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How did I get started writing a blog like this? Or discover how I could make money working on line?

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Senior Lifestyle Careers

Just between us, I really am not used to talking about myself on the huge open world wide web. I am a private person.

I’ll explain how I got here, stretching way beyond my comfort zone, and, also why I am starting to like it!

I’ll tell you a bit about me, so that you can see how I think I can help you.

Top Jobs, Retirees. Why I Was Looking!

I had retired from an athletic career, got married, had a baby…and then normal became a struggle as many things that were in the long-term plan didn’t happen.

The good times were being able to do fun things with my child and his godparents and god-bro, as they called each other.

I started writing online and earned some money promoting an excellent and highly professional book about ballet, which is an area of expertise for me.

I also wrote many articles (447) for Ezine@rticles. You can see them here.

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Join in and learn!

Returning to the athletic field I had been in was difficult and expensive.  Then I discovered internet marketing. And Wealthy Affiliate University.

A chance to augment my income from home!

Furthermore, I could write about my field (ballet) in my sleep!

I got very excited and bought training I couldn’t understand! I spent evenings and weekends trying to, for a year.

Then I canceled my monthly $39 membership, got a free Blogger blog, and started writing about what I really knew well.

That is when I wrote almost every day for a year. I had found a ClickBank ebook about ballet to promote for commissions, a product I could truly stand behind, then I found another.

(Click on that link to learn more about the ClickBank marketplace of digital products.)

I forged ahead with no training, and earned over a thousand dollars that first year. Not bad for working after my job hours.

That niche, or small market area, became huge and the “pros” swept in and stole my writing, on a weekly basis. I got tired of filing complaints and getting their blogs taken down.

Yet, I could have taken control of that situation and turned it around, but I did not know how.

Then I got laid off and finding some training was crucial!

Here I was close to retirement age – in a panic!

I knew that eventually I could make enough money on line to retire from my day job, if I learned how to publish faster and better.

I found Wealthy Affiliate where I could make web sites and build them up as fast as I wanted to.

The step-by-step visual training is the easiest and best I have found, and I tried a lot of courses.

What I aim to do with this blog, is help you find the items that you are looking for online, and mostly, from amazon.

It is one of my many sites. For example, one is targeted at seniors and the disabled, people who want or need to work at home.

On that site, I share with you the Wealthy Affiliate training opportunity!

I want to help people get ahead with affiliate marketing (promoting products for commissions), and learn how to do it correctly, so that you can skip all the mistakes I made.

It is the best instruction a person can get for a work from home job, or work from your RV, sail boat, or your country cottage.

One blogger I found on line started at the local library, saving his affiliate marketing income until he was able to buy his own computer.

It doesn’t matter where or how you start. I’m here to tell you that you can get started for free. You can test drive this opportunity and start to learn how to create an income for yourself.

So that is what I am about now, sharing and helping you develop your options for senior lifestyle careers.

It’s easy to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, and join for free.

I really hope I’ve reached you and given you some hope for a decent retirement.

If you join you can start networking with me on the site and you’ll get to know many helpful tutors there! Please feel free to leave any comments you have, or ask questions below.

I still write on and update my ballet blogs. If you like ballet, and dancer health and nutrition related information, you will find it at Your Pointe Shoe.