10 Best Home Generators For Power Outages 2021

Home Generators For Power Outages

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Which of the home generators for power outages is right for my house?

How many appliances can a 5500 watt generator run?

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These are questions most folks don’t have the answer to. 

Thus my presentation of the 10 best home generators for power outages below. 

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Are There Automatic Home Generators For Power Outages?

Yes. These are also called standby generators and will switch on automatically when a power outage occurs. More details here.

Are There Portable Home Generators For Power Outages?

I have a very small generator (electrically charged) which will charge my phone, run my laptop, and run a small medical device which I may need in an emergency.

In a power outage, I can re-charge this generator in my car. I could also get a solar array to re-charge it. 

There are various sizes of portable generators, some options below, that you can buy, according to your needs.

Buyers can choose from:

  • Diesel home generators for power outages
  • Propane home generators for power outages
  • Solar home generators for power outages
  • Natural gas home generators for power outages

These can power huge mansions or the smallest apartment. 

After going through several power outages recently, and seeing the local hardware stores run out of generators in the early morning, it seems prudent to plan for the next calamity brought on by irresponsible power providers.

The increasingly bad weather is a big part of this.

The 19th Century model power grid, that needs to be completely redesigned, is a big part of this. For instance, I recently read about a huge solar farm planned for the Cantil California area. It will supply solar power to about 150,00 homes in the Los Angeles area. 

This plan is per the 19th Century model – the idea of transferring that power to another area. It’s antiquated. Why not just put that solar array onto the houses it is going to power? Keep it local.

Then weather, earthquakes, et al, in another area won’t shut that power down. And, give those same homes a powerful generator too.

A previous City of Los Angeles study had shown that only two houses per city block needed solar power, to fuel the entire block. A plan was in place to move forward, starting by giving senior home owners the solar arrays.

It just disappeared somehow. 

Why Is California Shutting Off Power?

There is an angry ongoing discussion in this state, in the capitol, counties, cities and small towns.

Shutting off power to prevent wildfires of enormous destruction sounds sensible until you think about it.

And that comes to another very important question.

Should power companies be owned by the tax payers – customers? Or should they be corporations that serve their share holders first, and the infrastructure of their delivery system last?

Why shouldn’t profits go first to the reliability and safety of the equipment? How is it legal for for this to be neglected?

This issue will be reviewed, hopefully, ongoing.

Yet, already I hear good PR ads by PG&E on the radio. I never heard those before the massive transformer-sparked fires of recent months.

This makes that company look more irresponsible than ever. We don’t want to hear that, right?

We want to think that the company is out there fixing the weak spots, replacing old equipment. Just get on with it!

Don’t blah blah on the radio about how much you care!

Since no political solution comes quickly, we need to think about how to protect our homes and property from the huge losses of a power outage.

For instance, all the food in your fridge and freezers will cost a lot to replace.

If you own a business, how much income is lost over a few days of being without power? Especially if you have a restaurant or food store.

However, no matter how you get your power, you will always need a generator of some kind, to have uninterrupted electrical power.

I had a friend who used to say “peace of mind is cheap”. I always remember that when I consider buying something expensive, and contemplate the expense of:

  • Worry, maintaining a risky situation
  • The expense of loss when not insured (by a policy or in this case, a generator)

Below are the 10 best generators according to customer ratings. 

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Briggs & Stratton 76107 25kW Home Standby Generator System with Dual 200 Amp/Split 400 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, Gray


This high powered 25kW with iys Symphony II Power Management can manage your home, up to 19,000 square feet with a 5-ton air conditioner.

The “Symphony” power management refers to the built in ability to coordinate the power allocation to your variety of household machines, from A/C to your smallest table lamp.

Imagine the invisible conductor pointing his/her baton at your A/C to prompt a surge of power when it is switched on, or to your well pump, when needed. 

You can rely on the fact that your home will continue to operate smoothly the next time you have a power outage. Regardless of the source of the blackout, the Briggs and Stratton 25kW standby generator system switches on within seconds to continue providing the exact power your household requires

Your purchase of this liquid cooled 25kW system is also supported by our industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

It runs off Natural Gas or Liquid Propane.

Generac 70351 16/16 Kw Air-Cooled WiFi Home Standby Generator, Aluminum


This is a Smart product, which you can control with your phone, tablet or computer, from any location where you have a connection.

The Generac’s Guardian Series® generators automatically switch on to provide you with backup power when a power outage occurs.

It comes with a FREE Mobile Link, so you can oversee the function of your generator.

It connects to your Liquid Propane or Natural Gas fuel, seconds after your electrical provider’s failure, or planned outage.

It will switch off when the utility power switches on.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., you can select the exact size you need from these standby generators.

It is recommended to contact your nearest Generac dealer to arrange for proper installation.

Generators can malfunction, and recently one did in my area, the result being that three homes were burned. The panic and haste of buying a generator when power companies suddenly announce their planned outage (to compensate for not maintaining their equipment) can lead to improper installation. 

The process and time need for installation for this unit is trimmed down for the installers due to removable door panels, a foundation pad that minimizes ground preparation, along with efficiency of the wiring techniques.

Cutting edge engine design and meticulous performance tests are to what is owed the successful results the Generac’s line.

Generac offers 24/7/365 customer support from their nationwide dealer network of 5,000+ strong, the most of the entire market.

Champion Power Equipment 100294 Home Standby Generator


Features of this product:

  • Get 24/7  power for your entire home – no interruptions
  • 14, 000 watts of consistent power on propane and 12, 500 watts on natural gas
  • Automatic Transfer Switch and adjustment for Demand
  • 24-volt starting system
  • No warming kit needed – functions in weather ranging from -22 Degree F to 104 Degree F
  • The sub-panel style transfer switch has 8 available circuits
  • Battery charger maintains the charge at all times for automatic start up
  • Self-diagnostic tests are run weekly
  • Backs up your house’s entire 200 Amp distribution panel and manage up to 8 high demand appliances

Home’s circuits are divided into priority functions – from essential to less vital. When a generator reaches maximum capacity, your high demand appliances are managed to avoid overload.

When demand decreases, the generator will automatically reacquire the appliances that are managed.

Appliance usage is controlled and reacquired sequentially.

An all-weather, composite mounting pad is included for easy installation, plus the steel enclosure protects your generator from the elements.

This 14-kW-rated unit produces 58. 3 amps at 240 volts on propane and 52. 1 amps at 240 volts on natural gas.

All generators make noise. This unit has a sound-dampening lining and a low-tone muffler to reduce noise through a unique baffle system and make this unit the quietest in its class.

The alternator produces less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD) to ensure safe use with even the most sensitive electronics.

Buy worry-free. The Champion Support and our nationwide network of service centers will back your purchase up with a 10-year limited and FREE lifetime technical support.

No returns on Home Standby Units.

View more options below, and click to Amazon for products details!

Rockpals 12,000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator, CARB EPA Compliant Gas/Propane Generator With Electric Start, 120V/240V 20A/30A/50A AC, 12V DC Output, Up to 20 Hours For Home


All Power America APG3590CN 10000 Watt Propane Portable Generator w/Electric Start for Home Backup Power, Hurricane Damage Restoration, RV Standby, Green/Black


Sungzu Portable Power Station 1000W, 1010Wh Portable Solar Generator Lithium Battery Backup Power Inverter with 2 110V AC Outlet, 2 DC, 4 USB for Home and Outdoor Camping Emergency


KMASHI Portable Generator, Portable Power Station 1010Wh Solar Generator Emergency Battery Backup Power Supply with 110V/1000W AC Outlet for Home Outdoors Camping Travel


ROCKPALS 500W Portable Power Station, 540Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator Backup Power Supply with 110V AC Outlet, 2 DC Port, Car Port, Type C, QC 3.0, Emergency Light for Camping Home CPAP


Etq TG32P31 3600W Portable Generator, Home Generator (TG32P31DF 3600W Dual Fuel Generator – Use Gas or LPG/Propane)


Portable Camping Generator, 330W/78000mAh Portable Power Station, CPAP Battery Power Supply,Solar Generator with110V AC, 12V/10A DC,QC3.0 &TypeC, Wireless Charger,SOS Light for Travel Home Emergency


If you are new to this subject, the following article may provide you with many details you need to know.

Portable Home Generators – Safely Provide Electricity When Needed by Richard L. Willis

This a great way to provide electric power when needed! The use of generators in residential homes is increasing and portable home generators can provide safe power during power outages whether you are off camping or just living in a small town subdivision somewhere in mid America.

Smaller generators can provide enough power for many smaller applications like lights, microwave ovens, computers and drills. By installing and operating a portable generator properly and safely, households can reap the benefits in many ways year after year. Generators that are small enough to be picked up without too much effort can be placed in the trunk or car and used anywhere electricity is required.

Portable home generators are one way to cut down on those increasing utility bills. When purchasing a generator, one should always remember that safety comes first and reading the owner/operator manual is important to avoid injury to yourself or others. Generators do emit a deadly gas when in operation so caution is advised. Generators have many uses because everyone needs electricity at one time or another to power something big or small. Many individuals think of generators as just another household appliance, like a refrigerator or stove, but that is not the case. One needs to be cautious when operating generators; therefore, always operate the generator on the outside of the home or dwelling and a safe distance from windows and doors because the emission of carbon monoxide gas can be deadly.

The newer, bigger model home generators are much improved, much quieter. If you purchase the whole house generator, it can run on low pressure natural gas or city gas. A home generator can allow security systems to operate regardless of how long the local utility power is down. A home generator installation system will give you a sense of security because when the power goes out, within minutes the generator will come on and automatically provide your electrical needs. Another benefit for those that have sump pumps is, they will continue to run and keep the basement dry. If you have a finished basement, you can see the benefit this would provide.

Whether you use gasoline for smaller generators or propane for your whole house needs, both fuels are easily accessible. There are all types and sizes of portable home generators and you need to choose one to match your electrical power supply needs and budget. If it is essential that your central air conditioning function during a power outage, you should go with an X-Large generator. Once you have calculated your power requirements you will be able to find a generator adequate for your needs. In most cases some power is better than none at all but you will do much better to get a generator capable of providing and satisfying your necessary needs from the start.

There are three styles and sizes of portable generators: professional, recreational and emergency. Since this article is devoted to portable home generators, we will ignore discussing either the recreational or professional generator. Most emergency situations can be handled by a medium generator, but in all probability it won’t have enough juice to adequately power your entire home. And, because medium emergency generators produce limited electricity, you will need to figure out how many appliances can be connected to the generator at one time. It is best to avoid powering too many appliances because, the electrical surge could pop the circuit breaker connected to the generator.

The installation of any home generator system that requires electric power is not recommended for the novice. If you are not qualified to install the breaker box and the transfer switch, then hire a qualified electrician. Please always read the safety manual that comes with your generator. Generators are very useful tools but require safe handling in order to prevent serious injury or even death. Following strict guidelines for generator use will prevent injury to yourself and others.

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