Sit Or Stand Desk Benefits- 10 Best 2022

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Sit Or Stand Desk Benefits

Sit Or Stand Desk Benefits – Good For You?

You might wonder, are sit or stand desks benefits something that is good for you?

Might weight loss be one of the sit or stand desk benefits?

How long should you stand at your desk?

Since “sit stand desks” became popular, studies were done that showed definite benefits.

Of course the weight loss issue came up, but it was shown that while sitting burned 80 calories per hour, standing increased the calories burn by only eight

Walking however, burns 210 calories per hour, so a sit stand desk with treadmill attached has some credibility for health benefits. Increased circulation, as well as higher caloric expenditure is a boon.

When making a lifestyle change, gradual transformation is recommended.

One way to experiment with using a sit stand desk is to use a pile of books, a box, or a milk crate to put your keyboard on, and a riser of some sort for your monitor. Work for one hour at first.

After a few days add a half hour or an hour, and see how it suits you.

Your legs may feel some muscle strain. Yet your shoulder and back muscles will work less – if your risers are at the right height.

An electric converter for your desk height is the ideal way to get exactly the right height for your desk.

Sit Or Stand Desk Benefits – An Adjustable Keyboard Tray?


This would be an important component of your ergonomic configuration. You want to avoid shoulder and back strain. Since you’re not resting your forearms on the chair armrests, you need good posture.

You want to move a little as you type or read on your monitor, yet return to the correct rest point. An adjustable keyboard tray is therefore necessary. 

When you’re not typing, you can lower your arms and relax them completely. You can also walk on the spot, to increase you circulation and burn a few extra calories.


Sit Or Stand Desk Benefits – Decrease Back Pain?


I’ve been asked this often, when I’ve written blog posts about posture, and muscle stretching and flexibility. Years ago I recommended sitting on physio balls at work. I did so because on a gym ball, there is no pressure going up your spine, causing your muscles to cramp.

On a gym ball, you can bounce while you’re reading or waiting. You can increase circulation and burn some calories.

Yet, you’re still sitting. And many offices won’t let you bring in a ball.

Eventually, along came sit or stand desks.

And more – no matter how much you monitor your posture, and try not to slouch, merely by your professional focus, you will gradually slouch.

This tightens up your pectoral muscles, and by reaction, the muscles between your shoulder blades will tighten up in an effort to pull you straight.

Inevitably, your neck muscles shorten, as your head cannot sit in a relaxed way above your upper back. It tips forward a bit, and the back of your neck starts to cramp in an effort to pull your chin up.

Your body will always instinctively try to balance itself. This natural effort leads to muscle spasms, bad habits of tension, and pain. Obliviously, you train it this way.

Standing up is most likely to keep you aware of your nuances in posture. With correct desk height and keyboard placement, you will maintain better positions.

In some situations, standing may cause lower back pain.

If an individual is generally out of shape, with tense and shortened muscles, they may feel this immediately. Others can stand for about an hour before the low back pain starts.

In most cases, the pain will dissipate in a few minutes after sitting down.

Women, more than men, in one study, tolerated standing longer. This may be because men have naturally tighter hip muscles than women.

Hip muscles will affect the low back muscles, pulling on them, and causing them to pull back – attempting a natural balance.

For both men and women, using a step stool, and alternating feet resting on it, will relax the low back.

Of course, if you have chronic or severe back pain, see a doctor or chiropractor and find out the cause. You may just need to add some exercise and stretching to your weekly routines.

You may discover, while trying out the standing up way of working at your computer station, that your feet hurt. You may need better, more supportive shoes, to work in.

You may have to change or add:

  • Lower high heels/flats
  • A soft or memory foam type of insole/half a size larger shoes
  • Round toes or wider shoes, so your feet can spread under your weight comfortably
  • A floor mat to absorb the pressure of your weight on a hard floor

All these details may seem like a lot of changes to put in place.

Consider the benefits – you can decrease the chances of degenerative diseases like:

  • Cancer
  • Type II Diabetes/Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome
  • Circulation/cardiovascular problems
  • Memory loss/mental acuity loss, associated with circulation problems
  • Many other inflammation related issues

How Long Should You Stand At Your Standing Desk?


Remember, you are going to gradually change your way of working at your home office desk, or workplace station. And, consider the following tips:

  • Change your position (as with the step stool mentioned above) while standing
  • Wear good shoes
  • Take a break every half hour or so (bathroom break, get water, just walk a little)
  • Do a few squats and lunges
  • Do some stretchy side bends or hang down to touch your toes


Sit Or Stand Desk Benefits – With Treadmill Use


Wouldn’t you love to have treadmill use while working at your computer? Just think of the benefits!

  • Clocking up numbers on your FitBit or pedometer
  • Burning calories
  • Bumping up your circulation.

You can have these benefits with a treadmill and sit stand desk unit, or a walking pad to go under your current desk.The units are quite expensive, but the walking pads are more affordable and there are a few to choose from (see the last product, below).

Choose your sit stand desk from the 10 best below.


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The article below provides more information about the benefits of sit or stand desks.

Some Health and Corporate Benefits of Using an Adjustable Height Desk by Kyle Hooks

Throughout your workday you must be very much careful about your body posture and positioning. The long hectic hours at the workplace can put you in much stress and strain and can lead to injuries. Also if you are an entrepreneur and always looking to save money you must think of getting adjustable standing desk. These desks will allow the employees to sit or stand according to their requirements. Stand-up desk provides many advantages for your health, ease and ergonomics. It can make you more attentive, active and alert on the task you are doing. Is there anything else you are waiting for? Get yourself an adjustable standing table and apart from saving money you can avail many other benefits. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

Increased Life Expectancy

Most of the people don’t know that they can live longer if they stand more and sit less. Research shows that people who are more energetic and active can live longer life than the people who are lazy and sleepy. Considering these things, standing desk is no doubt a better choice as compared to the traditional desk. Sitting for long hours on your desk can be very much harmful for your health and can cause physical harm. It can also result in fat accumulation in heart, brain and other organs.

Burn the Calories

People who have to sit 8 hours on their desk have less chances of losing fats and calories in their bodies as compared to the people who stand. Changeable desks can be beneficial for all those people who want to avoid health danger and want to burn the calories in their bodies at the same time. During a course of job duration a person burns round about 1000 calories who sits all day long. A standing person can burn more calories per day as compared to the person sitting all day long.

Sitting for Long Hours

Sitting for long hours can probably result in back ache, neck problems, shoulder pain, leg cramps and other spine problems. Similarly, standing all day long can also cause many health issues. An adjustable height desk can help you and your employees in this regard. It can help you in becoming more productive, and improve communication with co-workers and easy access to supply and office equipment. These desks can be very much helpful both at home and office for students, teachers and executives.

In short, in order to maintain good health, one has to make sure proper positing during office hours. There are numerous portals that provide information about the ways to maintain that via standing desks and other things.

While shopping for height adjustable desk, it is worth to choose a reliable online store like [], where you can find an extensive array of standing desks []. Height adjustable computer desk can be ordered conveniently online.

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