10 Best Gifts For Dads To Use In The Garage 2020

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10 Best Gifts For Dads To Use In The Garage 2020

Garages are for moms too, of course. Sometimes there isn’t a dad in residence, or Dad isn’t a handyman, or he isn’t that into his car. 


Here are some of the 10 best gifts for dad to use in the garage he cares about, if that is what will give him a workshop heaven or simple organization with great shelving for tools, and the family sports and outdoor supplies.


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You can choose the flooring your garage needs to protect the concrete.


The shelving options have a range from permanent super heavy duty grade, portable, or fold up onto the wall, to save space.


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New Pig Grippy Floor Mat with Sticky Backing, Absorbent Top Up to 8 Gal, 100’ L x 36” W, Gray, GRP36200-GY


I grew up without garages. My family moved often and the areas we  lived in were very pleasant and the homes were built efficiently. Somehow garages were never part of the plan.


The car had to be plugged in, during the winter, so that it would start in the mornings.  How about you, did you grow up with garages?


Today garages are a multi-use part of the property. Some people don’t even use it for their cars.


It is best to protect the garage floor right from its first use.

Hanjet Garage Car Mat Containment Floor Mat for Snow, Mud, Rain – 8Feet 6Inches x 20Feet, Black


The HANJET Garage Floor Mat is constructed from commercial-grade woven PVC fabric which has widespread use in the trucking industry. Non-toxic and no bad rubber smell! This product has not shown any irritation to skin or the respiratory system.


The mat will flatten, when taken out of the box, if it is spread out in the sun for a short while. It should be kept clean and can be mopped down with a mild detergent periodically.


This type of material will burn easily, and the usual caution should be taken regarding any flammable fluids kept in the garage. Store carefully!


Make sure the floor is clean when you first lie the mat down. 


Its structure will remain durable at best, if the car wheels are straight when you enter or exit your garage.

IncStores Standard Grade Nitro Garage Roll Out Floor Protecting Parking Mats (Diamond 7.5′ x 17′)


This garage floor protector comes in four surface texture options.


It has a seven year warranty!


You will need some tape to secure this flooring down, but buyers advise to wait for a short while, as the product “relaxes” and becomes completely flat.


It comes from the manufacturer with slightly uneven edges. Trim the edges once the floor is “relaxed” and flattened.


It is used for a puppy pen floor, and also a trailer liner. Customers say it looks good and are very happy with its wear and tear durability.

Garage Flooring Options For You by Ted Garacci

“Many people have a normal gray concrete floor in their garage. These people don’t consider a new garage floor to be very beneficial and a waste of money. In actuality a new garage floor has many benefits and can be affordable depending on your options. Garage flooring manufactures have developed a wide variety of methods that come in a wider selection of designs. Some of the options are a rug, peel or interlocking tiles, and anti-fatigue mats.

One very popular option is the peel and stick garage flooring tile. These tiles come in twelve by twelve blocks and they are very easy to install. All you need to do is peel off the bottom of the tile and stick it to the floor. This option is very inexpensive and it allows you to completely customize the design of your floor. You can pick out each tile individually so you can make a design or color pattern that fits your lifestyle. These tiles are much easier to clean than normal concrete, so you don’t have to worry about spilling any oil or grease anymore.

If you rather not have something stick to your floor, then you should look at interlocking tiles. Interlocking tiles come in many of the same colors and styles as the peel and stick tiles. The only difference is, instead of sticking all of the tiles together, you need to connect them all. When it comes to durability, the company Gladiator manufactures a heavy duty tile which has been shown to withstand two hundred and fifty pounds per square inch. This type of tile can easily withstand the weight of a large vehicle without breaking. Also, if something were to happen to one of these tiles due to an accident, then you can always just replace that tile, which is better than having a dent in your floor.

Another very durable garage flooring option is something called G-floor which is a type of roll out rug. It comes in a huge roll and you simple have to roll it out. In fact because there is no pieces or adhesives, all you need to do to install it, is roll it out. Some of the designs that these rugs come in is a coin, ripped, thread, levant, and clear. Some of the most common sizes that they are sold in is, seven and a half by seventeen, seven and half by twenty, and a nine by twenty. G-Floor is extremely easy to clean as well and it fully protects your concrete from any chemical spillage and psychical damage.

Now you may know more about some of the garage flooring options available to you. Some other popular choices are epoxy paint, mosaic tiles, and mats. Before you decide to invest your money on one garage flooring option make sure that you know enough about all of them so you are comfortable with your decision. If you are going to invest your money into improving your home, you want to make sure that you like the final result.

Written by Ted Garacci, an expert in home remodeling. For more great information on Garage Flooring [http://bestgarageflooring.com/], be sure to visit [http://bestgarageflooring.com/].”

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Quick Dam Water Filled, Water Curb diverts flood water, 10in high x 5ft long, 1-Pack


If you live in a flash flood prone area this is a necessity for you to have in your garage. I’m not talking about the huge floods we’ve seen across the country in the past years, where rivers and lakes overflow drastically.


But sudden rains in any area can threaten your home and garage. Not all properties have ideal drainage, with the house built up an incline from the street.


This product can save you a lot of grievance. Diverting the water away from your driveway and the front of your home will save you trouble – and money!

NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Gray 14 Piece Set, Garage Cabinets, 50439


Each time we moved, my dad would make himself a workshop bench as soon as we were in the new house.


After that, he set to work making cornices for the drapes. He could also put together a new dresser for us, or book shelf as needed.


He would have loved this incredible unit, if we’d been able to have a permanent home. Even if you do have to leave your home at some point, this huge unit will raise the value of your property if you decide not to take it. 

  • Total Weight Capacities: Multi-Use Lockers 800 lbs., Wall Cabinets 100 lbs., Rolling Tool Cabinets 600 lbs., and Base Cabinets 600 lbs.
  • The steel shelves are adjustable to give you a variety of heights and accommodate different sized items
  • Constructed with 24-gauge steel frames and doors, and finished with a powder-coat paint 
  • Doors can be locked – great security! –  and have full-length aluminum handles
  • All fixed cabinets are designed to be secured to a wall to ensure safety
  • Set Dimensions: 216 in. W x 18 in. D x 77.25 in. H, 4x Multi-Use Lockers;2x Rolling Tool Drawer Cabinets;2x Two-Door Base Cabinets;4x Wall Cabinets;2x 48″ Stainless Steel Worktops

EDSAL Heavy Duty Garage Shelf Steel Metal Storage 5 Level Adjustable Shelves Unit 72″ H x 48″ W x 24″ Deep (Pack of 4)


These shelves can be purchased with expert assembly if desired.


The shelves are particle board, and can be adjusted every inch and a half.


Each shelf will hold 400 pounds. Handy for all your tools, garden machines and outdoor equipment.


You will need extra nuts and bolts if you want to connect all these shelves together. Otherwise, everything you need for assembling these is included.


A rubber mallet will be handy to bang these in place as you assemble. 

DIY RhinoMini Shelf Kits for Garages & Other Applications (12′ Length; 20″ Width)


One hundred per cent Made In USA


This storage organizer comes in multiple sizes. Wall mounted, you can shelve and hang all your supplies and outdoor recreational accessories.


The vendor states:


“Every fastener that you need is included, along with a simple pictorial installation guide and pre-assembled components. Only basic tools are required: Drill, drill bits, drive sockets, stud finder, level, ladder, tape measure, and wrenches. Shelf decking consists of 2x4s that are available at your nearest home improvement store or lumber yard. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, return the kit for a full refund. We recommend 30 and 35-gallon totes (available locally) and industrial milk crates (available online) to maximize the utility and organization of the RhinoMini.”


The wooden shelving is not included. The brackets are designed for 20″ deep shelves. Depending on how you decide to configure this unit, and the size you purchase, you will have your shelving cut (or cut it yourself) to fit your plan. 

FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Garage Rack Heavy Duty, 96″ Length x 48″ Width x (22”-40″ Ceiling Dropdown), Black (Two-Color Options)


Here is an installation video to help you see how handy this is:



Utilize space that is otherwise wasted; over a water heater, washer and dryer, or shelving. 


This unit will hold 550 pounds. Store totes, bedding, Christmas trees and ornaments, summer outdoor decorations, camping and sports equipment, and more.


One buyer got them installed length-ways instead of side by side, to fit his small space.


Watch the video, and map out how this will best enhance your garage space.


Put up your canoes, kayaks, and skis. Get rid of that clutter!

Seville Classics (UHD20271B) UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench on Wheels (48W x 24.7D x 37.4H Inches) Graphite


  • The solid wooden top (48 x 24 x 1.5 inches thick) is Polyurethane coated
  • UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench on Wheels has two Sliding Drawers, and  is constructed from industrial-strength powder coated steel
  • The steel frame in a graphite finish; The two steel drawers feature stainless steel handles and commercial grade ball bearing sliders
  • The 4 wheels are stabilized by two locking
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs. equally distributed; Weight: 83.6 lbs
  • Utilize for business, home, garage, warehouses, mail rooms, basements, workshops or office use


Mount a pegboard and light above this sturdy shelf.  You can also place a shelf on the bottom brackets of this work bench with a few extra screws.


This would be an ideal desk for the vertically placed coding monitors/double monitors/ and light attachments that come with the heavy duty racks to secure these. 

Lifetime Products Wall Mounted Work Table, 4′, Wood Varnish


  • Has an attractive water resistant wood varnish working top
  • The mount height can be set between 34-42.3 inches for your convenience
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty
  • The handy fold-up design accommodates a lock (not included) and make storage simple
  • Both the interior and exterior pegboards hold additional hooks for tool storage
  • Will hold 150 pounds, evenly distributed


One DIY customer states he could not have built himself one for less money. 


Another notes that you probably shouldn’t tighten up all the bolts until everything is in place and squared off.


One negative is that the table is in a metal frame and it isn’t easy to use clamps.


Yet this work table is perfect for your projects, and once done, you just fold it up onto the wall. 


It is not weather resistant, but perhaps could go on an outside wall in a sheltered area. This would depend on the climate in your location.

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“Simple Workshop Storage Ideas by Peter S. Kelly

There are many types of workshop storage answers on the market and in this article I will describe what has worked well for me, but obviously the final choice comes down to individual needs.

Utilize wall space

Take a look around your workshop (or garage, we will use both these terms to mean the same thing). Where do you see the most empty space? If you are a disorganised kind of person most of your stuff will be on the floor whereas the walls will be relatively free.

It pays to make efficient use of wall space. If you visit any kind of home centre or depot you will immediately realise how well they take advantage of the wall space to display items. Getting things off the floor and into the air is one of the key principles when it comes to workshop or any other kind of storage problem solving.


The most basic type of shelving one can use is horizontal brackets supporting lumber which creates a shelf.

My preferred way to deal with shelving is to use simple angle iron with drilled or punched holes to create a frame using standard nuts and bolts and fix this securely to the wall. The fixings used will depend if your supporting wall is masonry or timber frame construction.

You may want to consider building a frame using lumber instead of angle iron. If you have lightweight storage requirements for items such as sandpaper, power tools or small pots of paint or glue, you can use 2″x2″ for the verticals and horizontals and 3/8″ ply for the shelving. The horizontal spacing of the shelves should be designed so there is minimal wasted space between each shelf but make sure you allow at least two inches of clearance space between the top of the highest item and the bottom of the next highest shelf support.


Tall workshop storage cabinets can also be incorporated into your solution. If purpose made ones are too expensive then try and find some secondhand ones or use metal kitchen cabinets. If you cannot source metal ones then wooden cabinets will suffice.

If you also use base or low level workshop storage cabinets then fit them out with roll out shelving which will minimise the need to move things around to get to hard to access items at the back of the cabinet. Roll out shelves allow you to see what things you have available and to pick them out with ease.


For small items such as screws, nails, nuts and bolts and so on and for small hardware items you can use small stackable plastic workshop storage containers. Get some in different colours, sizes and shapes so you can readily categorise your items into different groups and you will also have an immediate visual clue as to where things are.

For example you may decide to but all your screws in blue containers, nails in red containers and bolts in yellow ones. The colour coding is entirely up to you but keep it simple.

Some storage containers are designed with a built-in french cleat which will enable you to hang them onto a pegboard. If you set out the bins at a suitable vertical height so there is a gap between each one you will be able to stack at least five or six high and still be able to see what is inside each one. Some storage containers also have a slot holder on the front so you can write what the contents are on a label and install it on the container.

Shop around and get ideas

Visit plenty of hardware and specialist stores before choosing a storage system and see what is on offer. Even if you do not buy the particular system you will get some good ideas that may be you can replicate using cheaper materials.

Have an idea of your storage requirements and loadings (light, medium or heavy duty) before you buy any pre-fabricated system and ensure shelves are deep enough and can be adjusted as necessary. A shelf should be a maximum of 26 inches deep so you will be able to reach items at the back of the shelf easily. This depth also applies to pegboards and cabinets too.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on how you can make your workshop and garage tidier and to give you more room to get your work done easily.

Peter S. Kelly enjoys tinkering in his garden shed where he comes up with plenty of creative ideas. He keeps his garage nice and cosy with insulated garage doors [http://www.insulatedgaragedoorsinfo.com] and you can learn more about these at [http://www.insulatedgaragedoorsinfo.com]”

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