10 Best Large Metal Wall Art and Yard Decor 2020

10 Best Large Metal Wall Art and Yard Decor 2020

Design Toscano is a premier source specializing in historical reproductions. Not only do the designers travel to the source of the art pieces to acquire the knowledge of style and detail, but the customer service is also exacting in its response to buyers and their needs.


Over 90% of art works presented is exclusively offered by the Design Toscano brand.


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Specialty home and garden décor isn’t easy to come by if you’re not a modern patron of the arts acquiring your own unique works.


Yet why shouldn’t you enjoy reproduction furniture and accessories,  statuary, and one-of-a-kind home and garden inspiration?


Five of the following 10 best large metal yard decorative works are from Design Toscano.


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Dеsign Tоscаnо Outdoor Garden Backyard Décor Colossal Cranes Bronze Garden Statue Set


These are traditionally cast in bronze from wax models.


They come piped for use as a backyard fountain.


These bronze bird statues, remind us of the European tradition of grand-scale garden art, found in castle and villa gardens.


Did you know that if you see a crane flying overhead you have seven years of good luck? I was able to point that out to a friend on her wedding day as a pair flew over us at her brother’s fowl farm, where a real big Greek wedding was to take place later in the day.


These pieces perfectly illustrate the form and grace of the elegant crane.


Cast and crafted one piece at a time in the traditional lost wax method (see the contributed article below) which guarantees lasting beauty, this pair of cranes boast a hand-applied emerald Verde patina.


These Design Toscano heirloom-quality bronze garden statues are a statement that your home is not just a shelter but is a nurturing of your own artistic spirit, which few of us can express for ourselves.


But we can admire it and raise our hopes and dreams with its companionship.


Designed to optionally cascade flowing water from both cranes’ mouths into your pond or fountain, you can add yet another dimension to your garden environment.


Add the optional 1,650 GPH pond pump kit for each bird to create the calming  water music in your garden.


Make a fanciful addition to your favorite pond, pool or fountain! These mega-scaled, magnificent cranes are an ultimate statement in bronze.


Accommodates Toscano Pump Kit DR-1650, sold separately. Each Crane requires its own pump.


Set Includes: Bronze Crane Curved Neck: 24″Wx30″Dx93″H. 64 lbs. Bronze Crane Straight Neck: 24″Wx30″Dx113″H. 64 lbs.

Design Toscano Mucha’s Maiden of The Arts Garden Statue, Cast Bronze


Traditionally cast, and hand finished, this sculpture adds the winding flow of the maiden’s dress to the poetry of your garden environment. In La Belle Epoch sensual design, it will provoke your imagination and motivate your own aspirations, as art is meant to do.


If you like the Art Nouveau style of art, you may enjoy this article about Alphonse Mucha.

“Mucha Artwork by Tom Gurney

Mucha artwork is a topic regularly searched for through Google Image Search with thousands of art fans around the world passionately discovering more and more on the work of famous Czech artist Alphonse Mucha, with this article covering Mucha artwork in great detail. Those normally searching specifically for this topic often have less knowledge of precise details of the career of Mucha but are perhaps already sold on the qualities of his illustrative skills and the stylish portraits that would always dominate his prints right throughout his career. It is easy to develop a view on Mucha’s career as a whole because of the consistency in style that he adopted throughout after finding his preferred method at a relatively young age and sticking with it for the majority of his output.

Those looking for Mucha artwork as a study topic will quickly realise that illustrative art prints was his method of production and most followed the same proportions and layout. His topics covered seasons and times of the day for example, as he sought to produce series of works that together covered something completely. This is similar to Claude Monet who himself created the respected series of Haystacks paintings which displayed the changes in light and colour over times of the day and in different seasons.

In conclusion, those interested in Mucha artwork will be drawn to his original illustrations and portraits which are his characteristic style that remains consistent throughout. The feminine look to his charming prints was relatively unusual at the time and this helped him to build a large fanbase who immediately took to his style and always looked forward to his future works, confident they would follow a similar artistic direction.

Discover the best Mucha artwork [http://muchaprints.com/artwork/] at Muchaprints.com.”

Article Source

Outdoor Garden Backyard Décor Patio Premium Meditating Buddha Statue, 20 Inch, Real Cast Bronze


This statue is  inspiring of calmness in and of itself. If you have a penchant for meditation or contemplation, or just love to  sit beside an artistic image while you read a book, you’ll love this!


I bet you have already worked hard (or had someone work hard) on your  personal home environment.


So why not add an  art work of traditional casting, one that will sit in your space for generations?


With serene pose and timeless beauty, the Meditating Buddha exudes peace and surrender that will meld seamlessly with your most beautiful garden setting. Our impressive, 360-degree, over-foot-and-a-half-tall bronze Buddha statue is expertly finished with a hand-applied, classic sepia bronze patina to bring out the amazing detail.


Cast and crafted one piece at a time in the traditional lost wax method, which highlights the detail of the sculpt and guarantees lasting beauty. Sure to be a garden focal point, this Design Toscano, heirloom-quality bronze meditation statue conveys that you take the exterior of your home as seriously as the interior.


14″Wx13″Dx20″H. 27 lbs.

Design Toscano SU1029 Asian Dancing Koi Fish Piped Statue Fountain Pond Water Feature, Giant, 22 Inch, Green Verdigris


  • This giant Asian style  dancing fish appears to jump and dance in the water, the fluidity of motion has been captured from the delicate folds of its flapping fins to the eye-pleasing detail of every scale
  • Fountain Focal Point – Inspired by the classic bronze statuary that graces elegant European fountains, this heirloom-quality bronze fish statue adds rich beauty to your home’s garden or yard
  • Each statue is hand-cast in the traditional lost wax method
  • The sculpture is then topped with a hand-applied emerald verde bronze patina
  • This is one of the pieces that is exclusive to the Design Toscano brand
  • A wonderful addition to a garden, oyou may choose to add an optional pump (sold separately) to cascade water into your pond, pool or fountain
  • The fish statue is piped to spit water, measures 17″Wx20″Dx22.5″H and weighs approx. 44 lbs.

SPI Home 31291 Medium Garden Crane Pair Sculpture Brass


These two brass cranes weigh 43 pounds, and will stand on any flat surface and withstand normal winds.


Perfect for your deck, path or pool side, they will add elegance and style to your garden.

Design Toscano Gargoyle of Naples Bronze Garden Statue


Many people don’t know the history of gargoyles, which are on most Christian churches in Europe and the Americas too. 


You may enjoy the following article: 


“The Symbolism Of Gargoyle Statues by Angie Wood

Gargoyle statues are a popular choice for our homes and gardens today. Our fascination with these grotesque creatures is, it seems, just as prevalent now as it was in Medieval times.

Neo-gothic artists take their inspiration from 15th century flamboyant Gothic designs, creating modern day gargoyle statues in “cathedral style”. Gargoyle statues allow the artist a great deal of freedom in style and expression and incorporate a range of styles from the monstrous and grotesque to the amusing or whimsical.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux, living in 12th-century France, made this now famous complaint of the gargoyle carvings he saw around him:

“What are these fantastic monsters doing in the cloisters under the very eyes of the brothers as they read? What is the meaning of these unclean monkeys, strange savage lions and monsters? To what purpose are here placed these creatures, half beast, half man? I see several bodies with one head and several heads with one body. Here is a quadruped with a serpent’s head, there a fish with a quadruped’s head, then again an animal half horse, half goat… Surely if we do not blush for such absurdities we should at least regret what we have spent on them.”

While no ancient texts exist that explain the meaning of these strange creatures, we do know that artisans as far back as the Bronze Age used grotesque forms including gorgons, griffins and sphinxes to avert the powers of evil. Perhaps medieval man felt he could ward off evil forces by presenting an equally powerful array of evil strength.

Some believe that grotesque gargoyles were intended to be guardians of the church, magic signs to ward of the devil. Amalgamations of animals, humans and mythical creatures have long being used by artists to create frightening images. The devil was said to be always watching, much as gargoyles were always looking down on passersby. Everywhere one looked these silent observers were patiently watching.

The fact that these grotesque creatures were permitted on the medieval church, otherwise embellished with beautiful artwork, could be explained by the notion that the devil is actually on God’s side, doing God’s work when he punishes the wicked. Many gargoyles are demon like and appear to have alighted on the ledges of the church, frozen in flight but ready to swoop down on the unsuspecting at any time.

A popular belief is that grotesque gargoyles were used to educate by frightening or shocking a largely illiterate Pagan population into “behaving”. Physical deformities in medieval times were seen as an act of the devil so these gargoyles served as a warning to sinners.

Some believe these monstrous gargoyles represented the souls of humans condemned for their sins. The price for sinning, although they were spared from eternal damnation, would be to be turned to stone. This would correspond with the theory of gargoyles being for education, as they then would have been reminders of what could happen to those who did not obey religious laws.

However, not all gargoyles were intended to frighten, reprimand or threaten. Some appear to have a more profane purpose; to entertain or amuse. Rather than inspiring dread the more comical gargoyles have lively faces and animated poses, conveying a remarkable sense of energy and giving a great deal of character to the buildings on which they are found. However, even these more comical gargoyles could have well conveyed more than just fun for their creators and original viewers, for humorous imagery can often be used to say things that could not be said, and satire has long been used to confront unpleasant, controversial, or frightening issues.

That gargoyles can be interpreted as both good and evil – is served by a description found in the Roman d’Abladane written by a 13th century bishop. It describes how there were two gargoyles on then gateway of Amiens which could evaluate the motivation of each person who came into the city. If one had evil intentions the gargoyles would spit venom on them so horrible it would cover them and they would die. But when the lord of the city came he would be showered with gold from one gargoyle and silver from the other.

Modern day gargoyles come in range of styles, both frightening and entertaining. The one you chose and the symbolism or meaning attached to it, really comes down to your own personal style. Gargoyle statues are believed to offer protection from evil and many people display them near the front door of the house or in a prominent part of the garden.

Gargoyle statues are becoming increasingly more popular in home and garden decor. I am an avid researcher and collector of modern day gargoyles. Visit my blog http://gargoylestore.blogspot.com.au/ to learn more about the history and meaning of gargoyles, how to use them effectively in your garden design and where to source unique gargoyle statues as gifts for lovers of the Medieval, the macabre, mystical and fantastic creatures.”

Article Source

Massive Silver Metal Wall Sculpture By Jon Allen


  • This aluminum reflective silver color wall art, Synchronicity, an original design by Jon Allen Metal Art, will complement contemporary, modern, or abstract decor.
  • This multi panel measures 84” x 36” and makes a real impact in a modern environment.
  • Pre-installed brackets “float” the artwork 2-inches off the wall.
  • EASY TO HANG: Included is a handy measuring tool to facilitate installation. The aluminum artwork is lighter than other metal art so hanging it not such a big effort.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA: Designed, created & packaged in our Florida-based Statements2000 studio. This original piece of artwork is signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR DISPLAY: This three dimensional silver metal wall decor can be displayed in your living room or patio. It looks terrific under natural light, and dazzles when displayed under track lighting.

XL 50″ Iron Scroll Wall Medallion – Dark Brown


This classical motif is 50″ in diameter. it can hang indoors or outdoors in a sheltered area.


Weatherizing metal art can be done by spraying a coat of clear urethane over all sides, every year.


This design will enhance your deck wall or fence, or can be inset in a gate. 

Pure Art Blue Desire Metal Wall Art, Giant Scale Decor in Abstract Ocean Design, 9-Panels


  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION; Our lightweight aluminum metal artwork is easy to handle and hang up on your walls;
  • The panels arrive ready to hang with pre-installed brackets for quick mounting the Nine-panels which measures 86 x 32
  • Instruction sheet is included
  • ADDS  a 3D effect under your inside or outdoor lighting bringing the waves to life

Large 38″ Indoor Outdoor Ornate Wall Medallion Art Decor Plaque Patio Garden Metal


This beautiful wall art accents a wall or mantle, or a garden patio wall. 


It will add an element to a simple environment without extreme style or flamboyance.


The handcrafted iron and tole medallion is completed with a hand painted brown finish.


The large size and artistic look give it an impressive but not imposing.


The excellent craft work and the classic design offer detail that you would expect from a high-end luxury boutique.


It comes with one circular mounting hook). Can be used indoors or outdoors in a protected environment.


It will develop a natural patina over time if exposed to the elements. If you need a larger size, please see our other listings for the matching 50″ wall plaque for sale!


“The Lost Wax Casting Of Bronze by Alan Beggerow

The traditional process used to cast bronze, developed and used 4,000 years ago, is called lost wax casting. This method results in highly detailed, quality castings and has changed very little over the centuries. The method was used by craftsmen and artists from every culture from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt up to today.

This process begins with the object that is to be cast. An artist creates a sculpture from clay or wax as these substances remain soft. These sculptures can be very intricate and finely detailed. A mold is then made of the sculpture, usually in two pieces, sometimes more when a sculpture is very large. Plaster is used on small pieces, but fiberglass is also used, especially for larger sculptures. After the molding material has been applied and it has dried thoroughly, the mold is then opened and the original sculpture is removed. Usually the original is destroyed in this process, as the molding material is very rigid. That is why the original sculpture is made of a soft material so that it can be removed from the mold.

After all of the original sculpture has been removed and the mold cleaned, a thin coating of wax is brushed onto the inside of the mold. This is done to capture every intricate detail of the mold. The mold is then put together, and wax is poured in the mold while it is being slowly rotated. After a layer of wax at least three quarters of an inch forms on the inside of the mold, the rest of the wax is dumped out. When the wax has thoroughly hardened, the mold is removed. The wax cast is then worked on by artisans to ensure that it is as perfect as possible.

The wax casts are then dipped into a mixture of plaster and sand. This is repeated many times. Each dipping has to dry thoroughly before the next. With each successive dip, the sand and plaster mixture gets more coarse. This results in a very strong shell being built up over the wax cast. After these shells have hardened, vents and ‘runners’ are added to allow the molten bronze to enter the shell, and for gases and excess metal to escape. The shells are then placed into a kiln and baked at very high temperatures. This heat causes the wax inside of the shell to melt away, leaving an exact image of the sculpture in the shell. This gives the process its name of ‘lost wax casting’. After baking, the shell is now a mold ready for molten bronze.

Once the bronze has been poured and has cooled, the shell is then carefully chipped away, leaving a cast of the original sculpture in bronze. Any flaws are removed, the sculpture can be buffed and left its natural bronze color, or painted. This process is very labor intensive and expensive, but it results in such fine quality castings that it is still used after 4000 years.”

Alan Beggerow is a free lance writer. Visit his writing services website, Ghostwriter, at http://www.ghostwriterboo.blogspot.com

Article Source

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