10 Best Heavy Duty Closet Organizers 2022

What Is The Best Closet System?

Every household, from the mega mansion to the smallest studio apartment, has a closet or closet system – unless it doesn’t! 😯 

That can be the measure of the tolerance for a small place, or the organization of a large one.

A studio apartment for example, is greatly enhanced for comfortable living, if it has a walk in closet with some built in shelving and cubes. 

A larger apartment may have larger closets, perhaps the double sized six foot closets with the long hang bar and a shelf above.

In larger spacious closets, there may be a lot of wasted space without overhead shelf partitions, one or more low hang bar for shirts and blouses, and hopefully, a stack of shoe shelves, or a shoe rack below.

Do Closet Organizers Increase Home Value?

“According to Jayne Ehrens, Real Estate Professional for TTR Sotheby’s International, “Buyers today want a home that is move in ready, and when it comes to closets they want more than just rods and hooks. When potential buyers see a professional organizing system in a closet, it makes that particular house stand out from the rest and in today’s market that’s important. Conversely, when we are working with sellers and getting a home ready for the market, the first thing we tell them to do is to de-clutter and one of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is to get a professional organizing system. The financial benefits far outweigh the cost.” – Closet America

These experts go on to say that the cost of putting in closet organizers will add a triple of that value to your home. So if you decide you can spend $2,000.00 upgrading your closets, you will increase your home’s value by $6000.00. 

A heavy duty portable closet organizer may be one addition that you can move from closet to closet, or into the garage or other storage areas, as you need.

In addition to upgrading your built-in closets, you may also want to add:

  • A heavy duty storage cabinet with lock
  • A heavy duty storage cabinet on wheels
  • A heavy duty storage cabinet with drawers/doors/bins
  • A heavy duty freestanding closet organizer

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Northern Kentucky Cedar DVSWK0812 Aromatic Red Cedar 8 ft. Deluxe Ventilated Wall Kit


The 8 Deluxe Ventilated Wall Kit Includes:

  • 1- 18″ Cubby System for your organizational style
  • 4- 39″ Ventilated Shelves for free air flow, and pre-drilled holes for mounting
  • 4- 39″ Hanging Rods
  • 4 J-Hooks
  • 4 Angle Braces
  • Support Hardware

Cedar is a favorite scent, and this wood naturally absorbs musty odors and repels insects.

The solid side panel assembly is also made entirely from Aromatic Red Cedar.

 The adjustable shelves are 12″ in depth.

The J-Hook slides easily along the solid cedar closet hanging rod.

The unit measures 97 1/2 X 12 1/2 X 84.


Closet Culture by Knape & Vogt Culture Steel Closet Organization System with 6 Driftwood Wood Shelves, 8 Feet


This system comes in three widths, four, six and eight feet. It has a three hanging bar with shelves above,  and a shelf below just above the floor.

Here is a video demonstrating the features of this closet system.


John Louis Home JLH-523 DIY Solid Wood Closet System, Standard, Red Mahogany


If you prefer wood, and this unit is solid mahogany, this is the one for you.

You can design this closet configuration in several ways. Your choice!

Almost 300 customers rated this unit at 4.3 stars. The appreciation is expressed for:

Light weight, solid and versatile

One caution expressed was to get your own plastic drywall anchors, as the ones that come with the unit may break. 

Here is a video showing the versatility of this brand’s systems.



Tribesigns Double Rod Free Standing Closet Organizer,Heavy Duty Clothes Closet Storage with Shelves, Extra Large Wardrobe Clothes Garment Rack, Shelving Unit Capacity 400 lb, (Vingtage Dark Walnut)


This unit will hold 400 pounds. It is recommended for a long term use, it is not a system to uninstall and move around.

Standing at just below six feet tall, this unit has shelves at the top for more storage.

The unit comes in two boxes, with hardware and tools included.


Tribesigns Free-Standing Closet Organizer,Heavy Duty Clothes Rack with Shelves Hanging Bar and Drawers, Large Closet Storage System & Closet Garment Shelves (Walnut)


The two handy drawers in this configuration are mounted on ball-bearing slides for smooth and silent operation.

Each piece is labelled for easy assembly. Customer service is available if you need any help putting this piece together. 

FURVOKIA Industrial Metal Pipe&Wood Rolling Clothing Rack,Free Standing Garment Racks,Vintage Closet Organizer Storage Shelf,Decor Pipeline Shelves (Bronze, 47.2”W x 13.7”D x 60”H inch)


This attractive unit is manufactured from New Zealand imported pine wood and industrial black or bronze metal pipe.

It can be used with or without the wheels. 

Three tiered hanging bars and three shelves are mounted with super-sturdy supports.


LITTLE TREE Free – Standing Closet Organizer,Heavy Duty Closet Storage with 6 Shelves and Hanging Bar, Large Clothes Storage & Standing Garment Rack,All Black


This unit has a hanging bar ready for 50 pounds of weight. Ideal for winter coat and other bulky garment storage.

It comes with an 18 month warranty. 

The supports are heavy duty and the shelves are made of particle board. This unit is stylish with white shelves. Great for a plant display, or any other collection you have.


PRINCE HANGER | Deluxe 4 Tier & Shelf Hanger with Curtain | Clothing Rack | Closet Organizer | PHUS-0061


This sturdy closet organizer can be installed in a straight line or L-shaped. Perfect for a smaller room.

Hanging bars, shelves and baskets give you maximum storage choices. 

Close-up installation pictures on the Amazon page.

No tool required. 

Curtains are made  of machine washable polyester.


Industrial Clothing Rack with Wood Shelves,Vintage Black Iron Garment Rack with Wheels,Steampunk Commercial Clothes Racks for Hanging Clothes,Retail Display Rolling Clothes Rack Coat Racks Shoe Shelf


This unit has omni-directional wheels to allow easy movement, and two wheels will lock to secure the position you have chosen.

The black supports have some surface coloring with silver.

This is a lighter unit, weighing 32 pounds.

Reviewers appreciate the style of this unit, perfect for consolidating heavy garment storage (and many other uses).


LANGRIA Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Garment Rack Clothes Rack, Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe,Compact Zip Closet, Extra Large Wardrobe Storage Rack/Organizer, Hanging Rod,Capacity 420 lbs, Dark Brown


Super sturdy yet light. Zip up this unit to cover it completely if desired. Protect storage items from light exposure or dust.

You can skip the smaller shelves for more hanging space if you like. Total of 5 shelves including top shelf for more storage space, this unit is perfect for getting your clothes out of boxes and bins.

Tribesigns Free -Standing Closet Organizer with Full Length Mirror, Heavy Duty Clothes Rack with Storage and Hanging Rod, Portable Closet Shelves Garment Rack for Bedroom, Holds 250 lb (Espresso)


Mounting the glass mirror is optional. It comes fixed to its mounts, to go on the right side.

You will have hanging room behind the mirror. 

This unit holds 250 pounds.

The hanging bar will hold 50 pounds. 

This is a compact and convenient unit. 

FOF FRIEND OF FAMILY Industrial Retro Vintage Wall Mounted Pipe Garment Rack with Wooden Shelves, Multifunctional Pipe Shelves,Clothing Rack (47″ W)


At 47 inches wide and weighing just under 38 pounds, this is a handy unit with a wide bottom shelf. 

The vendor states it comes in different sizes, although that is not shown. You can contact them for those.

The following contributed article may give you ideas about preparing your room for your new heavy duty closet organizers!

Create a Declutter Day For Your Bedroom by Mark Ramsey

Does the thought of spending an entire day decluttering your bedroom fill you with joy? Probably not – but it needn’t fill you with despair, either. The truth is, decluttering your bedroom can be satisfying, rewarding, and yes, it can even be fun, if you follow this simple three step plan!

1. Set Aside A Declutter Day

Rome may not have been built in a day, but your bedroom can be made clutter free in a day, no matter how messy you’ve allowed it to become. If you start early enough, it’ll be decluttered in less than a day, and then you can do something more interesting in the evening.

The trick is to plan everything in advance. Before you do anything, you need to take a good look at what you’re faced with. Get a notebook and make some notes. Write down all the clutter hotspots, from the closet to the dresser to the nightstand. Don’t forget to look under the bed!

Once you’ve identified the places in your bedroom where clutter tends to congregate, write down some possible solutions. This is the fun part, as you get to be creative. For example, if your closet is stuffed to bursting point, how about using the backs of the closet doors as hanging space? How about turning that space under your bed into a storage area, using wheeled drawer units?

As soon as you have your action plan, choose a day when you can devote proper time and attention to it. Circle that day on your calendar in bright red pen and write “Declutter Day” on it. Go out and buy anything you need in advance, and get plenty of sleep the night before. Set the alarm early.

2. Use A Declutter Day System

Your bedroom declutter day will be much more enjoyable and fun if you use a system. Start at the bedroom door and work your way around the room in a clockwise direction. First of all, get a laundry bin or similar receptacle and scoop everything into it that doesn’t belong in your bedroom – books, clothes, kids’ toys or whatever it may be. Take those things back to where they do belong and put them away. This will give your bedroom an instant declutter.

Go back and work your way around the room in more depth. Use the Keep, Trash, Donate or Sell system to help you decide the fate of each item you come across. Items that you intend to keep can be put back into their rightful place once you’ve cleared away all the stuff you’re going to ditch, donate to charity or sell.
All of this will give you space to implement the storage solutions part of your action plan. Have a break, and then return to the fray with new energy. Reorganize your bedroom according to your plan. Finish up by running the vacuum cleaner around.

3. Earn Some Declutter Day Rewards

Time to reward yourself for all your hard work. If you’ve followed the system in the previous step, you’ll be left with two piles – one for things to donate to charity, one for things to sell. Donating items to charity gives you a good feeling, and selling your old things via eBay or Craigslist gives you some useful extra cash. Either way, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your stuff will have gone to someone who truly appreciates it.

Finally, decluttering your bedroom will give you psychological rewards, as all that clutter will have dragged you down emotionally, whether you realize it or not. The sense of relief you’ll feel when your bedroom is restored to order is worth its weight in gold. Decluttering your bedroom can be fun and rewarding, so start planning your declutter day today!

Mark Ramsey has been a declutter enthusiast for the last 7 years and enjoys helping people reduce the amount of clutter in their homes. After spending years of his life surrounded by his own clutter Mark finally decided he had enough and took back control of his life.

For more great information on how to have a Declutter Day [http://www.reduceclutterhelp.com/declutter-bedroom-day/] visit Mark’s Reduce Clutter [http://www.reduceclutterhelp.com] website which features tons of great articles and a exclusive free mini course on reducing clutter.

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