for expanding existing ponds.


These are ideal for homeowners creating an impressive water garden, fish pond or water feature. Get more for your money and remove the guesswork of individually selecting components.


Only Savio products harness the natural dynamics of moving water to keep your pond clean, clear, and healthy. Build your pond right, build your pond with Savio architectural-grade-engineered equipment.

Here is a suggestion a buyer offered about this installation:
what size is the tubing that i will need beside the one it comes with?
I believe all the extra tubing we got was 1-1/4″. I would also suggest adding an additional 6″-8″ piece of pipe inside the waterfall weir input. The elbow is just not long enough, and creates a “sucking” sound without the extension.
By The Austin Family on January 20, 2017″

Savio EPDM Pond Kit w/ 10′ x 15′ LifeGuard Pond Liner, 3,000 GPH Pump, Savio LivingPonds 16″ Filtering Waterfall, & Compact Skimmerfilter w/ 8.5″ Weir Assembly – SA4


With a smaller 10′ x 15′ pond liner, the rest of the components in this kit are scaled to match the dimensions you chosen in this range.


From the review section:


Some people like Savio better because they feel that Savio products are constructed better. Savio skimmers are easier to maintain and add UV filtration too.”


One buyer noted: “ you will need to buy a 1 1/2″ threaded coupling and 2 – 2″ metal coupling clamps to connect the pump piping to the waterfall filter“. Another customer mentioned this too.


The average rating is 4.6 stars!

Sunnydaze 4-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain with Fruit Top – Large Outside Floor Waterfall Fountain Feature for Garden, Backyard, Patio, Porch, or Yard – White, 52 Inch Tall


This traditional looking fountain gets the best rating of its type, from happy purchasers.


The sound is enjoyed. It does splash out a little but on a large patio, or on grass, this does no harm.


1 YEAR WARRANTY: Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for worry-free purchasing


This unit is easy to assemble and is quite light.


Don’t be surprised if small birds drop in for a bath.


Here is an installation video to help you get your fountain up fast!


Alpine Corporation 4-Tier Modern Industrial Metal Fountain – Indoor/Outdoor Waterfall for Garden, Patio, Deck, Porch – Yard and Home Art Decor


A sleek modern look enhances any garden that sets off a current design home with rectangular lines.

  • MODERN FOUNTAIN: Industrial fountain is the perfect addition to your decor. Interior pump keeps the water flowing – just plug it in!
  • RELAXING WATER FLOW: Water trickles down to mimic the sounds of a real waterfall, adding peaceful ambiance to your home or yard
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Sleek stone look offers a cosmopolitan look that is stylish with any decor
  • DURABLE: Zinc construction is rust and weather-resistant to keep your fountain looking new overtime
  • IDEAL SIZE: Fountain statue measures 20”L x 14”W x 43″H, the perfect size for your home or yard

Sunnydaze Stacked Slate Outdoor Water Fountain – Large Freestanding Outside Floor Waterfall Fountain Feature for Garden, Backyard, Patio, Porch, or Yard – 49 Inch Tall


This lovely modern style fountain enhances small spaces as well as bigger yards. Perfect for a small office atrium, a home screened-in porch or outdoor patio, buyers are very pleased with its tranquility inducing water sounds.

Sunnydaze Staggered Pottery Bowls Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Lights, Garden & Yard Cascading Tiered Waterfall Feature, 34-Inch Tall


The LED lights shining up onto to this fountain are a special touch for your evenings outside in your garden or patio area.


The pump has an adjustable flow rate so you can make it suitable for any area on your property. 


This is a perfect fountain for you to sit near while enjoying your favorite wine, herbal tea and relaxing conversation! 

Sunnydaze Buddha Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Light, Patio and Garden Statue Feature, 36-Inch Tall


  • The durable fiberglass construction results in a lightweight product that is easy to maintain
  • Submersible electric pump recirculates water through the fountain with a calming sound
  • The LED light illuminates your space and is a soft addition to your outdoor lights
  • The traditional Buddha design brings a meditational inspiration to your outdoor space
  • The 36 inch height creates a focal point in any garden, yard, or on the patio

The Cair Paravel – 32″ Floor/Wall Fountain w/LED Lights: Indoor/Outdoor Water Feature Perfect for Patios, Welcome Areas, Porches, Decks, Gardens


The vendor states:

“Harmony Fountains’ designs are based in elements of nature with realistic polystone that reflect environments from forested timberland, low grasslands, deserts, to high alpine peaks. 

Harmony Fountains endeavors to provide you with prime quality home, yard, and garden decor. We stand behind our brand and the quality of the items we sell with a money back guarantee. We will send new parts, or, as outlined in out product warranty, a replacement/refund if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your fountain.”


At a slightly smaller height than the fountains aforementioned, 32 “, this appealing unit may enhance your front door area easily, if that is what you’re looking for.


It will also decorate any other area you have chosen to bring the sound of running water into your environment.


The pump is adjustable to get the flow you prefer.

Sunnydaze Shower Outdoor Water Fountain with Light & Planter, Garden & Yard Rain Waterfall Feature, 31-Inch


This fountain has the added touch of a planter built in for you to add a fern or other leafy plant that likes being near water. 


Perfect for a front porch or smaller back yard area, it brings the mood enhancing quality of water in motion for you to enjoy every day!


One cannot underestimate the power of water to improve our experience of our private spaces, helping us leave behind our stresses and worries.

Handy Accessories For Your Fountain

Sunnydaze Khaki Outdoor Water Fountain Cover, 80 Inch Diameter, 80 Inch Tall


Covermates – Fountain Cover – 52DIAMETER x 68H – Classic Collection – 2 YR Warranty – Year Around Protection – Green


Sunnydaze Khaki Outdoor Water Fountain Cover, 56 Inch Diameter, 68 Inch Tall



Are There benefits To Using Water Fountains? by Belinda Nelson

“Water fountains have been used as a symbol of wealth and prosperity since ancient Rome. For hundreds of years people have used water fountains as landmarks and gathering places. Indoor water fountains add humidity to the dry air and the sound of running water creates a sense of well being and calm. Outdoor water fountains have been and still are the focal point of some very famous gardens. Indoor or outdoor water fountains can be beautiful to look at, but did you know they also have health benefits? 
Indoor water fountains act as an air purifier and humidifier. Moving water produces negative ions that are released into the air. These negative ions bond with dust and smoke pulling them out of the air onto the ground. Scientists have studied the effects of negative ions on the brain and have determined they increase our state of alertness and well being. Moving water is also an important element of feng shui.     

The sound of running water produced by your indoor water fountain is known to promote relaxation. Many people buy a relaxation tape or CD that is filled with white noises and one of those sounds is running water. These sounds or white noises block background noises to promote relaxation and help with sleep problems. 
A large outdoor garden water fountain will provide hydration for birds can be elegant or whimsical and makes a stunning focal point in your home garden. Although your water fountain will not produce the millions of negative ions found around large areas of water like the ocean it will make you feel rejuvenated and energized.  
Water fountains have many benefits and adding beauty to your home garden is one of them they also provide a source of water for birds and they offer several health benefits.  Get your water fountain running and start enjoying the many benefits. 
Celebrate Everyday, 
Belinda Nelson

Always Free Shipping on Quality Lawn and Garden Decor at:


Article Source

Can Decorating With Water Fountains Make Me Healthy? by Donna L. Turner

“Water fountains have many different benefits for people both physically and mentally. Installing one in your home or yard can provide you with a serene and peaceful place to relax and may also have a direct impact upon your health. The health benefits of water fountains are numerous – from lowering blood pressure to reducing stress to rest and relaxation to mood enhancing benefits and more. Keeping yourself as healthy as possible is very important, so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. A water fountain can help you to create a living space that can help to keep you feeling young and healthy, in conjunction with diet and regular exercise. Therefore, you may ask, how can a water fountain benefit my health?

Mood Enhancement

First consider this. Where was your first home? Your first home was in a fluid-filled sac within your mother. You spent approximately nine months in this area, evolving, breathing, drinking, playing, and living in the fluid. Is it any wonder that water still has the capacity to soothe us even as adults? Sometimes simply a hot bath or shower rejuvenates us. Or if you have a more substantial budget, a steam room at a spa, or a sauna or jacuzzi may be your idea of water relaxation. Usually just the sound of gurgling and moving water can instantly relax most people and take them to a place of better concentration and peace, as well as speed up the healing process.

Fountains also increase the amount of negative ions in a room naturally. This increase helps to enhance moods in both humans and animals. This is why you have such a good feeling when you breathe in air after a summer rain. By adding an indoor decorative water fountain to your home, you can try to create this feeling every day, no matter what the weather is like outside, so that you and your family will feel more positive and be more emotionally stable.

Respiratory Benefits

Health benefits of fountains can also include respiratory benefits. Studies have found that the circulating water that is part of an indoor water fountain can clean the air even better than some air purifiers. The water naturally removes dust from the air and also helps to neutralize viruses and bacteria as well. This can be very helpful for homes that have allergy or asthma sufferers, helping to decrease the severity of these symptoms caused by dust and other pollutants in the air.

Another respiratory health benefit of water fountains is that fountains add humidity to the air. This is great for people who live in drier climates, because this humidity can help to keep their breathing more comfortable. Dry air can be a significant problem for those with respiratory problems and an indoor water fountain can help to add just enough humidity to the air to aid in breathing.

No matter what size of room or area that you have, you can find a water fountain that will work for the area. From small desktop water fountains to larger wall mounted water fountains, to free standing floor water fountains, these beautiful water fountains can provide significant health and mood enhancing benefits for you and your family. Don’t underestimate the health benefits of fountains. This simple piece of living art can give you a healthier mind and body and a beautiful and relaxing place to hang out with family and friends.

Donna Turner is owner of, a website dedicated to offering the greatest selection of water fountains online, as well as useful, interesting information related to these beautiful water features. From beautiful self-contained Desktop Water Fountains [] to the more glorious Wall Mounted Water Fountains [], these wondrous water features bring beauty and serenity to any indoor living space no matter what size. Discover for yourself the natural power and wonderment of water fountains as they are becoming increasingly more popular accents used as indoor home decor and surprisingly enough provide a healthy environment.”

Article Source:

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10 Best Large Metal Wall Art and Yard Decor 2020


10 Best Large Metal Wall Art and Yard Decor 2020

large metal wall art

10 Best Large Metal Wall Art and Yard Decor 2020

Design Toscano is a premier source specializing in historical reproductions. Not only do the designers travel to the source of the art pieces to acquire the knowledge of style and detail, but the customer service is also exacting in its response to buyers and their needs.


Over 90% of art works presented is exclusively offered by the Design Toscano brand.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


Specialty home and garden décor isn’t easy to come by if you’re not a modern patron of the arts acquiring your own unique works.


Yet why shouldn’t you enjoy reproduction furniture and accessories,  statuary, and one-of-a-kind home and garden inspiration?


Five of the following 10 best large metal yard decorative works are from Design Toscano.


Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Dеsign Tоscаnо Outdoor Garden Backyard Décor Colossal Cranes Bronze Garden Statue Set


These are traditionally cast in bronze from wax models.


They come piped for use as a backyard fountain.


These bronze bird statues, remind us of the European tradition of grand-scale garden art, found in castle and villa gardens.


Did you know that if you see a crane flying overhead you have seven years of good luck? I was able to point that out to a friend on her wedding day as a pair flew over us at her brother’s fowl farm, where a real big Greek wedding was to take place later in the day.


These pieces perfectly illustrate the form and grace of the elegant crane.


Cast and crafted one piece at a time in the traditional lost wax method (see the contributed article below) which guarantees lasting beauty, this pair of cranes boast a hand-applied emerald Verde patina.


These Design Toscano heirloom-quality bronze garden statues are a statement that your home is not just a shelter but is a nurturing of your own artistic spirit, which few of us can express for ourselves.


But we can admire it and raise our hopes and dreams with its companionship.


Designed to optionally cascade flowing water from both cranes’ mouths into your pond or fountain, you can add yet another dimension to your garden environment.


Add the optional 1,650 GPH pond pump kit for each bird to create the calming  water music in your garden.


Make a fanciful addition to your favorite pond, pool or fountain! These mega-scaled, magnificent cranes are an ultimate statement in bronze.


Accommodates Toscano Pump Kit DR-1650, sold separately. Each Crane requires its own pump.


Set Includes: Bronze Crane Curved Neck: 24″Wx30″Dx93″H. 64 lbs. Bronze Crane Straight Neck: 24″Wx30″Dx113″H. 64 lbs.

Design Toscano Mucha’s Maiden of The Arts Garden Statue, Cast Bronze


Traditionally cast, and hand finished, this sculpture adds the winding flow of the maiden’s dress to the poetry of your garden environment. In La Belle Epoch sensual design, it will provoke your imagination and motivate your own aspirations, as art is meant to do.


If you like the Art Nouveau style of art, you may enjoy this article about Alphonse Mucha.

“Mucha Artwork by Tom Gurney

Mucha artwork is a topic regularly searched for through Google Image Search with thousands of art fans around the world passionately discovering more and more on the work of famous Czech artist Alphonse Mucha, with this article covering Mucha artwork in great detail. Those normally searching specifically for this topic often have less knowledge of precise details of the career of Mucha but are perhaps already sold on the qualities of his illustrative skills and the stylish portraits that would always dominate his prints right throughout his career. It is easy to develop a view on Mucha’s career as a whole because of the consistency in style that he adopted throughout after finding his preferred method at a relatively young age and sticking with it for the majority of his output.

Those looking for Mucha artwork as a study topic will quickly realise that illustrative art prints was his method of production and most followed the same proportions and layout. His topics covered seasons and times of the day for example, as he sought to produce series of works that together covered something completely. This is similar to Claude Monet who himself created the respected series of Haystacks paintings which displayed the changes in light and colour over times of the day and in different seasons.

In conclusion, those interested in Mucha artwork will be drawn to his original illustrations and portraits which are his characteristic style that remains consistent throughout. The feminine look to his charming prints was relatively unusual at the time and this helped him to build a large fanbase who immediately took to his style and always looked forward to his future works, confident they would follow a similar artistic direction.

Discover the best Mucha artwork [] at”

Article Source

Outdoor Garden Backyard Décor Patio Premium Meditating Buddha Statue, 20 Inch, Real Cast Bronze


This statue is  inspiring of calmness in and of itself. If you have a penchant for meditation or contemplation, or just love to  sit beside an artistic image while you read a book, you’ll love this!


I bet you have already worked hard (or had someone work hard) on your  personal home environment.


So why not add an  art work of traditional casting, one that will sit in your space for generations?


With serene pose and timeless beauty, the Meditating Buddha exudes peace and surrender that will meld seamlessly with your most beautiful garden setting. Our impressive, 360-degree, over-foot-and-a-half-tall bronze Buddha statue is expertly finished with a hand-applied, classic sepia bronze patina to bring out the amazing detail.


Cast and crafted one piece at a time in the traditional lost wax method, which highlights the detail of the sculpt and guarantees lasting beauty. Sure to be a garden focal point, this Design Toscano, heirloom-quality bronze meditation statue conveys that you take the exterior of your home as seriously as the interior.


14″Wx13″Dx20″H. 27 lbs.

Design Toscano SU1029 Asian Dancing Koi Fish Piped Statue Fountain Pond Water Feature, Giant, 22 Inch, Green Verdigris


  • This giant Asian style  dancing fish appears to jump and dance in the water, the fluidity of motion has been captured from the delicate folds of its flapping fins to the eye-pleasing detail of every scale
  • Fountain Focal Point – Inspired by the classic bronze statuary that graces elegant European fountains, this heirloom-quality bronze fish statue adds rich beauty to your home’s garden or yard
  • Each statue is hand-cast in the traditional lost wax method
  • The sculpture is then topped with a hand-applied emerald verde bronze patina
  • This is one of the pieces that is exclusive to the Design Toscano brand
  • A wonderful addition to a garden, oyou may choose to add an optional pump (sold separately) to cascade water into your pond, pool or fountain
  • The fish statue is piped to spit water, measures 17″Wx20″Dx22.5″H and weighs approx. 44 lbs.

SPI Home 31291 Medium Garden Crane Pair Sculpture Brass


These two brass cranes weigh 43 pounds, and will stand on any flat surface and withstand normal winds.


Perfect for your deck, path or pool side, they will add elegance and style to your garden.

Design Toscano Gargoyle of Naples Bronze Garden Statue


Many people don’t know the history of gargoyles, which are on most Christian churches in Europe and the Americas too. 


You may enjoy the following article: 


“The Symbolism Of Gargoyle Statues by Angie Wood

Gargoyle statues are a popular choice for our homes and gardens today. Our fascination with these grotesque creatures is, it seems, just as prevalent now as it was in Medieval times.

Neo-gothic artists take their inspiration from 15th century flamboyant Gothic designs, creating modern day gargoyle statues in “cathedral style”. Gargoyle statues allow the artist a great deal of freedom in style and expression and incorporate a range of styles from the monstrous and grotesque to the amusing or whimsical.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux, living in 12th-century France, made this now famous complaint of the gargoyle carvings he saw around him:

“What are these fantastic monsters doing in the cloisters under the very eyes of the brothers as they read? What is the meaning of these unclean monkeys, strange savage lions and monsters? To what purpose are here placed these creatures, half beast, half man? I see several bodies with one head and several heads with one body. Here is a quadruped with a serpent’s head, there a fish with a quadruped’s head, then again an animal half horse, half goat… Surely if we do not blush for such absurdities we should at least regret what we have spent on them.”

While no ancient texts exist that explain the meaning of these strange creatures, we do know that artisans as far back as the Bronze Age used grotesque forms including gorgons, griffins and sphinxes to avert the powers of evil. Perhaps medieval man felt he could ward off evil forces by presenting an equally powerful array of evil strength.

Some believe that grotesque gargoyles were intended to be guardians of the church, magic signs to ward of the devil. Amalgamations of animals, humans and mythical creatures have long being used by artists to create frightening images. The devil was said to be always watching, much as gargoyles were always looking down on passersby. Everywhere one looked these silent observers were patiently watching.

The fact that these grotesque creatures were permitted on the medieval church, otherwise embellished with beautiful artwork, could be explained by the notion that the devil is actually on God’s side, doing God’s work when he punishes the wicked. Many gargoyles are demon like and appear to have alighted on the ledges of the church, frozen in flight but ready to swoop down on the unsuspecting at any time.

A popular belief is that grotesque gargoyles were used to educate by frightening or shocking a largely illiterate Pagan population into “behaving”. Physical deformities in medieval times were seen as an act of the devil so these gargoyles served as a warning to sinners.

Some believe these monstrous gargoyles represented the souls of humans condemned for their sins. The price for sinning, although they were spared from eternal damnation, would be to be turned to stone. This would correspond with the theory of gargoyles being for education, as they then would have been reminders of what could happen to those who did not obey religious laws.

However, not all gargoyles were intended to frighten, reprimand or threaten. Some appear to have a more profane purpose; to entertain or amuse. Rather than inspiring dread the more comical gargoyles have lively faces and animated poses, conveying a remarkable sense of energy and giving a great deal of character to the buildings on which they are found. However, even these more comical gargoyles could have well conveyed more than just fun for their creators and original viewers, for humorous imagery can often be used to say things that could not be said, and satire has long been used to confront unpleasant, controversial, or frightening issues.

That gargoyles can be interpreted as both good and evil – is served by a description found in the Roman d’Abladane written by a 13th century bishop. It describes how there were two gargoyles on then gateway of Amiens which could evaluate the motivation of each person who came into the city. If one had evil intentions the gargoyles would spit venom on them so horrible it would cover them and they would die. But when the lord of the city came he would be showered with gold from one gargoyle and silver from the other.

Modern day gargoyles come in range of styles, both frightening and entertaining. The one you chose and the symbolism or meaning attached to it, really comes down to your own personal style. Gargoyle statues are believed to offer protection from evil and many people display them near the front door of the house or in a prominent part of the garden.

Gargoyle statues are becoming increasingly more popular in home and garden decor. I am an avid researcher and collector of modern day gargoyles. Visit my blog to learn more about the history and meaning of gargoyles, how to use them effectively in your garden design and where to source unique gargoyle statues as gifts for lovers of the Medieval, the macabre, mystical and fantastic creatures.”

Article Source

Massive Silver Metal Wall Sculpture By Jon Allen


  • This aluminum reflective silver color wall art, Synchronicity, an original design by Jon Allen Metal Art, will complement contemporary, modern, or abstract decor.
  • This multi panel measures 84” x 36” and makes a real impact in a modern environment.
  • Pre-installed brackets “float” the artwork 2-inches off the wall.
  • EASY TO HANG: Included is a handy measuring tool to facilitate installation. The aluminum artwork is lighter than other metal art so hanging it not such a big effort.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA: Designed, created & packaged in our Florida-based Statements2000 studio. This original piece of artwork is signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR DISPLAY: This three dimensional silver metal wall decor can be displayed in your living room or patio. It looks terrific under natural light, and dazzles when displayed under track lighting.

XL 50″ Iron Scroll Wall Medallion – Dark Brown


This classical motif is 50″ in diameter. it can hang indoors or outdoors in a sheltered area.


Weatherizing metal art can be done by spraying a coat of clear urethane over all sides, every year.


This design will enhance your deck wall or fence, or can be inset in a gate. 

Pure Art Blue Desire Metal Wall Art, Giant Scale Decor in Abstract Ocean Design, 9-Panels


  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION; Our lightweight aluminum metal artwork is easy to handle and hang up on your walls;
  • The panels arrive ready to hang with pre-installed brackets for quick mounting the Nine-panels which measures 86 x 32
  • Instruction sheet is included
  • ADDS  a 3D effect under your inside or outdoor lighting bringing the waves to life

Large 38″ Indoor Outdoor Ornate Wall Medallion Art Decor Plaque Patio Garden Metal


This beautiful wall art accents a wall or mantle, or a garden patio wall. 


It will add an element to a simple environment without extreme style or flamboyance.


The handcrafted iron and tole medallion is completed with a hand painted brown finish.


The large size and artistic look give it an impressive but not imposing.


The excellent craft work and the classic design offer detail that you would expect from a high-end luxury boutique.


It comes with one circular mounting hook). Can be used indoors or outdoors in a protected environment.


It will develop a natural patina over time if exposed to the elements. If you need a larger size, please see our other listings for the matching 50″ wall plaque for sale!


“The Lost Wax Casting Of Bronze by Alan Beggerow

The traditional process used to cast bronze, developed and used 4,000 years ago, is called lost wax casting. This method results in highly detailed, quality castings and has changed very little over the centuries. The method was used by craftsmen and artists from every culture from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt up to today.

This process begins with the object that is to be cast. An artist creates a sculpture from clay or wax as these substances remain soft. These sculptures can be very intricate and finely detailed. A mold is then made of the sculpture, usually in two pieces, sometimes more when a sculpture is very large. Plaster is used on small pieces, but fiberglass is also used, especially for larger sculptures. After the molding material has been applied and it has dried thoroughly, the mold is then opened and the original sculpture is removed. Usually the original is destroyed in this process, as the molding material is very rigid. That is why the original sculpture is made of a soft material so that it can be removed from the mold.

After all of the original sculpture has been removed and the mold cleaned, a thin coating of wax is brushed onto the inside of the mold. This is done to capture every intricate detail of the mold. The mold is then put together, and wax is poured in the mold while it is being slowly rotated. After a layer of wax at least three quarters of an inch forms on the inside of the mold, the rest of the wax is dumped out. When the wax has thoroughly hardened, the mold is removed. The wax cast is then worked on by artisans to ensure that it is as perfect as possible.

The wax casts are then dipped into a mixture of plaster and sand. This is repeated many times. Each dipping has to dry thoroughly before the next. With each successive dip, the sand and plaster mixture gets more coarse. This results in a very strong shell being built up over the wax cast. After these shells have hardened, vents and ‘runners’ are added to allow the molten bronze to enter the shell, and for gases and excess metal to escape. The shells are then placed into a kiln and baked at very high temperatures. This heat causes the wax inside of the shell to melt away, leaving an exact image of the sculpture in the shell. This gives the process its name of ‘lost wax casting’. After baking, the shell is now a mold ready for molten bronze.

Once the bronze has been poured and has cooled, the shell is then carefully chipped away, leaving a cast of the original sculpture in bronze. Any flaws are removed, the sculpture can be buffed and left its natural bronze color, or painted. This process is very labor intensive and expensive, but it results in such fine quality castings that it is still used after 4000 years.”

Alan Beggerow is a free lance writer. Visit his writing services website, Ghostwriter, at

Article Source

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10 Best Cheap Landscaping Ideas For The Front Yard 2020

10 Best Outdoor Storage Benches For Seating Comfort 2021

outdoor storage benches for seating

Image by Vone Evans Deporter: Daisy And Spunky

10 Best Outdoor Storage Benches For Seating Comfort 2021


Super size your property’s use with settings around your pool and patio. Choose from the outdoor storage benches for seating comfort – your colors, material and accessories, when you get your selection from the 10 best outdoor storage benches for seating comfort.


These bench boxes are all close to five feet long, a couple are just a bit smaller.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


The solid resin versions are water tight, and the others may need a little help for that in rainy weather.


Please note that these items are seasonal, and if one has disappeared from Amazon it may be back in stock soon, or you may find one in a different brand, yet just like it.


Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Victoria Young Resin Wicker Deck Box Storage Bench Container 60 Gallon



This is on the Best Seller list and I understand that. This resin wicker box has a traditional look, but is much sturdier than natural wicker.


It has a cushion seat and will hold up to 400 pounds.


Handles allow easy moving of the box/bench.


The rattan is hand woven and water resistant.


It has an elegant look and will hold your patio cushions, towels, small pool toys, BBQ implements or gardening tools.


Festnight Outdoor Storage Bench with Cushion Seat Brown Poly Rattan Garden Deck Box Waterproof Storage Container Patio Backyard Poolside Balcony Furniture 


Keter 229437 Eden Storage Bench, Grey



This resin bench box assembles easily. Some customers added strapping across the bottom for extra sturdiness.


It is water proof and ventilated, to keep your items dry. Common sense does dictate not to put wet items (like swimming towels) in it.


Plastic is durable through all kinds of weather. This choice may be the perfect one for your yard.


You can add a lock to this box if you like.


The 18 ” back allows for extra patio cushions.


One con mentioned is that the bottom of the box cannot hold heavy items. Yet it is perfect for cushions, towels and small pool toys.


Purchasing two or three will make a furniture set configuration. Add a coffee table or fire pit for a great relaxation and dining area.

Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box 150 Gallons



Update! This bench is now on the Best Seller list!


This box is big and according to reviewers is quite strong. It is described as slightly off-white in hue.


It assembles with ease, snapping into place and screws are provided for a couple of spots.


The size of this box will help keep your patio/pool area uncluttered and attractive.


For your BBQ area, you can store your grilling tools and cleaners.


This will seat two to three adults in your patio or pool area.


You can also add a patio cushion for color and comfort!

Festnight Outdoor Storage Bench Acacia Wood – Waterproof



This attractive solid Acacia wood bench box got a good review initially, but then…It rained.


The liner is described as water resistant, but it seems best to throw a plastic tarp over the whole thing when it rains.


I had wondered about that, because it is obviously slatted wood. One buyer ended up putting a plexi-glass cover on top which for them, solved the water proof problem.


If you prefer wood, this one is a good choice even though it requires a little maintenance for wet weather.

Lifetime 60254 Heavy-Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box, 150 Gallon, Desert Sand/Brown



This box holds up its claim to being waterproof. One buyer says after the harsh winter, it proved to be mice proof also.


It has a latch if you want to add a lock.


Almost 2,000 reviewers give it 4.6 stars.


Mentions of easy assembly adds to the appeal.


59″ long, it will seat two adults.


Add a patio cushion for extra comfort!

Suncast 99 Gallon Patio Storage Box



Over 100 reviewers star rate this box at 4.5.


Weather resistant and sturdy, this box has been in my friend’s back patio area for over fifteen years. That is where I’ll see the dogs dozing in the sun.


There is always a supply of clean swimming towels in this box, for when kids drop over for a fun time in the pool. It also holds tablecloths and place mats for their outdoor dinners near the BBQ.


This bench box can also accommodate a padlock.

HYD-parts Black Patio Storage Bench120 Gallon



There are mixed reviews about this box’ sturdiness but much appreciation is expressed about how much it can hold.


It is handy to store your speakers, radio or other device for your back yard entertainment. It can take a lock, for extra security.


The black is a true one and can be a great decor addition, perhaps with colorful potted flowers bordering it. If you like tropical colored patio pillows, they will look fantastic with black.

70 Gallon Deck Box Brown Resin Patio Loveseat Slatback



One of the first things I noticed from the purchaser photos was that one buyer bought three, effecting a living room type of configuration. It is quite attractive, with matching cushions.


This a great idea for a household that cannot afford the $1,500.00 plus patio furniture sets. Not only does this idea give you 210 gallons of storage space, but there is plenty of seating room for family and guests.


If you want to see those furniture sets to compare, you can check them out HERE.


The slat back design also makes this choice good for an indoor piece. Front halls, mud rooms and indoor porches will look very nice. And all that storage!

Tidyard Outdoor Garden Storage Chest Deck Box with 2 Wheels



I have included this box, with wheels, even though it has no reviews, yet. It is on the “Most Wished For” list, and I can see why.


I would want a box that is easy to move around the yard. It appears to be well built and is attractive.



10 Best Patio Sets With Fire Pit Tables 2021

a fire pit on a patio, with furniture

10 Best Patio Sets With Fire Pit Tables 2021


I hope to help you choose from the best patio sets with fire pit tables for your property, for both your entertainment and family comfort needs.


This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.

Here are the 10 best patio sets with fire pit tables, to make your selection easier.


Have you been under-utilizing your available space in the back yard? Wouldn’t you love to have a veritable outdoor living room with which to take advantage of your deck or patio space?

Whichever you decide to buy, you will upgrade your property in a very valuable way.


Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


DELACORA BARBADOS-06h-CILANTRO Barbados Outdoor 6 Piece Conversation Set with Fade Resistant Upholstery – Includes End Table, Fire Pit and Sectional


This beautiful curved set with a round fire pit table comes with two end tables which also serve as storage spaces.

This set includes foot levelers for placement on an uneven yard area.

It will arrive FULLY ASSEMBLED.

The water resistant cushion covers are zippered and washable (but please sir dry!).

The end tables are cast aluminum and weather resistant.

Does a curved setting seem cozier somehow? This new design seems that way.

The wicker bottoms are solid and have extra flexible strapping for quality suspension and durability.

The manufacturer states

“If you don’t see a configuration that fits your needs, please contact us and we’ll help you build your own set!”

Wouldn’t you love to customize this set – options for colored throw pillows and a second set of cushion covers are offered.


LIVING SOURCE International 8 Piece Rattan Sectional

You will want to be out in your backyard every spring, summer and fall evening, viewing the sunset or stars above.


Doesn’t that sound wonderful?


This is how you relish your beautiful backyard – no more getting chilled and going inside to escape that sudden drop in temperature.

Maximize Your Time Outdoors


Imagine sitting out back with your morning coffee, feet up on the table, reading your morning news or a good book on your e-reader.


The birds chirping and the wind rustling through the trees welcome your new day.

Special Feature Of This Set


NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED ~when your patio chairs and fire table arrive they are ready to use on your patio.


Enjoy your backyard again with these gentle sloped-back seating and fire pit set. You can enjoy the heat of the fire during the cool nights, allowing you to spend all day and night in your backyard space.


Made with top quality wicker and proper outdoor water resistant fabric cushions, these seats are modular giving you your own patio design.


There are color choices for the cushions.


The fire pit is made with top quality material that is sure to have all of your friends wanting to get this set for themselves.

KINGER 5 Piece Round Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Patio Conversation Set, Red Outdoor Cushions Rattan Wicker Outdoor Furniture Patio Rocking Chairs, 50 Inch Stone Tile Top Deck LP Fire Pit Table


Rust resistant frames are a feature of these four spring-action rockers.


The chairs glide easily, and the bases do not move.


This set creates an intimate and cozy conversation-inducing space for long evenings where you and your friends can sit around and resolve the meaning of life, right?


The forty inch fire pit is still plenty big enough to double as a coffee table.


The fire pit material is aluminum Durastone FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer).


Wouldn’t you love to serve your coffee or favorite wine around this fire and enjoy your best hours with pals or partner?


HANOVER NEWPT6PCFP-NVY-TN 6 Piece Newport Woven Seating Set in Navy Blue with Fire Pit Table


This extra plush set with cushy foot rests is super inviting!


Reviewers report “very simple to assemble”…”very sturdy”.


This deep-cushioned set comes with a love seat, two chairs and two large and equally plush ottomans.


What a great way to relax after the work week!


What a wonderful way to digest after an outdoor dinner, with one’s coffee, herbal tea or favorite brandy.


Two or three small children could cuddle up in each of those armchairs, don’t you think?


Actual measurements:

35.00” L x 64.00” W x 35.00”H – Loveseat
30.25” L x 35.00” W x 35.00”H – Chair
28.25” L x 21.25” W x 16.50”H – Ottoman
23.82” L x 35.83” W x 23.50”H- Fire Pit Table

Special Features Of The Comfort And Style

  • The Newport woven seating set from Hanover outdoor is an extra depth seating set which presents a traditional style elegance.
  • The gentle slope of the woven arms are quietly ergonomic for relaxing shoulders and back.
  • You and your guests will enjoy decompressing from life’s stresses on the soft fabric covered deep-seating loveseat.
  • Each piece of furniture is hand- crafted using strands of hand-woven, all-weather resin that offers long-lasting durability and creates a chic coastal vibe.
  • The cushions and pillows are upholstered with quick-drying, stain- resistant and UV protected fabric wrapped around thick layers of foam.
Their color and vibrance will not fade quickly from sunlight.
Wouldn’t you love to offer such a cozy escape from the nine to five
(or later) pressure around this the warm fire pit table?
If you like this somewhat Victorian antique set look, this is
definitely for you!
Bring out your tea tray to this setting.
Have friends over to share a bottle of wine and cheese nibbles!
Can you picture it?
The fire pit’s safe, non-polluting design is a huge plus for urban areas where burning wood is banned due to air quality management.

HANOVER STRATH6PCFP-BLU-TN Strathmere Ocean Blue with Fire Pit Table Outdoor Patio 6 Piece Lounge Set, Stone Top


Put your feet up! These cushy chairs with ottomans are the ultimate in relaxation. Recline with a glass of wine or herbal tea and truly let go of your busy day.


STRATHMORE Allure Lounge Set by Hanover Outdoor


This collection features hand-woven frames and generously-sized cushions to create a resort-style retreat in the comfort of your own backyard.


Gather your guests around this inviting set and enjoy hours of comfort and conversation by the glow of the fire pit table.


The fire pit’s reliable performance will captivate your visitors as the flames flicker across the pretty red fire glass provided for the center burner.


The thick extra comfort cushions are offered in an all-weather fabric that compliments any deck, patio or garden environment.


The cushions consist of easily maintained fabric and plush layers of foam.


Enjoy creating your luncheons or dinner parties in your outdoor and private social area that will greet your guests with comfort, style and warmth throughout the year.


Maybe you’re a new owner of your home. Or perhaps you’ve spent years cultivating a backyard garden?


Now you can’t wait to get out there and reap the rewards of your hard work.


I hope that viewing all the sets on this article will help you examine your options, your preferences and the styles of your choice.


Having a fire pit table means you can enjoy three seasons outside instead of just the summer.


This investment will triple your pleasure – all the money, hard work and patience you and your family have put into your little piece of heaven in the privacy of your yard, will enrich your lives for years.

CRESTED Bay Patio Furniture ~ Outdoor Aluminum Sectional Sofa Set with Dark Grey Fire Table


The rust resistant aluminum frames are perfect for humid areas. If you’re on the coast or on a lakeside,this is a good choice for you.


The set is described as light, but sturdy against wind.


Do you love to sit around a fire and roast marshmallows? This is perfect for your evenings outside with the kids!


Assembly is required. 


One reviewer mentioned a problem with the product that was remedied by customer service quickly.


Please note that the throw pillows and cube table shown in the picture are not part of this set.


A propane tank holder is included. It is not specified why it is separate or how it fits in the fire table assembly.


The love seat and two separate chairs make a small and cozy conversation area.


The durable aluminum is considered a tad rough by one purchaser, yet it was given four starts overall.


Often Bought With This Set


The table can be used upright for a tighter formation, or set to be longer and lower.


The materials are the same (rust resistant aluminum and water resistant cushion covers).


You may prefer this light weight set that can be moved around easily in your deck or patio areas.


Love bright colors? This neutral coloring could easily be enhanced with bright or patterned throw pillows or a pot of  flowers on the end table.


It is good to have your own personal touch with design choices, isn’t it?

CHRISTOPHER Knight Home Crested Bay 5 Piece Silver Aluminum Framed Set


This lighter colored light weight aluminum design will enhance a patio or deck design and offers a wide space for enjoying your outdoors.


The rectangular fire pit will keep your party warm and engaged for hours.


I can see this light toned set next to your pool, a harmonious vision.


It would also enhance a yard filled with white blossoms or birch trees.


Yet, seriously it would look gorgeous on any deck or patio.


The rectangular fire pit will keep your family or visitors cozy and relaxed during long evenings.


You can serve your multiple course dinners and linger for pleasant conversations without getting that evening chill.


That’s a huge plus, isn’t it, that you’d love to have?


While some assembly is needed, reviewers state that it is easy and not time consuming.


The cushion fabric is 100% polyester,and is the standard outdoor water resistant quality.


You are paying for both structural and comfort quality with this patio set.


One amazon reviewer bought two sets, they loved their first one so much. The good impression made by the quality and comfort prompted them to do so.


And has it occurred to you that while increasing the square foot usage of your property without building a structure, you’re not increasing your property taxes?


That is a side effect benefit. The important thing is you and your family’s comfort and enjoyment of your patio/yard – and of each other!


Isn’t that factor the most precious?

GDF Studio Livingston Outdoor 4 Pc Club Chair Set


This dark brown faux rattan set gets a couple of mentions of being a little on the small side. It sounds like it is not the choice for tall people.


Otherwise it gets good reviews, and it needs assembly.


Materials are sun resistant and water resistant.


For a simple gathering area with a fire pit this fits the bill!

Modenzi Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture with Propane Fire Pit Table Espresso Brown Wicker Resin


Available in six colors!


You can configure your own patio or deck design!


You may choose a long sofa, with the four sofa chairs in between the corner chairs.


Perhaps you would prefer a shorter sofa with two of the chairs placed at ninety degrees for a U-shaped design.


Some customers bought a couple of extra chairs to have both a long sofa and also the separate chairs for the U-shape.


And end table is included which stores the propane tank. You can enjoy it for a table, or set it aside or behind your area.


Wouldn’t this be a lovely way to wind down from your hectic days and weeks? You have plenty of room around the fire pit to linger after a dinner party with friends and family.


The powder coated steel is considered the best finish for these support frames.


What by the way, is powder-coated steel?


I certainly did not know that when I first started looking at patio sets. Because we all want the best and most durable materials, don’t we?


“Powder coating is a safe, dry finishing process that uses finely ground particles of pigment and resin to create a protective finish. We choose to powder coat our steel frames because it is low in toxicity and has low flammability.”


Low in toxicity – important in today’s polluted environment, right?


Powder coating contributes to:

  • Durability of the steel
  • Rust resistance for average to humid areas
  • Chip resistant – always a bonus that keeps the material good looking!
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • The product contains no solvents and does not out-gas harmful chemicals


All above information from here.


The UV resistant resin wicker is an attractive deep brown and will offset the color you choose to match with your patio/deck colors or other backyard setting.


The espresso coloring goes perfectly with the walnut hue of the fire pit table.


The fire pit comes with:

  • A tempered glass wind guard barrier
  • Lava rocks
  • Electronic ignition for the fuel
  • A cover to protect it when not being used


The end table hides a standard 20 lb. propane tank which is not included with this set.


Sometimes the set will be delivered on two subsequent days. Assembly is considered easy and will take two or more hours.


Some customers said they got clips in their order, and others did not. However, customer service gets a five star rating for quick responses!


As online shoppers, we sometimes have to deal with that, don’t we?


For the under-$1,500.00 category, I think this set is gorgeous!


For your entire outdoor area, you need the item below.

Wet and Forget 800003 Wet And Forget Moss Mold Mildew & Algae Stain Remover


This is the go-to cleaner for your outdoor areas. You do not need to rinse the product.


This product has an accumulative effect. In wetter regions, people may use it every 4-6 months. In sunnier areas, customers use it every 18- 24 months.


You can order one hose end dispenser, and for refills, a four pack, two pack, or single, as needed.

  • Biodegradable selective scrubbers for moss, mold, mildew and algae removal on any exterior surface
  • When diluted with water and applied, it immediately begins to work
  • Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination gently removes the moss, mold, mildew and algae without scrubbing or rinsing
  • No bleaches, no acids
  • Used on Vinyl Siding, Brick, Concrete, Composite Decks, Roof Shingles & Aluminum Hand Railing.
  • Also good for roofs, and outdoor furniture.


If you’re in a very humid region, or have a lot of shade trees, allowing moisture to linger, this product will prevent mildew buildup, and therefore, prevent the stains.


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10 Best Patio Gazebos Canopies And Party Tents 2020

10 best pergolas gazebos canopies

10 Best Patio Gazebos Canopies And Party Tents 2020

I hope that all the following information about products and materials helps you choose the right covering for your patio, yard, or deck area. I have picked out the 10 best patios gazebos canopies and party tents, as they appear at this time.


Photo above by Randy Fath on Unsplash

This page contains amazon affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what Amazon advertises.


Whenever you read this, and click through to Amazon, you will see the latest prices, sales, Prime Day deals, and financing options available to you.


I’m updating this post by putting in some fabulous family tents that attach onto the back of your SUV. Because it’s summer! 






Gazebos come in both hard tops and soft tops. Side panels and extra mosquito netting are options too. You can tailor your purchase for your

unique needs and preferences, and your environmental region.


Best Online Shopping Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking (AL= Ad Link) to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Most of these come with an “expert assembly” purchase offer. This is handy for those without time, help, or tools.

4 Above AL

Quictent 10’x8′ Party Wedding Tent Outdoor Gazebo Trapezoid Canopy with Fully Enclosed Black Mesh Side Wall


Ideal for placing anywhere on your deck/patio/yard space. 

Sunjoy 12′ x 10′ Sonoma Wicker Gazebo, Large, Brown/Gold Trim



The 4-side mosquito netting and vented roof netting and bonus corner panels are included with the gazebo.


Additional privacy panels can be purchased. Tracking for those, ground stakes and a light hook are included.


The steel is powdered, therefore rust proof.

Heavy Duty Wedding Gazebo Canopy Carport


This multi-use walled covering is 32 feet long. It can house a wedding party, any party, or cars.


These are its main features:

  • High quality, rust & corrosion resistant galvanized steel is used for the framework
  • 10 removable window-style sidewalls offer flexibility of use, wind block, or ventilation
  • 2 removable front back doors allow easy access and traffic flow
  • Heavy-duty water Polyethylene will keep out the rain on your special day
  • The top cover has seams that are hot-sealed, and since Feb. 5, 2018, waterproof
  • High strength metal joint fittings make the structure secure
  • 5 bags included provide excellent storage
  • Easy and fast to set up, suitable for all kinds of events
  • All necessary hardware included, but must be secured against wind


40’x20′ PVC Party Tent – Heavy Duty Wedding Canopy Gazebo Carport – with Storage Bags 




Outsunny 10′ x 10′ Steel and Polycarbonate Hardtop Gazebo Canopy Cover with Mesh Net Curtains



This gazebo is hard topped and comes with mosquito netting and privacy curtains. Those curtains will allow for the air flow of your cool summer evenings however.


The side panels are water and UV resistant and will retain their looks for years.


The powdered aluminum structure is durable, and will not rust.


After you’ve cooked your favorite BB! meal, you and your guests or family can enjoy it out of the reach of insects that love your food. And the ones for whom you are the food! 🙂 


One buyer used hooks fastened into his deck to secure the zipper ends of the side panels. It seems you need this for windy days.


Despite the hard top, rain can get in. It’s good to have furniture covers or tarps handy. (Yet another buyer says theirs does not leak at all.)


Assembly requires two people but sounds easier with three or four. This is a permanent structure. But, the mention of “steel” in the product title seems to be an error.


There is a hook in the eave where you can hang a light, or a fan. That is a bonus for those hottest summer days.

Sunjoy 12′ x 10′ Cabin-Style Soft Top Gazebo with Mosquito Netting



This soft top canopy is constructed with powdered steel framework. It is the best material for durability and will not rust.


The mosquito/bug netting provides comfort from the worry of something like West Nile Virus, the prevalence of which varies from year to year.


The black and tan color scheme offers easy matching options with your patio furniture choices, and for added cushions, tablecloths and tableware.


cat under canopy
Spunky Escaping The Rain



The above shown is a similar canopy to the one I’m presenting today. It has been in this yard for well over ten years, with no problems. Under it, my friends have had a ping pong table for their recreation.


Here, it is being used for shelter, and their patio cushions have been collected for the duration of the the duration of the storm. Spunky, their cat (now deceased 🙁 ) has found respite too, for a nap. His ears are back, showing how disgruntled he was.


The strings of patio lights are well placed into the eave of this canopy. This ping pong table was handy for parties too!

Sonoma Canopy Gazebo, 10′ x 10′ Soft-Top Garden Tent


This is a slightly smaller version of the canopy immediately above. Yet, it still holds a round dining table and four arm chairs easily.


It has mosquito netting and shade panels, for your needs and comfort.


It is 10′ x 10′ and can fit on many decks or a large balcony.


This size canopy may fit on your boat dock too!


Here is one way that could look.


cnaopy by water
Photo by Rui Marinho on Unsplash

Eurmax 10×15 Ft Premium Ez Pop up Canopy – Instant Canopies


  • Tent waterproofed
  • Powdered metal frames
  • Thumb button release levers on framework
  • Perfect for trade shows, picnics, outdoor parties – portable!
  • Choose your favorite color from 19
  • Three height positions
  • CPAI-84 fire retardant certificated 500D polyester PU coated to block 99% UV rays
  • Steel rings for roping the canopy frame down
  • Handy waterproof roller bag (you can leave the canopy top on!)

SORARA Grill Gazebo Soft Top Gazebo with Steel Frame



A meaningful counter-top space and a condiment/tableware basket complete this sturdy shelter for your grilled meals.


Your family and friends won’t be disappointed if there is unexpected rain showers or a hot sun. You can BBQ under your well ventilated canopy and serve your mouth watering grilled treats to your happy fans!


Assembly is meant to be permanent. One buyer offered “I just used deck screws on mine. May want to add washers for extra stability. There are holes at the base“.


There is a similar looking gazebo for twice the price, but this one gets the top reviews.


It is sturdy and heavy and does not necessarily need to be anchored down.


It may fit over your deck right up to your doorway.


It may shelter your current outdoor kitchen, or help you choose a grill and configure your cooking area, once installed.


outdoor BBQ plate
Get Ready To Grill!

Quictent 12×12 ft Garden Gazebo Canopy Pergola 100% Waterproof


The netting, and solid side panels are double stitched.  Also UV resistant and waterproof, they offer extended durability.


The roof is coated polyester, and is waterproof.


Stakes for securing the structure are included. But for winds over 60 mph, it is recommended to take down the canopy and netting.


The solid side panels can be easily unstrapped, and zippered down for a good sunshade or privacy.


The interior will hold a four to six seating arrangement, depending on what size table you might choose.


The quality and customer service has been given five star reviews.


The framework is powdered steel, which I write bout in my article, 10 Best Patio Sets With Fire Pit Tables 2019, at the bottom of the page.


Coolaroo Aurora Pergola, Backyard or Patio Shade Pergola, Light Filtering 90% UV Block, (9’8″ X 9’8″), Terracotta


This is one way to enjoy your outdoor dining during an evening, or a super hot summer lunchtime. You won’t have to cancel your fun plans and disappoint family or friends.


The fabric canopy can be removed and stored for the winter.  It is described as good thick material. It comes with a five year warranty against UV damage. It provides a 90% UV block protecting those below it.


The fabric is described as “water resistant”, although water will start to drip through if rain is prolonged. The canopy is retractable.


The frame is aluminum. You may need concrete screws for it, for those windy times!


This unit may take up to three hours to assemble. Buyers remarked the instructions aren’t the best, yet it is easy to figure out.


With this canopy you can enjoy your patio area. The kids can play outside when it’s hot and sunny. A table for toys and games will keep them busy for hours.


With a side shade like the one below you have protection from both sun and wind.


Here are some wonderful accessories for your gazebo-canopy-pergola choice.


Haven’t you treasured those long evenings that turn into late nights when you and your partner/friends/kids sit talking into the wee hours? Where you suddenly realize “It’s two am!”  You need these beautiful patio lights, solar powered – no worries about wiring!


Foxlux Solar String Lights – 48FT LED Outdoor String Light – Shatterproof, Waterproof Pergola Lights


Maybe you’d prefer something like these:

48ft Patio Lights Heavy Duty Bistro/Cafe Lights for Backyard and Deck


If you like to dance on your patio maybe you’d like these!

VAVOFO 48FT Warm White & Color Changing Cafe String Lights, Dimmable


And depending on your area of the country, you may love one of these!

Patio Mist Fan – Outdoor Mist Fan

There are so many options for you. From the permanently anchored pergola to the portable canopy and everything in between, you will find the perfect item for your yard.

Your city home, your country cottage, or even outside your RV, you can have the perfect shelter for lounging or cooking outside.


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Here is an example of a canopy outside an RV.