10 Best Outdoor Storage Benches For Seating Comfort 2021

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10 Best Outdoor Storage Benches For Seating Comfort 2021


Super size your property’s use with settings around your pool and patio. Choose from the outdoor storage benches for seating comfort – your colors, material and accessories, when you get your selection from the 10 best outdoor storage benches for seating comfort.


These bench boxes are all close to five feet long, a couple are just a bit smaller.


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The solid resin versions are water tight, and the others may need a little help for that in rainy weather.


Please note that these items are seasonal, and if one has disappeared from Amazon it may be back in stock soon, or you may find one in a different brand, yet just like it.


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Victoria Young Resin Wicker Deck Box Storage Bench Container 60 Gallon



This is on the Best Seller list and I understand that. This resin wicker box has a traditional look, but is much sturdier than natural wicker.


It has a cushion seat and will hold up to 400 pounds.


Handles allow easy moving of the box/bench.


The rattan is hand woven and water resistant.


It has an elegant look and will hold your patio cushions, towels, small pool toys, BBQ implements or gardening tools.


Festnight Outdoor Storage Bench with Cushion Seat Brown Poly Rattan Garden Deck Box Waterproof Storage Container Patio Backyard Poolside Balcony Furniture 


Keter 229437 Eden Storage Bench, Grey



This resin bench box assembles easily. Some customers added strapping across the bottom for extra sturdiness.


It is water proof and ventilated, to keep your items dry. Common sense does dictate not to put wet items (like swimming towels) in it.


Plastic is durable through all kinds of weather. This choice may be the perfect one for your yard.


You can add a lock to this box if you like.


The 18 ” back allows for extra patio cushions.


One con mentioned is that the bottom of the box cannot hold heavy items. Yet it is perfect for cushions, towels and small pool toys.


Purchasing two or three will make a furniture set configuration. Add a coffee table or fire pit for a great relaxation and dining area.

Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box 150 Gallons



Update! This bench is now on the Best Seller list!


This box is big and according to reviewers is quite strong. It is described as slightly off-white in hue.


It assembles with ease, snapping into place and screws are provided for a couple of spots.


The size of this box will help keep your patio/pool area uncluttered and attractive.


For your BBQ area, you can store your grilling tools and cleaners.


This will seat two to three adults in your patio or pool area.


You can also add a patio cushion for color and comfort!

Festnight Outdoor Storage Bench Acacia Wood – Waterproof



This attractive solid Acacia wood bench box got a good review initially, but then…It rained.


The liner is described as water resistant, but it seems best to throw a plastic tarp over the whole thing when it rains.


I had wondered about that, because it is obviously slatted wood. One buyer ended up putting a plexi-glass cover on top which for them, solved the water proof problem.


If you prefer wood, this one is a good choice even though it requires a little maintenance for wet weather.

Lifetime 60254 Heavy-Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box, 150 Gallon, Desert Sand/Brown



This box holds up its claim to being waterproof. One buyer says after the harsh winter, it proved to be mice proof also.


It has a latch if you want to add a lock.


Almost 2,000 reviewers give it 4.6 stars.


Mentions of easy assembly adds to the appeal.


59″ long, it will seat two adults.


Add a patio cushion for extra comfort!

Suncast 99 Gallon Patio Storage Box



Over 100 reviewers star rate this box at 4.5.


Weather resistant and sturdy, this box has been in my friend’s back patio area for over fifteen years. That is where I’ll see the dogs dozing in the sun.


There is always a supply of clean swimming towels in this box, for when kids drop over for a fun time in the pool. It also holds tablecloths and place mats for their outdoor dinners near the BBQ.


This bench box can also accommodate a padlock.

HYD-parts Black Patio Storage Bench120 Gallon



There are mixed reviews about this box’ sturdiness but much appreciation is expressed about how much it can hold.


It is handy to store your speakers, radio or other device for your back yard entertainment. It can take a lock, for extra security.


The black is a true one and can be a great decor addition, perhaps with colorful potted flowers bordering it. If you like tropical colored patio pillows, they will look fantastic with black.

70 Gallon Deck Box Brown Resin Patio Loveseat Slatback



One of the first things I noticed from the purchaser photos was that one buyer bought three, effecting a living room type of configuration. It is quite attractive, with matching cushions.


This a great idea for a household that cannot afford the $1,500.00 plus patio furniture sets. Not only does this idea give you 210 gallons of storage space, but there is plenty of seating room for family and guests.


If you want to see those furniture sets to compare, you can check them out HERE.


The slat back design also makes this choice good for an indoor piece. Front halls, mud rooms and indoor porches will look very nice. And all that storage!

Tidyard Outdoor Garden Storage Chest Deck Box with 2 Wheels



I have included this box, with wheels, even though it has no reviews, yet. It is on the “Most Wished For” list, and I can see why.


I would want a box that is easy to move around the yard. It appears to be well built and is attractive.



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