10 Best Owl Boxes 2021 – Keep Rodents Out – Garden Saved!

10 Best Owl Boxes to keep rodents out – garden saved! 2021

I did not know barn owls will keep rodents out – garden guards for all?


I heard on a recent radio show about why it is the better thing to add a barn owl box to your property (barn, house, tree, pole) rather than use rodent killer.


The rodent killer is a blood thinner. It will kill the rodent and also any other creature that eats it. A slow terrible death,.


Instead of disrupting the ecosystem in our neighborhoods, we can improve it. By placing barn owl boxes in strategic places, we can help the owls.


We can also get rid of mice, rats, gophers, moles and voles in our beautiful gardens and back yards.


Most of the owl boxes are heavy. Many customers have mentioned that they built an extra support under their house, or used larger screws to mount it.


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One – JCs Wildlife Barn Owl Nesting House



Owl expert, Steve Simmons, created this design.


Predator guards are built in, to keep the owlets safe.


It comes with a hanging strip to facilitate installation. If you view this on Amazon (click on the image above), you will see that a small wooden support is also used. (not included).


One reviewer says she added a ““POWERIVER WiFi IP Indoor Security System with Motion Detection,Two-Way Audio and Night Vision” …they are $36.99 on Amazon.” That piqued my interest so I looked it up – I could not find it, but found this one:

Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Indoor WiFi Camera, Security IP Camera with Pan/Tilt, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Remote Viewing, Dual-Band 5ghz/2.4ghz, 4-Megapixel @~20FPS, Wide 120° FOV, IP4M-1051B (Black)


It will work with your smart phone or tablet. You can watch the baby owls grow!

Here is a video with a little live owl footage.



A happy Amazon reviewer reports Easy to access. Easy to clean. Our barn owl began using the box immediately. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Two – Barn Owl House



This box has some special aspects to it.

  • It will be made with your area in mind.
  • It is made by U.S.A. Vets and with US raw materials exclusively
  • It is built when you place your order, from Ohio Hard Pine
  • It is constructed for most medium sized owls, including barred owl, spotted owl, and barn owl
  • It comes with nesting material, instructions, and mounting fixtures
  • You can call a wildlife expert! Have questions? Call (330)221-8799 6am-6pm EST

Here is some more from Steven P. Martin, about owls.

“There are various designs of Owl Box on the market suitable for different sites. Young Owls or Owlets often fall out of a nest when they first start venturing outside; therefore it is important for the nesting site within the box to be below the level of the entrance hole.

Although there are some designs that are on the same level which are fine if they are sited correctly in the branches of a tree. If a box is mounted on a pole then a design with a shelf that runs around the box can be used for the owlets to fall onto or to exercise on.

Tawny Owl Boxes are often designed in the form of long rectangular tubes, which are placed under the branch of a tree often at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. This simulates the natural holes that Tawny Owls like to nest in.

The design of a nesting box for a little owl is not so important as they tend to nest in a variety of places and boxes. The main thing to note is that the entrance hole should be quite small (approximately 70mm diameter).

Owl Nest Boxes should be sited in an area sheltered from the elements and generally away from too much activity or habitation. One of the most important considerations for siting any nesting box is to be aware of the habitat that attracts the owls’ prey.

Typically, owls feed on small voles, mice and other rodents. These small creatures prefer tussocky grass fields to hide in. The grass needs to be quite tall with a deep litter layer.

In fact, creating the habitat can be more important than providing a nest box, as large amounts of prey will attract owls to the area and encourage breeding.

It is a good idea not to place a nesting box too near a main road as cars kill a lot of owls every year.”

Three – JCs Wildlife Barn Owl Nesting Box Large House Crafted in USA



One reviewer made an excellent comment about owl boxes – if you are in a hot region like Southern California, (or any hot region) make sure you put the owl box in a shady spot.


Thanks Steven for your insight on owls, and your sharing of how we can help them survive alongside of us.


“If you found the information in this article useful then please visit our site links below for more information on animal and bird nest boxes and feeders:


You may print this article or display on your website providing you include the Authors name and link to:

Owl Boxes [http://www.nestboxesandfeeders.co.uk/Owl-Nest-Boxes.htm] and Bird Boxes [http://www.nestboxesandfeeders.co.uk/Bird-Nest-Boxes.htm]”

(It seems his links are gone, and I’m glad he left the article up!)


Four – Coveside Barn Owl House



Assembly is required. The vendor tells us:


“Assembly instructions are included, wood panels have pre-drilled holes, tool need is a Phillips head screwdriver. “


Please note that these barn owl nesting boxes need to be cleaned out when the babies have grown. Keep that in mind when you install it.

FiveJCs Wildlife Barn Owl Nesting Box Do It Yourself Assembly Kit


SixScreech Owl/Saw-Whet Owl House



This owl box is made from weather resistant poly recycled lumbar. It will house the smaller owls, Kestrels and Flickers.


The following is an interview that reveals what many of us don’t know about bird rescues. Humans have unwittingly diminished habitats for many birds. 


Yet we can help by putting up bird boxes. The advantage of putting up barn owl boxes, is that we can free our gardens of rodents, and feed and house the birds that prey on them.

Seven – Stovall 6H Screech Owl Box



Vendor notes: ” Stovall products feature all cedar construction, stainless steel and dichromate plated screws, washers, hooks and chains, hand sanded, assembled with screws, many products coated with wood protector which accents the wood grain and the natural warmth of cedar.”


Many owl box buyers warn that you’ll need patience. It may take up to a year for the owls to find the box. Some had squirrels move in, but these were quickly evicted by owls when they discovered the home.


EightBestNest Coveside Assembled Barn Owl House


  • Sizeable house made specifically for barn owls
  • Eastern white pine body forms a lasting roost
  • 6″ diameter entry allows these large birds to use the shelter
  • Included wood chips help owls create their nest
  • Home mounts to a tree or building with support (not included)


The vendor recommends:


” The 0.75” thick, pine walls keep the roost insulated from both heat and cold, while ventilation holes along two sides of the shelter allow for air circulation and temperature regulation. Drainage holes and a slanted roof help keep the interior dry, providing a healthy environment for barn owls. Also included, you’ll find bags of wood chips for owls to use as nesting material. To clean out old nests, unscrew and remove the lid, or simply reach your hand inside the entrance hole. Situate this home 10 to 20 feet high in a barn or shed, or on a tree in open farmland or at the edge of a forest. It is best to mount this house on a shelf for extra support, before screwing into a wall or tree. “

NineStovall Products 6HB Barred Owl Box



Barred owls also prey on rodents – but they also eat small mammals.


If  you buy one of these, remember to bring your cats and small dogs in at night!


These owls will opt for forests and open woodlands, but some have appeared in suburbs.


This box gets good reviews. Inevitably, there is one unhappy review because the mounting hardware did not arrive with the box.


You will get a fast response if this happens to you, and the pieces will arrive.


I am constantly shaking my head when I see reviews like that. Vendors with the three stars and up product reviews will jump fast to keep you happy!


More info here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barred_owl

TenCedarnest 4 Bluebird House with Cedar Shake Roof



After reading the information provided in the article excerpt below, I decided to put a bluebird box on this post, which is what you will benefit from if your garden problem is more on the insect side.


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